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Massive action :: (24th April, 2002)
More than 100 demos arrived in the last 3 weeks, looks like some people need to take a vacation ;-) With the latest batch, we've passed the 6000th single player demo (and getting close to 7000 altogether with coops). There's about 9 hours of action in this update :P

First off, as usual, Ultimate DOOM:

  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore has done two Max demos, make sure you check out 2:24 for E1M3 and 2:56 for E4M6.
  • Xit Vono has done one Max demo, 4:44 for E2M6, plus two Tysons, 7:08 for E3M9 and 6:24 for E4M3.
  • Oyvind Stenhaug improved the Tyson record of E1M8 to 1:38, featuring a nice baron vs. baron standoff.

    DOOM2 demos:

  • Some great movie action from Radek Pecka. First, he improved his DOOM2 UV Max Movie record to 1:53:18, the first ever recording to beat DOOM2 under 2 hours in this discipline. He also improved the record for maps 11-20, with a time of 47:10, and the record for maps 01-10, -fast monsters, time is 28:16.
  • Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic improved the UV Speed record of MAP05 to 0:24. Looks unbeatable...
  • I improved the UV Speed record of MAP32 to 0:11, as well as the NM Speed record to the same time.
  • Laszlo Vecsei did a new record for MAP15 NightMare normal exit, time is 1:53.
  • Ian Sabourin improved the MAP11 NM Speed record to 0:36, as well as the UV -fast record of MAP01 to 0:46.
  • Two more demos from Radek Pecka, a Max of MAP20 in 3:14 and a -fast of MAP15 in 6:04.

    Plutonia demos:

  • NightMare action by Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore: he did MAP04 Speed in 0:57, MAP04 NM100S in 1:23, MAP05 Speed/NM100S in 0:29, MAP06 Speed in 1:06, MAP06 NM100S in 1:30, MAP07 NM100S in 0:36, MAP08 Speed/NM100S (this one is a first time ever, needless to say) in 3:07, MAP09 Speed/NM100S in 2:01 and MAP10 NM100S in 1:50.
  • Casey Alvis did two runs, MAP21 NM Speed in 0:37 and MAP29 NM100S in 1:42. Erik Alm soon improved the MAP21 NM Speed record to 0:24.
  • Radek Pecka did a neat pack for MAP11: Max in 2:52, UV -fast in 2:49 and UV -respawn in 3:49.
  • I did an UV speedrun for MAP31 in 2:59.
  • UV -fast recordings by Xit Vono: MAP01 in 2:42, MAP02 in 3:37, MAP03 in 6:30, MAP04 in 7:04, MAP05 in 3:52. He also did a Tyson for MAP06 in 25:48, using a cool cyber freeze.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff improved some of the above mentioned UV -fast runs, he did MAP02 in MAP02 in 3:12, MAP03 in 6:13, MAP04 in 5:38 and MAP05 in 3:17.
  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore did a Tyson for MAP04 in 4:42.

    TNT demos:

  • Ian Sabourin improved the UV Speed record of MAP12 to 0:40.
  • Radek Pecka improved the NM100S record of MAP01 to 0:44, while Xit Vono improved MAP24 to 0:38. I improved it further to 0:29.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff recorded MAP28 Max in 4:21.

    Demos for Hell Revealed:

  • Radek Pecka did maps 01-10 in a Max movie in just 39:09. He also did a Max for MAP09 in 10:05.
  • Casey Alvis did the first speedrun for MAP31 normal exit, in 2:24.

    Requiem stuff:

  • Demos for MAP25 keep coming in: Jason Dyer improved the speedrun to 0:36, which was bettered by Erik Alm's 0:33, and later Laszlo Vecsei's 0:31.
  • Adolf "Gusta" Vojta shows a new shortcut which makes possible to skip the yellow key in MAP19, his UV run is 1:07 and his NM run is 1:18. I improved the UV record to 0:50.
  • Xit Vono improved the speedrun for MAP06 to 4:13.
  • While losing out on other maps, Jason Dyer snatched the MAP25 Pacifist record with his 0:41 run.
  • A couple of fillers by Xit Vono: MAP26 UV -fast in 1:53, MAP31 UV -fast in 3:53, MAP32 UV -fast in 3:56, MAP26 UV -respawn in 1:05 and MAP31 UV -respawn in 3:22. He also did a Tyson for MAP10 in 14:54.
  • Casey Alvis did two demos for MAP32, UV -fast in 3:28 and UV -respawn in 2:31. The UV -fast record was soon improved by Erik Alm's 2:11.

    Memento Mori demos:

  • A couple of cool speedruns for this WAD: Oyvind Stenhaug did MAP05 in 0:50 (as well as a Pacifist in 1:00), he also did MAP13 in 3:37, I did MAP08 in 0:17, Dan "SpinSpyder" Crowley did MAP14 in 2:46 (improved by Erik Alm's 1:21), Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff did MAP20 in 2:27 and finally, Anthony Soto did MAP32 in 3:02.
  • Two Max demos for MM this time, Radek Pecka did MAP03 in 1:05, while Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff did MAP20 in 8:24.
  • NightMare demos: Casey Alvis did MAP03 NM Speed in 1:33, MAP03 NM100S in 1:52 and MAP08 NM100S in 1:52, Erik Alm did MAP08 NM Speed in 0:31, Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff did MAP10 NM Speed in 0:58 and MAP10 NM100S in 3:55.
  • Four more demos we have: Casey Alvis did a Tyson of MAP03 in 8:50, a -respawn of MAP08 in 3:55 and a -respawn of MAP10 in 5:00, which was improved by Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff's 2:44.

    Memento Mori 2 demos:

  • Quite a pack of runs for MAP02 Pacifist here. First off, Xit Vono did it in 1:25, later I did it in 0:52. Radek Pecka improved it to 0:42. Then Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore stepped in with 0:38, but Radek took it back with 0:37 (also an UV Speed record now).
  • More speedruns: Dan "SpinSpyder" Crowley did MAP18 in 6:39, while Casey Alvis did MAP31 in 1:07 (also a Pacifist in 1:25).
  • Three more demos, Radek Pecka did MAP02 -fast in 1:20, MAP02 -respawn in 1:09, while Xit Vono did MAP32 NM in 1:55.

    Classic Episode runs:

  • Four runs for this WAD, Radek Pecka did a NM recording of E2M7 in 0:52, while Xit Vono did two Tysons: E2M1 in 4:12 and E2M3 in 11:13, as well as a Max for E2M9 in 5:51.

    This update's zip is here.

    Just letting you know, that I started work on the next contest. It will be... interesting :)

    PS. If you spend time in #nightmare, you can *easily* get any demo by using the @search and @get commands (if the bot is in). When in trouble, ask around :)

  • Easter eggs :: (2nd April, 2002)
    Better late than never, here are the latest demos for the Easter (brought to you by Easter Bunny). Concerning yesterday's incident, a deal was made and things are now settled ;-)

    Demos for Ultimate DOOM:

  • Xit Vono continues to impress with his Tyson runs, he improved E2M8 to 28:10 and E4M2 to 11:56.
  • Vincent Catalaa improved the NightMare (and NM100S) record of E4M6 to 1:40.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff did a new record of E4M1 -fast, time is 2:40.


  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore improved the maps 11-20 NM movie record to 11:19.
  • He also did two great Max runs, MAP11 in 2:17 and MAP14 in 1:46.
  • Radek Pecka also did some Max runs: MAP17 in 4:34, MAP27 in 4:11 and MAP28 in 3:04. He also did a -respawn of MAP18 in 2:37.


  • Casey Alvis recorded a -respawn of MAP03 in 5:29.


  • Xit Vono did a couple of NM(100S) demos for TNT. First, he did a NM for MAP14 in 2:53, NM100S for the same in 6:07, as well as NM100S for MAP01 in 0:47, MAP05 in 5:04, MAP11 in 0:23 and MAP18 in 3:28.
  • He also did UV -fast on MAP03 in 5:07, MAP05 in 5:35 and MAP05 UV -respawn in 5:35.
  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore did a speedrun of MAP20 in 2:39, featuring a nice arch-vile jump.
  • Radek Pecka did 2 Max demos: MAP08 in 5:45 and MAP23 in 3:31.

    Hell Revealed:

  • Casey Alvis recorded a Max movie of maps 01-10, finishing in 56:28. Anyone has the guts to go further?


  • Two speedruns this time, Jason Dyer recorded MAP19 in 2:13 and I recorded MAP02 in 0:28.

    Memento Mori:

  • A couple of nice looking Max demos by Anthony Soto: MAP08 in 2:37, MAP16 in 8:58, MAP21 in 12:49 and MAP29 in 13:10.
  • Other Max demos, Erwin Lin improved MAP17 to 6:04 and Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff improved MAP21 to 11:48.
  • Speedruns: Erik Alm recorded MAP05 in 0:58, newcomer Dan "SpinSpyder" Crowley did MAP14 in 3:08 and MAP16 in 3:01, while oldtimer Istvan Pataki is back, he did MAP28 in 8:16.
  • UV -fast demos: Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff did MAP18 in 15:46 and MAP21 in 19:04.
  • UV -respawn demos: Casey Alvis did MAP01 in 2:19, MAP02 in 4:13 and MAP03 in 2:38.

    Memento Mori 2:

  • Two speedruns here, Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore did MAP04 in 1:12 including some wacky tricks, while newcomer Johnathan "Incubus" Scott did MAP31 in 2:24.
  • Anthony Soto did a couple of Tyson demos, MAP01 in 7:42, MAP02 in 6:55 and MAP31 in 11:52.
  • Casey Alvis did 4 demos for MM2, MAP30 -fast in 6:03, MAP01 -respawn in 2:52, MAP02 -respawn in 1:58 and MAP30 -respawn in 2:57.

    Classic Episode:

  • The first NightMare demo on this WAD is by Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff, he recorded E2M7 in 1:10.

    That's all this time, as always there is a full zip containing all demos.