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The bad thing about writing this one at the end of the update is that sometimes you totally forget it :: (22nd December, 2000)
Well, we have a damn strong bunch of demos this time. So much quality stuff, I really recommend you to download them all, grab some of your favourite snacks and watch them right away.

Here are the demos, one by one:

  • An aftermath of Doomsday, Henning Skogsto has improved his DOOM2 NightMare Run record even further, cutting 1:01 from his previous time. He makes it look so easy, we all wonder how fast this could really go. An absolute must see demo of course, get it here.
  • Adam Williamson and myself have discovered a new trick jump in DOOM2's MAP24. Adam Williamson was the first to manage the jump (download his demo here), while I managed to beat the UV speed record by 1 second, getting 0:36.
  • I managed to put Jonathan Rimmer's rocketjump in MAP14 in a proper UV speedrun, bringing the time down to 0:25. Interesting fact: this map has its 3rd trick route now, all of them different!
  • Jonathan Rimmer did the near-impossible, and managed to improve the classic E1M1 Max by 1 second, to 0:30. On the same map I improved the -fast record to 0:31.
  • The two new tricks featured in a certain QdQ release are now available at COMPET-N too. Be sure to check these out if you haven't seen them before. Adam Williamson's E3M3 Speed record involves catching a rising elevator on your way back (which needs quite precise running to do so), while Vincent Catalaa's E4M1 Speed has a very nice way of getting the rocket launcher and losing no time with it.
  • Adam Williamson did two kickass speedruns for the classic Episode 1. He did E1M3, secret exit in 0:45 and E1M6 in 1:04, improving his own records somewhat further. He also snatched the NightMare record in E1M6, time is 1:28.
  • The "War Over E1M6" (TM) continues. Jonathan Rimmer had the record back for a while with 3:27, but Radek "R. Master" Pecka isn't someone who gives up easily, so he struck back with a 3:24 run. Looks like these guys are going to fight till the last gametic...
  • Radek also got 2 more Max records of Ultimate DOOM. He did E1M5 in 2:38 and E3M6 in 3:42. Radek is also active in DOOM2: he did a very neat Max of MAP18 in 3:11.
  • I got ahold of the infamous Max record at E4M2 with a run of 1:32, 11 seconds of improvement.

    TNT Evilution has its standard number of demo bunch this time too. As the Max times are getting lower, the quality of the demos increases -> even more kickass demos :)

  • Anthony Soto did 4 maps this time with some serious improvements, he did MAP18 in 9:22, MAP20 in 11:35, MAP22 in 5:46 and MAP32 in 6:24.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff did one speedrun and two 100/100 demos for Evilution. His MAP29 Speed is 4:20, his MAP29 Max is 8:59 and his MAP32 Max (just improving Anthony's demo mentioned above) is 6:03.
  • Radek "R. Master" Pecka is everywhere. He did a few Max demos in Evilution. Times: MAP01 in 0:55, MAP02 in 4:37, MAP03 in 3:15, MAP05 in 4:24, MAP06 in 3:40 and MAP17 in 3:33.

    Plutonia stuff:

  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff did MAP02 NightMare skill in 2:26, more than 2 minutes improvement over the old demo by Anthe. He also did MAP28 in 1:52, a slight improvement over his old run.
  • Finally, I made a few NightMare runs myself, improved my MAP01 by 3 seconds to 0:50, improved Chris' MAP02 by 46 seconds to 1:40 and improved my MAP07 by 25 seconds to 0:29.

    Some interesting info we have, about the E1M4 ledge at the slime which got us puzzling for such a long time. As you might remember, the small ledge is so obviously placed that some of us thought it's left there intentionally for a shortcut.
    No other than Tom Hall himself puts an end (?) to the debate, as written in this mail from John Romero (thanks to Adam Williamson who forwarded the reply):

    Here's the answer, straight from The Man who mainly designed E1M4, Tom Hall:
    "Heeeeeeeeeee. Yeah, I'm pretty sure. :) But not sure if you can get to it....
    it stops before it gets to the stairs I think you'd have to get propelled backward somehow...
    so long ago though...

    I totally forgot that this was in episode, I should play it again...yeah, like I have time..."

    So... i think he *did* design it for a shortcut.

    John Romero

    I found time to change the FAQ and About pages to a more up-to-date state. Notable changes: FAQ Page now lists all the filename conventions we have (including Final DOOM), About page has a more comprehensive history of the servers we had. Next update I'll update the Links page which is rather outdated now, and also add the newest tricks to Nostalgic. I'll also send out forms to the players who haven't received any yet (no I haven't forgotten about you).

    As for the whole pack of demos, you can download it right here.

  • Anarchy in the UK :: (10th December, 2000)
    Hey there y'all, Adam Hegyi has loosened his vice like grip on power just enough so that I, Jon Rimmer, can make an update to the hallowed pages of Compet-N. First of all, thanks to Adam for letting me update, please don't censor me! :) Anyway, I thought about using this update as a chance to launch into a political and social rant, but then I thought, "nah." I get enough politics at school, thank you very much.

    So anyway, I've not been doing too many Compet-N demos recently, due to both being very busy with school and other stuff and also having a terrible computer setup for playing at the moment. Still, plenty of you have been keeping Compet-N alive with loads of kickass demos, so good work!

  • Firstly in the Ultimate Doom Juho "Ocelot" Ruohonen did E2M1 max in 1:33.
  • For Evilution Adam Williamson did MAP24 in 1:51, but swiftly improved it to 1:47.
  • Also for Evilution Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff did MAP27 max in 10:21.
  • For Doom 2 Radek "R.Master" Pecka did LV24 max in 5:22.
  • Also for Doom 2 Vaclav "bolton" Kunes did LV29 Speed in 1:46.

    A cool set of demos there I think you'll agree so kudos to the players!

    On other matters this update should be appearing on Doomsday. Yes Doom version 1.0 was released seven years ago today and what a seven years its been. Compet-N has been running for almost as long and I doubt there's many other games sites that have been so consistantly maintained for such a long period. So if you have the time tomorrow, why not give some thought to both Doom's long and eventful history. Here's to the next seven years!

  • And the... :: (2nd December, 2000)
    ...winner is... Elsewhere, we had a huge number of demos in the last 2 weeks, especially for TNT: Evilution. Seems like TNT is still gaining popularity, becoming the most popular of the games nowadays.

    Let's see those TNT demos first:

  • A new trick has surfaced for TNT's MAP24, by John Keniry. I was the first to use this trick in an UV speedrun (time is 0:12), and Vincent Catalaa soon followed with a NM demo (time is the same). Be sure to check out this crazy trick! And open your editor if you wanna understand what's going on :-)
  • Some more TNT NightMare demos, by a handful of players. First, Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff improved MAP04 to 0:27, and MAP17 to 1:25. His MAP04 run was soon improved by Doug "Opulent" Merrill (his time was 0:20), but it was soon improved further by Vincent Catalaa (0:16), who also did MAP14 in 2:55.
  • TNT NM also marks the debut of Finnish player Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen, who did a first-ever NM recording of MAP06, in 8:00.
  • Quite some TNT Max demos this time. Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff did the following maps: MAP02 in 4:51, MAP06 in 3:44, MAP07 in 8:30, MAP12 in 6:41, MAP13 in 6:23, MAP17 in 3:38, MAP25 in 7:58 and MAP26 in 5:40. John Keniry did two maps this time, MAP23 in 4:47 and MAP24 in 2:15. Some of John's and Chris's records didn't live much long, since Anthony Soto got the record of MAP11 to 4:39, MAP23 to 4:33 and MAP25 to 7:56. Chris temporarily managed to fight back on MAP25 with 7:33, but Anthony was the first to break the 7 min barrier with 6:53. Chris didn't leave it this way though, he now has 6:29! One more TNT Max demo we have, Laszlo Vecsei improved MAP24 to under 2 minutes with his 1:52 recording.
  • 3 TNT -fast demos from Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff, MAP06 in 6:25, MAP17 in 5:25 and MAP32 in 9:42.
  • Last but not least, Vincent Catalaa improved his MAP14 speedrun to 1:41.

    Demos for Ultimate DOOM:

  • Patrick Martin, who is well known for his ultra hard Tyson recordings, doesn't disappoint the viewers. This time he ran a full run of Episode 2 and Episode 3 in Tyson style (yes, 100% kills on all maps). His times are 79:51 and 103:01, respectively.
  • Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen did two demos for Ultimate DOOM, E1M1 -fast in 0:33 and E2M1 Max in 1:35.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff did a -fast recording of E4M9 in 3:06, while Radek "R. Master" Pecka did a -respawn of E3M4 in 4:09 and E3M6 in 2:07.

    DOOM2 demos:

  • Radek "R. Master" Pecka continues with his usual high quality Max demos. His newest ones are MAP03 in 1:24 and MAP10 in 4:39.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff did a fairly substantial improvement over MAP23 -fast, his time is 3:29.
  • Zvonimir "FX" Buzanic did a few -respawns: MAP26 in 2:39 and MAP28 in 2:25.

    That's it for now, grab this zip for all the demos.

    Oh yeah, Tim Doherty was nice enough to send in the screenshot of him getting the 40000th hit, thanks!

    Don't forget, next update (whatever that may be) will be presented by the contest winner!