BahdKo's description of: Dashiva



 Dash first started playing Doom in the Summer of 1994, at the age of 12. It was coop on his Dad's LAN (his dad had networked two 486's). Before that, he had been playing Wolfenstien on his own 386 16mhz with a 40MB hard drive. He eventually installed Windows 3.1 on his 386 and got Doom Shareware to run on it (where it had a framerate of one frame every thirty seconds), and did manage to beat e1m1 that way. He began to make his own wads on this 386, but it was too difficult to playtest new maps on this machine.

In 1996 he got a P200, and as a keyboarder was making personal speedruns. He played single player only at this point. When Quake2 came out in December 1997, he began to play Deathmatch for the first time (in Quake2), and invented his own mouse+keys config which he continues to use to this day (FHJM and space, this config was invented by him putting a hand down on the keyboard in a natural, comfortable position).

He played a lot of Quake2 deathmatch using mouse+keys, but continued to doom single player as a keyboarder, up through Spring of 2000, which was when Quake3 came out. His P200 would not run Quake3 well, so he had a change of direction and began to play Doom more seriously. He began deathmatching in Doom, first in the Legacy Doom port with his local Jay, and then in CSDoom. He also resumed his wad authoring.

Within a CSDoom game he met and lost badly to Waldon, and they became buddies. Waldon convinced him to use his mouse+keys config in doom, and explained the basics of good movement (straferunning, etc). Waldon introduced him to IRCnet #nightmare, and he became a regular there.

He has since been sporadically deathmatching with doom2.exe, making C-N recordings, authoring wads, and programming prboom mods of his own. His prboom mods include the CMAT super shotgun ratings calculator, a mod in which you can occupy and use a monster in 1st person called "Monster Hack" (not currently available for download), and a mod in which the monsters drop dead upon seeing you (used to pretend to compete with a Henning demo, can be downloaded here). He is currently, although very slowly, working on a 10-map wad named Fatal Experience, a set of very high-quality, classic-styled single player maps.

Stylistic information:

Dash is a naturally gifted mover, his movement could be considered better than his aim when these skills are considered proportional to one another. He is capable of playing a serious game, and when he does, he's decent on maps that reward good movement (such as Map1). A fair proportion of his games are not serious, however, and you get the impression that one of his personal requirements in the game is that he is there to have fun. If you are beating him up in a 1 on 1 game, for example, he might switch to handgun or fist for a while, just to screw around, then go back to an SSG when you are finally using a handgun too (hah!! Joke's on you, right?).

Other details:

Dash is an alert, mischievous, intelligent kind of guy with more depth than is  initially apparent. In person, he alternates between seeming to be shy, and outspoken. His wit is unbelieveably sharp and if he wants to make you laugh, he will -- his mind can take pretty much any person or any object, dissect it, and make it be funny. He can be verbally antagonistic, sometimes to have fun and sometimes to test people, and is a pure personality clash with anyone who behaves passive-aggressively. In many respects he is a leader, but he's not the kind of leader who necessarily seeks out or even accepts followers. A requirement to be his friend is that you accept him the way he is, including any eccentricities you may encounter.

He's notorious in some internet circles for his IRC and internet forum mischief.  In regards to internet behavior, he has his own sense of right and wrong, and this sense does not always coincide with what other people might expect.

He's a naturally gifted programmer who presently does the unix/linux thing as a hobby. Unless something goes wrong in the universe, he should end up a high level programmer or other creative-engineer-type techie when all is said and done.

He's also a naturally gifted athlete who does not work out but has the physique and strength of someone who does (he gets this trait from his dad -- if there is a strength gene, he's got it). Dash literally runs and jumps around as though he weighs nothing, but he is actually 175+. To the casual observer he does not look as athletic as he is because his choice of clothes does not show it off (no, I have not seen him without his clothes, I just happen to know this from being around him).