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MEGA UPDATE :: (31st December, 2001)
This is certainly the last update of the year :) And the biggest one as well, compiled together from more than 200 demos! I wanted an update much earlier than this, but having promised a contest for this update, I had to delay it till I could work on the contest. Also, I had a 2-week period in mid December when I couldn't concentrate on my COMPET-N duties due to my studies (well, not the amount of time this map needed).

Anyway, the contest is now open! See and check out for yourself!

I also added pages to Plutonia cooperative and TNT cooperative.

Activity was quite high in the last two months nevertheless, and this update is jam packed with extra high quality stuff! Make sure you check them out all!

Ultimate DOOM:

  • We start off with Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore's movies, and there's plenty of them! He crushed the Episode 1 NM Run time with his 6:59, plus he improved ALL FOUR Episode NM100S runs by a fair margin. One by one: Episode 1 in 12:09, Episode 2 in 14:07, Episode 3 in 10:09 and Episode 4 in 10:33.
  • Other movies of interest: Henning Skogsto improved the Episode 3 UV Run time to an exact 4:00 while Radek Pecka improved the Episode 4 UV Max Run to 22:07.
  • NightMare demos to follow, Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore improved the following maps: E1M3 to 1:03, E1M3 secret exit to 0:56, E1M5 to 1:05, E1M6 to 1:17, E1M7 to 1:43 and E1M9 to 0:46. The other players didn't rest either, hence more improvements: Adam Williamson did E1M5 in 1:04, E1M6 in 1:15 (re-taken by Vile's 1:13, and later by Adam's 1:11), E1M7 in 1:42 (re-taken by Vile's 1:41, again by Adam's 1:38, and finally by Vincent Catalaa's 1:32). Vincent also improved E1M3 secret exit to 0:51 and E1M4 NM100S to 0:22.
  • Vaclav "Bolton" Kunes did two NightMare demos: E2M3 NM in 0:29 and E2M3 NM100S in 0:45.
  • Quality max-pack by Radek Pecka: E2M2 in 3:32, E2M4 in 4:31 (improving Ole Hartvigsen's 4:46), E2M5 in 4:47, E3M2 in 1:55, E3M4 in 4:16, E3M5 in 3:08, E4M3 in 2:44, E4M5 in 2:14, E4M6 in 3:28, E4M7 in 2:38 and E4M9 in 2:33.
  • Quality fast-pack by Radek Pecka: E1M2 in 1:44, E3M5 in 4:27, E3M7 in 2:25, E4M3 in 2:53 and E4M7 in 2:42. Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff also contributed a 1:12 demo for E3M1.
  • Pacifist demos: Vaclav "Bolton" Kunes did E2M3 in 0:32 and E4M5 in 0:30. Jonathan Rimmer did E2M7 in 0:19. Oyvind Stenhaug did E3M9 in 2:00, improved by Adam Williamson's 1:51.
  • Quality tyson-pack by Radek Pecka: E1M3 in 6:24, E1M5 in 4:29, E1M6 in 12:41, E1M9 in 4:48, E2M1 in 6:31, E2M3 in 3:13 and E2M5 in 7:10. Oyvind Stenhaug sent in a Tyson of E4M7 in 7:07.
  • Quality respawn-pack by Radek Pecka: E2M2 in 2:59, E2M3 in 2:07, E3M5 in 2:44, E4M1 in 1:37, E4M3 in 1:58, E4M5 in 1:54, E4M6 in 2:43, E4M7 in 1:50 and E4M9 in 1:59.


  • Henning Skogsto is back to do serious business, and he means it. He improved records on his home territory, NightMare movies. He did the NightMare Run in 36:07 and the NM100S Run in 61:55. He also responded to Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen's challenge for the maps 01-10 NM Run of 7:51, and did the whole run in just 7:26.
  • Vincent Catalaa sent in something interesting: he recorded the whole game in UV -fast 100/100, with the added difficulty of Net-1 (playing cooperative alone with the added monsters). He did it in 2:19:09. (Note: you need IPX network to watch this demo.)
  • Ian "Sslasher" Sabourin is a well-known name in the deathmatch scene, now he's going for single player fame: he recorded a -fast movie for maps 01-10 in 29:39.
  • UV Speed records: Henning Skogsto recorded MAP02 in 0:41, which was improved by Adam Williamson's 0:40. Ian "Sslasher" Sabourin recorded MAP11 in 0:34, while Laszlo Vecsei improved his own MAP15 time to 1:23. Vincent Catalaa improved MAP21 to 0:17.
  • NM Speed records: Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore recorded MAP02 in 0:48, which was re-taken by Henning Skogsto's 0:46. Vaclav "Bolton" Kunes recorded MAP10 in 0:34, while I did MAP07 in 0:48.
  • NM100S stuff: Vincent Catalaa recorded MAP06 in 1:05, while Henning Skogsto sent an improvement for MAP09, 2:56.
  • UV Max records: Anders Johnsen is back with a couple of excellent maxdemos: MAP02 in 1:10, MAP03 in 1:20 and MAP05 in 2:10. Vincent Catalaa dug up an older run of his, MAP06 in 2:49.
  • Pacifist demos: Adam Williamson recorded the once-dreaded MAP04 in 0:44, which was improved by Vincent Catalaa's 0:38. Adam soon struck back with 0:37.
  • In the meanwhile, Vaclav "Bolton" Kunes sent in two pacifist runs: first, he did the first ever Pacifist of MAP29 in 2:56, and he also sent in a 0:28 for MAP10.
  • UV -fast runs: Ian "Sslasher" Sabourin sent in two demos: a 1:11 for MAP02 and a 0:30 for MAP30. Keene "Mutlee" Ho made a comeback with his MAP23 2:45, plus he did a Tyson for MAP16 in 9:41.


  • The usual quality from Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic: first, he shows a never-before-seen trickjump combo on MAP12, exiting in just 0:10. He also did great speedruns for MAP10 (0:20), MAP17 (0:08) and MAP21 (0:07). Other speedruns by Xit Vono: MAP25 in 2:02 (first to show off a rocketjump into the exit) and Vincent Catalaa: MAP02 in 0:50 (pacifist as well), MAP22 in 1:11, MAP25 in 0:46 and MAP32 in 0:54. I also did a speedrun on MAP27 in 0:49 (pacifist as well, and a new trick to leave the yellow key).
  • Plutonia has major fillings in the NightMare category, first time ever runs: MAP04 by Vincent Catalaa in 1:44, MAP08 by Henning Skogsto in 5:46 (note: this is a misc. entry due to admitted use of 'iddt'), MAP13 by Vincent in 2:12, MAP22 by Vincent in 2:48, MAP25 by me in 2:16 and MAP31 by Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore in 5:39.
  • More NightMare action: Vincent Catalaa did MAP01 in 0:41, MAP02 in 1:26, MAP06 in 1:29, MAP16 in 0:32, MAP17 in 0:09, MAP19 in 1:07 (100% secrets) and MAP30 in 0:45. Xit Vono did MAP03 in 1:27, which was beaten by Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff's 1:24, who also did MAP28 in 1:42. Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore improved on his own MAP31, time 5:18 (100% secrets, too).
  • A small fight for the MAP10 NM record: Vincent Catalaa did an initial demo of 0:45, then Adam Williamson did a 0:36, beaten by Vincent Catalaa's 0:28. Adam fought back with 0:26, but it was Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic who cut down the time to 0:21.
  • Xit Vono did a few NM100S demos: MAP01 in 3:27, MAP03 in 1:33 and MAP11 in 1:06. Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff sent a demo for MAP06 in 2:29 and one for MAP28 in 2:30. Concluding NM100S demos, there's a MAP01 1:19 by Vincent Catalaa.
  • There's only one max demo, that by Radek Pecka, over MAP01, and the time is 2:14.
  • Pacifist demos: Chris Laverdure recorded MAP02 in 1:13, MAP04 in 1:07, MAP06 in 3:02, MAP09 in 1:50, MAP13 in 0:50 and MAP20 in 0:48. Xit Vono also did a handful of runs: MAP03 in 3:05, MAP14 in 1:00 and MAP28 in 2:14.
  • Cameron Prosser did a breathtaking first ever Pacifist for MAP32 in 1:36.
  • Adam Williamson did another first ever Pacifist: MAP31 in 5:52, as well as improving a few others: MAP02 to 0:58, MAP04 to 0:51, MAP10 to 0:24 and MAP14 to 0:25. Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff improved MAP06 to 1:18 and MAP28 to 1:53.
  • UV -respawns: Xit Vono did MAP11 in 5:17, while Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff did MAP02 in 3:31 and MAP28 in 7:58.


  • Starting off with movies: Xit Vono did a 01-10 UV Run in 30:35, beaten by newcomer Serge "Never_Again" Marudov's 26:38 and later Vincent Catalaa's 22:35. Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff did a 11-20 UV Run in 23:09, beaten by Vincent Catalaa's 16:51.
  • UV Speed: Vincent Catalaa did MAP05 in 1:10, MAP11 in 0:18, MAP13 in 1:15, MAP17 in 0:35, MAP19 in 0:50 (improving Adam Williamson's 0:52). Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen did a run for MAP06 in 2:09.
  • NM Speed: Adam Williamson did MAP12 in 0:44 and MAP19 in 1:18, while Vincent Catalaa did MAP07 in 0:58 and Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen did MAP06 in 2:55.
  • One Max demo this time, by newcomer Casey Alvis: MAP31 in 10:29.
  • NM100S goodies: Xit Vono did MAP03 in 3:47, MAP11 in 0:36 (beaten by Chris Laverdure's 0:32 and later Doug "Opulent" Merrill's 0:26), MAP12 in 1:31, MAP13 in 4:03, MAP16 in 2:02, MAP17 in 3:26, MAP18 in 5:17, MAP19 in 3:14, MAP23 in 1:37 and MAP31 in 4:02.
  • More NM100S goodies: Chris Laverdure improved MAP12 to 1:21, improved by Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff's 0:59, then Doug "Opulent" Merrill's 0:54, and later, Adam Williamson's 0:52. Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff also improved MAP17 to 1:58, MAP25 to 6:59 and MAP32 to 5:41. On MAP31, Casey Alvis improved the record to 3:52, beaten by Vincent Catalaa's 3:04, beaten again by Casey's 2:41, and finally settled by Vincent's 1:56.
  • Adam Williamson sent some Pacifists, too: first-time ever for MAP02 in 1:12, and a 0:54 for MAP19 (beating Chris Laverdure's 1:04).

    On to PWADs, we kick off with HR:

  • Xit Vono recorded a speedrun for MAP09 in 3:04.
  • A couple of Tysons: Erwin Lin recorded MAP02 in 16:13 (beaten by Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff's 12:22), and Xit Vono recorded MAP04 in 12:08 and MAP10 in 15:21.


  • Xit Vono recorded a handful of speedruns for Requiem: MAP03 in 2:34, MAP05 in 3:36, MAP08 in 7:54, MAP09 in 2:16, MAP11 in 1:03, MAP12 in 2:12, MAP14 in 4:23, MAP16 in 6:03, MAP17 in 2:39, MAP18 in 3:47, MAP19 in 2:39 and MAP22 in 4:45 (beaten by Adam Williamson's 3:18).
  • He also did a few Max demos: MAP05 in 8:44, MAP08 in 9:17, MAP10 in 3:55 and MAP11 in 2:57.
  • A couple more runs by Xit Vono: MAP10 NightMare in 2:34, MAP10 NM100S in 3:05, MAP13 UV -fast in 11:23 and MAP02 UV -respawn in 1:17 (beaten by Radek Pecka's 1:06).

    Memento Mori:

  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff recorded a MAP26 UV Max in 4:40.

    Classic Episode:

  • WE HAVE OUR FIRST EVER FEMALE PLAYER! (I think that's worth shouting about) Laura "BahdKo" Herrmann, another well-known personality in the deathmatch scene, did her first demo for COMPET-N, a Tyson of Classic Episode E2M1 in 6:57.


  • There's only one demo this time, a DOOM2 NightMare Run by Henning Skogsto and his counterpart Bjorn Hamels, they blazed through the entire set in 39:47.

    This update's zip is here (beware, nearly 2 megs!).

    There should be a great number of player's receiving their blank profile very soon...

    Keep on DOOMing!