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Demos galore (again) :: (18th February, 2001)
Last time we had 59 demos, this time it's 55 demos in 3 weeks. But first of all, the contest is going pretty well, 6 players have submitted runs so far. Adam Williamson is leading with 0:48 at the moment, Albert Valls follows with 0:57 and Arno Slagboom occupies 3rd spot with 0:59. Check out their demos here if you haven't already (and all the others too). There is still more than a week left till the deadline, so I urge everyone who hasn't submitted a run yet to send their demos. A place in the top three is still gettable and Adam Williamson's time isn't impossible to catch either, so send in those runs!

In the regular demo categories, there's plenty of action as always, here's what we have this time:

  • Radek Pecka is the 4th player ever to record the whole of DOOM2 in an UV 100/100 movie. His time is fastest of the ones so far, just 31 seconds over 2 hours. Download his demo here. Radek also managed to beat the first 10 maps fastest in his split time 01-10, so here is another movie from him.
  • Radek also did some great misc. Tyson's of DOOM2's MAP32: he did a Tyson with -fast monsters in 2:22 and the same task, but without using an invulnerability in 4:15. Also some more regular Tyson's by Radek, MAP18 in 6:18 and MAP19 in 10:46.
  • Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen did a very impressive speedrun of MAP18 in 0:22, which is a Pacifist record as well, and beats DOOM2 Done Quick by 2 seconds.
  • Vincent Catalaa did a pretty quick NightMare run of Ultimate DOOM Episode 2: he only needed 5:53 to complete the episode.
  • The E3M6 war between Joe Abene and Radek Pecka continues: Joe responded with 3:09, but Radek even managed to beat 3 minutes now, his time is 2:58. Two more Max runs, Radek's new record of E3M7 and Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen's record of E1M7.
  • Two NightMare runs of Plutonia: Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff improved the MAP03 record to 1:35, but was soon beaten by Doug "Opulent" Merrill's 1:31.

    Everything which is to follow is a TNT: Evilution demo:

  • Speedruns: I snatched the MAP15 normal exit record with 0:17 and the secret exit record with 0:13. Same times I got in NightMare skill: normal exit, secret exit.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff is the first ever to record TNT MAP25 on NightMare skill, his time is 6:39.
  • Yashar "GeminI" Garibzadeh sent a whopping 18 Max demos in one take, he improved the following maps: MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, MAP07, MAP09, MAP10, MAP11, MAP17, MAP18, MAP20, MAP22, MAP23, MAP26, MAP27, MAP28 and MAP29 (whew).
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff improved some of Yashar's demos as well as other maps: MAP06 to 3:28, MAP12 to 5:57, MAP13 to 4:42 and MAP26 to 5:24.
  • Yashar Garibzadeh did strike back on 3 of these maps quickly, improving one of his own, and adding another map to his collection: he did MAP06 in 3:24, MAP11 in 4:30, MAP12 in 5:19, MAP26 in 4:53, and MAP30 in 2:51.
  • Radek Pecka stepped in and improved 3 other TNT maps: MAP02 to 3:57, MAP03 to 2:55 and MAP05 to 3:45.
  • Last but not least, here are 6 TNT -fast demos from Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff: MAP12 in 6:49, MAP13 in 7:00, MAP14 in 7:49, MAP25 in 8:38, MAP29 in 12:13 and MAP32 in 7:34.

    I finally found time to update the Nostalgic section with the latest tricks, the number of pages now add up to 80. Newest pages include: the two new tricks in DOOM Done Quicker (E3M3 and E4M1 elevator tricks), the glide in MAP21, the 2nd rocketjump in MAP24 and the same jump in MAP24 but without a rocket launcher.

    I promised we'll have more on the PWADs topic later, and here it is now. You have a chance to vote which PWADs you would like to see at COMPET-N. If you want to vote, click here. It only takes a minute to cast your vote, so go and do so! Also, thanks to those who submitted their ideas, I hope you all find the nominee list to your liking.

    There was some maintenance on the FTP, Michael N. Novikov was kind enough to send a list of mistakes he found. Because I know there are quite a few people who maintain a full COMPET-N archive at home, here's the full list:

  • Some ARJ archives which were mistakenly named as ZIP got converted to ZIP: nm23-058, re08-211, re13-503, re20-250, re23-157, re24-507, re27-334, re28-243, pa16-039, fa28-333.
  • Some ZIP archives had CRC errors, they are corrected: ep3-0422, 30uvmax.
  • c1m3-157 had erratic content, corrected.
  • f1m6-433, f1m7-314 were mistakenly placed in doom/max, corrected.
  • nm09-142, nm10-037, nm15s039 were mistakenly placed in doom2/pacifist, corrected.
  • e2m4-044 had zero byte length, re-uploaded.
  • fa01-054 had a bad filename, corrected.
  • cs05-036 and cs05-037 had the same content, demo itself was 36.97 seconds so cs05-037 deleted.

    A technical related topic I've got left: As most of you know, the COMPET-N FTP server (where all the demos are stored) is running as a courtesy of Arno Slagboom (co-founder of Public DANG). Because the FTP is on an average connect, some users have reported they have trouble downloading demos (ie. the FTP being slow or full). I'd ask everyone who connects to the FTP to log out after they are done, also IE and Netscape tend to keep themselves logged in if there's a window to the FTP, even if it's not used, please close these windows if you're not using them.

    On a related matter, I now offer a mirror of the incoming directory which runs on this server. The mirror updates every hour, which should be sufficient for those who like to check out new demos in incoming before the homepage is updated. If you check out incoming once in a while, you could use the mirror now instead; it's much faster and much more convenient.

    The newest fullzip will be available from this server now as well, but of course they will get archived on the FTP as well. Before I forget here is the last one: click.

    One more thing, if you are interested in chatting with speedrunners you can always check out channel #nightmare on IRCNet.

  • Contest! :: (5th February, 2001)
    Finally there's a contest at COMPET-N again, so I suggest you take a look yourself! This contest involves some new stuff, first of all it's a PWAD contest (although not entirely new). This has something to do with COMPET-N expanding with PWADs real soon. More on this later... until then, you could think about which PWADs we should host?
    Second, contest demos should be uploaded to or sent in email (If you don't want others to see your entry, send it right at the deadline. I will upload mailed demos to the contest incoming directory just as with normal demos.) The reason behind this: it seems that being able to see how others do has a good effect on the competition. After all, we all want to see kickass demos, don't we?

    The new demos will be covered in the next update, don't worry about them. Until then, get running!