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Contest doors closing in... :: (29th December, 1998)
Ilkka Kurkela has taken over the lead with a massive improvement. His time is now under the magic 1 minute mark! Here's what Ilkka writes about the run:

I worked pretty hard with this level and found out a couple cool, hard tricks. After hours of work I got this 0:59, which seems to be quite good :-) There are no bad mistakes, but I wasted like ~3 seconds at the cave as I couldn't get past the other Baron of Hell... The jump to the yellow key, and the silver key grab past the baron were the final keys to get under 1:00. I found the secret exit route a bit slower, but I'm not exactly sure about it...

Can anyone surprise Ilkka in the last two days?

More contest demos :: (26th December, 1998)
OK guys, Christmas is over get back into action :)
New stuff on contest page.... and it's close!

Contest first demo :: (23rd December, 1998)
See contest page...

Counter! :: (22nd December, 1998)
The counter is working, at last ;)

Contest! :: (17th December, 1998)
The first contest of COMPET-N is running! Check out the contest page for more info....

New N1M9 :: (15th December, 1998)
Donatas Tamonis has sent a very cool new N1M9 run, just under 2 minutes. I'd really recommend this one: the best work by Donatas to date. Go grab it. Some minor changes to the site here and there, corrected some anomalies in the links section, damn that counter is still not working. Oh, first contest will be announced on the 17th December, and will last till the 31st.

Five years of DOOM! :: (11th December, 1998)
OK, I was late somewhat but it's still 10th in some places of the world... Panter has done a yet faster 01-10 UV Run, now pulling the time under 7:30. Nice job, although Panter is eager to get a new 30uv record. If only Panter would learn to play MAP07 some time... Anyway, if you still haven't you can grab the demo here.

Bugs removed :: (9th December, 1998)
Michael Novikov has pointed out some mistakes in the FTP site. They are now corrected, thanks for the info!
Whoever has uploaded that f2m3-554 please send it again because the ZIP is broken!
The first contest will start sometime next week, and will last until 31st December. Stay tuned for more info!
One day to go until Doomsday.... which tells me that I'll have to do another update tomorrow just because it's Doomsday... :)