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More Anders and other stuff :: (29th January, 1999)
Yeay, Anders (and Henning and Jan Endre) have sent around 20 demos to incoming yesterday. Times are very impressive, I cannot tell more because I haven't checked them out yet. I really encourage you to have a look at them by yourselves...

I also wanted to tell that it's the 3rd Hungarian Quake/Quake2/DOOM deathmatch champs held over the weekend. That means I'm away from internet for the weekend. Wish me good luck ;)

New Anders stuff :: (28th January, 1999)
It was a long delay since Anders last sent stuff... But our wait was worth it. Two great speedruns over E1M3 he sent us, and these demos ROCK! You know what you have to do... Pick up this and this. According to Anders, there could be some more stuff from him soon!

Vilekiller results :: (26th January, 1999)
Only two demos in the last days, one from Panter and one from Doug Merrill. Just one hour before the deadline, Panter snatched the UV best time with 1:01, thus grabbing both UV and NM contests.
Full review and demos on contest page.

Contest nearing its end :: (23rd January, 1999)
The Vilekiller contest received many demos since I last updated about it. The UV contest is lead by Henning Skogsto, while in NM, Panter's got the lead. Check out the contest page for all the demos!
Also, a new slightly faster F3M9 by Joe "DOOMMANN" Abene.

Delay :: (20th January, 1999)
It turned out that I have to study very hard in the next two weeks, this probably means that I'll have very little time to update. Hopefully I can watch the incoming demos and update the tables, and I'll have time to update the contest page (new demos in by Donatas Tamonis, Opulent, Thomas "Panter" Pilger) and announce the contest winner. But I don't think I'll have time for the forms, please guys wait patiently. I'll have a lot of free time from February 4th, that means that the expansion of COMPET-N will be made in February, but not earlier. Thanks for your patience.

Update :: (17th January, 1999)
I updated the best times lists as well as the contest page. The 3 new forms will be processed soon. Sorry for the delay.

Ack :: (13th January, 1999)
Unfortunately my monitor died on Saturday :(( I dunno when exactly they'll get it repaired, it'll take at least another week. That means I cannot watch any LMPs in at least another week. I can read/answer my mails if something's urgent. So no updates in the next week, sorry for the inconveniance it may cause.

Contest #2 :: (8th January, 1999)
This time it's a bit easier, go and see the Contest page for more details...

More NM02 stuff :: (6th January, 1999)
It's best if you watch the latest one... Panter decided he had enough of some lame Hungarians trying this so he ended up the whole thing with this. Quite an effort, be sure to have some food and stuff around you when you try to beat it :)
Joe "DOOMMANN" Abene has done a new F3M9, he tells he'll try to fill up the remaining spots in the tables even though he knows his stuff isn't unbeatable. Grab it here. His form will be available soon, BTW.
The new contest should start in a few days' time. Prepare!

1999 :: (1st January, 1999)
Happy New Year to every DOOMer out there! The new year starts with our first contest ending (...and the winner is: Ilkka Kurkela!) and a new NM02 recording by Istvan Pataki. The next contest should start in a few days' time.