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No updates till September :: (12th August, 1999)
That's right, your favourite admin (that's me :) is away for the rest of August, spending his vacation somewhere far, far away... No internet there, so there won't be any updating until then. Incoming WILL function, but please please please don't send too many demos, because the more you send, the longer it'll take for me to sort them out... If I come home and see 100 demos in incoming I'll just delete them all... so try not sending too much! You have been warned! :) Take a break and enjoy your summertime!

I tweaked the left menu for 3 hours and finally it seems to be working again, and all the problems with sliders seem to be solved. Previously, many people said that the left menu frame had some unnecessary sliders but now those should be gone.

PS. Sedlo, I got your form, don't worry about it, it'll be on the page in September.

7 days, lots of demos :: (8th August, 1999)
Lots of demos this week... I'm pretty much in a hurry now so I apologize in advance for the shorter-than-usual update.

New demos:

  • Ian Sutton: new Max for MAP21 in 2:28, new NM100S for MAP08 in 1:26, new Tyson for E2M2 in 3:52.
  • Zvonimir "FX" Buzanic: lots of NM100S demos: MAP03 in 0:30, MAP06 in 1:18, MAP08 in 1:24, -fast demos, for MAP03 in 1:37, -respawn demos, for MAP05 in 2:51, for MAP06 in 2:46, for MAP10 in 4:10.
  • Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic: new NM100s for MAP15 in 7:40, and new Pacifist for the same map in 2:43.
  • Adam Williamson: new NM100S for E1M6 in 2:34.
  • Robert Reevy: new NM100S for E1M6 in 2:42 and later for the same map in 2:25, for E2M5 in 3:41, for E2M6 in 3:15, for E2M7 3:07, for E4M9 in 0:44. New -respawn for E2M5 4:17, for E2M6 in 5:05 and for E3M4 in 5:34.
  • Steffen "Rini" Udluft: new NM100S for E1M7 in 2:18, and for E2M6 in 3:06. New NightMare speedrun for E2M6 in 2:18, new Pacifist for E1M9 in 1:25 and new -respawn for E2M6 in 4:36.
  • Henning Skogsto: new speedrun for MAP28 in 0:42.
  • Myself: new NM100S for E3M5 in 2:26 and for 0:36. New speedrun for MAP28 in 0:41, new NightMare speedrun for E2M5 secret exit in 0:59 and E2M6 in 1:48.

    Today's update here.

    Two new forms posted! From Chris Ratcliff and Zvonimir Buzanic.

  • Contest results :: (1st August, 1999)
    Well, the contest ended yesterday. There was no change in the rankings, so the strolling contest was won by Adam Williamson and the turbo contest was taken by Jonathan Rimmer (so that's a double UK victory). For the demos and all the stuff check the contest page. Meanwhile, lots of nice demos as always:
  • Steffen "Rini" Udluft sent us 2 demos, E1M7 NM100S in 2:56 and a /misc demo, MAP26 NightMare! with 100% secrets and 100% kills, plus all weapons collected, in 4:14.
  • Robert Reevy is back. If you want to see some beatiful stylish keyboarding, check out his demos. A Pacifist (an older one) of E1M9 in 1:31, and some NightMare 100% secret demos: E1M5 in 2:47, E1M7 in 2:38 and E4M5 in 0:56.
  • Jonathan Rimmer did an NM100S of E1M1, one second faster than the old record. Time is 0:20.
  • Ian Sutton and Anders Johnsen have been beating each other's times for quite a while now. Ian improved Anders' MAP05 Max by 1 second to get 2:22, and also snatched back MAP08 from Henning with 2:49. In the meanwhile Anders got back MAP21 from Ian with 2:35.
  • Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic did his usual amount of DOOM2 NM100S: MAP10 in 2:57, MAP18 in 2:09 and MAP23 in 1:19.
  • Andy Kempling did 3 demos: E2M2 Max in 3:54, the same map, -fast in 4:29 and MAP06 Tyson in 19:07. Remember when "Hunter" Hoof said it was impossible? :)
  • Henning Skogsto did a MAP06 speedrun in 0:55, just 2 seconds away from D2dQ.
  • I did some runs: improved my E2M2 NM100S to 2:02, MAP08 NM100S to 1:27, and some speedruns: E3M1 in 0:31, E3M6 in 0:29 and E1M9 in 0:34.

    You can get today's 23 demos in this place. The July news have been archived, as always at the end of the month.