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Easter madness :: (16th April, 2001)
First piece of important news is that the COMPET-N FTP changed ISP/IP address/domain. I wanted to use the old domain but I unfortunately forgot the password and isn't smart enough to send it to the email address I gave, so here's the new address: or for those obsessed with numbers, Related news is that the same FTP now hosts all the Public DANG and DSDA demos as well. Needless to say, thanks to Arno Slagboom for providing the FTP space and connection for us!

There's about the same number of demos as last time, so better prepare the popcorn right away :)

First of all, demos for DOOM2:

  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff is the first player to do a MAP01-10 NM100S run (yep, that's all maps with 100% secrets on NightMare skill). His time is 23:32.
  • Henning Skogsto improved Chris' run by a few minutes and got 17:13.
  • Vincent Catalaa offers even more NM100S movie goodness: he made MAP11-20 in 35:16 and MAP21-30 in 24:32 (these are of course first time ever runs as well). This means that now all of the episodes (Ultimate DOOM and DOOM2) are now done in NightMare 100% secrets movies, the only missing run is the DOOM2 MAP01-30 NM100S run. Vincent is already on the way, his best effort leads up to MAP13, and you can pick it up here.
  • Henning Skogsto just improved Vincent's MAP21-30 NM100S run to 22:09.
  • Some more DOOM2 runs: I improved the MAP13 speedrun record to 1:03, but it was quickly beaten by Vincent's 1:00.
  • Henning Skogsto improved two Tysons: MAP04 to 5:59 and MAP24 to 9:40.

    Ultimate DOOM stuff:

  • Jonathan Rimmer improved his E1M1 Max time by another second, and he broke the par time also with his 0:29 effort. He also broke his E1M3 speed time by 1 second, to 0:40. Excellent stuff!
  • I improved the E1M4 UV Speed record by 1 second and got 0:12.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff brought the E2M7 NM100S under 3 minutes and got 2:47.

    Only one Final DOOM demo this time:

  • Adam Williamson did TNT MAP01, Pacifist style in just 0:55.

    Now onto cooperative stuff (hell there's a lot of them):

  • Anders Johnsen sent in an old (relatively) Ultimate DOOM demo of him and Henning Skogsto completing Episode 1 on NightMare in just 8:33.
  • Vincent Catalaa, Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek and Madani El Hariri gathered for a LAN and produced huge bunch of cooperative goodness. First, Vincent and Selim recorded DOOM2 on UV in just 28:43, as well as DOOM2 MAP01-10 in just 6:23. They also recorded a great deal of speedruns for Ultimate DOOM: E1M2 in 0:26, E1M3 in 0:44, E1M3 secret exit in 0:34, E1M9 in 0:34, E2M5 in 0:31, E2M5 secret exit in 0:27, E3M9 in 0:50, E4M2 in 0:16 and E4M7 in 0:11. They also recorded a few maxkills in 3-player together with Madani: E1M1 in 0:18, E2M8 in 0:21, E2M9 in 0:46, E3M1 in 0:59, as well as a 3-player speedrun of E3M8 in 0:14 and the same map in NightMare in 0:13. Vincent and Selim also recorded E1M4 NM in 0:14 and E4M3 NM in 0:09.
  • Now onto the DOOM stuff they did, UV speedruns: MAP02 in 0:38, MAP15 normal exit speed in 2:04, MAP21 in 0:48, MAP24 in 0:47, MAP25 in 0:43, MAP26 in 0:53, MAP27 in 0:13, MAP29 in 1:49 and MAP30 in 0:29 (same run 3-player in 0:28). They also did a few NM runs: MAP06 in 1:25, MAP07 in 0:58, MAP18 in 0:27, MAP19 in 1:00 and MAP30 in 0:29 (same run 3-player in 0:28).
  • Laszlo Vecsei and myself did the following runs: E1M1 Max in 0:19, E2M9 Max in 0:39, E2M7 Speed in 0:12 and MAP30 Max in 0:28.
  • Anders Johnsen and Henning Skogsto recorded MAP01 Pacifist in 0:05 and MAP30 NM in 0:28.

    Now onto PWAD demos:

  • Radek Pecka recorded a few nice UV Max demos, he did a few maps of Hell Revealed: MAP02 in 2:26, MAP03 in 2:23, MAP04 in 1:24, MAP11 in 15:23 and MAP19 in 2:49. He also did two Classic Episode maps: E2M1 in 1:29 and E2M2 in 2:32.
  • Chris Laverdure recorded Memento Mori 2 MAP02 Speed in 0:45.
  • Adam Williamson did a few Classic Episode speedruns: E2M3 in 2:24 and E2M4 in 1:13. He also did two MM2 runs: MAP01 in 0:23 and MAP02 in 0:38.
  • Doug "Opulent" Merrill recorded MM2 MAP30 in UV in 1:10 and the same in NightMare in 1:19.
  • Newcomer Erwin Lin recorded MAP20 of Requiem in Tyson skill in 6:01.
  • Arno Slagboom recorded a few Requiem demos: MAP01 UV -fast in 0:44, same map in Tyson in 0:56 and MAP20 UV Max in 0:46. Arno also recorded the first Requiem coop demo together with Marko van der Want: MAP01 Max in 0:27.
  • I recorded two PWAD demos this time: Requiem MAP20 Max in 0:26 and MM2 MAP01 NM in 0:55.

    The usual demo zip is here. (beware: nearly 1MB!)

    There's something which wasn't mentioned yet because I kind of forgot about it. If you remember the poll which decided on which PWADs to include, there was a field where you could suggest other levels as well. Thanks for all the excellent suggestions first of all, and I think it's a good idea to list all the levels which were submitted:
    Cabal levels (Sverre Kvernmo)
    Master levels (various)
    1killtng.wad (Angelo Jefferson)
    Invaders (Dominique Lavergne)
    Punisher (Dario Casali)
    Chordg (Malcolm Sailor)
    Dickie levels (Richard Wiles)
    Spooky levels (Richard Wiles)
    Fava Beans (Sean Birkel)
    Alien Vendetta (various) (better release it first :)

    Well, check out these levels if you have time, and don't forget about them whenever new PWADs will be added.

  • COMPET-N is back (?!) :: (2nd April, 2001)
    Well, hope you didn't take yesterday's update too serious. If you did - now you can sigh in relief :)) But, let's get on track right away, there's a whopping 81 demos this time!

    First, demos for the original games:

  • Adam Williamson improved his own Ultimate DOOM Episode 1 UV speedrun movie by 4 seconds, and got 5:11.
  • Radek Pecka improved a couple of demos for Ultimate DOOM: he did E4M4 Max in 1:36, E4M4 -respawn in 1:27, E4M8 Tyson in 7:04. He also did a Tyson for DOOM2: MAP24 in 12:30.
  • A couple of TNT: Evilution Max demos this time. Yashar "GeminI" Garibzadeh improved the following maps: MAP02 to 3:34, MAP03 to 2:43, MAP05 to 3:29 and MAP32 to 4:38. Anthony Soto improved MAP11 to 4:28 and MAP19 to 5:31. Radek Pecka improved a few of GeminI's times: MAP02 to 3:27, MAP03 to 2:41, MAP05 to 3:28, MAP10 to 2:39, MAP12 to 5:06 and MAP17 to 3:09.

    Demos for Hell Revealed:

  • I did quite a few demos for Hell Revealed. UV Speedruns: MAP01 in 0:07 (Pacifist also), MAP19 in 0:24 (Pacifist also), MAP21 in 0:31, MAP26 in 0:05 (Pacifist also), MAP28 in 0:14 (Pacifist also), MAP30 in 0:27, MAP31 in 2:09 and MAP32 in 0:47. I also did a couple of NightMare demos for Hell Revealed: MAP10 in 2:20 (first time ever), MAP19 in 0:26, MAP21 in 0:26, MAP24 in 0:21, MAP26 in 0:05, MAP27 in 2:44 (first time ever), MAP28 in 0:18 (first time ever), MAP30 in 0:28 (first time ever) and MAP31 in 2:17 (also first time ever). Who knows how many Hell Revealed maps will be done in NightMare eventually?
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff did a couple of interesting demos for various Hell Revealed maps: MAP01 -respawn in 1:24, MAP21 -respawn in 5:43 and MAP04 NightMare in 1:46. He also did an UV -fast for MAP16 in 26:30.
  • Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek improved the MAP21 UV Speed record to 0:29.

    Demos for Requiem:

  • I did a couple of speedruns for Requiem also: MAP01 in 0:11, MAP02 in 0:29, MAP20 in 0:11, MAP26 in 0:07, MAP30 in 0:17 and MAP32 in 0:16.
  • Newcomer Chris Laverdure did a few NightMare demos for Requiem: MAP01 NightMare in 0:15, MAP02 NightMare in 0:36 and MAP01 NM100S in 0:20. His MAP02 NightMare was beaten soon by Laszlo Vecsei's 0:32, but that didn't stand long either, because...
  • Adam Williamson also did a few various runs: MAP01 Pacifist in 0:12, MAP01 NightMare in 0:12, MAP01 NM100S in 0:15 and MAP02 NightMare in 0:30.
  • A few more of my runs are here: MAP01 Max in 0:40, MAP02 Max in 1:06 and MAP02 NightMare in 0:29.

    Demos for Memento Mori:

  • Adam Williamson did an initial speedrun of 0:49 for MAP01, which was soon improved by Doug Merrill's 0:44. Adam struck back with a 0:43, which was later beaten by my 0:42.
  • Doug Merrill did a Max for MAP03 also, in 1:18. It was soon improved by Adam Williamson, who got 1:07 for this map in Max. In the UV Speed category for this map, it was Adam who did the initial entry with 0:43. Doug improved it to 0:38, but Adam again struck back 0:33.
  • I did a Maxkill for MAP01 in 1:01.

    Demos for the Classic Episode:

  • Laszlo Vecsei got a 0:32 speedrun for E2M1, which was later improved by Adam Williamson to 0:29.
  • For E2M2 Max, Arno Slagboom started off with a 3:28 run, which was to be beaten by Anthony Soto's 3:24. Arno got a 3:18 later on, but Adam Williamson was the first to bring the time under 3 minutes (2:49, to be exact).
  • Adam Williamson also got a speedrun for E2M2 in 1:33.

    There's a slight naming convention change in Hell Revealed, the -respawn demos for this WAD should start their filenames with "he" and not "hr" (to avoid confusions with UV Max entries for the same map).

    The usual demo zip is here.