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First demos of the new year :: (15th January, 2000)
First of all some technical stuff. I updated all dates with 4-digit year numbers (better late than never :), corrected some wrong information in the records tables (thanks Vincent Catalaa), and finally, I added all the dates to the Pacifist demos.
I also plan to have some sort of checking over the demo archive, because there are some mistakes but these were never scanned before.

Here are the new demos (a healthy number of them, which is great):

  • Vincent Catalaa has recorded the first ever E4M1 Pacifist, in 2:50, with great moves and nice tactics. A must see demo! Vincent also did a really fast Pacifist of the similarly tough E1M3, in 1:16. He also recorded E1M3 NM100S style, in just 2:11.
  • Some DOOM speed stuff from Adam Williamson: E1M3 secret exit in 0:47 and E3M9 in 1:09.
  • More Ultimate DOOM stuff from Adam: E1M6 Pacifist in 1:49 (insanely fast!), E3M9 NightMare! in 1:07, E3M9 NM100S in 1:12, E3M1 NM100S in 0:34 and E3M1 -respawn in 1:11.
  • DOOM2 runs from the Czech guys: Jaromir "Jacih" Cihak recorded three Pacifists, MAP06 in 2:11, MAP14 in 0:43 and MAP21 in 0:54, while Vaclav "Bolton" Kunes recorded two demos for MAP09, Pacifist in 1:16 and Speed in 1:04. Definately players to look out for!
  • Adam Williamson beat Jaromir's MAP21 Pacifist with 0:52, but his demo didn't live long, because Vincent Catalaa managed to beat it with 0:46. Vincent recorded a handful of other demos for DOOM2: MAP14 Pacifist in 0:35 and Speed in 0:29, MAP22 Speed in 0:37 and Max in 1:20.
  • I got some of my DOOM records back: E3M9 Speed in 1:08, NM100S in 1:08 and E3M1 -respawn in 1:07.

    Demos zipped up, here.

    I plan to update the Nostalgic Tricks page to keep up with the newly discovered tricks, (finally) have a proper record table for Plutonia/Evilution demos, and also send out their well-earned forms to the new players.

    Added some cool links to the Links page:

  • Anders Johnsen's Home Page
  • DOOManiax (including Vaclav "Bolton" Kunes and Jaromir "Jacih" Cihak).

    Keep on DOOMing!