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Brief update / Lots of demos :: (28th January, 2001)
Finally, here's the latest bag of demos. Sorry for the delay, I've had exams right through January (argh). Sorry for the rather short detail update this time too, but I have 2 more exams in the next week (more argh). Anyway, here you go (59 demos, wow):

New demos for Ultimate DOOM:

  • Radek Pecka is hyper-active these days. First of all, he sent in 2 max runs for Episode 2 (time is 30:05) and Episode 3 (time is 24:17). He also did a couple of other runs, like a maxkill for E2M3 2:37, another maxkill for E4M8 in 2:44 a few -fast demos, for E1M5, E1M7, E2M1, E2M2 and E2M3. He also did a -respawn for E2M1 in 1:24.
  • Anders Johnsen did three runs on E2M3: Max in 2:22, -respawn in 2:09 and a Tyson in 3:21.
  • Joe "DOOMMANN" Abene and Radek Pecka are having an exciting fight on E3M6. Joe started off with a Max entry of 3:34, which he soon improved to 3:29. Radek beat this with a 3:23 run, but Joe managed to strike back with 3:21. Radek didn't wait long to get the record back, which now stands at 3:15.
  • Some other DOOM records by Radek, now in the Tyson category. He improved the following maps: E2M2, E2M6, E3M3, E3M4 and E3M5. Joe "DOOMMANN" Abene also did a Tyson, he improved E3M6 to 4:45.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff did one demo for Ultimate DOOM this time: E4M5 -respawn 2:24.

    DOOM2 demos:

  • Henning Skogsto improved the MAP11 Max time to 2:39.
  • Radek Pecka improved the -fast time of MAP10 to 4:59.
  • Doug "Opulent" Merrill improved the MAP21 NightMare record to 0:33 with the slide invented by Jonathan Rimmer.
  • I used the aforementioned slide in 3 new demos for MAP21: UV Speed in 0:24, NM Speed in 0:28 and UV Pacifist in 0:31.

    Demos for TNT: Evilution:

  • Vaclav "Bolton" Kunes improved a few records: MAP01 Speed in 0:29, MAP01 Max in 0:52, MAP02 Speed in 0:59, MAP03 Speed in 1:02 and MAP28 Speed in 1:24.
  • I improved two speedruns of TNT: MAP01 to 0:28 and MAP02 in 0:50.
  • Radek Pecka improved the MAP01 Max time to 0:50.
  • Vincent Catalaa got all his UV speed records back with his new runs: MAP01 in 0:27, MAP02 in 0:46, Speed in 0:55, MAP21 in 2:29 and MAP28 in 1:18.
  • Yashar "GeminI" Garibzadeh improved the Max time for MAP32 to 4:50.

    Last but not least, a handful of coops from Vincent Catalaa and Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek:

  • They did all Ultimate DOOM episodes as UV Speed runs: Episode 1 in 6:51, Episode 2 in 4:57, Episode 3 in 4:18 and Episode 4 in 7:24.
  • They also did a few speedruns for Ultimate DOOM: E2M7 in 0:14, E3M4 in 0:56, E3M7 in 0:46, E4M1 in 0:28, E4M2 normal exit in 0:20, E4M2 secret exit also in 0:20, E4M3 in 0:08 (using a new way of jumping to the exit), E4M5 in 0:30, E4M6 in 2:27 and E4M8 in 0:47.

    That's all we have, and if you want to have all in one click, then just click here.

    In February I'll be able to devote more time to the website which will hopefully result in some new cool content. Until then, keep on DOOMing!

  • New... :: (2nd January, 2001)
    Year/Century/Millennium... yeah whatever. New *LOOK* here at COMPET-N, after 2 years of blue, finally some kind of refreshment. I hope y'all like it just as me, be sure to send feedback in one way (aka mail) or the other (aka forum).

    Before we hit the demos, here's a lookback on the past year, with stats, names, links, all the famous demos of the past 12 months:

    First, here's a short review of what happened in year 2000:

  • January: a good start to the year. Vincent Catalaa recorded the first ever pacifist for E4M1, we saw three new players (Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek, Keene "Mutlee" Ho and Janne Kalliomaki). Arno Slagboom recorded the first demo of Y2K. At the end of the month, Vincent Catalaa sent the fastest DOOM2 Max run as of now.
  • February: First and foremost, Anders Johnsen and Henning Skogsto recorded the first ever cooperative DOOM2 NightMare Run. Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic did the impossible and built a 4 second -nomonsters run for MAP01. Later on this month, Henning Skogsto became the 3rd D2S. Jonathan Rimmer did 2 great tricks, the rocketjump on MAP03 and the glide on MAP21. The COMPET-N home page finally provided a points table for Final DOOM.
  • March: Jonathan Rimmer took the E1M1 Max record with a blazing demo. The NightMare war on MAP17 between Henning and Vincent concluded with Henning's 2:16. COMPET-N hosted the "COMPET-N quiz", 18 people cast their votes, and Arno Slagboom came out as winner with 9 out of 10 answers correct. Also introduced was the NightMare 100% secrets run. One of the most active new players, Radek "R. Master" Pecka came in this month.
  • April: Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic returned to COMPET-N with a tough trick on Plutonia MAP01. Istvan Pataki also made a short comeback. Adam Williamson sent a DOOM Done Quick-beater UV Episode 1 run. The looooong history of MAP14 -respawns was ended by Henning Skogsto's 1:37. Three Ultimate DOOM episodes were done as NM100S runs: Episode 1 (Jonathan Rimmer), Episode 2 (Steffen "Rini" Udluft) and Episode 3 (Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff). Vaclav "Bolton" Kunes did a groundbreaking trick on DOOM2 MAP10. Another new Czech player (Jakub "Avenger" Mahdal) was introduced.
  • May: Adam Williamson recorded a blazing Pacifist on E1M5. Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic started playing Ultimate DOOM. A contest on MAP07 was held (with the low and high mods), with great success. The homepage reached hit #30000.
  • June: The demos site went down in the middle of the month. Arno Slagboom helped and provided a stable FTP. This also had a bad effect on the activity. Still a few noteworthy demos: Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic with optimums in DOOM and in DOOM2. Ole Hartvigsen, a new player from Norway emerged.
  • July: Vincent Catalaa recorded DOOM2 in UV -fast, killing every monster and checking out all secrets in a bit over 2 hours. Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic recorded a blazing speedrun on MAP31. Jonathan Rimmer recorded a classic speedrun on E1M3.
  • August: COMPET-N finally started hosting cooperative goodness. We saw a few new players: Thierry Sawmy (Plutonia), Bjorn Hamels, ethh (coop). Radek "R. Master" Pecka did his first ever Max demo. I recorded the first Episode 4 NM100S run.
  • September: Vincent Catalaa was the first ever player to get the combined D1S+D2S titles. With all the NM100S episode runs under his belt, he also got the D1SS title. We saw a couple of Max movies in Ultimate DOOM as well, like runs of Episode 1 (Radek "R. Master" Pecka), Episode 3 (Ole Hartvigsen) and Episode 4 (Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff).
  • October: Henning Skogsto improved his DOOM2 NightMare Run and reached under 40 minutes. I became the 4th D2S (and the 2nd D1S+D2S). Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic sent a devastating speedrun on Plutonia MAP11, while Ilya Britvich's comeback involved a nice arch-vile jump on Plutonia MAP18. Laszlo Vecsei, a new player from Hungary, had his first demos. I recorded a new Max of MAP01. Another new player, Anthony Soto recorded his first demo at COMPET-N. Anthony's demo was the first in the TNT Max avalanche in the last couple of months. 62 demos in this category in the last 97 days, I think that speaks for itself.
  • November: The keygrabber contest was held. Jonathan Rimmer came out as winner, and enjoyed his prize in December's first update. Radek "R. Master" Pecka and Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff were the most hard-working players this month, here's a cool demo from Radek and another one from Chris. The homepage had its #40000 hit. Final DOOM saw a new player, Maximiliano Di Dio.
  • December: Henning Skogsto had his 4th DOOM2 NightMare Run this year. DOOM Done Quicker was released, and with it 2 new tricks (E3M3, E4M1) saw the light. We saw a new player from Finland, Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen. Some other new tricks have surfaced, on TNT MAP24, DOOM2 MAP24 and DOOM2 MAP14 (this last one was around for a while though).

    Summing it up with some statistics, all gathered from the logs I have. For your information: these stats include all single-player records (incl. Final DOOM) but NOT coop (coop demos log is under construction). Here you go:

  • A total of 651 demos in year 2000 (that's 1.78 demos/day). This isn't the highest we've had (1996 had 916, 1999 had 904) nor the lowest (1995 had 420, 1997 had 599). But I think the activity is still very good!
  • Breaking down the numbers to the games, Ultimate DOOM saw 243 demos this year, DOOM2 had 188, TNT had 152 and Plutonia had 68. It's worth to note that DOOM2 had the lowest number of demos since 1995 (got tired of it?), but TNT had more demos this year than in all previous years, combined! That's pretty outstanding. Also, Plutonia had more than in the past 2 years, looks like Final DOOM was on the run in 2000.
  • Checking out the categories, we had 133 NightMare Speed demos, 124 UV Maxes, 123 UV Speeds, 65 UV -respawns, 51 UV -fasts, 48 Pacifists, 43 NM100S demos and 19 Tysons, also 42 movies. It's interesting that UV Speed (which is the most popular category, looking at the overall history) is only 3rd on the list, as NM Speed and UV Max took over. Will the trend continue in 2001?
  • Most interesting of all, perhaps, is the players' activity top list. A few surprises in the list (at least for me), most active player was Vincent Catalaa (88 demos), followed by Adam Williamson (81), Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff (68), Radek "R. Master" Pecka (65), Henning Skogsto (52), Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek and Adam Hegyi (50-50), Jonathan Rimmer (31), Ole Hartvigsen (25) and Anthony Soto (22), that's the top 10 list this year. A total of 35 players have submitted 1 or more demos this year, which is quite respectable (compare to 37 in 1998 and 1999).

    Now onto the new demos:

  • Adam Williamson has done a handful of beautiful Ultimate DOOM speedruns: E1M5 in 0:55, E1M6 in 1:00 and E1M7 in 1:18.
  • Radek "R. Master" Pecka improved his Episode 1 Max run by more than a minute. His time is only slightly over 20 minutes now, just 20:10.
  • A war is raging over the MAP32 Max record. Anthony Soto grabbed the record early on with 5:45, but Radek "R. Master" Pecka soon took it with 5:29. Not too long he enjoyed it though, as Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff got 5:20 a bit later. It was Henning Skogsto who first got under 5 minutes though, his time is 4:54. Very interesting tactics/style changed between these demos, better check them out all! Also, Henning's demo is the first COMPET-N demo which was recorded in the new year...
  • Laszlo Vecsei snatched the TNT MAP24 Max record (again) with 1:44.

    Demo zip is here.