Map1 BFG practice tool
by BahdKo ( 


To use, unzip into your doom2 directory and type:

bfghack -file bfghack.wad -warp 1

This tool is designed to be a helpful way to practice BFG trace
attacks. The targets, which function as nonmoving player2's,
are placed in strategic positions that should make them useful.

Even though the targets are very tough, they are not invulnerable.
You should be able to play them for a good while if you don't keep
hitting them with the green ball. Try adding -respawn if you manage
to keep killing them.

One of the BFG targets is optional. The one in the plasma hall
will disappear if you add a -skill 4 parameter. This plasma hall
BFG target is good for some trace attacks but an obstruction in

Features to note:

BFG functions forever (consumes no cells, but damage is normal).

BFG targets are realistic in appearance and sound. The indigo player
color has been chosen so that (a) it looks like a natural 1 on 1
Map1 game, and (2) the BFG trace damage is easier to see as compared
with using the green player color.

A small set of stairs has been added on one side of the ledge. This
is so that you can return to the ledge and practice BFG trace attacks
which, in game, are only executed from the ledge respawn spot.

The executable was created with dehacked. The wad was created with

--BahdKo ( October 10, 2002