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Get over the summer :: (29th August, 2000)
That's right, summer is closing to its end (at least here in Europe), speedrunners are coming back from their vacation -> more goodie demos for you!

Let's get right into action:

  • I found some of Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek's Plutonia demos in my mailbox, which I've managed to overlook for quite a while (sorry Selim). Anyway, better late than never, here are his demos: Plutonia MAP14 UV Speed in 0:42, Plutonia MAP24 NM Speed (first time ever, that someone makes this map in NM) in 1:20, and some pacifists: MAP05 in 0:54, MAP10 in 0:34 and MAP24 in 1:04.
  • Ole Hartvigsen managed to beat Radek Pecka's newish MAP03 Max by 8 seconds, bringing the time well under the magical 1:30 mark. His time is 1:25.
  • Radek Pecka was active elsewhere though, a nice MAP02 -respawn in 1:14, and a big bag of DOOM -respawns, E1M4, E1M5, E1M6, E1M9, E2M4, E2M5, E2M6, E3M2 and E3M6.
  • Radek also snatched the E1M9 Max record with 2:34.
  • I got 2 DOOM2 UV Speed records: MAP02 in 0:42 and MAP25 in 0:43. Both are DOOM2 Done Quick-beaters, of course.
  • I managed to complete Episode 4 (the hardest DOOM episode) in a NightMare 100% secrets run (first time ever anyone manages). With this run, now all four DOOM episodes have been completed in NM100S runs. My time is 12:46.

    New cooperative stuff from Arno and Marko:

  • Some DOOM speedruns: E1M8 in 0:42 and E4M3 in 0:09, together with some DOOM NM demos: E2M4 in 0:54 and E3M5 in 0:31.
  • DOOM2 stuff from Arno and Marko: MAP03 UV Speed in 0:25, MAP16 UV Speed (also pacifist) in 0:15 and MAP32 UV Speed in 0:13.
  • Laszlo Vecsei and myself have done a neat rocket trick on Plutonia MAP01 in -nomonsters, finishing the map in 0:08.

    All the demos, as always, are in one ZIP here.

    Some more stuff to mention, Selim Benabdelkhalek's form is up, as well as Vincent Catalaa's 2nd form he earned when he got the D2S title. Go read!

  • Coop goodness and more :: (21st August, 2000)
    Yeah, another month of updatelessness (this word I created right now hehe) at COMPET-N, but don't worry, this is gonna be a big one!

    First of all, the big news is that finally COMPET-N hosts cooperative demos of all kinds, as it hosted them a couple of years ago. Those with a sharp eye might know that there is a site for cooperative runs, called Coop-N (maintained by Ralf Schreivogel and Arno Slagboom of Public DANG). I talked with Arno and Ralf about COMPET-N hosting the demos of Coop-N, actually they asked me that COMPET-N should host Coop-N's demos. They told me that Coop-N, despite being a successful site among the players, couldn't get the attention of the news sites and thus the demo watching people around; also we agreed that the best place for the fastest coop demos for DOOM is at COMPET-N.

    The transfer of the coop demos was quite an easy one. The demos themselves are now located under the doom/coop and doom2/coop directories in the main COMPET-N FTP site. Cooperative categories are the same as single player categories. I kept the naming convention of Coop-N, so that the coop players don't have to get used to any new funky filenames. Points scoring is the same as single player right now, only 2-player demos score points. There is only twelve 3 or 4-player demos right now, so those aren't awarded unless there will be significant action in 3-4 player coop (it's up to you, folks). Anything else... oh yes, coop records will have some nice links in the menu as single player from the next update (right now I can't be arsed with DOOM font stuff, *sigh* ). The records pages are ready though, click here for Ultimate DOOM records, here for DOOM2 records, and here for the cooperative Hall of Fame.

    These are the newest demos, quite a lot fortunately:

  • Jonathan Rimmer has managed to beat Yonatan Donner's legendary E1M1 Max record by 1 second, getting 0:31. He also did a really great speedrun of E2M5 secret exit, in 0:24.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff is into NightMare skill lately, he did a handful of NM100S records, E1M9 in 2:00, E2M5 in 2:32, E2M6 in 2:31. E1M9 he also did NightMare style in 1:04. But probably his best stuff recently is his DOOM Episode 2 run in NightMare skill, 100% secrets on all maps (yay), in 22:12.
  • Adam Williamson has improved some of Chris's stuff: E1M9 NightMare in 0:58 and NM100S in 1:25.
  • One more demo from Jonathan, he snatched away the E1M9 NightMare record (a real popular one these days) with a really fast 0:50 run.
  • Ole Hartvigsen has done a few new demos, MAP11 Max in 2:47, same map in -fast in 2:52, MAP17 -fast in 5:38 and E2M7 -respawn in 3:38. Chris Ratcliff also got a -respawn, MAP10 in 3:58.
  • Jaromir "Jacih" Cihak improved MAP25 Pacifist record by 1 second, to 0:46 (incredibly hard, this route).
  • Fellow Czech player Radek "R. Master" Pecka shows that he can do pretty Max demos too. in Ultimate DOOM he got the infamous E1M3 Max record, with a 2:40 run, while in DOOM2 he got two records, MAP02 in 1:14 and MAP03 1:33.
  • Vincent Catalaa is active again, this time he did two DOOM NM100S episodes, Episode 2 in 16:58 and Episode 3 in 12:00. More demos from Vincent: MAP04 NightMare in 0:55, MAP26 UV Speed in 0:41, MAP15 secret exit Pacifist in 0:31 and E4M1 NM100S in 0:46.
  • We have a new player! Thierry Sawmy, and he's starting strong, with a NightMare demo of Plutonia MAP01, time is 1:58. Welcome aboard Thierry!
  • Marko van der Want got the E3M7 NM100S record for a short while with 1:27, but I got the record back soon with 1:15. I also got two more demos, MAP01 -respawn in 0:45 and Plutonia MAP01 NightMare in 1:01.

    Brand new cooperative stuff now:

  • Some nice coops were recorded at Arno Slagboom's LAN party: a MAP02 Max of 0:52 (players: Arno, Bjorn Hamels, ethh), a MAP03 Max of 0:52 (same players), a MAP18 NightMare with Selim and ethh of 0:31, a MAP32 NightMare with Selim and Marko of 0:14, a MAP25 Speed with Selim and Marko of 0:47 and finally, a MAP32 NM100S with Selim and Marko of 0:16.
  • More coops from the Hungary/Croatia LAN party, players are Marijo Sedlic/Adam Hegyi, demos are UV speeds: MAP07 in 0:06, MAP09 in 0:55 and MAP15 in 0:20. We also did a 4-player MAP09 nomonster coop with a neat trick, check it out here.

    Get the whole update here.