[23:05:18] *** Presenter has joined #cyber-awards
[23:05:23] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Presenter
[23:05:29] <Adam_H> hey look. it's starting
[23:05:30] <Op> Hi SSlasher
[23:05:30] <Sslasher> hello
[23:05:33] <df> hey opulent :)
[23:05:35] * Presenter walks on stage
[23:05:43] <Julian> IT's ON
[23:05:51] <SgtCrispy> * Presenter walks on stage
[23:05:53] * Presenter is dressed in a black cape. you don't see the face.
[23:05:57] <SgtCrispy> its starting!
[23:06:01] <Op> he's adjusting the microphone
[23:06:04] * Presenter approaches mic stand
[23:06:06] <fredrik> here goes!
[23:06:10] <SgtCrispy> whhe!
[23:06:21] <Presenter> khrm
[23:06:22] <fredrik> wooh!
[23:06:33] <Presenter> Shire.... Baggins....
[23:06:40] <fredrik> heh
[23:06:41] <Presenter> err
[23:06:46] <Waldon> Haha.
[23:06:47] <Presenter> sorry
[23:06:48] <SgtCrispy> heh
[23:06:53] <Presenter> this is the award thing right?
[23:06:56] <Op> :)
[23:07:07] <Presenter> man i missed the studio
[23:07:25] <Presenter> anyway now that i'm here...
[23:07:46] <Presenter> Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the 2001 DOOM Academy Awards!
[23:07:51] <SgtCrispy> i hope this isn't a really long thing i gotta work in 2 hours...
[23:07:56] <Julian> applause
[23:07:58] <Erik-sleep> yay!
[23:08:00] <xit-vono> ya compet-n!!!
[23:08:01] <fredrik> *applause
[23:08:03] <Waldon> :)
[23:08:05] <SgtCrispy> woot! woot!
[23:08:05] <fredrik> yay yay!
[23:08:07] * Shruuf applauds
[23:08:10] * Jon_R spanks
[23:08:13] * schepe whistles
[23:08:13] <Presenter> Forget about the Oscars, Ladies and Gentlemen
[23:08:21] <fredrik> someone /nick applause
[23:08:24] <Presenter> Forget about the Golden Globes
[23:08:26] <fredrik> and /me !!!
[23:08:27] <Linguica> heh
[23:08:28] <fredrik> :)
[23:08:29] * Op applause
[23:08:30] <Presenter> Forget about the Grammies
[23:08:34] <Linguica> grammys
[23:08:35] <Presenter> Forget about the grannies
[23:08:36] * xit-vono applause
[23:08:36] <Jon_R> you can't change nick while in a moderated channel on opn
[23:08:40] <SgtCrispy> hehe
[23:08:43] <Presenter> or the No Bels
[23:08:45] <SgtCrispy> grannies.. heeh
[23:08:47] <Shockwav3_> [23:08:23] [@Presenter] Forget about the Grammies
[23:08:47] <Shockwav3_> [23:08:29] [@Presenter] Forget about the grannies
[23:08:48] <Shockwav3_> hahaha
[23:08:49] <Presenter> or the No LANs
[23:08:52] * Presenter winks
[23:08:57] <Erik-sleep> hehe
[23:08:59] <Linguica> man this is cheesy
[23:09:05] <SgtCrispy> works for me
[23:09:07] <Waldon> Nolans :p
[23:09:10] <Jon_R> adds to the realism
[23:09:19] <schepe> speed up adam..... we're waiting... :)
[23:09:19] <xit-vono> forgot the tony awards or whatever
[23:09:20] <Presenter> this is the award ceremony you all been waiting for!
[23:09:28] <Presenter> have you? ...
[23:09:32] <Op> sit: hehe
[23:09:33] <Linguica> uh yes
[23:09:36] <Op> err... Xit
[23:09:37] <Presenter> Enough speaking, anyway
[23:09:42] * applause !
[23:09:44] <Presenter> Let's get on with it
[23:09:51] <SgtCrispy> LETS GET IT ON!
[23:09:56] <fredrik> YEAH
[23:09:59] <Presenter> our first award to be handed out
[23:10:02] <Linguica> when's the first musical performance by some group no one cares about
[23:10:06] <Presenter> is Best UV Max
[23:10:07] <SgtCrispy> heheh
[23:10:13] <fredrik> wooh!
[23:10:14] * Erik-sleep applause!
[23:10:16] * applause !
[23:10:17] <Presenter> The Nominees are:
[23:10:19] <SgtCrispy> woot!
[23:10:21] * Waldon holds his breathe
[23:10:28] * _BahdKo_ passes gas quietly
[23:10:31] <Presenter> Anders Johnsen for lv02-110, Anders Johnsen for lv03-120, Anders Johnsen for pl32-348, Radek Pecka for lv14-156 and Jonathan Rimmer for e1m1-029
[23:10:32] * schepe slaps applause
[23:10:32] <SgtCrispy> hehe
[23:10:35] <Erik-sleep> O_o
[23:10:45] <Linguica> i am going to guess not andy johnson
[23:10:45] <Waldon> Anders.... er.
[23:10:46] <Op> woooo whoooo woooo
[23:10:51] <Presenter> And the Cyber goes to:
[23:10:55] <df> ..
[23:10:56] <Erik-sleep> YA! Anders Johnsen
[23:11:01] <Erik-sleep> =)
[23:11:02] * Presenter screws around with envelope
[23:11:02] <SgtCrispy> drum roll!
[23:11:04] <fredrik> W000T!!!!
[23:11:10] <schepe> heh
[23:11:16] <SgtCrispy> budabudabuda
[23:11:17] <Presenter> Anders Johnsen for pl32-348!
[23:11:21] <Erik-sleep> YAY!!
[23:11:22] <Waldon> heeee
[23:11:23] <SgtCrispy> woo!
[23:11:23] <df> whooo
[23:11:25] * Erik-sleep applause!
[23:11:25] <Op> yay!
[23:11:25] <_BahdKo_> Yay for andy!!!!
[23:11:26] <Jannex> Cool :)
[23:11:26] <Shockwav3_> yeah
[23:11:26] <chroz> grats andy :)
[23:11:27] <Presenter> Come on up, Anders
[23:11:28] <fredrik> wooh!
[23:11:29] <Waldon> Demo rocks :)
[23:11:31] <fredrik> nice nice!
[23:11:33] *** Presenter sets mode: +v Johnsen
[23:11:35] <Jon_R> heh
[23:11:38] <df> Waldon: it does indeed
[23:11:38] <fredrik> though i voted for rimmer's demo
[23:11:41] <Presenter> speak :)
[23:11:41] <fredrik> heh
[23:11:41] <schepe> HAHAHA
[23:11:43] <fredrik> _
[23:11:44] <Jon_R> nice one andy
[23:11:45] <Aewyn> hehe, voted for pl32
[23:11:47] <Jon_R> heh
[23:11:49] <SgtCrispy> he's on the can!
[23:11:50] <Jon_R> my demo sucked fred
[23:11:51] <Waldon> Me too.
[23:11:51] <_BahdKo_> This is when we realize that andy is idle, off in the kitchen or something
[23:11:53] <fredrik> woah
[23:11:54] <Linguica> i hope he doesnt give a long speech
[23:11:56] * Presenter waits anxiously
[23:11:56] <fredrik> well, it's fast :P
[23:11:58] <Shockwav3_> seems like Johnsen is asleep
[23:11:59] <Erik-sleep> haha
[23:12:04] <Linguica> oh no he died
[23:12:05] <Jon_R> heh he should plug av
[23:12:09] <fredrik> heh
[23:12:12] <Waldon> Crashing furniture.
[23:12:13] <xit-vono> good demo, but I prefer if final doom demos are done with final doom though
[23:12:17] <fredrik> idling basrad :P
[23:12:20] * ocelot slaps Johnsen around a bit with a large trout
[23:12:23] <Jon_R> tsk
[23:12:26] <Erik-sleep> damn j00 yoonsen
[23:12:27] <_BahdKo_> he pings.. maybe someone should call hinm heh
[23:12:29] * Presenter waits still
[23:12:31] <Waldon> Oce, DM him, that will wake him up :)
[23:12:34] <fredrik> i think he's nervous
[23:12:36] <Linguica> i want to win an award so i can give a speech :(
[23:12:37] <_BahdKo_> say hi andy!! say somethin!!
[23:12:38] <SgtCrispy> oh dear
[23:12:45] <Ralphis> hah
[23:12:51] <Ralphis> look at all these low class deathmatchers
[23:12:53] <Jon_R> maybe he wasn't expect this award to be handed out for a while
[23:12:57] <Ralphis> =]
[23:12:58] <Jon_R> it is the third on the page
[23:13:02] <Presenter> don't make me plug the mic up your ass...
[23:13:07] <Op> heh
[23:13:07] <SgtCrispy> lol
[23:13:07] <fredrik> hah
[23:13:08] <ocelot> hahahaha
[23:13:10] <_BahdKo_> hahaha
[23:13:11] <Waldon> Mwahah.
[23:13:12] <_BahdKo_> too good
[23:13:15] <Jon_R> rofl
[23:13:15] <df> rofl
[23:13:18] <Julian> roflmao
[23:13:22] <schepe> the presenter made a funny!
[23:13:23] <Erik-sleep> hah, johnsen dammit this is your best cat
[23:13:35] <Jon_R> thats the kind of presenting you need at real awards ceremonies
[23:13:35] <_BahdKo_> he is evidently idle. cute.
[23:13:42] <Waldon> I bet he's watching his soap opera on tv :)
[23:13:45] <Ralphis> wtf?
[23:13:46] <Presenter> Right. Then we leave a mic here for him on the table and he can make a speech whenever he wants
[23:13:47] <df> perhaps he's shy?
[23:13:48] <df> :)
[23:13:52] <Ralphis> What the fuck just happened
[23:13:53] <Jon_R> heh
[23:13:53] <SgtCrispy> how nominees are actually alive here????
[23:14:07] <Jon_R> maybe hes waiting so he can make a speech on one of his other awards
[23:14:10] <Presenter> But, things got to advance otherwise it'll be just plain boring....
[23:14:14] * Presenter looks around
[23:14:19] <_BahdKo_> ocelot, if you get to make a speech, we dont want to hear you babble about how you think you suck. ok????
[23:14:23] <_BahdKo_> =)
[23:14:24] <Archvile46> heh
[23:14:27] <Archvile46> they stole my voice
[23:14:27] <Waldon> I want to!
[23:14:29] <fredrik> heh
[23:14:34] <Presenter> Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen
[23:14:51] <Presenter> the second award (or is that first?) to go out is Best Cooperative Demo
[23:14:53] <Archvile46> so I take it this is the main discussion area
[23:14:58] <Presenter> The Nominees are:
[23:15:00] <_BahdKo_> Big doom channel, would be kinda neat to keep this thing alive huh
[23:15:03] <Waldon> YAY
[23:15:04] <Erik-sleep> coop yay!
[23:15:06] <SgtCrispy> gangbang demos!
[23:15:09] * Erik-sleep applause!
[23:15:16] <Archvile46> COOP RULZ
[23:15:17] <Presenter> Vincent Catalaa and Selim "Bastard Benabdelkhalek for their performance in c4s3-008, Vincent Catalaa and Selim "Bastard Benabdelkhalek for their performance in 30uv2843, Adam Hegyi and Laszlo Vecsei for their performance in c1m1-019, Henning Skogsto and Anders Johnsen for their performance in e1nmc833 and Henning Skogsto, Vincent Catalaa, Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek for their performance in 30uvnet3
[23:15:21] * SgtCrispy sheers
[23:15:23] <Presenter> *phew*
[23:15:26] <Waldon> My only nomination.
[23:15:28] <_BahdKo_> something tells me he had that in windows notepad.
[23:15:30] <xit-vono> go c4s3
[23:15:37] <Waldon> :D
[23:15:41] <Archvile46> heh
[23:15:41] <Presenter> And the Cyber goes to:
[23:15:45] <Archvile46> what does that stuff all mean
[23:15:47] <Aewyn> hm, aren't they gonna show a clip from each of the demos on a big screen? :)
[23:15:47] <Archvile46> it's so confusing
[23:15:51] <SgtCrispy> who's controlling the chanserv i wonder.
[23:15:54] <Jon_R> heh the #doomworld from the 10 sectors award ceremony was cool
[23:15:56] <Archvile46> or at least tell us where to get them
[23:15:56] <_BahdKo_> im sure adamH has it
[23:16:02] <Presenter> Laszlo Vecsei and Adam Hegyi for c1m1-019!
[23:16:02] <SgtCrispy> drum roll!
[23:16:03] <_BahdKo_> (chanserv)
[23:16:04] <SgtCrispy> budabudabuda
[23:16:07] <Erik-sleep> yay!!
[23:16:08] <Waldon> HAHAHA
[23:16:09] * Erik-sleep applause!
[23:16:09] <Linguica> hahahahahah
[23:16:10] <Presenter> That's a surprise!
[23:16:11] <Waldon> Owned!!
[23:16:11] <_BahdKo_> Yay for waldon and adam!!!!
[23:16:12] <Jon_R> heh
[23:16:14] <Archvile46> hurrah
[23:16:14] <Op> yay!
[23:16:14] <Presenter> Come on up, folks
[23:16:15] * SgtCrispy woots
[23:16:15] <fredrik> w0+t!!
[23:16:16] <Linguica> 19 seconds demo wins
[23:16:18] * applause !
[23:16:19] <Waldon> Weeeeee.
[23:16:20] * applause !
[23:16:20] *** Presenter sets mode: +v Waldon
[23:16:21] * Shruuf applauds
[23:16:21] <Sslasher> well deserved, i think
[23:16:22] <Erik-sleep> waldon yay!
[23:16:27] * xit-vono applauds
[23:16:28] *** Presenter sets mode: +v Adam_H
[23:16:30] * Waldon walks up to the stage
[23:16:37] <Julian> yeah for Waldon!
[23:16:40] <Adam_H> you speak first :)
[23:16:41] <SgtCrispy> good job waldon and adam
[23:16:42] <Waldon> Cool cape, man.
[23:16:42] <_BahdKo_> make sure to hold hands with Adam, now wald!!
[23:16:48] <Aewyn> hehe
[23:16:50] <SgtCrispy> heh
[23:16:51] * Waldon looks at Adam
[23:16:55] <Op> hehe
[23:16:55] <chroz> and kiss :D
[23:17:09] <SgtCrispy> eew
[23:17:10] <Waldon> Well.
[23:17:12] <Archvile46> heh
[23:17:12] <deathz0r> heh
[23:17:15] * Waldon coughs
[23:17:23] <Waldon> Coop is cool, you know.
[23:17:24] <Archvile46> TEH SUSPENSE IS TOO MUCH
[23:17:28] <Waldon> Fragging your mate.
[23:17:29] <Erik-sleep> hehe, waldon, waldon!
[23:17:31] <fredrik> heh
[23:17:34] <Jon_R> I wonder if anyone will thank their mum
[23:17:34] <Waldon> Accidentally :)
[23:17:42] <Op> or yours
[23:17:42] <SgtCrispy> heh
[23:17:48] <Jon_R> "I'd like to thank Afterglows mom"
[23:17:48] <Op> oops, I didn't say that.
[23:17:49] <Op> :)
[23:17:51] <Jon_R> thats what I'd say
[23:17:52] <Waldon> I love how hard it is to make two players cooperate.
[23:17:58] <Waldon> And in the end, it looks kickass.
[23:17:59] <Jon_R> damn where is that whore
[23:18:05] <Adam_H> Accidentally, right?
[23:18:07] <Jon_R> its no fun insulting his mom when hes not here
[23:18:08] <Waldon> Er.
[23:18:09] <Waldon> Yes.
[23:18:11] <Waldon> :)
[23:18:13] <Erik-sleep> yay waldon!
[23:18:19] <SgtCrispy> and when he can't kick us!
[23:18:22] <Archvile46> heh
[23:18:23] <Waldon> Stop thinking about that ssg frag...
[23:18:41] <Waldon> Adam is the best coop partner I have ever played with.
[23:18:50] <Waldon> Well, there was Dashiva....
[23:18:54] <Op> hehe
[23:19:03] <SgtCrispy> hmm
[23:19:04] <Waldon> But that's another story :)
[23:19:07] <Archvile46> Waldon's getting coop partners and bed partners mixed up I think
[23:19:09] <Waldon> What do you think, Adam?
[23:19:12] <SgtCrispy> lol
[23:19:12] <_BahdKo_> hashah
[23:19:16] <Waldon> :D
[23:19:21] <Adam_H> Well, thanks for the compliment :)
[23:19:23] <Erik-sleep> yay waldon!
[23:19:25] <Shockwav3_> lol
[23:19:28] <fredrik> heheh
[23:19:32] <Waldon> Thanks for not fragging me back...
[23:19:34] * Erik-sleep applauds!
[23:19:49] * applause !!!!
[23:19:59] <Archvile46> will there be a place to get the winning demos?
[23:20:06] <_BahdKo_> erm, hehehe
[23:20:07] <Op> yes
[23:20:08] * _Vince_ applauds
[23:20:08] <Waldon> Yes.
[23:20:09] <SgtCrispy> there better be
[23:20:12] <_BahdKo_> they are are all on the competn site er
[23:20:13] <Adam_H> I don't have much to say, thanks everyone! Next time watch who you vote for!
[23:20:18] * Adam_H coughs
[23:20:20] <Aewyn> they're already at...
[23:20:21] <Aewyn> http://www.hszk.bme.hu/~ha211/compet-n/cyber/cyber.html
[23:20:22] <Op> hehe
[23:20:23] <Aewyn> i think
[23:20:25] <Waldon> Accidents happen :)
[23:20:33] <Aewyn> all nominees
[23:20:36] <Sslasher> http://ural2.hszk.bme.hu/~ha211/compet-n/cyber/cyber.html
[23:20:39] *** applause is now known as clap
[23:20:45] <_BahdKo_> and whatnot
[23:20:49] <Presenter> Thanks, guys. That was touching.
[23:20:50] * clap your hands!
[23:20:54] * Erik-sleep applauds!
[23:21:01] * Waldon smiles at the camera
[23:21:01] <Erik-sleep> yay ryback
[23:21:02] <Op> CHRIS!
[23:21:04] <xit-vono> hi chris
[23:21:05] * SgtCrispy gets teary eyed
[23:21:05] *** Presenter sets mode: -v Adam_H
[23:21:09] *** Presenter sets mode: -v Waldon
[23:21:10] <Ryback_> Hi people
[23:21:15] <SgtCrispy> hi
[23:21:16] <Op> just in time to get some awards....
[23:21:22] <Waldon> Hey Ryback.
[23:21:23] <Op> :)
[23:21:24] <Presenter> Our third award is UV Tyson!
[23:21:29] <Ryback_> Yes, I hope I got the timezone info right...
[23:21:33] <Op> TYSON!
[23:21:34] <Erik-sleep> tyson!
[23:21:35] <Archvile46> hmm, what was the first info?
[23:21:36] <xit-vono> yah tyson!
[23:21:38] <SgtCrispy> eek
[23:21:41] <Archvile46> I mean award
[23:21:44] <Presenter> To present the award, we have a very special guest.
[23:21:45] <Archvile46> I'm retarded, sorry
[23:21:47] <deathz0r> I feel sad for the person who's gonna be logging this
[23:21:48] <_Vince_> hehe, tyson
[23:21:48] <fredrik> heh
[23:21:53] <SgtCrispy> does this envole biting a cybers ear off? ;)
[23:21:55] <deathz0r> there's gonna be shitloads of my quit messages because of me crashing my comp
[23:21:59] <Presenter> He is the master of the field.
[23:22:03] <Jon_R> heh is the guest mike tyson
[23:22:06] <stx-Vile> mike tyson
[23:22:08] <fredrik> heh
[23:22:10] <Aewyn> hehe
[23:22:13] <_BahdKo_> hahaha
[23:22:15] <Presenter> In fact, without him, this award wouldn't exist.
[23:22:15] <fredrik> arnold schwarzenegger
[23:22:17] <Jon_R> "he is a rapist!"
[23:22:25] <Waldon> I bet :)
[23:22:27] <Presenter> Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome
[23:22:29] <SgtCrispy> ahnold?
[23:22:33] <fredrik> GOD
[23:22:34] <Presenter> MIKE TYSON!
[23:22:38] <Erik-sleep> HAHA
[23:22:38] <deathz0r> hahah
[23:22:39] *** Presenter is now known as Mike_Tyson
[23:22:39] <SgtCrispy> ROFL
[23:22:40] <Waldon> Haha.
[23:22:40] <_Vince_> bah
[23:22:41] <fredrik> W00T
[23:22:42] <Op> hehe
[23:22:42] <Shruuf> *badam-ching!*
[23:22:43] <Jon_R> rofl
[23:22:43] <Shockwav3_> bad joke
[23:22:45] <Mike_Tyson> Yo.
[23:22:46] <_BahdKo_> haahaha
[23:22:46] <stx-Vile> duh
[23:22:51] <_BahdKo_> ahhaha "yo"
[23:22:51] <fredrik> heh
[23:22:53] <Archvile46> rofl
[23:22:54] <Op> yo?
[23:22:55] <Aewyn> :D
[23:22:56] <Jon_R> heh
[23:22:56] <fredrik> funny
[23:22:56] <schepe> lol
[23:22:57] <_BahdKo_> thats too good adam
[23:22:59] <_BahdKo_> hehe
[23:23:01] <fredrik> =D
[23:23:03] <Mike_Tyson> You think you can take on me, right
[23:23:16] <pritch1337> Tyson? Heh
[23:23:19] <Mike_Tyson> Let me tell you who's the mastah
[23:23:24] <SgtCrispy> heh
[23:23:28] <Jannex> :)
[23:23:29] <fredrik> heheh
[23:23:32] <Mike_Tyson> I'm the mastah, undehstand?
[23:23:32] <_BahdKo_> i hope waldon got offa that stage, id hate to see his ear get bitten off
[23:23:41] <Op> heh Bahd
[23:23:42] <Waldon> Hehe.
[23:23:42] <df> :)
[23:23:43] <Erik-sleep> hehe
[23:23:48] <Mike_Tyson> You listen here, Lennox?
[23:23:56] <SgtCrispy> lol
[23:24:00] <Linguica> heh
[23:24:06] <Linguica> say something about eating babies
[23:24:11] <fredrik> rolf
[23:24:12] <Linguica> EATING CHILDREN DAMNIT
[23:24:18] <Mike_Tyson> I'm gonna kick your ass
[23:24:29] <Mike_Tyson> Any females in the audience?
[23:24:30] <Archvile46> hah
[23:24:33] * Mike_Tyson scans around
[23:24:37] <SgtCrispy> hehe yeah riight
[23:24:44] <Waldon> Uh oh.
[23:24:45] <Archvile46> no females, Afterglow isn't here
[23:24:48] <Erik-sleep> heh, females.. watch out bahd
[23:24:49] <pritch1337> beating Lennox Lewis? Riiiiiiiiiight
[23:24:50] <Waldon> Bahd is.
[23:24:51] <Mike_Tyson> I'll show you how I'm gonna kick his ass
[23:24:51] <SgtCrispy> and no Kat
[23:24:52] <fredrik> heh
[23:24:54] <Archvile46> I know, I was joking
[23:25:02] <fredrik> wheres kat
[23:25:07] <Archvile46> somewhere else?
[23:25:07] <pritch1337> sorry
[23:25:08] * Mike_Tyson suddenly bites off the end of his mic!
[23:25:15] <Op> CHOMP
[23:25:16] <fredrik> hahah
[23:25:19] <Waldon> :)
[23:25:20] <Mike_Tyson> ROOAAAARRR
[23:25:20] <Shockwav3_> hahaha
[23:25:22] <Aewyn> um, wtf, was in such a hurry that i forgot to change my nick...
[23:25:25] <_BahdKo_> aahaha
[23:25:29] <SgtCrispy> * Cacodemon last saw Katarhyne (kyutika@216.90.30.*) 27 days, 8 hrs ago. ("bleh")
[23:25:44] <Shockwav3_> what?
[23:25:45] * Mike_Tyson waves victoriously as staff tries to get in a new mic stand
[23:25:52] <Shockwav3_> i saw her one week ago on #zdaemon
[23:26:04] <Mike_Tyson> I am Mic Tyson!
[23:26:09] <Erik-sleep> lol
[23:26:10] <Archvile46> so are they gonna give the award or what
[23:26:10] <Op> hehe
[23:26:12] <Waldon> Eheeh.
[23:26:14] <Shruuf> heh
[23:26:17] * Mike_Tyson watches as crowd goes "boo"
[23:26:17] <SgtCrispy> har har
[23:26:23] <SgtCrispy> boo
[23:26:24] <pritch1337> Mic Tyson, hahahahaha
[23:26:28] <Archvile46> ba dum chik
[23:26:41] <fredrik> *boooooo*
[23:26:44] <Mike_Tyson> Ah yeah, the nominees.
[23:26:53] <Mike_Tyson> The nominees are:
[23:26:54] <Op> louder
[23:27:01] <Mike_Tyson> erm
[23:27:02] <Archvile46> *BOOOOOOOOOOOO*
[23:27:12] <Op> haha
[23:27:13] <Mike_Tyson> I can't read these small letters
[23:27:22] <Shockwav3_> lol
[23:27:28] <Shockwav3_> myke is a real moron
[23:27:28] <fredrik> heh
[23:27:36] *** Mike_Tyson is now known as Presenter
[23:27:39] * Erik-sleep applauds mike's retardness
[23:27:42] <Presenter> I'll help out.
[23:27:46] <SgtCrispy> heh
[23:27:47] <Waldon> Hahah.
[23:27:55] <Presenter> The Nominees are:
[23:28:02] <Presenter> Anders Johnsen for t4m22124, Radek Pecka for t2m2-340, Henning Skogsto for ty04-559, Xit Vono for t2m84205 and Xit Vono for t4m15056
[23:28:09] <Op> I almost had to ask what cat this was. :)
[23:28:16] <Op> hi Oyvind
[23:28:17] <Erik-sleep> yay!
[23:28:23] <Presenter> Here's the envelope Mike, it's written in real big letters
[23:28:25] <Op> go Radek!
[23:28:27] <Oyvind> hi
[23:28:29] <SgtCrispy> drun roll!
[23:28:31] *** Presenter is now known as Mike_Tyson
[23:28:32] <fredrik> go xit e2m8!
[23:28:39] <schepe> xit
[23:28:41] <schepe> go
[23:28:42] <Mike_Tyson> And the Cyber goes to:
[23:28:43] <Linguica> xit
[23:28:44] <Archvile46> there's a tyson on E2M8?
[23:28:44] <Op> t4m1!
[23:28:44] <SgtCrispy> budabudabuda
[23:28:47] <Archvile46> good lord
[23:28:50] <Jon_R> yeah
[23:28:50] <Waldon> Hahaha.
[23:28:50] <fredrik> yes duh
[23:28:54] <Linguica> gotta be xit
[23:28:54] <RjY> oh has it started then?
[23:28:55] <Oyvind> goddamn loginscript, changed my nick to aewyn and i had to quit
[23:28:57] <schepe> and it's winning
[23:28:58] <[999cop]> well? what's up with the award
[23:28:58] <Mike_Tyson> Xit Vono for t2m84205!
[23:29:01] * Erik-sleep applauds!
[23:29:01] <fredrik>
[23:29:03] <Mike_Tyson> ROAAARRR
[23:29:03] <SgtCrispy> whhe!
[23:29:04] <Waldon> Congrats, xit.
[23:29:04] <fredrik> !
[23:29:04] <fredrik> YAY!
[23:29:05] <Erik-sleep> XIT!
[23:29:06] <Jon_R> heh
[23:29:06] <fredrik> woh!
[23:29:08] <Jannex> :)
[23:29:09] * schepe applauds
[23:29:09] <Jon_R> sweet
[23:29:11] <Ryback_> Alright!
[23:29:12] <Shruuf> yay!
[23:29:13] *** Mike_Tyson is now known as Presenter
[23:29:14] * schepe whistles
[23:29:14] <Shockwav3_> good work
[23:29:16] <Archvile46> hurray
[23:29:16] <RjY> wicked mate nice one
[23:29:20] <Presenter> Come on, Xit.
[23:29:20] <fredrik> yayy!
[23:29:24] <Op> Good job. tough cat
[23:29:24] <pritch1337> ooops fuck wrong channel
[23:29:25] * Erik-sleep applauds Xit!
[23:29:26] *** Presenter sets mode: +v xit-vono
[23:29:30] <Oyvind> congratulations!
[23:29:31] <xit-vono> hi guys
[23:29:41] <Op> nice tux!
[23:29:41] <fredrik> hi!
[23:29:49] <xit-vono> I guess I would like to thank Adam Hegyi for the compet-n site,
[23:29:56] <pritch1337> heh, well done man
[23:30:02] <xit-vono> Doug for his DSDA and TAS sites
[23:30:09] * Op blushes
[23:30:10] <Erik-sleep> yay for xit!
[23:30:22] <Erik-sleep> yay for op and adamH too =)
[23:30:28] *** [999cop] is now known as WhoStoleMyVoice
[23:30:39] <xit-vono> and everyone who watches compet-n demos
[23:30:43] <Waldon> Next time I get nominated, I will write a speech, I swear.
[23:30:51] <fredrik> wow
[23:31:00] <fredrik> he said thanks to me in person!
[23:31:01] <WhoStoleMyVoice> wald
[23:31:01] <xit-vono> thanks and bye
[23:31:05] <WhoStoleMyVoice> do you know whos going on
[23:31:12] <Op> whoo hoo good luck next year, Xit!
[23:31:17] <Archvile46> what was the first award, does anyone know?
[23:31:17] <WhoStoleMyVoice> who=what
[23:31:22] <Erik-sleep> grats xit
[23:31:22] <WhoStoleMyVoice> who stole my voice
[23:31:23] <Waldon> Er yeah.
[23:31:23] <xit-vono> max
[23:31:27] *** Presenter sets mode: -v xit-vono
[23:31:28] <Erik-sleep> av46: uv max
[23:31:29] <Op> anders pl32
[23:31:31] <Waldon> The other channel is moderated.
[23:31:32] <Archvile46> ok, thanks
[23:31:34] <Erik-sleep> andy johnsen pl32
[23:31:34] <fredrik> why not say thanks to the people who voted for you??
[23:31:40] <Waldon> No one gets voice except the winners.
[23:31:42] <WhoStoleMyVoice> Wald: why'd they do that
[23:31:46] <WhoStoleMyVoice> damn
[23:31:52] <SgtCrispy> hmm
[23:31:53] <Ralphis> heh
[23:31:54] <WhoStoleMyVoice> so we cant speak at all?
[23:31:56] <Scrag[Away]> I wonder if they'll have the doom editing awards
[23:31:57] <Archvile46> yes
[23:31:57] <Ralphis> do i win anything?
[23:31:57] <Waldon> Because this way it's more like the Oscar.
[23:32:03] <Presenter> All right, the next award up is a really interesting one
[23:32:04] <pritch1337> thank god, cos I just spoke in there by mistake :(
[23:32:06] <schepe> we can speak here
[23:32:07] *** WhoStoleMyVoice is now known as [999cop]
[23:32:08] <Julian> Scrag: would own
[23:32:15] <Archvile46> it'd be a pain in the ass with retarded people shouting out retarded things
[23:32:17] <lament> heh, "more like the oscar"
[23:32:24] * Waldon shrugs
[23:32:24] <lament> what a nice insult
[23:32:32] <Presenter> Its no other than Best Movie!
[23:32:35] <Shockwav3_> Ralphis
[23:32:36] <Scrag[Away]> oscar is in a rubbish bin eating stuff
[23:32:37] <Erik-sleep> movie!!
[23:32:37] <Shockwav3_> [23:32:40] <RjY> anyone burst into tears yet?:-)
[23:32:41] <Waldon> I mean, there are no idiotic kids allowed to shout in stupid things :)
[23:32:41] <fredrik> movie!
[23:32:42] <_Vince_> henning ? :)
[23:32:43] <xit-vono> go adam for ep1-0511
[23:32:44] <Erik-sleep> goddamn this gotta go to henna
[23:32:45] <fredrik> best motion picture! yay!
[23:32:46] <Ryback_> I vote for Memento
[23:32:50] <Presenter> Let's see the nominees:
[23:32:50] <Ralphis> wtf
[23:32:52] <[999cop]> so, so far, it's Anders whos the winner
[23:32:52] <Ralphis> i never said that
[23:32:53] <Ryback_> Oh wait, doom movie, my mistake
[23:32:53] <Shockwav3_> you win the goatse look a like contest
[23:32:53] <xit-vono> though I think henning will win
[23:32:56] <pritch1337> movie, yay I'v been lokking foward to this!!!
[23:33:07] <Op> Vince was robbed, but Henning deserved it too!
[23:33:07] <Presenter> Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore for e1nm0659, Radek Pecka for 30uvmax3, Henning Skogsto for 30nm3607, Henning Skogsto for 30ns6155 and Adam Williamson for ep1-0511
[23:33:18] <Linguica> best movie of the year already?
[23:33:22] <Op> hehe
[23:33:22] <Presenter> And the Cyber goes to:
[23:33:23] <SgtCrispy> heh
[23:33:27] <SgtCrispy> drun roll!
[23:33:30] <_Vince_> op > robbed ? never ...
[23:33:31] <Maonth> heh
[23:33:31] <SgtCrispy> budabudabuda
[23:33:31] <lament> is there a log of #cyber-awards?
[23:33:35] <Op> :)
[23:33:40] <Scrag[Away]> prrrrrr
[23:33:41] <Scrag[Away]> ..
[23:33:42] <Op> net 30max
[23:33:43] <Presenter> Henning Skogsto for 30nm3607!
[23:33:45] <Ralphis> adam w
[23:33:47] * Erik-sleep applauds Henna!
[23:33:47] <Waldon> Wow.
[23:33:47] <fredrik> HENNING
[23:33:48] <Op> HENNING!
[23:33:49] <Waldon> 30nm.
[23:33:50] <pritch1337> woot
[23:33:51] <Ryback_> Yehaaay!
[23:33:51] <df> log: yeah
[23:33:52] <RjY> lament: the website says there will be
[23:33:53] <Erik-sleep> HENNING yay!
[23:33:53] <SgtCrispy> go henning!
[23:33:54] <Ralphis> O_O
[23:33:56] <Waldon> Haha.
[23:33:57] <schepe> wOOT!
[23:33:57] <stx-Vile> trying to get slag in here
[23:33:59] <Maonth> someone ought to do a caco_awards or whatnot for best whatever level design, music and so on
[23:34:01] * Shruuf applauds
[23:34:02] <[999cop]> Alright
[23:34:04] <Presenter> Hmm, is Henning in the room?
[23:34:04] <fredrik> JA DE HENNING I SIN PRESENNING!
[23:34:05] <Archvile46> 4 down
[23:34:05] <Ryback_> The favorite wins.
[23:34:06] <Op> nah... the 30nm34 is better. ;)
[23:34:07] * RjY claps
[23:34:08] * Archvile46 cheers
[23:34:13] <[999cop]> Henning is also a winner :)
[23:34:13] <Ralphis> ill accept it for him
[23:34:16] <Waldon> Henning is sleeping of course.
[23:34:22] <deathz0r> heh
[23:34:23] <Scrag[Away]> maonth: would I get the music award? :D
[23:34:24] <Erik-sleep> hehe
[23:34:24] <df> i own henning adam, let me speak :))
[23:34:30] <lament> heh
[23:34:35] <Maonth> Scrag[Away]: moo?!
[23:34:37] <stx-Vile> OWNED
[23:34:52] <Op> heh owned....
[23:34:52] <Scrag[Away]> I didn't say moo
[23:34:54] <_Vince_> any norwegians here ?
[23:34:56] <Presenter> Unfortunetely it seems he couldn't make it. Anyway, our cheers go out to Henning and of course he will get his Cyber as soon as possible. :)
[23:35:00] <Maonth> ------> chroz
[23:35:03] <Oyvind> i am, chroz is
[23:35:07] <fredrik> johnsen
[23:35:10] <Op> no streaming Henning video?
[23:35:12] <Op> darn
[23:35:14] <Op> :)
[23:35:15] <[999cop]> johnsen is finnish, isn it?
[23:35:16] <SgtCrispy> hwh
[23:35:17] <[999cop]> he
[23:35:19] <Oyvind> hehe
[23:35:21] <Waldon> Norwegian.
[23:35:22] <Erik-sleep> haha
[23:35:24] <fredrik> no
[23:35:25] <df> .no
[23:35:25] <fredrik> you stupid
[23:35:26] <fredrik> :P
[23:35:27] <SgtCrispy> swedan!
[23:35:40] <deathz0r> heh
[23:35:42] <Op> isn't it cold there. :D
[23:35:45] <Maonth> fredrik: moo
[23:35:46] <Presenter> Best if he gets here by the end of the show :)
[23:35:46] <lament> Maonth: "caco awards" sounds like something from #doom :)
[23:35:49] <Erik-sleep> yay for Henning anyway!
[23:35:54] <Maonth> lament: heh
[23:35:56] <SgtCrispy> My name is Fredrik youwantsome. I come from swedan!
[23:35:56] <lament> Maonth: if anything, they should be called "baron awards" :)
[23:36:05] <Maonth> lament: yeah well whatever
[23:36:06] <SpinSpyder> #cyber sounds like a far different chat room
[23:36:06] <fredrik> shut up :P
[23:36:06] <pritch1337> bah, where is he?
[23:36:12] <Presenter> Our next award is
[23:36:14] <SgtCrispy> fredrik: hehe :)
[23:36:24] <[999cop]> Is Henning in the room?
[23:36:24] <Presenter> Best New Trick
[23:36:26] <Op> HI Slag!
[23:36:28] <deathz0r> nope
[23:36:29] <Waldon> Wow new trick.
[23:36:30] <Jon_R> heh
[23:36:35] <Jon_R> wanna cyber?
[23:36:35] <xit-vono> gotta be pl17
[23:36:36] <Erik-sleep> trick!! and sedlo's not here f00
[23:36:36] <SgtCrispy> the new trick.
[23:36:40] <Presenter> The Nominees:
[23:36:40] <lament> they still come up with new tricks ? :)
[23:36:41] <Ralphis> best new trick?
[23:36:42] <Archvile46> hmm, new tricks
[23:36:43] <Ralphis> i can do the best tricks
[23:36:48] <RjY> you'd think there'd be no new tricks left by now
[23:36:49] <[999cop]> Wald: what's up
[23:36:49] <Ralphis> my plasma spin is the best trick EVER
[23:36:50] <Waldon> Haha.
[23:36:51] <Presenter> Vincent Catalaa for pl17-009, Adam Hegyi for lv13-103, Adam Hegyi for pl21-008, Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic for pl12-010 and Xit Vono for pl25-202
[23:36:54] <Op> not htat kind of trick
[23:36:56] <Maonth> someone do a baron awards or die
[23:36:58] <SgtCrispy> coming in to #doom with getting kick 3 seconds later
[23:37:04] <Erik-sleep> go vince!
[23:37:04] <Linguica> wtf nearly all plut
[23:37:10] <Op> pl12!
[23:37:11] <Presenter> And the Cyber goes to:
[23:37:16] <SgtCrispy> budabudabuda
[23:37:16] <df> ..\
[23:37:17] <Johnsen> gah
[23:37:17] <Jon_R> Linguica: well duh
[23:37:18] <Johnsen> back
[23:37:18] <Ralphis> xit
[23:37:19] <Oyvind> pl17 was fun..
[23:37:20] <Johnsen> feck..
[23:37:21] <Waldon> Most new tricks have been discovered in final doom.
[23:37:22] <Linguica> heh
[23:37:24] <SpinSpyder> [23:37:25] * Johnsen think he missed out on a thing or two
[23:37:27] <Presenter> Vincent Catalaa for pl17-009!
[23:37:28] <Erik-sleep> Johsen you foo
[23:37:32] <Erik-sleep> YAY!
[23:37:33] <Sslasher> Johnsen: you missed uv max, hehe
[23:37:34] <fredrik> heheh
[23:37:35] <Oyvind> johnsen: you missed your award :)
[23:37:35] <Waldon> Wow Vicne :)
[23:37:36] * RjY claps
[23:37:36] <Erik-sleep> for vincent
[23:37:36] <Sslasher> (which you won)
[23:37:38] *** Presenter sets mode: +v _Vince_
[23:37:38] <Ryback_> Vincent!
[23:37:41] <SgtCrispy> yeah vincent!
[23:37:42] * SpinSpyder fires three rockets at jon
[23:37:42] <Presenter> speak up, Vince :)
[23:37:43] <xit-vono> there's plenty of new tricks for pwads though
[23:37:44] <fredrik> yay
[23:37:45] <Op> YAY!!!
[23:37:46] * pritch1337 applauds
[23:37:46] <fredrik> vince!
[23:37:47] <Jon_R> heh
[23:37:51] <_Vince_> heh, hi guys
[23:37:52] <Maonth> congrats _Vince_
[23:37:55] * Erik-sleep applauds Vince!
[23:37:57] <Archvile46> yay Vince!
[23:37:57] <Oyvind> yay for vince
[23:38:03] <Op> that is an awesome runs (Sedlo's too) ... nat a bad trick
[23:38:03] <_Vince_> it'll not be very different from xit's speech,
[23:38:04] <Ralphis> wow vince
[23:38:05] * xit-vono applauds
[23:38:06] <Ralphis> thats great
[23:38:09] <[999cop]> Horray for Vincent
[23:38:11] * Ralphis claps
[23:38:11] <Johnsen> heh :)
[23:38:16] <lament> what's pl17
[23:38:20] <df> whoioo
[23:38:21] <Maonth> 4BEER IS ON THE HOUSE
[23:38:24] <fredrik> plutonia 17
[23:38:25] <Ralphis> plutonia map17
[23:38:27] <Archvile46> http://www.hszk.bme.hu/~ha211/compet-n/cyber/cyber.html
[23:38:29] <_Vince_> i have to thank everybody involved in any doom speedrunning site.
[23:38:32] <Archvile46> they're all here
[23:38:37] <Linguica> 17 categories eh
[23:38:45] <Erik-sleep> pl17 is a really nice trick
[23:38:46] <Op> :)
[23:38:50] * Linguica checks his watch
[23:38:52] <Waldon> It rocks.
[23:38:53] <Erik-sleep> yay for Vince!
[23:38:53] <Op> pl12 is better
[23:38:54] <_Vince_> thank Adam, Doug, and Slag for Pdang
[23:38:59] *** clap is now known as speedrunning
[23:39:00] <Erik-sleep> pl12 was as good
[23:39:02] * speedrunning kicks ass!
[23:39:05] <xit-vono> rocketjump kills player and the player slides under the bar to the exit
[23:39:06] <Archvile46> I didn't like that level
[23:39:07] <Op> Adam and Slag rule
[23:39:12] <Ralphis> hey ling
[23:39:12] <_Vince_> and thank all people that are still watching doom demos
[23:39:13] <fredrik> hmm
[23:39:15] <Ralphis> do a wad award
[23:39:17] <Ralphis> ;p
[23:39:19] <Linguica> heh
[23:39:21] <_Vince_> and of course all people that voted for me :)
[23:39:22] <[999cop]> heh
[23:39:22] <_Vince_> thanks
[23:39:23] <Linguica> i have meant to in the past
[23:39:26] * Slag does +op Op
[23:39:27] <SpinSpyder> so if you finish the level dead it still counts?
[23:39:33] <Archvile46> yeah wad awards would be cool
[23:39:33] <Erik-sleep> wtg Vince!
[23:39:33] <Ralphis> Like, best dm wad and best sp wad and stuff
[23:39:34] * pritch1337 has found teh whiskey
[23:39:37] <Ralphis> maybe udm1 would win =]
[23:39:38] * _Vince_ kisses the presenter
[23:39:41] <[999cop]> members award would be nice, Ling
[23:39:42] <Archvile46> best realistic wad...heh heh
[23:39:43] <df> heh
[23:39:44] * pritch1337 pours whiskey for teh guests
[23:39:44] <SgtCrispy> heh
[23:39:46] <Linguica> members award?
[23:39:46] <fredrik> heh
[23:39:48] <Waldon> Haha.
[23:39:52] <fredrik> most obsolete linedefs!
[23:39:55] <Presenter> Gosh. :D
[23:39:55] <lament> heh
[23:39:56] <[999cop]> Yeah
[23:39:58] <Ralphis> haha
[23:40:00] <lament> most unused sectors
[23:40:02] <[999cop]> Quake3world is hosting one :)
[23:40:04] *** Presenter sets mode: -v _Vince_
[23:40:08] <Jon_R> heh
[23:40:09] <Linguica> wow q3w
[23:40:10] <fredrik> highest ceiling light count!
[23:40:11] <Jon_R> largest members?
[23:40:11] <Ralphis> biggest egotistical map award goes to...fredrik!
[23:40:14] <pritch1337> redundant linedefs are eaten by deepsea!
[23:40:15] <[999cop]> just got that idea from there
[23:40:18] <Jon_R> rofl
[23:40:21] <Jon_R> yeah biggest ego
[23:40:24] <fredrik> heh
[23:40:27] <Jon_R> but it wouldn't really be much of a contest
[23:40:29] <SgtCrispy> fredrik!
[23:40:34] <fredrik> me!
[23:40:36] <Maonth> Hey. I want the award for best looking never-going-to-be-released map
[23:40:41] <lament> heh
[23:40:42] <fredrik> :
[23:40:42] <pritch1337> vrack's revenge: egovrack
[23:40:46] <fredrik> lol
[23:40:48] <SgtCrispy> heh
[23:40:49] <Presenter> All right, I just received information that our air time is limited, so let's go a higher gear.
[23:40:49] <fredrik> that sounds cool actually
[23:40:52] <Scrag[Away]> I want the music award I want the music awaaard
[23:40:56] <lament> ?
[23:40:58] <Ralphis> Jon_R: why not
[23:41:00] <SgtCrispy> o_O
[23:41:00] <pritch1337> by cave_troll :)
[23:41:01] <Op> nice kiss
[23:41:01] <lament> "air time is limited"?
[23:41:02] <Presenter> The Next Award is Best Technical Merit
[23:41:03] <lament> wtf
[23:41:04] <Erik-sleep> heh
[23:41:04] <SpinSpyder> hey fred, you've got a nice vrack.
[23:41:05] <fredrik> wait here comes new stuff
[23:41:06] <[999cop]> The Best-DM wad award all the way!
[23:41:06] <Archvile46> ???
[23:41:08] <fredrik> w00h
[23:41:10] <Erik-sleep> are we running out of air?
[23:41:10] <Presenter> And the Nominees are:
[23:41:11] <Archvile46> UDM2!
[23:41:12] <deathz0r> worst dm map award goes to.... UDM1 map09!
[23:41:13] <fredrik> heh
[23:41:15] * deathz0r hides
[23:41:18] <fredrik> go...
[23:41:20] <Presenter> Cameron Prosser for pp32-136, Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic for pl12-010, Henning Skogsto for 30nm3607, Henning Skogsto for 30ns6155 and Xit Vono for t2m84205
[23:41:21] <Ralphis> archvile: yea, work on it
[23:41:23] <Jon_R> Ralphis: oh come on, name one person except fred who would be in the running
[23:41:29] <Archvile46> pfft
[23:41:30] <Archvile46> dm levels
[23:41:31] <SgtCrispy> yeah hurry it up! i gotta work soon!
[23:41:33] <[999cop]> deathzor: nah, map9 is good
[23:41:37] <Ralphis> Jon_R: hmm...
[23:41:38] <Linguica> ralphis: http://www.doomworld.com/linguica/nominees.rtf
[23:41:39] <Presenter> The Cyber goes to:
[23:41:40] <[999cop]> map14 is kinda dumb though
[23:41:44] <Waldon> pl21 owns.
[23:41:45] <pritch1337> cameron
[23:41:46] <_Vince_> prettiest map goes to TNT map08 !
[23:41:52] <Op> Xit
[23:41:52] <Ralphis> Jon_R: You're right
[23:41:55] <Ralphis> =]
[23:41:56] <Erik-sleep> go sedlo!
[23:41:57] <Archvile46> wtf does tehnical merit supposed to mean?
[23:41:59] <Presenter> Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic for pl12-010!
[23:42:02] <Erik-sleep> YAY!
[23:42:02] <Waldon> YAY
[23:42:02] <xit-vono> difficulty
[23:42:05] <Waldon> Heeeeee.
[23:42:07] <Ryback_> Yes
[23:42:08] <fredrik> GO SELDO!
[23:42:09] <pritch1337> heh
[23:42:13] * speedrunning kicks ass!
[23:42:15] <Ryback_> The run of the century wins!
[23:42:17] <Erik-sleep> pl12-010 is teh kickass!
[23:42:18] <[999cop]> Horray for Sedlo
[23:42:18] <Op> booo.... wrong choice.
[23:42:18] <SpinSpyder> I think technical merit is how well you pull off tricks
[23:42:22] <SgtCrispy> Itsa me! Marijo!
[23:42:24] <deathz0r> cop; that was the only udm1 map that wasn't made by either of us
[23:42:30] <lament> "sedlo" is a very weird nick indeed
[23:42:32] <Jon_R> where is old sedlo
[23:42:34] <Maonth> Linguica: you should do an all around award session
[23:42:35] <Archvile46> isn't that the same one that lost the trick one?
[23:42:46] <Jon_R> I still need to congratulate him on lv03-019
[23:42:47] <Erik-sleep> av: yes
[23:42:47] <Linguica> Maonth: http://www.doomworld.com/linguica/nominees.rtf
[23:42:48] <Archvile46> that would take too long
[23:42:48] <Ralphis> Ling: you gotta have newer wads instead of old ones
[23:42:52] <Presenter> Unfortunately I don't see him around, we'll pass the Cyber to him anyway. Cheers for Sedlo!
[23:42:57] <Linguica> ralphis: i wrote that back in like 1999
[23:42:59] <[999cop]> I bet FX will get the award too
[23:43:06] <Waldon> For what?
[23:43:08] <Erik-sleep> sedlo where are you dammit
[23:43:10] <Maonth> Linguica: i am ignorant, yes. But what kind of file is that?
[23:43:10] <lament> Linguica: "best DW forum moderator" :)
[23:43:14] <Ralphis> Ling: If I got together a nominee list would you do it
[23:43:17] <Presenter> The next award is Best Artistic Impression
[23:43:23] <Linguica> rtf file is for like wordpad
[23:43:26] <Presenter> The Nominees:
[23:43:26] <Sslasher> Maonth: Rich Text Format
[23:43:27] <Maonth> ok
[23:43:28] <Ralphis> Ling: You could work around it if you wanted
[23:43:29] <[999cop]> wald: cyber
[23:43:29] <Maonth> ah
[23:43:30] <xit-vono> lv03-019 damn that's the same as his tas time
[23:43:39] <[999cop]> he does have couple of nice demos, doesnt he
[23:43:41] <Waldon> Er.
[23:43:42] <Presenter> Adam Hegyi for e2m5-027, Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen for lv18-022, Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic for pl17-008, Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic for pl21-007 and Henning Skogsto for 30nm3607
[23:43:47] <Waldon> He wasn't nominated.
[23:43:48] <SgtCrispy> artistic impression?
[23:43:51] <deathz0r> ralph; that's not an excuse to fill in all of your work for every catagory
[23:43:55] <xit-vono> best looking demo
[23:43:56] <[999cop]> AdamH would probably get it too
[23:43:58] <Sslasher> SgtCrispy: most elegant running
[23:43:59] <Presenter> The Cyber goes to:
[23:43:59] <pritch1337> go Juho
[23:44:00] <Oyvind> smoothness and such
[23:44:00] <Waldon> That's like the best looking demo.
[23:44:03] <Ralphis> deathz0r: nah I wouldn't do that
[23:44:04] <Op> Adam!
[23:44:07] * SpinSpyder cheers for oce
[23:44:10] <Waldon> Go e2m5 :)
[23:44:11] <SgtCrispy> tiptoeing gracfully while fragging a cyber??
[23:44:12] <fredrik> go adam
[23:44:13] <Presenter> Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen for lv18-022!
[23:44:13] <fredrik> yeah
[23:44:15] <fredrik> e2m5!!
[23:44:18] <[999cop]> wald: ic, yeah he has released more dm demos than sp
[23:44:18] <Ralphis> deathz0r: except I'd automatically win the "Best non-released mod count" category
[23:44:20] <Erik-sleep> YAY, ocelot!
[23:44:20] <Op> Congrats.
[23:44:20] <Presenter> Cheers!
[23:44:20] <SpinSpyder> yeah! alright!
[23:44:20] <fredrik> meh
[23:44:20] <pritch1337> YES!!!
[23:44:21] <Ryback_> lv18!
[23:44:21] <fredrik> heheh
[23:44:22] <Archvile46> ooh
[23:44:23] <fredrik> yay!
[23:44:25] *** Presenter sets mode: +v ocelot
[23:44:25] <Ralphis> 46 and going baby
[23:44:25] <Slag> yes, voted that one
[23:44:28] <SgtCrispy> woot
[23:44:29] <Archvile46> nice ocelot :)
[23:44:29] <Shockwav3_> yeah, oce
[23:44:29] <Sslasher> ocelot: congratulations :)
[23:44:31] <Oyvind> congrats oce
[23:44:33] * ocelot walks up
[23:44:33] <Ryback_> A winner is ocelot!
[23:44:34] <Waldon> Nice demo oce.
[23:44:36] * ocelot takes mike
[23:44:37] <[999cop]> alright, oce
[23:44:39] <Erik-sleep> ocelot, that is one neat-ass run
[23:44:39] <Shruuf> yay!
[23:44:40] <Oyvind> voted for it too
[23:44:43] <Johnsen> Thats a deserved one for sure :)
[23:44:43] <fredrik> very nicey
[23:44:44] <Ralphis> uh oh
[23:44:46] * ocelot shifts his weight nervously from one leg to another
[23:44:46] <Ralphis> he's gonna sing
[23:44:47] <Maonth> Linguica: Nice. It should be expanded, though.
[23:44:49] * ocelot clears throat
[23:44:53] <ocelot> um, okay...
[23:44:54] <SpinSpyder> he took mike. poor mike.
[23:44:56] <lament> heh@ocelot
[23:44:58] <_Vince_> andy is back ! :)
[23:45:00] <fredrik> heh
[23:45:08] <fredrik> point and laugh!
[23:45:10] <Op> hard to believe there is no SR50 in there. =P
[23:45:12] <ocelot> I have a hard time believing you guys could pick my run over something like e2m5-027 and pl17-008, but heck, I'm not complaining...lv18-022 was my first speedrun ever, and I worked my ass off to get it, so it definitely has a special meaning for me. It was also my first very good c-n achievement and I was very proud of pulling it off. It's great to be rewarded like this for your rigorous endeavors to produce good stuff. Thank you people.
[23:45:15] <xit-vono> when will andy give his speech?
[23:45:22] * ocelot walks back to his seat
[23:45:26] * Erik-sleep cheers!
[23:45:27] <xit-vono> seems like a sr50 friendly map to me
[23:45:35] <Slag> wow, oce types fast :P
[23:45:38] <Waldon> Yeah.
[23:45:38] <fredrik> heh
[23:45:39] <Presenter> Woah. Great speech. :)
[23:45:40] <Erik-sleep> haha!
[23:45:40] <Op> heh Bahd
[23:45:41] <Waldon> Definitely :)
[23:45:42] <SpinSpyder> oce! oce! oce! oce! oce!
[23:45:42] <Sslasher> xit-vono: ocelot didn't use s50
[23:45:44] <fredrik> i think he wrote it in advance
[23:45:44] <lament> hmm oce had it all written down already
[23:45:45] *** Presenter sets mode: -v ocelot
[23:45:45] <pritch1337> well said, sir hear, hear!
[23:45:48] <fredrik> though i could be wrong
[23:45:50] * Erik-sleep cheers!
[23:45:50] <fredrik> hehh
[23:45:54] <lament> he knew he gonna win!!!
[23:45:56] <Ryback_> Hooray for cut and paste
[23:46:05] <fredrik> heh!
[23:46:06] <xit-vono> oh first speedrun i see
[23:46:07] <Slag> rigorous endeavors <- /me gets his dictonary
[23:46:13] <lament> heh
[23:46:16] <Johnsen> =D
[23:46:16] <Op> great speech!
[23:46:16] <Presenter> It appears that Mr Johnsen finally regained his conscious self. Wanna say something into this mic, Andy?
[23:46:18] <[999cop]> slag: indeed, heh
[23:46:18] <Waldon> Ask oce for his :)
[23:46:19] <Ralphis> yay ocelot
[23:46:20] <Oyvind> :)
[23:46:24] <[999cop]> kicks ass
[23:46:28] <Erik-sleep> andy!
[23:46:42] <[999cop]> heh, andy is sleeping
[23:46:44] <Ralphis> i dont think he does
[23:46:47] <Op> speech speech
[23:46:53] <Ralphis> maybe he forgot he's at an award cerimony
[23:46:53] <fredrik> heh he died again!
[23:46:55] <Johnsen> Umn...h...well, as always I was a tad too late...I read the scrollback and see that I won the max cat tho
[23:47:03] <Erik-sleep> heh
[23:47:03] <SgtCrispy> there he goes
[23:47:05] <[999cop]> perhaps
[23:47:05] <Johnsen> suprising I must say :) Was sure Rimmers would win
[23:47:06] <Ryback_> Too much bubbly for Andy
[23:47:25] <Johnsen> guess people like maps with alot of actiong going on =) so, well thanks for voting guys
[23:47:26] <SpinSpyder> The question is
[23:47:27] <pritch1337> yeah, all this free booze is l337 but it's making me oalkd aijdjha jiahpf
[23:47:28] <Op> not a bad demo for a N00b
[23:47:37] <Waldon> Haha.
[23:47:38] <lament> hehehehehe
[23:47:46] <Ralphis> heh
[23:47:52] <Erik-sleep> heh, cool andy
[23:47:52] <Waldon> That map has some action for sure.
[23:47:54] <SpinSpyder> how can he play like that?
[23:47:58] <Ralphis> come on johnson
[23:47:59] <Ralphis> do a dance
[23:48:02] <[999cop]> I'd pick Rimmers too for map3 and map8
[23:48:04] *** Presenter sets mode: -v Johnsen
[23:48:05] <lament> lol
[23:48:08] <Presenter> Thanks, Andy!
[23:48:13] <Ralphis> he cut him short!
[23:48:16] <Ralphis> that bastard
[23:48:19] <Op> heh
[23:48:23] <Ralphis> quiet op
[23:48:24] <fredrik> nice anders!
[23:48:24] <lament> who is presenter
[23:48:27] <fredrik> adamh
[23:48:30] <Presenter> The next award to go out is Best UV -fast/-respawn
[23:48:31] <Sslasher> [999cop]: too bad those weren't done this year
[23:48:35] <Scrag[Away]> has anyone got a list of all the awards being presented
[23:48:43] <SgtCrispy> eek
[23:48:47] <Ralphis> isnt that basically nightmare
[23:48:51] <Presenter> Actually, only -fast demos made it into the nominee bunch.
[23:48:53] <SgtCrispy> yeha i guess
[23:48:58] <Erik-sleep> ralph: only one of them, not both
[23:49:00] <Sslasher> Ralphis: monsters don't respawn in -fast. and you must get 100% kills and secrets
[23:49:01] <Shockwav3_> [23:48:23] [@Presenter] The next award to go out is Best UV -fast/-respawn <-------- isn'T that equal to nightmare?
[23:49:02] <Presenter> However
[23:49:08] <RjY> Scrag[Away]: http://www.hszk.bme.hu/~ha211/compet-n/cyber/cyber.html
[23:49:08] <xit-vono> no
[23:49:10] <Ralphis> oh
[23:49:13] <Ralphis> i thought it meant both
[23:49:14] <chroz> nightmare with half ammo
[23:49:17] <pritch1337> heh, this sorts the men from the boys
[23:49:18] <RjY> they're on there
[23:49:20] <Waldon> No.
[23:49:25] <Waldon> -fast OR -respawn
[23:49:28] <chroz> ah
[23:49:28] <xit-vono> it means either a -fast demo or a -respawn demo, not both
[23:49:29] <Waldon> And they are both maxdemos.
[23:49:31] <Presenter> The Academy would like to reward the best -respawn demo as well
[23:49:33] <[999cop]> sslasher: yeah, if the award was gonna pick the demos done overall the past years
[23:49:37] <Ryback_> -fast is slower than nightmare, anyway
[23:49:40] <Presenter> In the form of a small cyber
[23:49:44] <[999cop]> picked*
[23:49:47] <Op> cool small cyb
[23:49:51] <lament> heh
[23:49:52] <lament> how cute
[23:49:59] <fredrik> heh
[23:50:00] <Erik-sleep> heh, a small kid cyb for -respawn
[23:50:00] <Sslasher> Ryback_: what's slower?
[23:50:05] <Presenter> Without further ado, the award goes to Radek Pecka for er01-047!
[23:50:09] <Erik-sleep> YAY
[23:50:12] <Erik-sleep> Radek
[23:50:12] <Ryback_> reaction times. Try running map23 in nmm and fast
[23:50:16] <SgtCrispy> wheee
[23:50:18] <Waldon> Shit, Radek's demo is awesome :)
[23:50:20] <Ryback_> Yay Radek!
[23:50:22] <deathz0r> heh
[23:50:29] <Scrag[Away]> bah
[23:50:32] <[999cop]> oh yeah, radek
[23:50:32] <Scrag[Away]> no editing awards
[23:50:33] <Presenter> Unfortunately he is absent on this day, cheers Radek, great demo!
[23:50:35] <Ryback_> The chaingun corridor mows you down in nm, and can't touch you in -fast
[23:50:39] <deathz0r> the small cyber is probably a plastic cyber
[23:50:42] <Presenter> But now
[23:50:42] <Sslasher> Ryback_: well if you mean that one is a max run, and the other a speed run, ok
[23:50:43] <[999cop]> scrag: should be
[23:50:44] *** speedrunning is now known as cyber_statue
[23:50:45] <RjY> cute? i saw this map once with tiny spiderdemons, they were like the sizes of imp fireballs or so
[23:50:52] <Presenter> The Nominees for the category
[23:50:59] <Waldon> It's a speedrun demos site, not map editing.
[23:51:00] <Maonth> I hope ling's awayness is caused by some award writing :P
[23:51:01] <Sslasher> Ryback_: that's mostly luck, i think
[23:51:04] <RjY> it was called zaphod12 or something
[23:51:05] <Sslasher> but what do i know :)
[23:51:08] <Linguica> Guns PC by Espi - A single WAD for DOOM or Doom 2. No new levels, but all of the weapons are replaced or modified, with some new graphics and sounds. It's not all that special, but it could offer some relief from the tedium of using the same old weapons. Requires EDGE.
[23:51:08] <Linguica> Swockham by S. Woodman - One single WAD for Doom 2, and a good one at that! Playing on Map01, a short level. Although somewhat challenging, not impossible! Great level design, nice detail, and a good music replacement as well! Ammo balance is good, and should give you enough to make it through the level. There's a nice new sky in it as well! Very well done.
[23:51:08] <Linguica> Temple Of The Ancients by Rex - An interesting four-level hub for Doom 2! Many substituted graphics, swapping places with some weapons, as well as floor and wall textures. Playing from Map10 to Map13, this WAD has a very interesting story line. And the map design isn't bad either! Nice detail, and special effects all throughout this WAD. Requires ZDoom.
[23:51:09] <Presenter> Anders Johnsen for p32f-525, Radek Pecka for f1m2-144, Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff for hf243019, Ian Sabourin for fa02-111 and Ian Sabourin for fa30-030
[23:51:15] <Maonth> hahaha
[23:51:15] <Waldon> Nice.
[23:51:17] <Jon_R> rofl
[23:51:17] <Maonth> i was right
[23:51:19] <Maonth> i wock
[23:51:20] <fredrik> heh
[23:51:21] <[999cop]> Awesome
[23:51:21] <xit-vono> go fa02
[23:51:22] <Maonth> rock, even
[23:51:22] <Ryback_> fa02-111 all the way
[23:51:24] <SgtCrispy> whoa! heh
[23:51:34] <Scrag[Away]> crispy
[23:51:36] <pritch1337> wtf? lin quit?
[23:51:39] <SgtCrispy> yo
[23:51:45] <Presenter> This was actually the closest race.
[23:51:45] <Scrag[Away]> if they had editing awards
[23:51:47] <Erik-sleep> go sslasher!
[23:51:47] <fredrik> he got disconnected
[23:51:48] <Oyvind> p32f!
[23:51:48] <fredrik> for spamming
[23:51:49] <SpinSpyder> fa02-111!
[23:51:53] <Op> Anders! go Anders
[23:51:54] <Scrag[Away]> do you think revalvicate would win an award?
[23:51:57] <pritch1337> go chris
[23:52:04] <[999cop]> nice
[23:52:05] <RjY> oopsy well i guess noone's invulnerable
[23:52:09] <SgtCrispy> i need to play the wad
[23:52:14] <Presenter> But one demo made just 1 more vote than its rivals
[23:52:20] <SgtCrispy> the music is great! it should win
[23:52:21] <pritch1337> oooh
[23:52:26] <[999cop]> Anders Johnsen for p32f-525, Radek Pecka for f1m2-144, Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff for hf243019, Ian Sabourin for fa02-111 and Ian Sabourin for fa30-030 <- awesome demos
[23:52:27] <Presenter> The Cyber here goes to:
[23:52:28] <Maonth> welcome back.
[23:52:29] <Linguica> argh
[23:52:32] <fredrik> heh
[23:52:33] <[999cop]> wb
[23:52:34] <deathz0r> budabudabuda
[23:52:40] <Archvile46> *drum roll*
[23:52:41] <SgtCrispy> hey! thats my line!
[23:52:43] <Maonth> Linguica: upload it to dw
[23:52:43] <Scrag[Away]> crispy: there are no maps... but I could add in some stuff
[23:52:44] <SgtCrispy> argh!!!
[23:52:45] <Presenter> Anders Johnsen for p32f-525!
[23:52:47] <Linguica> upload what
[23:52:48] * fredrik spanks!!
[23:52:49] <Erik-sleep> YAY!
[23:52:49] <chroz> nice andy
[23:52:50] <Oyvind> yay
[23:52:50] <deathz0r> couldn't resist ;)
[23:52:50] <lament> wowee
[23:52:51] <Erik-sleep> Andy again!!
[23:52:51] <Ryback_> Anders!
[23:52:52] <Sslasher> wow
[23:52:53] * SpinSpyder claps
[23:52:54] <Maonth> what you just copied
[23:52:54] <Shruuf> yay!
[23:52:55] <Erik-sleep> pl32 again =)
[23:52:55] <SgtCrispy> no wads???
[23:52:57] <Op> congrats!
[23:52:57] <Waldon> Wow.
[23:52:58] <Oyvind> congrats johnsen
[23:52:58] <pritch1337> heh
[23:52:59] <SpinSpyder> congrats andy
[23:53:00] <SgtCrispy> anders!
[23:53:01] <Presenter> Looks like he got an other one!
[23:53:02] * cyber_statue goes to anders
[23:53:06] <Linguica> you mean http://www.doomworld.com/linguica/best.txt
[23:53:07] *** Presenter sets mode: +v Johnsen
[23:53:09] <deathz0r> congrats andy
[23:53:10] <RjY> man's on fire i'm tellin' yer
[23:53:11] <pritch1337> a double winner
[23:53:14] <Ralphis> now watch anders disapeer again
[23:53:19] * [999cop] is copying texts of the conversation in #cyber-awards
[23:53:19] <deathz0r> hah
[23:53:25] <deathz0r> wouldn't be surprised
[23:53:26] <Maonth> yep
[23:53:26] <Waldon> Johnsen: wake up again :)
[23:53:30] <Op> that could be the best single map Doom run ever.
[23:53:31] <xit-vono> anders loves that map
[23:53:40] <fredrik> yay
[23:53:42] <fredrik> vrack2 is there
[23:53:44] <Scrag[Away]> Status on Revalvicate: E1M1, E1M2, E1M3, E1M4, E1M5, E1M6, D_INTER, D_VICTOR all completed.
[23:53:44] <fredrik> then it's ok
[23:53:46] <[999cop]> wonder what andy's doing
[23:53:49] <Presenter> Looks like he got content with just one statue.
[23:53:54] <Presenter> I say we keep the other one :)
[23:53:58] <SgtCrispy> sweet
[23:54:01] <Waldon> Hehe.
[23:54:02] <Erik-sleep> heh, damn anders stay awake
[23:54:02] <Johnsen> wow...I said uv max was unexpected, but this takes the cake :) People must really enjoy plutonia map32, hehe...I tried to make a demo that would be entertaining to watch, glad to see some find it as such
[23:54:03] <fredrik> and coecits!
[23:54:06] <fredrik> cool!
[23:54:07] <Archvile46> no, give it to me =)
[23:54:07] <Johnsen> thanks alot for voting guys!
[23:54:08] <Erik-sleep> yay there he is!
[23:54:08] <deathz0r> ahh there he is
[23:54:19] <[999cop]> finally
[23:54:19] <Presenter> Damn. Great speech though :)
[23:54:25] <Scrag[Away]> but I've been like... stuck on E1M7
[23:54:33] <Scrag[Away]> meh I'll figure something out
[23:54:36] *** Presenter sets mode: -v Johnsen
[23:54:36] <SpinSpyder> There should be comedy demos.
[23:54:38] <SgtCrispy> heh
[23:54:40] <fredrik> heh
[23:54:42] <Scrag[Away]> or I'll get Julian to help
[23:54:44] <fredrik> doom done drunk
[23:54:47] <Presenter> Our next award is Best UV Pacifist
[23:54:49] <SpinSpyder> lmao
[23:54:50] <SgtCrispy> heh
[23:54:54] <chroz> doom done drunk
[23:54:55] <chroz> i remember that
[23:54:56] <Waldon> Hehe pacifist.
[23:54:58] <Erik-sleep> fred: that has been done right?
[23:54:58] <Jon_R> heh
[23:54:58] <Presenter> to present the award, we have an even more special guest
[23:54:58] <magikal> drunken master
[23:55:00] <Jon_R> woo!
[23:55:00] <deathz0r> spin; I'd like to see someone do a UV MAX of udm2 map31
[23:55:01] <SgtCrispy> drunk done doom
[23:55:08] <chroz> erik: i was recording it with tom
[23:55:10] <Shockwav3_> [23:54:38] [fredrik] doom done drunk <........... heh
[23:55:13] <Erik-sleep> hehe
[23:55:14] <Op> there is a DDD demo
[23:55:15] <fredrik> uh
[23:55:15] <lament> yay, pacifist
[23:55:16] <Jon_R> heh
[23:55:16] <Shockwav3_> i've dfone that weeks ago
[23:55:17] <Jon_R> ghandi!#
[23:55:17] <Waldon> Is hte guest Ghandi or something? :)
[23:55:17] <fredrik> i didnt come up with it
[23:55:20] <fredrik> :P
[23:55:21] <Presenter> he is a spokesperson for pacifism
[23:55:26] <Erik-sleep> pacifist!
[23:55:27] <SgtCrispy> ghandi!
[23:55:27] <pritch1337> ling where is Alien Vendetta on that list??
[23:55:29] <chroz> erik: got to level 12 or so
[23:55:31] <[999cop]> deathzor: that's the same thing as Doom2 map31, 0_0
[23:55:31] <Presenter> please welcome
[23:55:31] <chroz> :P
[23:55:31] <fredrik> haah
[23:55:34] <Op> Tyson!
[23:55:36] <Linguica> it was made before AV was released
[23:55:38] <Archvile46> where can you get Eqiuinox
[23:55:38] <SpinSpyder> "Adamiz3r!"
[23:55:41] <pritch1337> oh, heh
[23:55:42] <Presenter> Mr George W Bush!
[23:55:46] <Erik-sleep> haha
[23:55:46] <SgtCrispy> ROFL!
[23:55:46] <fredrik> YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
[23:55:47] *** Presenter is now known as George_Bush
[23:55:47] <Oyvind> hah
[23:55:47] <lament> rofl
[23:55:48] * Shruuf cheers
[23:55:48] <Op> lol
[23:55:48] <Waldon> ehhhhhhhhhh
[23:55:48] <fredrik> no
[23:55:49] <Archvile46> heh
[23:55:49] <Jon_R> ahahah
[23:55:49] <SpinSpyder> He won't hurt other marines at any cost
[23:55:49] <fredrik> WTF
[23:55:50] <Waldon> Oh my.
[23:55:50] <fredrik> GAH
[23:55:51] <Erik-sleep> LMAO
[23:55:51] <Ryback_> W00t
[23:55:51] <ocelot> :P
[23:55:52] <Maonth> hehehe
[23:55:52] <fredrik> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[23:55:53] <Slag> OMG, NOOOO
[23:55:53] <deathz0r> haha
[23:55:54] <Jannex> HAHAHA :))))
[23:55:54] <SpinSpyder> AHAHAHAHA!
[23:55:55] <Shockwav3_> llllllllooooooool
[23:55:55] <fredrik> this cannot be
[23:55:56] <Erik-sleep> OMG, LOL
[23:55:56] <Scrag[Away]> OHHHHH WHAT THE FUCKKKKKKKK
[23:55:56] <fredrik> roflmao
[23:55:56] <schepe> L O L
[23:55:57] <RjY> hilarious :-)
[23:55:57] <fredrik> ROFL
[23:55:58] <George_Bush> My fellow Americans!
[23:55:59] <fredrik> hehehe
[23:55:59] <lament> that's just so gay it's funny
[23:56:00] <Slag> no monkeys allowed
[23:56:01] <fredrik> kakak
[23:56:03] <fredrik> ^________^
[23:56:05] <[999cop]> heh americans
[23:56:06] <df> lol
[23:56:07] <deathz0r> ARGHH
[23:56:10] <Archvile46> watch for the bushisms
[23:56:11] <fredrik> GAH!
[23:56:12] <Erik-sleep> ROFL
[23:56:12] <RjY> where's Katmandu you fool!!
[23:56:13] <Archvile46> and other crappy grammar
[23:56:13] <SpinSpyder> That's HI-larious
[23:56:16] <Op> go W
[23:56:17] <Slag> better invite Pim Fortuyn dammit
[23:56:18] <pritch1337> bah, I got kicked for being georg Bush the other day!!
[23:56:19] <Ryback_> We can make the pie higher!
[23:56:20] * stx-Vile starts throwing tomatoes
[23:56:20] <stx-Vile> I knew I brought these for a reason
[23:56:21] <df> Slag: :)
[23:56:23] <Johnsen> haha..
[23:56:26] <George_Bush> It is my pleasure to present the award for the Best Pacifist.
[23:56:26] <Ralphis> cut it out
[23:56:26] <fredrik> rofl
[23:56:31] <[999cop]> should have renamed himself as John Carmack or something
[23:56:32] <Maonth> shit
[23:56:35] *** cyber_statue is now known as tomatoes
[23:56:37] <Linguica> damn europeons
[23:56:39] <Maonth> i'm spooked
[23:56:39] <Scrag[Away]> DAMNIT BUSH isn't a pacifist he's a piss and fuck
[23:56:41] <Op> ooooh, Drew. nice throw
[23:56:42] * tomatoes fly and hit george
[23:56:42] <George_Bush> All the five American Soldiers who were nominated deserve this award.
[23:56:43] <Erik-sleep> damn j00 bush
[23:56:47] <Ralphis> These liberals
[23:56:48] <lament> hehehehe
[23:56:55] <Maonth> i swear i can see a shadow to the left of me
[23:56:57] <fredrik> lorf
[23:56:58] <SgtCrispy> o_O
[23:57:00] <Maonth> it's evening
[23:57:03] <Archvile46> wtf, american soldiers?
[23:57:03] <Maonth> night, even
[23:57:06] <lament> are the nominees even american?
[23:57:09] * George_Bush ducks as a chainsaw thrown passes overhead
[23:57:10] <Archvile46> probably not
[23:57:10] <Waldon> No.
[23:57:11] <[999cop]> Who would those 5 Americans be?
[23:57:13] <SpinSpyder> arch: bush is a weenie boy
[23:57:14] <SgtCrispy> lol
[23:57:15] <Erik-sleep> o_OO_o
[23:57:15] <Waldon> But hey, it's Bush :)
[23:57:18] <RjY> i swear this is the funniest thing ever
[23:57:19] <xit-vono> uhhh are there any americans in this cat?
[23:57:21] <fredrik> rofl
[23:57:24] <SgtCrispy> gimme back my chainsaw!!!!!!
[23:57:28] <Ralphis> this isnt funny
[23:57:29] <Ralphis> its lame
[23:57:31] <Shockwav3_> muaha
[23:57:33] <George_Bush> The Nominees are:
[23:57:34] <Linguica> i love how this ceremony is being used to espouse political beliefs
[23:57:35] <lament> Ralphis: it's both
[23:57:36] <Archvile46> heh, sorry about that george =)
[23:57:39] <[999cop]> ......
[23:57:39] <Scrag[Away]> it's funnier in here
[23:57:41] <Shockwav3_> well it IS funny
[23:57:41] <Waldon> Politics my ass.
[23:57:44] <Scrag[Away]> coz people can actually talk
[23:57:44] <Shockwav3_> you are lame
[23:57:44] <stx-Vile> I would be if I was a pacifist
[23:57:45] <Jannex> This is funny :)
[23:57:45] <Waldon> Just laugh.
[23:57:45] <stx-Vile> I solve my problems with guns though
[23:57:46] * [999cop] is playing drums
[23:57:47] <George_Bush> Vaclav "Bolton" Kunes for pa29-256, Cameron Prosser for pp32-136, Jonathan Rimmer for p2m7-019, Adam Williamson for p3m1-055 and Adam Williamson for pa04-037
[23:57:49] <Op> AdamW
[23:57:53] <Ryback_> Cam
[23:57:55] <stx-Vile> big fucking guns, more to the point
[23:57:58] <George_Bush> And I declare the winner to be:
[23:58:00] <Erik-sleep> go AdamW!
[23:58:00] <SgtCrispy> adam twice?
[23:58:04] <fredrik> p3m1
[23:58:05] <Slag> every american republican will find this lame - everyone sane person will find it's funny though
[23:58:05] <Waldon> Maybe one is American.
[23:58:05] <pritch1337> adam!
[23:58:06] <Ralphis> Ling: don't worry, if we do the big awards It'll be a republican party =]
[23:58:06] <SgtCrispy> budabudabuda
[23:58:06] <lament> how come presenter is not even in this channel?
[23:58:07] <fredrik> of course
[23:58:10] <xit-vono> bolton!
[23:58:13] <lament> he misses a lot :)
[23:58:16] <George_Bush> Vaclav "Bolton" Kunes for pa29-256!
[23:58:17] <Oyvind> pp32...
[23:58:17] <fredrik> adam! adam! adam! adam! adam! adam! adam! adam!
[23:58:18] <Ryback_> A winner is...
[23:58:20] <fredrik> bah
[23:58:21] <Waldon> BOLTON
[23:58:22] <SpinSpyder> so then even if they WERE all american
[23:58:22] <Waldon> Yes.
[23:58:22] <pritch1337> well done
[23:58:23] <Erik-sleep> Yay!
[23:58:23] <Ryback_> Bolton!
[23:58:23] <_Vince_> great
[23:58:25] <[999cop]> horry for AdamW, Rimmers, Bolton, & Cameron
[23:58:25] <SpinSpyder> it'd be 4.
[23:58:27] <Jannex> Yeah! :)
[23:58:27] <Waldon> Map29 pacifist.
[23:58:28] <fredrik> :P
[23:58:29] <[999cop]> horray*
[23:58:30] * Shruuf applauds
[23:58:32] <Archvile46> yay
[23:58:34] <Erik-sleep> pa29 goddamn
[23:58:36] * deathz0r claps
[23:58:37] <Erik-sleep> nice
[23:58:37] <fredrik> 3m1 was better
[23:58:39] <fredrik> heh
[23:58:44] <George_Bush> Looks like the Soldier is fighting pacifist even now
[23:58:45] *** Retrieving #cyber-awards info...
[23:58:46] <Ryback_> All the nominated demos were good
[23:58:47] <[999cop]> AdamW does own on some specific maps :)
[23:58:47] <Op> Bolton! congrats! great moves at the window
[23:58:48] * Erik-sleep cheers!
[23:58:53] <SgtCrispy> yuk yuk
[23:59:00] <George_Bush> In the War Against Demonic Terror
[23:59:02] <Ryback_> Make America proud, Bolton!
[23:59:04] <xit-vono> pp32 is mostly luck
[23:59:05] <Archvile46> heh
[23:59:05] <RjY> i admire anyone who can play pacifist, it's so damned hard, you know?
[23:59:06] <SpinSpyder> Ahaha
[23:59:13] <Johnsen> hahaha
[23:59:14] <Jannex> Heh :)
[23:59:18] <[999cop]> definitely
[23:59:20] <lament> pacifist is cool
[23:59:21] <Ralphis> ugh stfu already
[23:59:21] <SgtCrispy> [23:59:29] <lament> i passed E1M1 pacifist
[23:59:31] <Archvile46> ok next award george
[23:59:31] <Ralphis> Next Award
[23:59:33] <Waldon> Wow.
[23:59:35] <Archvile46> wow lament
[23:59:35] <SpinSpyder> I love how he's capitalizing everything
[23:59:38] * George_Bush is leaving stage left but suddenly a chainsaw is aimed better
[23:59:40] * George_Bush falls
[23:59:43] <xit-vono> i did e1m7 pacifist
[23:59:45] <fredrik> YAY
[23:59:46] *** George_Bush is now known as Stan
[23:59:47] <Waldon> Mwahahah.
[23:59:48] <Oyvind> ouch
[23:59:48] <SgtCrispy> IT MADE IT!!!!
[23:59:49] <Archvile46> YUO ARE TEH 1337 PASIFICT
[23:59:49] <Erik-sleep> haha
[23:59:50] <fredrik> HIT
[23:59:53] <Op> stan?
[23:59:55] <Ralphis> oh godf
[23:59:56] <fredrik> stan?
[23:59:57] <Stan> Oh My God, they killed George Bush!
[23:59:58] <Ralphis> not a southpark line
[23:59:58] <pritch1337> rofl, eminem
[23:59:59] <[999cop]> Who's Stan
[23:59:59] <fredrik> not kenny? :P
[00:00:02] <Erik-sleep> LOL
[00:00:02] <SgtCrispy> heh
[00:00:03] <Ralphis> i saw it coming
[00:00:03] <fredrik> heh
[00:00:04] <Waldon> Hahah,
[00:00:06] <Oyvind> haha
[00:00:07] *** Stan is now known as Kyle
[00:00:07] <fredrik> ah
[00:00:08] <fredrik> heh
[00:00:10] <[999cop]> hehe
[00:00:10] <Jannex> ROFL :)
[00:00:10] <SpinSpyder> Oh jeez.
[00:00:11] <Archvile46> I thought kyle always said that
[00:00:11] <Kyle> You
[00:00:11] <Op> he didn't
[00:00:12] <[999cop]> terrorist
[00:00:13] <Shockwav3_> lol
[00:00:17] <SpinSpyder> How frickin cheesy
[00:00:19] *** Kyle is now known as George_Bush
[00:00:19] <Jon_R> terrism!
[00:00:19] <lament> adam hegiy == a clown
[00:00:21] <Archvile46> heh, that's how long it's been since I've watched South Park
[00:00:21] <George_Bush> Bastards!
[00:00:25] <RjY> stan? oh dear... this is worse than that "mic tyson" gag earlier...
[00:00:26] <Ralphis> this is lame
[00:00:27] <Op> lol
[00:00:28] <fredrik> huh
[00:00:29] <fredrik> heh
[00:00:30] <Waldon> What about Hegyi?
[00:00:32] <[999cop]> it's hegyi!
[00:00:32] <Waldon> Fool :)
[00:00:33] <Maonth> very
[00:00:34] <fredrik> no ralphis now go away :P
[00:00:35] * George_Bush somehow gets on feet and leaves stage quick
[00:00:45] <[999cop]> w3rd
[00:00:51] *** George_Bush is now known as Presenter
[00:00:52] <Ralphis> fredrik: quiet you swedish dildo
[00:00:52] <SpinSpyder> Just give the awards presenter man...
[00:01:01] <Presenter> Sorry about the mess.
[00:01:03] <pritch1337> hey! Bad gags are an itegral part of any awards cermony! haven't you SEEN the oscars man?
[00:01:10] * SgtCrispy gets a mop
[00:01:13] <Scrag[Away]> man that was gay
[00:01:16] <SpinSpyder> ralph: but that means he gets into more crotches than you.
[00:01:17] <lament> hegyi is a clown
[00:01:18] <Waldon> Learn to laugh.
[00:01:22] <Presenter> Of course, the Cyber will find its way to Bolton! Well deserved!
[00:01:33] <[999cop]> [00:01:33] <RjY> Waldon: definitely :-)
[00:01:41] <Op> well deserved for sure
[00:01:42] <Presenter> The next award is Best Nightmare
[00:01:43] <SpinSpyder> Waldon: It would take years to learn to laugh at that...
[00:01:44] <Waldon> Yes.
[00:01:48] <SgtCrispy> sweet!
[00:01:52] <Erik-sleep> #Nightmare!
[00:01:52] <Scrag[Away]> what just happened then.. was gayer than that gay guy's fiancee in Six Feet Under
[00:01:55] <Waldon> Not my problem :)
[00:01:58] <Jannex> The best nightmare! Now we're talking! :)
[00:02:00] <xit-vono> lots of good demos
[00:02:04] <xit-vono> go n1m5
[00:02:09] <Presenter> The nominees:
[00:02:09] <Presenter> Vincent Catalaa for n1m3s051, Vincent Catalaa for n1m7-132, Adam Hegyi for nm07-048, Henning Skogsto for nm02-046 and Adam Williamson for n1m5-104
[00:02:13] <Ryback_> down with n1m5
[00:02:13] <SpinSpyder> and the award for best nightmare goes to... that one with the evil bunnies with knives
[00:02:13] <ocelot> neh
[00:02:15] <ocelot> go n1m7
[00:02:17] <[999cop]> Did the presenter mention nm07 by Hegyi yet?
[00:02:17] <SgtCrispy> go adam!
[00:02:18] <Ralphis> AdamW
[00:02:20] <Waldon> NM demos.
[00:02:24] <Linguica> n1m3
[00:02:25] <SpinSpyder> Wald: I know
[00:02:26] <Presenter> The award goes to:
[00:02:26] <Ryback_> n1m7 or nm02
[00:02:30] <Waldon> Kickass.
[00:02:31] <fredrik> hmm
[00:02:31] <ocelot> or nm07
[00:02:32] <pritch1337> go Vincent
[00:02:33] <xit-vono> n1m7 is great too
[00:02:36] <[999cop]> Yay for Catalaa ;D
[00:02:44] <Erik-sleep> go all those damn good demos!
[00:02:44] <Presenter> Adam Hegyi for nm07-048!
[00:02:45] <Archvile46> n1m7!
[00:02:45] <Oyvind> n1m7
[00:02:47] <Scrag[Away]> I've had heaps of nightmares that should be in the awards
[00:02:48] <Waldon> Hahaha.
[00:02:49] <Waldon> :)
[00:02:49] <lament> hmm
[00:02:50] <Archvile46> aww
[00:02:50] <Shruuf> yay!
[00:02:51] *** Presenter sets mode: +v Adam_H
[00:02:52] <Erik-sleep> YAY! AdamH
[00:02:52] <Ryback_> Hegyi!
[00:02:53] <SpinSpyder> Catalaapult to victory!
[00:02:54] <fredrik> GO HEGYI!!!!
[00:02:55] * Erik-sleep cheers!
[00:02:55] <pritch1337> hmm
[00:02:56] <fredrik> yayyayay!
[00:02:59] <stx-Vile> FIXED
[00:02:59] <stx-Vile> RECOUNT
[00:03:01] <SgtCrispy> yah!
[00:03:02] <[999cop]> what's n1m3?
[00:03:03] <Op> congrats.
[00:03:04] <SgtCrispy> heh
[00:03:08] <fredrik> heh
[00:03:10] <Op> hahahah
[00:03:11] <Presenter> Uhh. I really don't think I deserve this award... it was all just a lucky demo.
[00:03:11] <lament> hm, i thought presenter will give the speech himself
[00:03:13] <Oyvind> congrats hegyi!
[00:03:14] <[999cop]> Yeah
[00:03:14] <pritch1337> well, controversial, but congrats
[00:03:20] <lament> oh, he does
[00:03:21] <lament> bah
[00:03:23] <SpinSpyder> 999: e1m3 in nightmare
[00:03:23] <schepe> LOL
[00:03:24] <fredrik> hahah
[00:03:25] <[999cop]> AdamH, nm07-048
[00:03:26] <[999cop]> kicks
[00:03:27] <Jon_R> rofl
[00:03:28] <fredrik> wrong window, frad .P
[00:03:32] <Waldon> Hahah.
[00:03:34] <ocelot> Adam, you lucky sonuvabitch
[00:03:35] <Waldon> Good one.
[00:03:36] <fredrik> err
[00:03:37] <Presenter> I voted for n1m7 and I think that was the best one here.
[00:03:37] <fredrik> heh
[00:03:38] <[999cop]> spyder: k
[00:03:38] <Jon_R> the presenter is having identity issues
[00:03:39] * Slag is gonna try nm07-047, it all depends on luck anyway! :P
[00:03:40] <SgtCrispy> FUCK! i gotta go to work.... FUCKFUCKFUCK!
[00:03:41] <fredrik> MIND CONTROL
[00:03:42] <Ralphis> rofl
[00:03:42] <fredrik> heh
[00:03:43] <Ryback_> Whose speech is this??
[00:03:43] <Waldon> Luck my ass :)
[00:03:49] <ocelot> I voted for n1m7 as well
[00:03:52] <[999cop]> Indeed, I love nm07-048
[00:03:54] <Ryback_> Yeah! n1m7!
[00:03:56] <stx-Vile> there's conspiracy afoot
[00:03:57] <Archvile46> Adam Hegyi = Presenter
[00:03:57] <Op> I agree with the presenter.
[00:03:57] <Scrag[Away]> adam hegyi is presenting this
[00:03:59] <Presenter> aww fuck. lets get the mic to the winner!
[00:04:00] <Ralphis> n1m7 was good
[00:04:01] <Erik-sleep> yay for n1m7 too!
[00:04:02] <SgtCrispy> laters... whaaa
[00:04:06] <Ralphis> rofl
[00:04:07] <lament> lol
[00:04:08] <Ralphis> nice recovery
[00:04:08] <fredrik> hahahahahaha
[00:04:09] <Op> hehe
[00:04:10] <xit-vono> n1m5 and n1m7 are both great
[00:04:11] <Oyvind> hehe
[00:04:13] <_Vince_> heh, n1m7 all depends on luck too
[00:04:14] <Ralphis> hey
[00:04:16] <Linguica> rofl
[00:04:16] <Scrag[Away]> he said fuck
[00:04:17] * Adam_H refuses to talk. Presenter already told everything.
[00:04:18] <Ralphis> are they allowed to swear in awards?
[00:04:19] <Waldon> Hahaha.
[00:04:20] <RjY> at last he's noticed
[00:04:22] <Jannex> _
[00:04:25] <Jannex> :)
[00:04:26] <Linguica> way to go adamh
[00:04:26] <Op> they bleep that out
[00:04:27] <Presenter> Bah...
[00:04:27] <Waldon> I bet it was on purpose.
[00:04:28] <[999cop]> heh
[00:04:30] <lament> heh, not bad
[00:04:31] <fredrik> probably
[00:04:32] <fredrik> heh
[00:04:36] <[999cop]> speechless hegyi
[00:04:37] <SpinSpyder> That was a LOT funnier than the bush joke.
[00:04:37] <Waldon> Definitely :)
[00:04:43] *** Presenter sets mode: -v Adam_H
[00:04:48] <Ralphis> Because he just bit himself in the ass
[00:04:53] * SpinSpyder snickers at hegyi
[00:04:53] <lament> true
[00:04:57] <Presenter> The next is the first player award!
[00:04:59] <pritch1337> rofl, best cock up ever
[00:05:02] <Ryback_> Dammit, I have to go. Be back soon, hopefully
[00:05:07] <Presenter> It's Best Cooperative Player
[00:05:10] <pritch1337> it's all fun, innit?
[00:05:13] * Erik-sleep cheers!
[00:05:13] <pritch1337> :)
[00:05:14] <[999cop]> whoa
[00:05:16] <[999cop]> Wald
[00:05:16] <Waldon> Go Adam :)
[00:05:22] <Waldon> I'm not nominated.
[00:05:23] <Presenter> The nominees:
[00:05:23] <Presenter> The nominees:
[00:05:24] <[999cop]> You should deserve this too :)
[00:05:26] <xit-vono> go vince
[00:05:31] <Erik-sleep> go henna!
[00:05:32] <Presenter> And the Cyber here goes to:
[00:05:34] <[999cop]> how about bahd
[00:05:36] <Op> df!
[00:05:37] <ocelot> Go Hegyi
[00:05:41] * ocelot roots for Hegyi
[00:05:41] <[999cop]> fx is a coop player, isnt he
[00:05:42] <stx-Vile> go nobody
[00:05:43] <fredrik> go me!
[00:05:44] <Op> heh
[00:05:45] <Presenter> Vincent Catalaa!
[00:05:45] <SpinSpyder> Henning!
[00:05:51] <Waldon> Wow Vince :)
[00:05:51] <fredrik> go vince!
[00:05:51] <fredrik> yaya!
[00:05:52] <Archvile46> vince!
[00:05:52] <Erik-sleep> yay for vincent!
[00:05:53] <pritch1337> oh, well done
[00:05:54] * Shruuf applauds
[00:05:56] * Erik-sleep cheers!
[00:05:56] <Waldon> Nice job.
[00:05:58] *** Presenter sets mode: +v _Vince_
[00:05:59] <Jannex> Yeah, Vince! :)
[00:06:00] <Op> congrats again
[00:06:01] <SpinSpyder> Catalaapult! w00p!
[00:06:02] <[999cop]> Well done.
[00:06:10] <Johnsen> well deserved :)
[00:06:12] <Scrag[Away]> ah... 11:00... haven't had any breakfast... will... die... slowly...
[00:06:18] <fredrik> heh
[00:06:27] <Maonth> Scrag[Away]: bye
[00:06:28] <Archvile46> bah, I don't even eat breakfast
[00:06:29] <Ralphis> he probably has irc closed
[00:06:37] <[999cop]> bf is yum
[00:06:47] <Dash|RD> [999cop]: your b/f is yummy?
[00:06:47] <RjY> you have to have breakfast man!
[00:06:48] <_Vince_> it's not really deserved, there aren't much coop players ...
[00:06:49] <Dash|RD> ew..
[00:06:49] <Maonth> boyfriend?
[00:06:50] <Dash|RD> fucker.
[00:06:55] <Erik-sleep> vince, vince, vince!
[00:06:57] <[999cop]> bf = breakfast, dash
[00:07:07] <[999cop]> what's with your RD tag
[00:07:07] <dukope> so modest
[00:07:08] <Dash|RD> [999cop]: NOooooooooo
[00:07:09] <SpinSpyder> *little kid voice* 999 has a boyfriend, ewwww
[00:07:11] <pritch1337> coop has a special place in my heart, go man
[00:07:13] <_Vince_> thanks anyway, all credits go to my coop mate, Selim
[00:07:15] <Dash|RD> RD is a doom clan f00
[00:07:16] <Slag> and next, best chaingunner: DF!
[00:07:21] <Scrag[Away]> j'ai trois oeufs et des cereales pour mon petit dejeuner... beh
[00:07:22] <_Vince_> w/o who nothing would have been possible
[00:07:24] <Archvile46> bah, "there aren't many coop players"
[00:07:25] * [999cop] is gay
[00:07:25] * Erik-sleep cheers for selim!
[00:07:26] <_Vince_> thanks for voting
[00:07:32] <[999cop]> j/k
[00:07:40] <lament> best cannon fodder
[00:07:43] <fredrik> heh
[00:07:44] * lament votes fodders
[00:07:44] <Op> he owes it all to Selim. :)
[00:07:45] <[999cop]> Selim BASTARD
[00:07:49] <Waldon> He is.
[00:07:51] <Johnsen> [00:07:58] <Waldon> Hahahha.
[00:08:03] <Waldon> df the cg bitch :)
[00:08:09] <Op> dang
[00:08:12] <df> hell yeah
[00:08:13] *** Presenter sets mode: -v _Vince_
[00:08:31] <Presenter> Well deserved, still....
[00:08:34] <pritch1337> damnit, who did you leave looking after the forums while we're all gone? AGGHH!
[00:08:47] <Presenter> The next award, to me, was a very exciting one
[00:08:47] <SpinSpyder> And now, the most pathetic lamer!
[00:08:55] <[999cop]> um, whos next
[00:08:55] <lament> me!!!
[00:08:57] <Presenter> It's the Most Improved Player award
[00:08:59] <Waldon> Speed?
[00:09:02] <Waldon> Oh cannot be.
[00:09:03] <fredrik> yayaaa!
[00:09:04] <[999cop]> improved?
[00:09:04] <Waldon> PLayer awards.
[00:09:05] <Waldon> Doh.
[00:09:05] <fredrik> go !
[00:09:05] <pritch1337> xit
[00:09:09] <Op> AdamW! once again
[00:09:09] <SpinSpyder> the award goes to... NightFang!
[00:09:10] <Ralphis> xit
[00:09:14] <Presenter> There were three nominees:
[00:09:14] <lament> the most degraded player
[00:09:15] <Archvile46> pfft
[00:09:15] <Waldon> Must be Adamw :)
[00:09:16] <xit-vono> I'm not eligible for this award
[00:09:18] <Erik-sleep> go AdamW!
[00:09:19] <[999cop]> xit or wald :)
[00:09:20] <Oyvind> xit was new in 2001
[00:09:24] <Presenter> Vincent Catalaa, Radek Pecka and Adam Williamson
[00:09:24] <Waldon> Idiots, xit is a new player, cannot be improved.
[00:09:29] <[999cop]> oh man
[00:09:34] <[999cop]> anyway
[00:09:39] <Oyvind> xit can be best new player tho
[00:09:40] <Scrag[Away]> adamw
[00:09:42] <Waldon> AdamW would hate to get it :)
[00:09:48] * [999cop] cheers for Catalaa, Williamson, Pecka
[00:09:49] <Op> hehe Wlad
[00:09:49] <xit-vono> I thought doug deserves this
[00:09:51] <Presenter> They are all excellent players as you all know
[00:09:51] <pritch1337> hahahaha
[00:09:52] <Op> err Wald
[00:09:59] <Presenter> But the Cyber this year goes to:
[00:10:00] <xit-vono> he's actually a pretty good speedrunner now
[00:10:02] <Op> me?!
[00:10:02] <lament> if you get "the most improved", does that mean you used to suck?
[00:10:04] <xit-vono> in uvspeed
[00:10:05] <Waldon> Now?
[00:10:06] <Op> hehe
[00:10:16] <Dash|RD> lament: yes. :P
[00:10:17] <Presenter> Radek Pecka!
[00:10:18] <[999cop]> lament: lol
[00:10:18] <fredrik> ......................................................................HOORAY FOR HIM!!!
[00:10:19] <SpinSpyder> [00:10:20] <Waldon> Radek :)
[00:10:21] * Erik-sleep cheers for Redek!!
[00:10:23] <Dash|RD> I say only because AdamW is part of it. :P
[00:10:26] <_Vince_> cool
[00:10:28] * Shruuf applauds
[00:10:29] <fredrik> radekekekekekeekekekek!
[00:10:30] <SpinSpyder> adamw! w00t!
[00:10:31] <lament> hehe
[00:10:32] * _Vince_ applauds
[00:10:32] <fredrik> ^__________________^
[00:10:34] <Op> he went from great to awesome, congrats Radeg!
[00:10:35] * pritch1337 applauds
[00:10:36] <df> whoo
[00:10:37] <Erik-sleep> good for AdamW thathe didn't get it =)
[00:10:41] <Archvile46> hurrah radek :)
[00:10:42] * Maonth applauds
[00:10:43] <_Vince_> voted for pecka
[00:10:45] <Johnsen> imo he was a clear choice :)
[00:10:46] <Waldon> Radek rocks.
[00:10:47] <Scrag[Away]> (o\_/o)
[00:10:49] <[999cop]> Pecka owns :)
[00:10:50] <SpinSpyder> ugh. lag makes me lok stoopid
[00:10:57] <SpinSpyder> pecka!
[00:11:00] <Presenter> Well deserved, Radek. Keep on DOOMing :)
[00:11:05] <Erik-sleep> I voted pecka as well, he kicks ass
[00:11:09] * Op makes me look stoopit
[00:11:24] <Presenter> Now things are starting to get more exciting.
[00:11:26] <Op> good cat!
[00:11:34] <Slag> adamw already ruled when he was born - he's from PlanetAdam!
[00:11:36] <[999cop]> Radek isn't in the house though :)
[00:11:39] <fredrik> heh
[00:11:40] <fredrik> yeah
[00:11:50] <Waldon> He will celebrate with beer.
[00:11:52] <lament> this presenter guy is a spammer extraordinaire
[00:11:57] <Archvile46> heh
[00:12:00] <Presenter> As this is the last demo category award to go out before 'best demo'
[00:12:02] <fredrik> hmm
[00:12:03] <[999cop]> Mike
[00:12:09] <Archvile46> FLOODING!#@$@#$
[00:12:09] <Presenter> UV Speed, of course!
[00:12:16] <Waldon> Wow speed :)
[00:12:16] <_Vince_> extraordinaire ?
[00:12:17] <[999cop]> hmm uv speed
[00:12:17] <Erik-sleep> yay, speeeeeed!
[00:12:21] <Maonth> speed
[00:12:24] <lament> best demo? WarCraft III of course!
[00:12:25] <[999cop]> who should deserve this
[00:12:30] <[999cop]> lament: NO
[00:12:32] <Op> Ocelot
[00:12:32] <Presenter> The Nominees are:
[00:12:32] <Slag> lament: LOL
[00:12:34] <Waldon> There is no WC3 demo, only beta.
[00:12:37] <Waldon> Nice job.
[00:12:39] <Scrag[Away]> stop spamming you assen-nugteklicta
[00:12:46] <Presenter> Vincent Catalaa for lv21-017, Adam Hegyi for e2m5-027, Adam Hegyi for lv16-011, Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen for lv18-022 and Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic for pl17-008
[00:12:51] <SpinSpyder> _Vince_: an extraordinaire is someone who's REALLY REALLY good at something
[00:12:56] <Op> e2m5 for sure
[00:12:58] <[999cop]> Nice job
[00:12:58] <Waldon> Go e2m5.
[00:13:02] <Erik-sleep> Ocelot and AdamH!
[00:13:03] <Presenter> And the Cyber goes to:
[00:13:03] <xit-vono> go Sedlo
[00:13:09] <df> -/oce i bet
[00:13:16] <[999cop]> vincent, hegyi, sedlo, oce
[00:13:17] <Oyvind> lv18 again
[00:13:24] <df> that demo ownz
[00:13:26] <ocelot> I don't think so mahn
[00:13:27] <Presenter> Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen for lv18-022!
[00:13:29] * Maonth applauds
[00:13:30] <Erik-sleep> YAY!
[00:13:31] <Oyvind> hehe
[00:13:32] <Archvile46> sedlo
[00:13:32] <Waldon> Nice.
[00:13:32] <df> whoooo
[00:13:32] <fredrik> YAY!
[00:13:35] <df> nice oce
[00:13:36] <Archvile46> damn
[00:13:37] * Shruuf cheers
[00:13:37] <[999cop]> Alright
[00:13:37] <Presenter> Congratulations!
[00:13:38] * Erik-sleep cheers for Ocelot!!
[00:13:38] <fredrik> oooooofhh!
[00:13:39] <Archvile46> heh, nice one
[00:13:39] <pritch1337> yes, well done
[00:13:40] <Jannex> Congrats oce :)
[00:13:40] <Op> congrats again.
[00:13:41] *** Presenter sets mode: +v ocelot
[00:13:43] <Shockwav3_> yeah
[00:13:43] <Sslasher> ocelot: congratulations :)
[00:13:46] <[999cop]> Ocelot 0wNS
[00:13:47] <Oyvind> yay oce
[00:13:48] <SpinSpyder> [00:13:49] <Waldon> Good job Oce.
[00:13:52] * ocelot walks up looking dazed
[00:13:53] <[999cop]> congrats
[00:13:55] <_Vince_> 2 awards on 1 demo, great oce :)
[00:13:58] * ocelot pinches himself on the cheek
[00:14:00] * Op thanks Ocelot for 2 awards for less than 20 seconds of work. =)
[00:14:01] <Archvile46> how the fuck do you people get so good at this :)
[00:14:01] <fredrik> heh
[00:14:04] <ocelot> what the?!?!
[00:14:05] <Slag> we'll see a lv18-021 from someone this year for sure! :P
[00:14:11] <Waldon> Heehee.
[00:14:12] <ocelot> TWO!?
[00:14:14] <ocelot> I don't believe it
[00:14:18] * ocelot pinches himself harder
[00:14:19] <fredrik> heh
[00:14:23] <SpinSpyder> arch: practice helps =)
[00:14:31] * Erik-sleep whistles
[00:14:33] <Scrag[Away]> oce bro
[00:14:36] <ocelot> two statues for one single-level run, that's pretty er, good
[00:14:39] <xit-vono> lv18-021 is definitely possible I guess
[00:14:40] <pritch1337> ooh, don't pinch too hard, you'll do a mischief
[00:14:44] <ocelot> and it's MY demo!
[00:14:46] <Erik-sleep> oce you don't suck! =)
[00:14:51] <lament> Archvile46: some people specialize in spamming the forums, others do speedrunning :)
[00:14:51] <ocelot> er
[00:14:58] <[999cop]> erik: indeed
[00:15:02] * SpinSpyder snickers
[00:15:03] <[999cop]> oce doesnt suck at all
[00:15:06] <pritch1337> fredrik can do both! :)
[00:15:11] <Archvile46> bah, making levels is more fun
[00:15:11] <Slag> Archvile46: don't buy a new comp, just stay on your p-133, so doom will be the only game you can play and you'll get good at it
[00:15:18] <xit-vono> oce can do e1m1 nomonsters in 8 seconds
[00:15:27] <Sslasher> 8.97 :)
[00:15:27] <Waldon> Built?
[00:15:28] <Op> I bet Sslasher could grab :21 this weekend....
[00:15:30] <ocelot> well, I've never before felt more proud of working hard on something, except maybe when I aced english and swedish in the finnish matriculation examination
[00:15:32] <pritch1337> turbo?
[00:15:35] <ocelot> THANKS SO MUCH
[00:15:38] * ocelot leaves stage
[00:15:39] <_Vince_> wald > no with SR50
[00:15:40] <Johnsen> heh
[00:15:42] <Oyvind> noclip :)
[00:15:42] <Waldon> No turbo eh.
[00:15:44] <Sslasher> Op: hmm :)
[00:15:46] <[999cop]> Archvile: Speedrunning is very fun for certain competitors
[00:15:46] <Erik-sleep> YAY FOR OCE!
[00:15:51] <Archvile46> no, fredrik specializes in spamming and "working" on many various projects
[00:15:52] *** Presenter sets mode: -v ocelot
[00:15:56] <fredrik> shush
[00:16:05] <pritch1337> 8 secs? turbo 255!!!
[00:16:10] <SpinSpyder> I prefer to play dm and watch speedrunning
[00:16:10] <xit-vono> quite impressive since the built time on uv is 8.97 as well
[00:16:17] <lament> english and swedish, how pathetic :)
[00:16:23] <fredrik> heh
[00:16:24] <[999cop]> I specilize in spamming bfg in ffa with my super high ping
[00:16:26] <Erik-sleep> speedrunning is geat fun even if you're not as good as these guys
[00:16:27] <Sslasher> pritch1337: no cheats, no turbo
[00:16:30] <Op> Xit: exactly.
[00:16:31] <Presenter> Now, the next award is Best New Player
[00:16:34] <Archvile46> making wads, dming, and spamming are good enough for me :P
[00:16:36] <pritch1337> heh, impressive
[00:16:39] <[999cop]> specialize*
[00:16:42] <Waldon> Best new player hee :)
[00:16:43] <Archvile46> I'm new enough
[00:16:48] <Archvile46> I should win :P
[00:16:48] <Op> XIT!!!!! for sure
[00:16:48] <Waldon> This one is interesting.
[00:16:53] <Presenter> The Nominees are:
[00:16:54] <fredrik> the turbo 255 record is 7 secs
[00:16:54] <lament> i'm so new i never even played
[00:16:56] <Waldon> Vile is good too.
[00:16:57] <Archvile46> heh, yeah
[00:16:57] <Ralphis> xit
[00:16:57] <deathz0r> xit
[00:16:58] <Archvile46> Xit
[00:16:58] <Ralphis> xit has it
[00:17:01] <Presenter> Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore, Ian Sabourin and Xit Vono
[00:17:03] <Shockwav3_> XIT
[00:17:04] <Op> Vile is SO 2002.
[00:17:04] <Oyvind> my guess is xit
[00:17:05] <Erik-sleep> best new player! go vile
[00:17:05] <SpinSpyder> xit is it
[00:17:09] <Slag> must be vile
[00:17:10] <xit-vono> stx-vile could get it too
[00:17:11] <Op> :P
[00:17:11] <pritch1337> xit
[00:17:14] <fredrik> go vile!
[00:17:17] <Maonth> me
[00:17:17] <deathz0r> hmm
[00:17:17] <fredrik> and xit!
[00:17:19] <fredrik> and ian!
[00:17:20] <df> vile
[00:17:21] <SpinSpyder> xit it up
[00:17:22] <_Vince_> sslasher
[00:17:22] <fredrik> and everybody!
[00:17:23] <Erik-sleep> go all!
[00:17:27] <Presenter> And the Cyber goes to:
[00:17:27] <Sslasher> _Vince_: hehe
[00:17:29] <[999cop]> congrats, Xit
[00:17:32] <Archvile46> oh, heh, you're not talking about me
[00:17:32] <_Vince_> vile and xit too :)
[00:17:33] <lament> bit
[00:17:35] <Ralphis> XIT
[00:17:35] <pritch1337> will you are best new mapper :)
[00:17:38] <lament> err xit
[00:17:44] <Presenter> Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore!
[00:17:46] * Maonth applauds
[00:17:47] <[999cop]> cyber would most likely go to xit
[00:17:47] <Waldon> Wow VILE
[00:17:48] <Op> no!
[00:17:48] <Ralphis> what the hell
[00:17:50] <Erik-sleep> YAY!
[00:17:50] <deathz0r> heh
[00:17:52] *** Presenter sets mode: +v stx-Vile
[00:17:52] <fredrik> go!
[00:17:53] <[999cop]> whoa
[00:17:54] <Maonth> pritch1337: fredrik?
[00:17:54] <Ralphis> well, good job vile
[00:17:56] <fredrik> xit reaches exit quickly always when speedrunning (lame pun intended!)
[00:17:57] <[999cop]> unexpected
[00:17:57] <fredrik> heh
[00:17:58] * Shruuf appaluds
[00:17:58] <Archvile46> congrats dude with my name :P
[00:17:58] <Erik-sleep> Vile!
[00:17:59] <Slag> gg stickman!
[00:17:59] <Sslasher> agreed
[00:18:00] <Shockwav3_> arghl
[00:18:04] <[999cop]> GJ, vile
[00:18:05] <Waldon> Good job :J
[00:18:11] <Sslasher> Vile: congratulations
[00:18:11] <pritch1337> heh, well that's fair enough
[00:18:12] <Op> congrats man...
[00:18:13] * Erik-sleep cheers for Vile!!
[00:18:13] * stx-Vile strafes up to the stage
[00:18:18] <Ralphis> smooth
[00:18:22] * stx-Vile falls off the stairs, flat on his ass
[00:18:22] * stx-Vile hits Q
[00:18:22] * xit-vono applauds
[00:18:22] <stx-Vile> damn
[00:18:24] <deathz0r> but I guess vile deserved it as well
[00:18:25] <Oyvind> hehe :)
[00:18:26] * [999cop] claps for Vile
[00:18:27] <Ralphis> he strafed up
[00:18:29] <Waldon> Hahah.
[00:18:31] <Waldon> q
[00:18:31] <stx-Vile> let me try again
[00:18:32] <Erik-sleep> haha
[00:18:32] <Linguica> rofl
[00:18:34] <Op> hehe
[00:18:34] <Waldon> Run again :)
[00:18:35] <Jannex> :DD
[00:18:38] <SpinSpyder> ahaha
[00:18:42] <Archvile46> heh
[00:18:42] <SpinSpyder> stx is the man
[00:18:44] <Erik-sleep> that was great vile
[00:18:46] <lament> hits Q?
[00:18:47] * stx-Vile walks up to the stage
[00:18:47] <[999cop]> fixing his tie :)
[00:18:50] <fredrik> hahah
[00:18:53] <Ralphis> wtf would he hit q for
[00:18:54] <Maonth> heheh
[00:18:54] <SpinSpyder> lament: for quit
[00:18:54] <lament> why Q
[00:18:55] <Archvile46> try wall-running
[00:18:57] <lament> hmm
[00:18:58] <Oyvind> q means end demo
[00:18:59] <stx-Vile> ahem, well, all I can really say is.. what were you people thinking
[00:19:00] <stx-Vile> honestly
[00:19:01] <Linguica> speedrunning humor
[00:19:01] <lament> oh
[00:19:02] <Erik-sleep> to exit the demo f00
[00:19:02] <Ralphis> heh
[00:19:02] <Ralphis> oh
[00:19:03] <df> lament: demo for quit
[00:19:08] <RjY> rocket jump up the stairs
[00:19:09] <[999cop]> Q = quit recording demos!
[00:19:09] <Slag> [00:19:10] <stx-Vile> I refined suckiness into an art form
[00:19:11] <Ralphis> i never knew that
[00:19:17] <Waldon> Hahah.
[00:19:22] <fredrik> rolf
[00:19:25] <Op> that is SOME refining
[00:19:28] <Archvile46> gah you people are too modest
[00:19:29] <Erik-sleep> hehe
[00:19:30] <Maonth> heh
[00:19:31] <Oyvind> hehe
[00:19:32] <[999cop]> what kind of clan would stx be
[00:19:33] <fredrik> heheh
[00:19:36] <Archvile46> you all have to be like THANK YOU THANK YOU I OWN YOU ALL
[00:19:37] <Waldon> Stickmen.
[00:19:39] <stx-Vile> I suppose the best part of being a newbie is having more to experience
[00:19:53] <lament> stx-Vile is cool
[00:19:55] <stx-Vile> because I will always be a newbie
[00:19:55] <stx-Vile> so I look forward to winning the best newbie award five years from now
[00:19:57] <Ralphis> archvile: i would go up and make fun of my competition
[00:20:01] <Ralphis> because im good like that
[00:20:02] <stx-Vile> thanks for your time
[00:20:02] <stx-Vile> yes, I suck that much
[00:20:03] <SpinSpyder> arch: you get modest as you get good
[00:20:05] <Ralphis> not that I'd ever win
[00:20:08] <Ralphis> because i dont run
[00:20:09] <Op> he's a newbie at Quake3 as well =)
[00:20:11] <Archvile46> heh
[00:20:11] <stx-Vile> l8r
[00:20:14] <Archvile46> I didn't say I'd do that
[00:20:15] <Waldon> Hehe Opulent.
[00:20:17] <Archvile46> just you all should
[00:20:18] *** Presenter sets mode: -v stx-Vile
[00:20:19] <Erik-sleep> the eternal newbie!
[00:20:21] <df> op :)
[00:20:35] <SpinSpyder> I don't wanna grow up, I'm a newbie kid
[00:20:38] <Presenter> Wow. Oscar winners should take a lesson in humbleness :)
[00:20:40] <Maonth> heh
[00:20:44] <Archvile46> heh
[00:20:46] <pritch1337> cool, go n00b135!!
[00:20:50] <Archvile46> when Doom 3 comes out, we'll all be newbies
[00:20:52] <SpinSpyder> There's lots of pretty cyberdemons I can play with
[00:20:57] <Maonth> Archvile46: no dammit
[00:20:57] <Ralphis> no we wont
[00:20:59] <Ralphis> we'll be veterans
[00:20:59] <SpinSpyder> arch: no
[00:21:00] <Presenter> There's only 3 awards left. Please hold on ;)
[00:21:03] <fredrik> heh
[00:21:05] <Maonth> Archvile46: ^^^^
[00:21:07] <[999cop]> How long has stx been joining c-n
[00:21:07] <pritch1337> all newbies. Wow, what a turn around
[00:21:09] <Archvile46> ahh, sheesh
[00:21:10] <Op> Vile's gonna clean house at the Cyber2003 awards
[00:21:14] <SpinSpyder> all the quakers will be newbs
[00:21:17] <Archvile46> heh
[00:21:17] <Archvile46> well
[00:21:18] <Maonth> Archvile46: We can get to say how sucky the newbies are
[00:21:18] <Waldon> Around last summer, I think, cop.
[00:21:27] <[999cop]> umm, strange
[00:21:27] <Presenter> The next one is no less than Best Demo of 2001!
[00:21:35] <Erik-sleep> YAY
[00:21:36] <[999cop]> thought ive seen his name over than a year
[00:21:37] <Erik-sleep> best demo
[00:21:40] <Scrag[Away]> the transition from doom > doom3 will be like the tranistion from wolf3d > doom
[00:21:41] <Op> best demo
[00:21:42] <lament> hmm
[00:21:55] <pritch1337> no, teh difference will be greater
[00:21:56] <Archvile46> I think it'll be a bit more advanced than that?
[00:22:01] <Presenter> The Nominees are:
[00:22:06] <xit-vono> wolf3d speedrunning is quite different from doom
[00:22:07] <Scrag[Away]> pritch: on a scale...
[00:22:09] <Presenter> Anders Johnsen for pl32-348, Cameron Prosser for pp32-136, Henning Skogsto for 30nm3607, Henning Skogsto for 30ns6155 and Xit Vono for t2m84205
[00:22:10] <Erik-sleep> go andy!
[00:22:11] * lament votes for pl32
[00:22:15] <Ralphis> uh
[00:22:19] <Scrag[Away]> I mean
[00:22:22] <fredrik> hmm
[00:22:24] <Linguica> 30nm
[00:22:24] <SpinSpyder> xit: you need to be skilled at door-opening with wolf3d
[00:22:26] <Op> Henning
[00:22:27] <[999cop]> Scrag: possibly, anyway DOOM SERIES oWns
[00:22:28] <Scrag[Away]> think about what wolf was like at the time
[00:22:28] <pritch1337> you've got jump, freelook etc.
[00:22:29] <Ralphis> doom -- doom3 = wolf3d -- Quake
[00:22:30] <Archvile46> haven't 3 of those won already?
[00:22:30] <fredrik> go xit or henning
[00:22:32] <Presenter> And the Cyber for Best Demo goes to:
[00:22:32] <Scrag[Away]> then you see doom
[00:22:40] <pritch1337> oh, graphically?
[00:22:52] <[999cop]> Henning is gonna win..
[00:22:53] <Presenter> Henning Skogsto for 30nm3607!
[00:22:54] * xit-vono drumrolls
[00:22:57] <Erik-sleep> YAY
[00:22:58] <Op> YAY!
[00:22:59] <[999cop]> YES!
[00:22:59] <Erik-sleep> henning
[00:22:59] <fredrik> heh
[00:23:00] <Linguica> i was right woo
[00:23:00] <Waldon> Henning :)
[00:23:02] <fredrik> yay henning!
[00:23:04] <[999cop]> horray for henning
[00:23:05] * Shruuf cheers
[00:23:09] <pritch1337> heeheehe
[00:23:10] * Maonth applauds!#""35
[00:23:11] <Op> that is some acheivement
[00:23:13] <fredrik> linguica: do that award some day damnit :P
[00:23:14] <Waldon> There is a faster 30nm already, of course >:)
[00:23:15] <SpinSpyder> henning made a 34 minute one recently, right?
[00:23:19] <Linguica> why fred
[00:23:20] <Archvile46> nice, henning :)
[00:23:20] <Sslasher> SpinSpyder: yes
[00:23:20] <Waldon> By him.
[00:23:21] <xit-vono> yep
[00:23:27] <xit-vono> vince did 37 minutes
[00:23:30] <Johnsen> and henning is here
[00:23:31] <Maonth> Linguica: because we want to win awards :P
[00:23:35] <Linguica> do it yourself
[00:23:37] <Johnsen> guess i should drag his arss out
[00:23:40] <[999cop]> im gonna post this whole conversation in #cyber-awards on the forum :)
[00:23:42] <Archvile46> wait till I finish my episode first....
[00:23:42] <Presenter> That makes another double winner... very well done!
[00:23:46] <Erik-sleep> heh, henning will be back next year with 30nm2959 :D
[00:23:47] <Op> Vince and Henna have spare 30nm demos just lying around
[00:23:50] <fredrik> heh
[00:24:02] <Maonth> fredrik: he said it. Do it dammit
[00:24:04] <Ralphis> Maonth: I'm making a nominee list
[00:24:08] <fredrik> i can do it myself but dont complain about who wins
[00:24:09] <xit-vono> hehe 30nm I guess could go under 30 minutes
[00:24:10] <Ralphis> Maonth: for tons of things
[00:24:15] <fredrik> heheheh
[00:24:17] <SpinSpyder> I bet henna could get under 28 if he tried REALLY hard.
[00:24:20] <Maonth> Ralphis: i hate you......;)
[00:24:24] <xit-vono> probably better improve the uv record
[00:24:26] <Presenter> There's 2 Cybers waiting for him here...
[00:24:27] <Ralphis> Maonth: wanna help ?
[00:24:30] <Linguica> if someone does 30nm in under 30 mins i would be shocked
[00:24:32] <[999cop]> Ocelot, Henning = double awards winners
[00:24:32] <fredrik> hmm...
[00:24:33] <_Vince_> seriously, henning is aiming at 32
[00:24:35] <pritch1337> what's teh record for AV Map 20?
[00:24:36] <Ralphis> Maonth: I'm sure you've played wads I haven't
[00:24:37] <Maonth> Ralphis: TSP
[00:24:38] <Op> Britney
[00:24:40] <Ralphis> TSP?
[00:24:43] <deathz0r> tsp?
[00:24:44] <Archvile46> pritch: like 20 minutes :P
[00:24:45] <Presenter> The next one is for Lifetime Achievement
[00:24:46] <Maonth> #TSP
[00:24:50] <Archvile46> hmm
[00:24:52] <Archvile46> go Yonatan
[00:24:57] <Archvile46> just cause HR kicks so much ass
[00:24:59] <xit-vono> I wonder if someone can beat doom2 done quick in a movie run
[00:25:00] <Maonth> <05Linguica> die
[00:25:02] * Maonth cries
[00:25:04] <Shockwav3_> go adam
[00:25:05] <Maonth> :P
[00:25:06] <pritch1337> meh, mine's 47 minutes!
[00:25:13] <[999cop]> arch: well known
[00:25:26] <Op> this was a misunderstood cat
[00:25:30] <Slag> johnsen phoned henna i guess :)
[00:25:32] <Presenter> Oh. Let's hang up with that for a second.
[00:25:32] <Waldon> Hi Henning.
[00:25:32] <ocelot> henning.
[00:25:35] <Oyvind> congrats henning :)
[00:25:35] <ocelot> you a bit late.
[00:25:37] <Op> Henning!
[00:25:38] <SpinSpyder> hi henning
[00:25:38] <fredrik> yay
[00:25:40] <Archvile46> heh
[00:25:43] *** Presenter sets mode: +v Henna2k
[00:25:45] <deathz0r> congrats henning
[00:25:46] <Archvile46> you're a star henning =)
[00:25:49] <_Vince_> pritch > my speed record for av20 is well under 5:00 mins :)
[00:25:54] <fredrik> andersjoh@ti300710a080-1136.bb.online.no
[00:25:55] <[999cop]> congrats, henning
[00:25:55] <fredrik> ?
[00:25:57] <Presenter> Mr Skogsto, you just won Best Demo and Best Movie. Got anything to say?
[00:26:01] <Henna2k> hi folks let me get a sec to sit down :)
[00:26:02] <pritch1337> lifetime achievement. wow, this is kinda nervous one
[00:26:07] <Waldon> same room, fredrik.
[00:26:11] <Waldon> They are LANning.
[00:26:16] <pritch1337> under 5? heh
[00:26:17] <fredrik> ah
[00:26:27] <Archvile46> Vince, make a demo
[00:26:31] <Henna2k> this is a suprise for sure
[00:26:43] <_Vince_> hehe, involves a cool trick
[00:26:45] <[999cop]> vince: impressive, i could hardly find the way out on m20
[00:26:47] <pritch1337> it takes me 5 to run from one end of teh map to teh other with noclip :P
[00:26:50] <Op> no surprise to the voters. :)
[00:26:52] <[999cop]> when i first played on it
[00:26:59] <Henna2k> thanks everyone
[00:27:05] <fredrik> surprise pfft
[00:27:08] <Henna2k> personaly I think it's just a matter of taste ..
[00:27:10] <pritch1337> my first go was like an hour 30
[00:27:12] <Erik_Alm> who won lifetime achievement?
[00:27:17] <Waldon> Nobody yet.
[00:27:18] <Archvile46> no one yet
[00:27:18] <Linguica> I did
[00:27:20] <Erik_Alm> oh
[00:27:22] <Erik_Alm> :D
[00:27:23] <Archvile46> Henning appeared and is making a speech
[00:27:24] <Henna2k> all the winning demos for all categories deserve to win :)
[00:27:27] <Op> it is on hold, Erik
[00:27:29] <xit-vono> best player is coming up
[00:27:37] <Archvile46> lifetime achievement first
[00:27:37] <Henna2k> but hey ..I'm happy you liked mine the most
[00:27:44] <lament> actually, what's the difference between best demo and best movie? I mean, what are the chances that they will go to different people
[00:27:53] <Henna2k> I started on my 30nm runs in late 99
[00:27:55] <Waldon> Quite some.
[00:27:59] <Linguica> thats like the difference between best song and best album
[00:28:01] <fredrik> movie = long run
[00:28:05] <Henna2k> so I've been doing it for a while
[00:28:06] <fredrik> over many levels
[00:28:10] <SpinSpyder> oh man, is henna gonna make a long speech?
[00:28:12] <Waldon> e2m5 is totally different from 30nms.
[00:28:13] <fredrik> heh
[00:28:24] <fredrik> speech will be as long as ns30
[00:28:29] <Erik_Alm> :D
[00:28:32] <Erik_Alm> 65:55
[00:28:32] <Maonth> heh
[00:28:36] <Henna2k> so ..hehe I guess that's it :)..thanks everyone!
[00:28:36] <fredrik> heh
[00:28:39] <Erik_Alm> just take your seats :P
[00:28:43] <[999cop]> Great speech, henning
[00:28:47] <ocelot> 61:55 actually
[00:28:48] <Erik_Alm> haha
[00:28:49] <SpinSpyder> guess not
[00:28:51] <Archvile46> hehe, nice
[00:28:52] <Erik_Alm> oh sorry oce
[00:28:56] <BigBadGangsta> Booyaka
[00:28:57] <Sslasher> Henna2k: congratulations on several great demos
[00:28:58] <Waldon> It's good to see that I wasn't the only one without a written speech :)
[00:29:02] <fredrik> then sedlo should doo his speeches in 00:02 :P
[00:29:04] <Op> hehe
[00:29:05] *** Presenter sets mode: +v Henna2k
[00:29:12] <Waldon> Coop speech in 1 second.
[00:29:13] <Presenter> Twice the voice :)
[00:29:24] *** Presenter sets mode: +v Henna2k
[00:29:27] <Erik_Alm> heh, next year c4s7-001 should win coop =)
[00:29:29] *** Presenter sets mode: -v Henna2k
[00:29:35] <SpinSpyder> Man
[00:29:40] <Waldon> It's not a valid demo though.
[00:29:41] <Presenter> Gotta replace the mic.
[00:29:43] <Waldon> Not 2 players.
[00:29:47] <Waldon> It's a misc entry.
[00:29:49] <SpinSpyder> Hegyi should try to be funny less
[00:29:57] <Archvile46> heh
[00:29:57] <Erik_Alm> uvnet3= 3 players
[00:30:04] <Presenter> Now we were at Lifetime Achievement
[00:30:05] <SpinSpyder> When he's not trying, he's hilarious
[00:30:14] <[999cop]> Wald should deserve an award for the 1sec coop demo =] with bahd and scratchy and another guy, whoever it was :)
[00:30:14] <fredrik> yay
[00:30:16] <SpinSpyder> when he is... eh.
[00:30:18] <Presenter> The Nominees:
[00:30:18] <Ralphis> we were at it
[00:30:19] <BigBadGangsta> 0S2T3F4U 9B10I11T12C13H14!
[00:30:23] <Waldon> Dashiva.
[00:30:26] <Ralphis> ugh where di that gay come from
[00:30:27] <[999cop]> Right
[00:30:27] <fredrik> 999cop: AND ME
[00:30:28] <Presenter> Yonatan Donner, Adam Hegyi and Henning Skogsto
[00:30:30] <fredrik> FOR DISCOVERING THE TRICK
[00:30:32] <fredrik> RIGHT?
[00:30:40] <Erik_Alm> go yonatan
[00:30:41] <[999cop]> fred: never knew u like speedrunning =0
[00:30:42] <pritch1337> gah, so nervous
[00:30:43] <SpinSpyder> BBG: congrats, you got colors
[00:30:49] <fredrik> always liked speedrunning
[00:30:53] <Erik_Alm> HR is the original and best
[00:30:54] <[999cop]> Good
[00:30:55] <Op> is Scratchy a person, or Bahdkko's cat
[00:30:55] <Shockwav3_> gooooo adam
[00:30:56] <fredrik> watch demos over and over =]
[00:31:00] <[999cop]> Erik: Yeah
[00:31:00] <SpinSpyder> I think Hegyi's probably gonna get it
[00:31:01] <Waldon> Hehe op.
[00:31:02] <Presenter> The award this year goes to:
[00:31:04] <xit-vono> lol
[00:31:05] <Jon_R> c'mon yonaton
[00:31:05] <Waldon> scratchy is a deathmatcher.
[00:31:07] <fredrik> or donner
[00:31:08] <fredrik> ....
[00:31:10] <BigBadGangsta> 0S2T3F4U 9B10I11T12C13H14!
[00:31:10] <Jon_R> tan damnit
[00:31:18] <Presenter> Adam Hegyi!
[00:31:20] <fredrik> yeah adamh is just a lamer
[00:31:21] <Waldon> Wow.
[00:31:22] <fredrik> blah
[00:31:23] <Erik_Alm> YAY for Presenter
[00:31:23] <SpinSpyder> told ya
[00:31:23] <lament> hmm
[00:31:24] <_BahdKo_> :)
[00:31:25] *** Presenter sets mode: +v Adam_H
[00:31:25] <fredrik> losar"!!#"3
[00:31:27] <BigBadGangsta> 0S2T3F4U 9B10I11T12C13H14!
[00:31:27] <BigBadGangsta> Heh
[00:31:27] <Op> YAY
[00:31:28] * Shruuf cheers
[00:31:28] <fredrik> wooh!
[00:31:29] <xit-vono> seriously what's the point of getting people to come over to make that c4s7
[00:31:30] <Archvile46> harrumph
[00:31:35] <Op> speech!
[00:31:35] <pritch1337> WELL DONE
[00:31:36] <Archvile46> well, congrats adam
[00:31:36] <SpinSpyder> speak as adam, presenter
[00:31:36] <xit-vono> it only takes one person
[00:31:38] <[999cop]> AdamH isn't lame, what makes you said that, fred
[00:31:42] <pritch1337> everyone...
[00:31:46] <Waldon> xit-vono: Er... beat it first, then I tell you.
[00:31:47] <Jon_R> bah, boring
[00:31:48] <_BahdKo_> dont forget to use the right client this time adam ;)
[00:31:49] <BigBadGangsta> EVERY STFU
[00:31:49] <pritch1337> FOR HE'S A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW
[00:31:54] <Jon_R> although adamh does deserve it I guess
[00:31:58] <Adam_H> I'd like to thank a few people.
[00:31:59] *** Retrieving #cyber-awards info...
[00:32:06] <RjY> hooray, right window this time!!
[00:32:10] <RjY> :-)
[00:32:13] <Johnsen> heh
[00:32:15] <BigBadGangsta> 0S2T3F4U 9B10I11T12C13H14!
[00:32:17] <xit-vono> yonatan did a lot for doom
[00:32:20] <ocelot> hey bring henning back
[00:32:22] <chroz> hehe henning got insulted
[00:32:23] <chroz> :)
[00:32:24] <BigBadGangsta> No now go away
[00:32:25] <Adam_H> Those who made this thing started, first of all.
[00:32:33] <xit-vono> he did the tas and the doom done quick stuff
[00:32:40] <Johnsen> oce: first he bloody well wash his hands
[00:32:48] <Johnsen> got a keyboard full of pizza goo here
[00:32:49] <Johnsen> :P
[00:32:51] <RjY> hell revealed
[00:32:52] <[999cop]> xit: yeah, yonatan truly made a best-of-the-year sp wad
[00:32:52] <ocelot> hehe ok
[00:32:54] <Op> haha
[00:32:55] <ocelot> but he better hurry
[00:32:57] <_BahdKo_> :)
[00:33:07] <Adam_H> Thanks Simon, Kai, Anthe, Istvan, Yonatan, Peo, Daniel, Eelco, and everyone else I just forget right now.
[00:33:10] <xit-vono> and he made hr, which I can't stand
[00:33:11] <[999cop]> with the other guy, yanatan and donner ?
[00:33:16] * BigBadGangsta spanks bahdko
[00:33:17] <[999cop]> yonatan*
[00:33:21] <fredrik> you forgot about me
[00:33:23] <fredrik> :P
[00:33:27] <RjY> you can't stand hell revealed?
[00:33:27] <xit-vono> but everyone else loves it i guess
[00:33:28] <SpinSpyder> hr is too tough in some places
[00:33:35] <Adam_H> I hope now that I mentioned those names at least some people will look them up and see what they've done.
[00:33:37] <Archvile46> what's wrong with HR?
[00:33:38] <Archvile46> it's great
[00:33:40] <SpinSpyder> map23... impossible on uv
[00:33:41] <Archvile46> especially coop
[00:33:43] * BigBadGangsta spanks you
[00:33:44] *** tomatoes is now known as doomsuckslololol
[00:33:45] <Waldon> Impossible?
[00:33:47] <SpinSpyder> well, on nm at least
[00:33:49] <Ryback_> Hahaha
[00:33:49] <Waldon> It's been done :)
[00:33:50] <[999cop]> Spyder: it is possible
[00:33:53] <Erik_Alm> yay Demonlord kicks.. uhm kicked ass!
[00:33:56] <[999cop]> ive seen it
[00:33:58] * doomsuckslololol and youre all fagets!! loloolooolll
[00:33:58] <[999cop]> hehe
[00:33:59] <[999cop]> yeah
[00:34:04] <xit-vono> hr is ugly
[00:34:06] <[999cop]> Demonlord rules all the way
[00:34:07] <Adam_H> They deserve it much more than me for I just carried on with their work.
[00:34:07] <SpinSpyder> heh
[00:34:10] <[999cop]> xit: i like it :)
[00:34:21] <Op> Simon Widlake could see us now....
[00:34:24] <fredrik> hmm
[00:34:26] <xit-vono> demonlord's demos are quite outdated
[00:34:34] <SpinSpyder> doomsuckslololol must have been looking for a sex chat and came across #cyber
[00:34:35] <[999cop]> Demonlord has done the most demos among all
[00:34:39] <Waldon> What's up with Simon anyway, Opulent?
[00:34:42] <Op> Demonlord was the first Doom god
[00:34:43] <Waldon> Where is he?
[00:34:44] <xit-vono> adamh has more demos
[00:34:46] <lament> doomsuckslololol is fredrik
[00:34:54] <Op> no one knows Waldon
[00:35:00] <Adam_H> I hope next year some of them will get nominated. They are idols, for me.
[00:35:00] <Waldon> :/
[00:35:07] <[999cop]> adamh has only about 200-300 demos according to the c-n, right?
[00:35:08] <Maonth> fredriksuckslololol is me
[00:35:10] <Waldon> Is Yonatan still in the army?
[00:35:13] <Oyvind> actually adamH has 383 compet-n demos
[00:35:17] <[999cop]> it was like 285
[00:35:22] *** doomsuckslololol is now known as audience
[00:35:22] <xit-vono> and if you add pwads he has much more
[00:35:23] <Adam_H> Thank you.
[00:35:23] <Oyvind> demonlord has 377
[00:35:27] <[999cop]> demonlord has done over 300
[00:35:28] <Oyvind> yeah
[00:35:32] <[999cop]> yeah
[00:35:33] <Oyvind> forgot about pwads
[00:35:35] <[999cop]> dunno
[00:35:36] *** Presenter sets mode: -v Adam_H
[00:35:36] <Op> congrats Adam!
[00:35:42] <Waldon> :J
[00:35:47] <[999cop]> i thought that's the total of all
[00:35:53] <[999cop]> including iwad & pwad demos
[00:36:07] <SpinSpyder> I think I might start speedrunning
[00:36:12] <[999cop]> heh
[00:36:15] <lament> heh
[00:36:17] <Op> Spin: do it
[00:36:19] <fredrik> heh
[00:36:20] <Erik_Alm> spin: yay
[00:36:21] <Presenter> To wrap up the show, there's 1 award left.
[00:36:24] <Waldon> Give AdamW a fun time.
[00:36:25] <[999cop]> I think I will too
[00:36:28] <lament> heh
[00:36:31] <xit-vono> best player
[00:36:34] <[999cop]> well I've tried couple times ba4
[00:36:34] <Presenter> Best Player of 2001
[00:36:35] <[999cop]> b4
[00:36:37] <Ryback_> Last award
[00:36:43] <Erik_Alm> best player!
[00:36:50] <Dash|RD> YAY!
[00:36:52] <[999cop]> Adamh?
[00:36:52] <Dash|RD> I WIN1
[00:36:55] <Dash|RD> TTAHNK YOU SO MUCH
[00:36:55] <Presenter> The Nominees:
[00:36:57] <Presenter> Vincent Catalaa, Adam Hegyi, Radek Pecka, Henning Skogsto and Adam Williamson
[00:37:00] <SpinSpyder> Catalaa!
[00:37:01] <xit-vono> go vince!
[00:37:04] <Waldon> Hee.
[00:37:05] <ocelot> Go Henning
[00:37:07] <[999cop]> Henning!
[00:37:08] <Op> tough cat
[00:37:12] <Ryback_> Vincent!
[00:37:15] <Erik_Alm> toughest cat yes
[00:37:16] <SpinSpyder> Maonth: lol
[00:37:21] <[999cop]> Vincent, GO!
[00:37:22] <Presenter> The Cyber goes to:
[00:37:30] <xit-vono> sort of a matter of taste
[00:37:31] <SpinSpyder> catalaapult to victory
[00:37:32] * [999cop] is playing drums hardly
[00:37:37] <_df> ...
[00:37:38] <Oyvind> maonth: but that doesn't work with demo recording ;)
[00:37:38] <Presenter> Henning Skogsto!
[00:37:38] <xit-vono> each player has their strengths
[00:37:39] <deathz0r> budabudabuda
[00:37:40] * Erik_Alm cheers!!
[00:37:41] <[999cop]> .............
[00:37:41] <Waldon> Wow.
[00:37:43] <Waldon> Henning.
[00:37:44] <_df> henning
[00:37:45] <[999cop]> HENNING!
[00:37:46] * Presenter cheers wildly
[00:37:47] * Johnsen goes to get henning again
[00:37:47] <Dash|RD> I have many strengths.
[00:37:48] * Shruuf applauds
[00:37:48] <Erik_Alm> Henna dammit!
[00:37:50] <Op> 30nm mastah!
[00:37:51] * Maonth applauds#"%"#!"#!#""#%#"/%/%)%&/##%
[00:37:51] <[999cop]> YAY!
[00:37:54] <Waldon> Hehe Anders.
[00:37:55] * deathz0r applauds
[00:37:55] <Dash|RD> Like, ultimate player strength.
[00:37:55] <Ryback_> Style!
[00:38:01] <Dash|RD> and stuff.
[00:38:02] <SpinSpyder> henna got 3 awards
[00:38:02] <Waldon> That budala is getting 3 awards.
[00:38:07] <SpinSpyder> not too shabby
[00:38:08] <_df> yeah
[00:38:12] <Archvile46> YAY HENNING
[00:38:14] * [999cop] IS GOING INSANE
[00:38:15] <SpinSpyder> he's like the mj of doom
[00:38:22] <[999cop]> Alright
[00:38:22] <Archvile46> heh, you're a bit late Adam :P
[00:38:24] <Adamizer> hello
[00:38:25] <Dash|RD> Micheal Jackson?
[00:38:27] <BigBadGangsta> 0S2T3F4U 9B10I11T12C13H14!
[00:38:28] <Dash|RD> yah, he is.
[00:38:30] <SpinSpyder> Dash: yeah
[00:38:32] <Erik_Alm> Henna is back! =)
[00:38:36] *** Presenter sets mode: +v Henna2k
[00:38:36] <[999cop]> I'm going to post the whole conversation at q3w :)
[00:38:44] <Oyvind> yay, congrats henning!
[00:38:48] <Archvile46> heh
[00:38:51] <Archvile46> that'll be fun
[00:38:53] <Adamizer> hey spin cough up those aimbots
[00:38:56] <Dash|RD> He's the child molester of doom!
[00:38:59] <Henna2k> wow...the suprises just keeps coming to me today :)
[00:39:00] <BigBadGangsta> Heh
[00:39:01] <fredrik> yoooh!
[00:39:03] <BigBadGangsta> 0S2T3F4U 9B10I11T12C13H14!
[00:39:07] <pritch1337> bots bots bots!
[00:39:14] <SpinSpyder> 999: and get those q3 Lu53rs pissed?
[00:39:16] <Henna2k> common guys ..it dosn't take much to impress you folks ?:)
[00:39:21] <[999cop]> spin: indeed :)
[00:39:22] <Op> good job Henning!
[00:39:25] <[999cop]> love to do that
[00:39:25] <Waldon> Hahah.
[00:39:28] <_df> heh
[00:39:31] <RjY> it's all good
[00:39:36] <[999cop]> cuz' Doom > Quake 4ever
[00:39:52] <Henna2k> well, anyway..I'm very happy to get the award for sure :)
[00:40:02] <[999cop]> anyone minds to do a recap of the award?
[00:40:11] <Archvile46> uh, a bunch of people made good demos
[00:40:13] <Waldon> It's going to be on the site.
[00:40:14] <Archvile46> and some of them won awards
[00:40:16] * Erik_Alm cheers!!
[00:40:16] <Adamizer> 1m 4 l337 h4x0r
[00:40:23] <RjY> they said they're going to post a log of the ceremony
[00:40:28] <Waldon> Yes.
[00:40:31] <[999cop]> too bad that i wasn't there for the whole conversation
[00:40:33] <SpinSpyder> Adam: You're an un1337 coopz0r...
[00:40:35] <RjY> i hope so, i want to link to it :-)
[00:40:36] <_df> wal: i won't be suprized if adam had a page ready already for it
[00:40:38] <Archvile46> I hope they take out all those *** entered the channel
[00:40:39] <Adamizer> lol
[00:40:40] <Archvile46> *** quit IRC
[00:40:42] <[999cop]> i came late for the first 25mins
[00:40:45] <Archvile46> that's a pain in the ass
[00:40:45] <Waldon> Yeah, df.
[00:40:55] <fredrik> you can turn join/quit messages off
[00:40:56] <RjY> [999cop]: me too
[00:40:57] <fredrik> heh
[00:41:00] <Henna2k> so I guess that's it .)
[00:41:02] <Op> all the nominees earned this one
[00:41:02] <fredrik> *sigh*
[00:41:08] <fredrik> go henna
[00:41:14] <Adamizer> spin: what is this channel about anywayz?
[00:41:22] <Presenter> Well, that wraps it up.
[00:41:25] <Waldon> It's a bit late to explain.
[00:41:27] <SpinSpyder> the cyber-awards
[00:41:29] * audience leaves
[00:41:37] <[999cop]> Wald: rofl
[00:41:38] <SpinSpyder> doom speedrunning
[00:41:41] <[999cop]> w3rd
[00:41:43] <Adamizer> sweet
[00:41:43] <Op> YAY, see you all next year!
[00:41:47] <RjY> "pork"!! haha!
[00:41:51] <Waldon> Time to make a new lv15... arg.
[00:41:52] <[999cop]> Doom Speedrunning - cyber awards
[00:41:53] <Presenter> Those who didn't get a Cyber this year, I hope you are not too disappointed and going to try your best next year.
[00:41:53] <SpinSpyder> like the oscars for compet-n
[00:41:54] <Adamizer> im up for speedrunning
[00:41:58] <pritch1337> w00t, well done everybody!!
[00:42:00] <Scrag[Away]> muahahhahahaa... pork.
[00:42:02] <Erik_Alm> yo Opulent! I'll be back then =)
[00:42:04] <Henna2k> cool stuff :)
[00:42:05] <[999cop]> bye opulent
[00:42:06] <SpinSpyder> adam: competn.cjb.net
[00:42:10] <Op> later all
[00:42:15] <[999cop]> later
[00:42:15] <Ryback_> Bye op!
[00:42:16] <Oyvind> cya op
[00:42:16] <Waldon> AdamW didn't get any? oops.
[00:42:20] <[999cop]> had a great time
[00:42:22] <Henna2k> really cool to get that award...damn I suck at speaches, too much noise in this room :P
[00:42:23] <Adamizer> 1 l0v3 70 5p33drun
[00:42:25] <deathz0r> bye op
[00:42:28] <Scrag[Away]> mmmm. It's got to be New Zealand pork.
[00:42:29] <Op> thanks.
[00:42:32] <Presenter> I hope you find this award a nice part of the scene.
[00:42:32] <_df> henning :)
[00:42:33] <xit-vono> adam should have won best movie
[00:42:34] * Henna2k sneaks out...back to the lan =)
[00:42:34] <Maonth> congrats, Henna2k
[00:42:39] <Henna2k> thanks guys, hehe..
[00:42:40] <xit-vono> ep1-0511 is awesome
[00:42:42] <[999cop]> Henna: I think you have spoken a great speech
[00:42:42] <Sslasher> Henna2k: congratulations
[00:42:45] <Erik_Alm> grats Henna!
[00:42:51] <SpinSpyder> congrats henna
[00:42:53] <deathz0r> congrats
[00:42:57] <[999cop]> congrats, man, well done, thanks for the efforts :)
[00:43:02] <Presenter> I hope you had a good time around, sorry that I screwed up real bad many times, but hey, this was my first time doing this :)
[00:43:06] <Ralphis> w00t
[00:43:07] * Erik_Alm cheers for presenter
[00:43:11] <Oyvind> hehe keep up the good work henna
[00:43:12] <Adamizer> this place is packed
[00:43:16] <Maonth> I hope there will be an award session for people like me
[00:43:17] * Ralphis has sex with Henna
[00:43:18] <fredrik> bye bye!
[00:43:20] <Maonth> and fred
[00:43:25] <Maonth> and some other guys
[00:43:25] <SpinSpyder> yeah, this is the first cyber awards
[00:43:31] <Adamizer> kewl
[00:43:37] <Presenter> Everyone is invited to stay for a post-award chat :)
[00:43:40] <Waldon> Hopefully we are going to have one next year too.
[00:43:41] <Adamizer> who made up cyber awards?
[00:43:53] <SpinSpyder> adam hegyi, maker of compet-n
[00:43:55] <Erik_Alm> maonth: and the award for best gay coop goes too... fredrik and maonth!!
[00:43:56] <deathz0r> adam_h
[00:43:57] <Presenter> Good night.
[00:43:57] <Ralphis> adamh i'd imagine
[00:43:59] <fredrik> gah
[00:44:00] <Waldon> No.
[00:44:00] <fredrik> :P
[00:44:02] <RjY> haha, aftershow party
[00:44:05] <Maonth> HURAAAY
[00:44:06] <Dash|RD> Adam_H isn't the maker of C-N.
[00:44:09] <Waldon> It started on the quake speedrunners' site.
[00:44:11] <[999cop]> hehe
[00:44:14] * Presenter reveals face
[00:44:16] <SpinSpyder> oh, my bad
[00:44:17] <[999cop]> Can I have a can of beer?
[00:44:19] <Adamizer> www.planetquake.com/qdq
[00:44:21] <Ralphis> !
[00:44:23] <Maonth> I am so glad i won this award. It took hours of swetty practice
[00:44:25] * chroz congrats maonth
[00:44:26] *** Presenter is now known as Whoopi_Goldberg
[00:44:27] <lament> 'reveals face', heh
[00:44:28] <[999cop]> Wine would be nice as well
[00:44:28] <fredrik> heh
[00:44:29] <Erik_Alm> haha
[00:44:30] <Whoopi_Goldberg> Kisses!!!
[00:44:31] <Ralphis> OH NO
[00:44:33] <Waldon> Heheh.
[00:44:33] <fredrik> oh GNO1
[00:44:34] *** Whoopi_Goldberg has quit IRC