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Fight Club :: (21st April, 2000)
You know, I'm not supposed to talk about it (rule 1&2: never talk about it), but you gotta know there have been quite a lot of fighting in COMPET-N lately. There are so many quality demos in there that I really suggest you take all of them and watch them as soon as you can. Let's see the demos now:
  • The Nightmare 100% runs category has another 2 demos, DOOM's Episode 3 has been done by Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff in 18:09, and Episode 1 has been done by Jonathan Rimmer in 15:47. Both are very high quality recordings, especially Jonathan's who shows text book playing in Episode 1.
  • Adam Williamson has improved his own Episode 1 UV run by another 14 seconds, getting 5:15. His time is now 16 (!) seconds faster than DOOM Done Quick. Crazy! Adam also got the Episode 4 UV run record now, with a 5:01, his improvement coming from a 2-minute faster (and much more dangerous) route on E4M6.
  • Probably you know about a few DOOM bugs (features?) which help us speedrunners don't you? Keygrabs, switches from below/above, jumps, rocketjumps, arch-vile jumps, slides, glides... This time, Vaclav "Bolton" Kunes shows us another bug: he crosses a grate which is marked impassable! Unbelievable, I've never seen anything like this before, what can I say more? Grab his demonstration here!
  • More Ultimate DOOM LMPs: Selim and Adam have some fighting over E4M2 NightMare, Selim's initial 0:31 was beaten by Adam soon (0:27), but taken back by Selim (0:26). Meanwhile, Adam also got the normal exit record with 0:21 and the UV secret exit record (are you still following?) with 0:22 (Pacifist also). Selim also had another LMP, E4M7 NM100S in 0:51.
  • Adam Williamson in his absolute element: his favourite map, his favourite style. E1M5 Pacifist in 1:36. Do I need to say more?
  • E3M8 Tyson stuff with veteran Joe "DOOMANN" Abene (time: 2:05) and relative newcomer Radek "R. Master" Pecka (time: 1:46). If you have no idea how to kill the spider mastermind and co. with virtually zero pistol ammo in Tyson, you should check out these LMPs!
  • On to DOOM2 stuff now, Henning Skogsto shows off his usual NM skills in MAP15 Nightmare, getting to the normal exit in just 1:57.
  • Jonathan Rimmer got the MAP08 Speed record by one sec, getting 0:22 (Pacifist also).
  • Newcomer Jakub "Avenger" Mahdal (the 4th Czech player in a few months) got the MAP31 NM record with 0:33.
  • Plutonia Speed stuff now... Andrew Bassett got the MAP01 record with 0:21 ("bravely venturing without the rocket launcher"), while Adam Williamson got the MAP15 normal exit down to 0:24. On to the secret exit on the same map, there was a little bit of fighting going on, Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek setting the early pace with his 0:30 demo, which was beaten by Arno Slagboom's 0:28. Adam Williamson stepped in, and got a 0:26 which is the current record.
  • In MAP24, Sedlo incorporated both tricks very well and beat Vincent's record by 2 seconds, getting 0:39.
  • Plutonia Nightmare stuff: Selim got the MAP15 normal exit record in 0:37, but was beaten by Adam Williamson's 0:27. Adam also found time (not too hard, he must have 30-hour days :) to do the secret exit route in 0:28, while Selim did MAP18 in 0:13.
  • It was high time to introduce Pacifist style in Plutonia too, here are the first entries: Adam Williamson's MAP01, MAP15 normal exit, MAP15 secret exit and MAP18 runs, and Selim's MAP16, MAP20, MAP21, MAP26 and MAP27 runs.
  • TNT Evilution stuff in the end: Andrew Bassett improved his own MAP30 speedrun to 1:41 and Selim improved his own MAP07 NM to 1:00.

    Demos are zipped up (healthy 165K) here.

    Phew! Long update :)
    Last time around, I asked for any of the missing demos you could have, and luckily most of them have been found. Here's the list: p3m3-028 (thanks Adam Williamson), ep4-6528 (numerous people), lv17-447 (thanks Anders Johnsen), lv18-024 (thanks Arno Slagboom) and lv10-522 (thanks Rini). I'm linking Peo's MAP10 run because that's was a real lost demo, and I think none of you have seen it yet...
    Still missing: lv06-058, 0602uv01. Anyone?

    Next time I should update the tricks page again I think, plus there was a little bugging about a new contest so I'll find some time thinking about that ;-)

  • Surprise, surprise :: (8th April, 2000)
    This week was full of surprises. A couple of people were surprised to see Mummi return to COMPET-N :) I think he had some success though. Some of the more specific surprises, in demo format:
  • Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic returns to COMPET-N, with a set of Plutonia demos! A handful of speedruns for this great WAD. Most of them are older demos which Sedlo recently sent in (new records over MAP09, MAP13, MAP15, MAP16, MAP19), but there is one run which is worth some special attention. First, because it is a brand new run by Sedlo, second, because it features a very hard trick jump in action (discovered by Anders Johnsen, but this is the first time we can see it in an actual speedrun w/ monsters). Get the run here.
  • Istvan Pataki also returned to COMPET-N with a nice MAP15 NightMare demo (to the normal exit). Time is 2:27. With this demo, Istvan extended his COMPET-N career to over 4 years! Congratulations :)
  • Another surprise to those who thought that in DOOM everything has been discovered. Jonathan Rimmer (the man who carries a rocket launcher in his pocket) still has tricks to show. This time, John sent us two new rocketjumps, one over MAP14 and the other over MAP24. Elsewhere, Jonathan made a very pretty MAP08 Pacifist in 0:23, equalling the speedrun record.
  • Adam Williamson is really in his element in E1M5, even beating Uwe's old cheated time here, with an amazing 0:57 run.
  • Anders Johnsen managed to get past the "gunner bitches" faster than anyone else. That means a new NightMare record of the classic E1M3, in 1:07.
  • Henning Skogsto found that some -respawn records are probably not optimal enough yet, so he sent in a few improvements. He improved a little on the times of MAP10, MAP12, MAP16, MAP17, MAP21, MAP25 and MAP27.
  • I made two new runs, MAP11 NightMare in 0:39 and MAP07 -respawn in 0:48.

    Three new forms have been posted, from Mike Toliver, Jaromir "Jacih" Cihak and Vaclav "Bolton" Kunes. See the Players page.

    As usual, all demos are zipped up. Marshmellow.

    All right, I told that I'll release the log files and some interesting information about them. The logs will always be available from the demo site, and I'll try to update them as frequently as the record tables. You can get the DOOM log here: and the DOOM2 log here (the Final DOOM log will be ready soon).
    Some of the most intriguing stuff can be found here (updated less frequently, until I'll do a proper script to update them).
    Finally, here is the list of missing/corrupted demos:

    p3m3-028 ??/10/1999 Adam WilliamsonCorrupted ZIP !!!!!!!!
    ep4-6928 ??/09/1999 Mike ToliverNot Found !!!!!!!
    lv06-058 ??/??/1998 Esko KoskimaaNot Found !!!!!!!
    lv18-024 ??/??/19?? Mike MuirNot Found !!!!!!!
    lv10-522 ??/??/19?? Peo SjoblomNot Found !!!!!!!
    lv17-447 06/08/1998 Anders JohnsenCorrupted ZIP !!!!!!!
    0602uv01 ??/??/19?? Uwe GirlichNot Found !!!!!!!

    If you have any of them, please DO mail them to me! Thanks a lot!

  • Quiz results :: (1st April, 2000)
    I expect some of our readers feel already like sitting on needles (Hungarian term), so without further talking I forward you to the Trivia page, where you'll get all the results.

    Finished reading? Good... It seems the quiz was too tiresome for the players, hence there is only a smaller bunch of demos this time:

  • Heavy fighting for the fastest DOOM2 MAP21-30 UV Run: Jaromir "Jacih" Cihak beat Henning's record (see last update) by 7 seconds, with a 10:42 run. Henning fought back with a 10-second improvement (10:32), beaten again by Jacih's excellent 10:09. But Henning is in top form right now, so he got under 10 minutes fairly easily, with 9:49.
  • Some more Henning runs: MAP26 UV Speed in 0:42, MAP26 NM Speed in 0:47, MAP17 NM100S in 3:25 and MAP14 -respawn (a map with a long long history now) in 1:37. Crazy runs, I tell ya!
  • More from Henning, MAP24 -fast in 7:44 and MAP13 -respawn 4:08.
  • Henning lost one record though this time, Vaclav "Bolton" Kunes snatched away the MAP29 UV Speed record by one second, time is 1:50.
  • If there is a rocketjump to do, who you're gonna call? Jonathan Rimmer, that's right... This time John performs the E2M7 jump in Pacifist. Despite missing the invul with a few inches, he still finishes 4 seconds under Adam Williamson's time, getting 0:24. John shows he's not just in for RJ's, getting the Pacifist record of E1M2 with a 0:25 run.
  • Well a couple of people just laughed when I introduced NM100S runs last time... here is a quick answer for them by Steffen "Rini" Udluft: DOOM's Episode 2 in a NM100S run, with a time of 24:44. Still lots of improvement to be made, but I hope you'll try some other episodes too... Episode 1, anyone?
  • Adam Williamson improved his own E1M6 speedrun record by 3 seconds, to 1:05, plus his E1M5 speedrun to 1:01.
  • Radek "R. Master" Pecka does another Tyson demo, this time Ultimate DOOM's E3M8 in 2:06.
  • Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek continues doing Plutonia runs. This time he improved the MAP19 Speed record to 1:08 and the MAP18 NM record to 0:16.
  • Just in! Ranjo "Mummi" Kahluff has beaten Sedlo's famous good-bye LMP on MAP24! A must see LMP for everyone. Mummi's time is 0:36.

    Get the usual ZIP here.