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Summer, 2003 South Riding, VA LAN picture

<DevastatioN> im sweet and jelly filled
<DevastatioN> im also kinda chocolately
<DevastatioN> I can be powdered
<DevastatioN> im the perfect donut


At the time of this writing (August 2003), Dev is a high school student in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Stylistic information:

Dev started playing Doom2 Deathmatch over the internet in early Summer, 2001, and quickly became a student of Dominus utilizing Microsoft Zone (a tool that permitted IPX/SPX games to be played over the internet). He continued on to play a variety of players over the internet, as well as hosting a few small LANs with locals.

He's a consistant player with a very clean SSG who comes naturally by a strong sense of strategy. He's significantly above average skill and is among the highest skilled Doom2.exe players in North America right now.

Other details:

Dev maintains a personal doom site at . Demos of him playing a variety of people can be found there.

He has an interesting personality twist. He has an uncommonly big ego, but it's different than most ego-ish people you meet. Dev never feels the need to put people around him down in order to build himself up. In fact, he is supportive, personable, and nice when dealing directly with people.

I got to meet Dev at my August, 2003 netparty in South Riding, Virginia. In person, he is exactly like he is on IRC. If you know the Dev from IRCnet #nightmare, you know the Dev you would meet in person.

Despite his frequent misuse of apostrophes and twisted spelling in IRC, he is very particular about the capitalization scheme used in his nickname. The intended presentation is "DevastatioN". He will incorrectly refer to it as a 'misspelling' if you do not capitalize the final N in his nickname.

He's been involved in other games at a competitive level, minimally including chess and some card games. He evidently has a collection of awards (trophies, ribbons, stuff).