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New Tyson stuff emerges :: (26th February, 1999)
I was a bit afraid that the new categories will be forgotten because of the Patrick Martin/ Daniel Lindgren dominance, but that doesn't seem to be the case. There has already been a healthy number of demos, as:
  • Henning Skogsto comes in to get new tyson demos of MAP04, MAP31 and MAP32.
  • Andy Kempling improves MAP01 and Henning's MAP32 (this last one really worth taking a look!).
  • Arno Slagboom continues to fight for E1M1 dominance in this Tyson demo.
  • Donatas Tamonis takes on a classic map in no time.

    Elsewhere, Anders continues his quest of taking the Ultimate DOOM Max demos, with this brilliant piece of demo.

    Finally incoming was cleaned up, so if you missed anything you can always browse history.log.

  • BIG update :: (22nd February, 1999)
    The big news is that COMPET-N's new FTP is working now (at least I really hope so). If you click on the incoming tab in the menu, you can access the FTP site from here, or just remember the URL: Plus, COMPET-N finally includes Tyson and Pacifist categories, take a look at the /tyson and the /pacifist subdirs, both DOOM/DOOM2. The points table has been updated accordingly, Panter is back in No.1. spot, and some new players emerged as the two cats were added.
    I'll update the Rules section soon, in case someone doesn't know the exact requirements for these categories.
    The PLUVDEMO demo collection will be uploaded to the plutonia/max dir soon, I just have a little more work to do.

    More of the runs :: (21st February, 1999)
    There's another maxkills by Anders, click, and a r1m5-250 by long lost Arno. And you really should take a look at this.

    New runs finally :: (20th February, 1999)
    Despite the problems with FTP, I got a healthy number of demos to update about. First is Anders' new e3m4-424, which is a minute faster than the previous record by Eelco, be sure to check this out! Some neat BFG and berserk handling by Anders.
    There is a pair of 0:06's on E3M6, e3m6-006 was done some months ago by me, but I wasn't sure to upload it because of strafe50 running, but now Rini (who has n3m6-006 now) has convinced me. Take a look at the different styles of running.
    Also a new pair, in the 01-10 UV runs. Check out both Henning's and mine.

    I don't know if I can set up FTP by the weekend, it doesn't depend on me, I would have done it already, but the system admin of hasn't yet given me enough disk space, and till then I cannot upload the LMPs.

    Not quite yet... :: (18th February, 1999)
    Incoming is NOT YET working, I had some problems with it which I have to discuss with the system administrator, please don't upload, instead mail your stuff to me. And please be patient! I'm sure you all can wait a bit more.

    New FTP! :: (17th February, 1999)
    COMPET-N has new FTP, thanks to my beloved friend PhOeMiX. It doesn't have anything up yet, I gotta find some time to upload 12 megs of COMPET-N stuff, but I hope this will be done by the end of the week. Till then, I give you the URL so you'll have time to learn it :))) Incoming is working so you can upload now. Here you go:, while the incoming dir is

    New Henning stuff :: (15th February, 1999)
    Henning has sent his new MAP31 demo along, possibly the last one. Grab this.

    I contacted one of my friends who said he can get me FTP space. It'll probably take some time so please be patient!

    Important stuff please read :: (13th February, 1999)
    Unfortunately it seems that will be closed down so COMPET-N has to move from there. I copied all the stuff from to The new directory is This is no FTP, so you can only reach it by a browser. It looks ugly, yes, but remember it's better to have this than having no COMPET-N at all!
    Some changes:
    Incoming doesn't exist anymore. The only way to send demos is to mail them. Incoming will exist for a week or two so you can watch the demos in it.

    This may be a temporary solution. I want to know if it's all right for you if COMPET-N stays here. Yeah the links look ugly, but I don't have time know to work everything out, I just wanted to have COMPET-N up and running again.
    Now we're searching for an FTP server around, if we find one then we'll go FTP again.

    Please tell me what you think about the current state, I need to get feedback!

    PS. COMPET-N doesn't move to USA, Andy Stine stop thinking about that!

    FTP problem :: (11th February, 1999)
    Someone has taken off FTP access to
    What are these guys doing?
    Of course we'll ask them ASAP why this happened.
    Until then, please mail your demos to my email address. Thanks.

    On COMPET-N expansion :: (10th February, 1999)
    The good news is that COMPET-N will soon include Tyson and Pacifist categories. I asked Steffen Udluft and George Bell and they both agreed in this decision, so now it's just a matter of time, and we'll have two new cats... Elsewhere, incoming mostly is filled with my own stuff which I'd rather not review, but Steffen Udluft has done an Episode 4 Respawn Run which is what you want to have a look at now, don't you?
    We have a new player, Jonathan Rimmer from the UK, here's some very entertaining stuff by him. Click.

    Site upgrade, step one :: (5th February, 1999)
    Yeah probably you noticed that the site has changed a bit. I hope you like it... if you have any comments (like it or not) just tell me, I'm open for any discussions.

    Back in motion :: (4th February, 1999)
    Hi guys, I passed all my exams so I'm back as I promised. A lot of new demos came in recently, lots of extremely good ones. If I may pick my favourites... here's what you MUST have a look at:
    lv02-044 by Anders.
    e2m7-040 by Anders.
    lv31-236 by Henning.
    Mind you, incoming is finally cleaned up and already some easter eggs in it! Go take a look...

    Oh, I installed a file on the FTP which tells you the last 30 demos. History.log was getting too big.

    I have one week of free time from now on, I wanna spend this on upgrading the COMPET-N website. New sections (including archived news, per month) will be added. Hopefully new categories will be added and a new contest is coming up! Don't worry, the site looks won't change dramatically or something. Key word is expansion.