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Contest results, and more :: (29th December, 1999)
The contest is over, so I think it's best if you check out the results here.

In regular COMPET-N, here's the bunch of newest (and very high quality) demos:

  • We have two new players from a new country, Czech Republic. Vaclav "Bolton" Kunes debuts with a great MAP05 Pacifist, time is 0:27. Jaromir "Jacih" Cihak makes his debut with a nice MAP22 speedrun, implementing Rini's trick discovered some weeks ago. His time is 0:40. He also did MAP25 Pacifist style, in 0:57.
  • Adam Williamson seems to have found Nirvana in the form of Pacifist style. He sent us a couple of breathtaking Episode 1 Pacifists, all of those simply shattering the old records. These are really must see demos! E1M5 in 2:40, E1M6 in 2:32 and E1M7 in 1:51. He also beat Jaromir's aforementioned MAP25 Pacifist with the speedrun route, time is 0:47.
  • Vincent Catalaa did E1M6 Pacifist even faster than Adam, with a time of 2:09.
  • Jonathan Rimmer did a couple of DOOM NM100S runs, one of those with a cool rocket jump. (what else?) E1M3 in 3:17, E1M4 in 0:23 and E3M1 in 0:38.
  • I did a faster MAP07 -fast, in 0:51.

    Demos zipped up, here.

    That's about it for this year's last update :) Maybe you noticed, that we passed 20000 hits on the site, in exactly one year of operation. I think that's cool, and I gotta say thanks for your support throughout this year. Happy New Year and keep on DOOMing!

  • Contest kicking :: (18th December, 1999)
    But first here are the newest record-breaking stuff:
  • Vincent Catalaa did two decent NM100S runs in DOOM2: MAP18 in 1:58 and MAP24 in 2:38.
  • Adam Williamson improved his Episode 1 UV Run time yet again, and this time he even managed to beat the DOOM Done Quick time by 2 seconds. Click here to get it. He also did E2M3 NM in 0:33.
  • ...But that was soon beaten by Jonathan Rimmer's 0:32. Jonathan did some more high quality Ultimate DOOM runs: E1M2 UV in 0:23, E1M3 UV in 0:42, E2M4 NM in 0:43 and E1M1 NM100S in just 0:19.
  • Ian Sutton did some astonishing stuff recently. He beat the Max records in MAP16 (time: 2:50) and MAP29 (time: 4:27), plus the -fast records of the same maps (MAP16 in 3:34 and MAP29 in 6:41), and MAP21 -fast (time: 3:07. Also a Tyson for MAP16 in 11:46 and a -fast for UDOOM's E4M1 in 2:43.
  • Mr. Andrew Bassett is a new player around here. He debuts with some TNT Evilution demos, MAP03 in 6:45 (first ever of the map), and MAP04 in 0:13.

    OK, now on to the contest. Adam Williamson is currently leading both categories. He has a time of 0:39 in the 100/100 run. Vincent Catalaa and myself are following him closely with 0:40's (Vincent, Adam). Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic is not too far away with his 0:42, and Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek is following with 0:47.
    In the speedfigher contest, Adam Williamson is leading with a nice 242% demo, which I managed to tie with another 242% run.
    I don't think there will be an update before the deadline, so if you want to knock Adam Williamson out of the driving seat, the time is now! Send your demos dammit!

    Today's update zipped here.

  • The second D2S :: (6th December, 1999)
    Yeah, this week was pretty much a story about Vincent Catalaa. First of all, he managed the full DOOM2 NightMare! Run, by which he earned the title D2S (OK, DHT isn't giving away Schwarzenegger titles anymore, but still). He must've found this very enjoying, so a couple of days later he made another run! Incredible, and remember he is only the second guy to do this.
    Here are Vincent's newest demos:
  • The aforementioned NM runs: this first run in 54:05 and the second run in 49:58.
  • He also made maps 22-30 NM style, in one take. This is slower than Panter's run so there are no points awarded, but still worthy to watch.
  • A couple of smaller runs he did: E1M7 Speed in 1:20, MAP04 NM100S in 1:31, and MAP17 NM100S in 3:49.
  • Zvonimir "FX" Buzanic improved the MAP13 -respawn record by a hefty 16 seconds, down to 4:10.
  • Adam Williamson improved his own Episode 1 UV Run time by a whopping 30 seconds, to get 5:43. Quite a feat.

    Vincent is also going strong in our contest. In the 100/100 run, he's done 0:45, and in the speedfighter run, he achieved 235% kills. These demos are quite good, but are they good enough to win?
    Arno Slagboom is currently second in the 100/100 run with 0:55. C'mon you can do better than that, Arno!

    Oh my, here is rocket jump king Jonathan Rimmer's newest incredible trick. You really have to see this one!

    Here's today's update, zipped up: beefcake.