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Tricks and traps :: (26th February, 2000)
No, that's nothing to do with MAP08, I just couldn't come up with a better title tonight :) Anyway, there are a couple of tricky demos in this update, watch out!

  • Lots of heavy fighting on "the mother of all maps", E1M3 (Toxin Refinery). Anders Johnsen managed to regain his NM run records on this map, normal exit in 1:10 and secret exit in 1:04. Only temporarily though, Vincent Catalaa stepped in, clinching both records, normal exit in 1:08 and secret exit in 0:59.
  • Adam Williamson improved the Pacifist record on the same map by a healthy margin, bringing the time under 1 minute (!), with 0:58. Vincent Catalaa didn't wait long to defend his record, achieving 0:56.
  • Vincent also got the NM100S record on this map, finally breaking the 2 minute barrier with a nice 1:59 run.
  • Meanwhile, the Norwegians got their MAP25 records back from Vincent, Anders with UV Max in 1:39 and Henning with -fast in 1:45.
  • After getting the Pacifist record on the level, Adam Williamson has finally managed to snatch the UV Speed record on MAP19. He improved Esko's time by one second on this terribly hard run (also a D2dQ beater), getting 0:40.
  • Henning Skogsto also got a DOOM2 UV Speed record for himself this week, MAP11 in 0:36.
  • Some more stuff from Henning, this time it's Plutonia MAP20. He set new records in four different categories: UV Speed (0:45), NM Speed (1:30), UV Max (3:39) and UV -fast (4:11).
  • TNT Evilution stuff from Vincent: UV speedruns of MAP02 (1:14), MAP03 (1:33) and MAP24 (0:25). NM speedruns of MAP07 (1:06), MAP10 (2:31), MAP12 (0:55) and MAP23 (0:48).

    As usual, you can get all the demos in one ZIP file. Click.

    This page has been under operation since 14 months now, so I thought it was time to do some kind of statistics on these months. I wrapped up a stats page (only about the page, nothing about the demos, yet), which is now available. I think it's quite interesting, sometimes even surprising. If you like statistics, check this. If you don't, don't worry, this thing gets updated only once a year or so...

  • Demos galore :: (19th February, 2000)
    That's right, we received over 40 new demos in the last two weeks. Probably the most important event was that Norway's leading players returned to COMPET-N with lots of great demos. If you take a look at the Hall of Fame tables, it's easy to notice that Norway are now No. 1 and 2 in the Players table and also extended their lead among the countries. Since I'm doing administration of COMPET-N, this has been the 5th lead change in the Hall of Fame. Past leaders were: Demonlord, Panter, Anders, myself and now its Henning who got to the No. 1 spot. Congratulations!

    Here is the full roundup of all demos:

  • First of all let's see how Henning got that No. 1 spot. First of all he completed the 30nm challenge (a.k.a. DOOM2 Schwarzenegger), the 3rd player to do so. His time is incredibly fast compared to previous D2S runs. A Highly Recommended (TM) demo, get it here. He also grabbed all DOOM2 10-level NightMare! run records: maps 01-10 in 8:56, maps 11-20 in 13:44, maps 21-30 in 15:26.
  • More NightMare! stuff by Henning, this time it's single-level recordings: MAP04 in 0:56, MAP05 in 0:30, MAP12 in 1:18, MAP14 in 0:52, MAP17 in 2:44, MAP24 in 0:58, MAP25 in 0:56 and MAP29 in 2:08.
  • Even more Henning stuff, Maxkills demos: MAP22 in 1:17, MAP23 in 2:32 and Fast demos: MAP25 in 2:07 and MAP26 in 3:55.
  • Anders Johnsen is back! After some months of silence, some brand new Tyson demos from him: E3M9 in 8:36, E4M9 in 4:01, MAP02 in 3:31. Great stuff!
  • Lots of different stuff from Vincent Catalaa (who has become a real all-around player by now). Let's see... we've got Max stuff (MAP25 in 1:41), Fast stuff (MAP25 in 1:54), NightMare stuff (MAP14 in 0:43 and MAP17 in 2:30) and NM100S stuff (E4M6 in 3:58).
  • Another great all-around player, Adam Williamson. Let's see what he's got: MAP26 speedrun style, in 0:44, MAP19 Pacifist style, first in 0:52, then in 0:41 (must see! with the incredible trick jump by Ilya), MAP25 NM style 0:54. Plus some Ultimate DOOM NightMare running, all with great style: E1M3 normal exit in 1:20, E1M3 secret exit in 1:08, E1M3 NM100S in 2:05 and E2M6 in 1:20.
  • Jonathan Rimmer finally managed his MAP03 rocket jump in a world record time. Brilliant demo.
  • Neat keyboarding by Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff: E3M8 -fast in 0:44.
  • TNT: Evilution runs by Vincent Catalaa. Speedruns: MAP15 normal exit in 0:18 and MAP17 in 0:46. NM runs: MAP11 in 0:20, MAP15 normal exit in 0:18 and MAP17 in 2:07.
  • New rocket jump by Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek, in MAP29. Here is his original demo (you need TASDOOM to watch it), and here is my demo, showing both MAP29 jumps in one run (normal DOOM2.EXE demo).
  • I defended my E3M8 -fast with a 0:39 demo.

    OK, that's about it for this update. Yeah, there are lots of demos there, but I really suggest you take your time and watch them all, because it's very high quality stuff we're talking of here! Convinced? Take this ZIP file.

    Keep on DOOMing!

  • No demos, but some page update :: (13th February, 2000)
    As I promised, the page now includes a proper table for the Final DOOM world record times. Go check, it's on the left!
    Two new forms are posted, by players Andrew Bassett and Doug "Opulent" Merrill. Go read!
    Plus, the newest DOOM2 tricks now have their pages in Nostalgic, see the Nostalgic page for details!

    Next update will have the newest demo bunch. You can expect some more page updates in the future (more Nostalgic, more forms, page fixes, maybe a page redesign). I honestly don't know which will come next, stay tuned and you'll see!

    BIG update! :: (5th February, 2000)
    Well the reason of these three weeks without any updating is that I had to take some exams at the university, which can really suck you out (most of you certainly know what I mean). Finally I'm done, so it's time to check the newest demos. I have to say, in this pack of LMPs there are lots of VERY high quality ones, so I suggest you watch 'em all if you haven't already!

    Here is the deal:

  • The demo which has to be mentioned first and foremost is Anders & Henning's incredible DOOM2 Cooperative NightMare! Run (the first ever, that's right). Amazing piece of action by both players, this one is certainly one classic demo. I strongly suggest you watch both perspectives, and first of all grab it here.
  • Vincent Catalaa has also sent some long runs. He made an UV 100/100 run of DOOM2 maps 1-10, in 30:26, plus he made a full DOOM2 UV 100/100 run, which beats Anders' old record by 10 minutes. His run is only a little over 2 hours now, get it here. Also, in the first 10 maps of this demo, Vincent has beaten his own 01-10 UV 100/100 run, time is now under 30 minutes, 29:09.
  • Ultimate DOOM stuff by Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek (you can remember his name from the last contest, but this is his first COMPET-N record): E4M2 Pacifist in 0:29.
  • Adam Williamson also tried this one, and got it 10 seconds faster, in just 0:19.
  • Vincent Catalaa also doing Pacifist stuff on this map, secret exit this time. It's also a Speed record, time is 0:23. Vincent made some other Pacifists, E1M9 in just 0:50 and E4M4 in 0:37. Plus some NightMare! stuff: E4M4 in 0:37 and E3M7 in 1:05.
  • On to DOOM2 stuff now: Keene "Mutlee" Ho from Australia has sent his debuting demos to COMPET-N some weeks ago. He did MAP23 Tyson style, in 8:04 and Max style, in 2:35.
  • Another debuting player, Janne Kalliomaki from Finland, did MAP25 NM100S style, in 1:16, and MAP21 -respawn style, in 1:46.
  • Adam Williamson, whose favourite hobby is bashing the times of newbie players ;), so he has beaten Keene's MAP23 Max by 1 second (2:34), and Janne's MAP25 NM100S by 18 seconds (0:58. He also managed to beat Sedlo's MAP23 Pacifist, with 0:51.
  • Some very nice Pacifist stuff by the Czech guys: Vaclav "Bolton" Kunes did MAP08 in 0:25 and Jaromir "Jacih" Cihak did MAP28 in 0:48. Two archie jumps in Jaromir's demo, crazy run!
  • Some -fast stuff by Vincent, MAP21 in 2:44, MAP25 in 2:23 and MAP26 in 5:30.
  • More Vincent (can't get enough of him, right?), this time Plutonia speedruns, MAP10 in 0:21 and MAP29 in 1:07.
  • We got lots of Evilution stuff by Andrew Bassett. Speedruns: MAP11 in 0:19, MAP23 in 0:35, MAP28 in 6:53, MAP30 in 2:04 and MAP31 in 0:30. NightMare! runs: MAP01 in 1:04, MAP11 in 0:33, MAP15 secret exit in 0:14, MAP22 in 0:18, MAP30 in 2:15 and MAP31 in 0:31. He also got MAP01 -fast style, in 1:29.
  • One demo from me: Ultimate DOOM E3M7 NM style, in 1:03.
  • Some built stuff in the end: Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic did the first ever MAP01 run in 4 seconds. Of course, it's -nomonsters and built, but really worth taking a look (especially that most of us thought 0:04 is not possible even with built). Grab it here.
  • Two brand new rocketjumps, one by Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek, in MAP22 and the other by myself, in MAP29.

    Whew! 42 demos for your viewing pleasure, all zipped up here. Weighs over 800K!

    Some words about the Final DOOM tables and the new forms: don't worry, they are under construction and I'm working hard to include them in the next update!

    I'd like to mention that COMPET-N has just celebrated its 100th player, who was Keene "Mutlee" Ho from Australia. Congratulations to Keene! For more info on the players, you can check our full players list, here.

    That's about it for now, see you next time around!