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Hot summer, hot demos :: (27th July, 1999)
There isn't too much change in the contest standings. Arno Slagboom took 4th place in the turbo contest with 4.37. We have 4 days to go till the deadline, so if you have more demos at home, it's time to send them in! On the demo scene, we've got some cool demos for you:
  • Arno Slagboom regained the Netherlands' lost pride by snatching the E2M2 -respawn away with 3:22. Netherlands is back to 0.5 points now but for how long?
  • E2M2 is very popular, there are some new demos for the 100% NightMare category. Arno Slagboom kicked it off with 2:54, but it lasted short as Adam Williamson did 2:31, but I managed to improved it further, down to 2:07.
  • Vincent Catalaa made a new MAP05 NM100S in 1:45.
  • The Croatians aren't resting. We have the usual DOOM2 NM100S stuff from Zvonimir "FX" Buzanic: MAP06 in 1:27 and MAP08 in 1:32, plus one demo from Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic: 1:25.
  • I did three other recordings: E4M3 speedrun in 0:09, E4M5 speedrun in 0:25 and MAP07 NightMare SSG only in 1:23.

    That's about it for today, here is the whole thing zipped.

  • More contest demos and the "rest" :: (23rd July, 1999)
    People have been flooding me with the contest demos, so it was high time I updated again. Take a look at the contest page for the current standings. Remember, there is still a week to go, so the results are not final yet!

    Let's see what other demos we got:

  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff has done MAP15 Pacifist, normal exit, first time ever! Despite Chris is a keyboarder, he still manages this previously undone task with relative ease. I must say his demo is brilliant playing with great tactics and an awesome route. Check it out!
  • Thomas "Panter" Pilger made a perfect MAP27 speedrun, finally beating Daniel's 3-year-old record. The new time is 0:12. Although I just said "perfect", Panter says 0:11 might not be impossible.
  • Ian Sutton and Henning Skogsto are fighting for the MAP08 Max crown. Ian grabbed the record with a nice 3:01, but Henning responded and took the time (finally!) under 3 minutes with 2:53. But does it end here?
  • Meanwhile, Ian tried himself out in NightMare! mode, and did a MAP08 NM100s in 1:33.
  • Adam Williamson did 2 demos for E4M5 recently: a speedrun of 0:27 and a Pacifist of 0:32.
  • Marijo Sedlic becomes a freak for NM100S: he did 3 new recordings. One for MAP13 in 2:39, one for MAP25 in 1:24 and one for MAP26 in 1:31.

    Today's update is available here.

  • First contest demos in :: (21st July, 1999)
    We just got our contest under way, and we have plenty of stuff already. You can check out the demos in the contest page, and remember, the deadline is 31st July. I forgot to mention, so I'll put it down here:
    Please DO NOT put contest demos in incoming!!! Mail them to me, and I'll update about them shortly.

    Well having a contest doesn't mean people will stop getting records for themselves. Here's the newest stuff:

  • Thomas "Panter" Pilger cracked down the MAP29 NightMare time to 3:27, which is 1 1/2 minute faster than the old record!
  • Anders Johnsen fought E4M1 Max back from Ian Sutton (again). His time is now 2:06. Will anyone get it under 2 minutes, and will it be Ian, Anders or someone else?
  • Adam Williamson got E4M4 Pacifist done with great tactics, his time is 0:41 which beats the old record by 4 seconds.
  • Croatia is still going strong. A new demo from Zvonimir, MAP06 NM100S in 1:34, and some NM100S demos from Marijo: MAP01 in 0:32, MAP19 in 1:51, MAP20 in 1:37 and MAP27 in 1:45.
  • Henning Skogsto has beaten Marijo's aforementioned MAP27 NM100S by 9 seconds, new record time is 1:36, and also beat Marijo's MAP20, with a 1:33 run.
  • I did MAP01 NM100S in 0:31, getting the record back again.

    Today's bunch of demos, here.

  • Huge update :: (18th July, 1999)
    OK, I promised that I'll update earlier, but some Real Life (TM) occupance got in the way. I was also working hard on the page, that, finally, the Nostalgic section to be expanded. Go check out the new DOOM2 Tricks section, and more, on the Nostalgic page!

    I have received two forms recently, by two Englishmen, Jonathan Rimmer and Robert Reevy. Go check!

    There is a new contest up and running, see the contest page for details!

    And now, the demos... a whopping 27 demos last week, pretty good I must say. Let's get into the details now:

  • Ian Sutton re-conquered his E4M1 Max record with this very nice piece of recording.
  • Henning Skogsto made some quality runs: new speedrun for MAP29 in 1:51, a new Max for MAP08 in 3:05, NM100S for MAP28 in 1:19 and for MAP31 in 0:57.
  • The Croatians come strong in DOOM2 NightMare! 100% secrets, both Marijo and Zvonimir with 2 recordings each. Marijo: MAP01 in 0:34 and MAP05 in 2:21. Zvonimir: MAP08 in 1:39 and MAP11 in 1:23.
  • Arno Slagboom and Adam Williamson are having a fight on E2M2 -respawn, definately enjoying themselves. Arno kicked off with a 3:54, Adam soon followed with a 3:37. Arno came back with a 3:34 demo, but Adam was the first to go under 3:30 with 3:29.
  • It's Adam Williamson again, this time against Jonathan Rimmer. The map is E2M5 secret exit, Pacifist style. Jonathan started out with a 0:38, but Adam soon beat him with a 0:37. Jonathan needed little time to strike back: resulting a 0:36, but Adam followed again with a 0:35. Then, Adam decided to shut it all down. He made a breathtaking 0:28 recording, which will take quite a while to beat! But who knows...
  • Adam surely has a lot of free time so he pulled out some more recordings: MAP03 -respawn in 1:37 and the same in Tyson, time is 3:09.
  • A long lost player, Frank "Jesus" Siebers has made his comeback with a neat MAP29 -fast in 7:17. Certainly not an easy task!
  • I made various recordings this time for DOOM2. A speedrun of MAP28 in 0:43, and MAP31 in 0:31, two NM100S demos, MAP01 in 0:33 and MAP08 in 1:35. Plus a -respawn of MAP32 in 0:34 and a new type of recording, a NightMare! with 100% secrets run of maps 01-07 in DOOM2. Time is 13:26.

    That's it for today, and as always, you can get the whole bunch in one ZIP from this place. I hope you have enough stuff to watch and enough stuff to read now!

  • NightMare runs! :: (10th July, 1999)
    It's been quite a while I last updated. I was waiting for some quality stuff coming in, and it did. Let's look into that:
  • Arno Slagboom did a nice E2M2 Max recording. His time is 4:19.
  • Adam Williamson did two DOOM2 Tysons recently. Both are incredibly fast runs on two hard maps, MAP02 in 4:47 and MAP04 in 6:37.
  • Anders Johnsen is back! Anders tells he finally got a new computer with a nice internet connection so nothing can stop him now... He has an E2M2 Max (special one for Arno) in 3:57, an E4M1 Max in 2:13, a -fast E4M6 in 4:20 and a MAP05 Max in 2:23. Surely, being away didn't affect Anders' gameplay at all!
  • I did some demos: the last NM100S remaining, E4M6 in 4:41, a simple NightMare for E3M5 in 0:25, a -fast recording of MAP32 in 0:35. And a little fight for health on n4m1: here it is.

    And now the big ones:

  • Vincent Catalaa got past MAP22 in the race for the DOOM2 NightMare! Run. His demo is 3rd in the all-time rankings behind Panter's and Anthe's recordings. His time is 39:34.
  • I got the last NightMare challenge done. The Episode 4 NightMare! Run is now complete. Get it here.

    Ian Sutton mailed me that his f4m1-249 wasn't in fact a -fast recording, so it was removed and Anders got the record back.
    Today's update is available in one ZIP here.

    Next update will come earlier, and with lots more than only demos... Stay tuned!

  • Some demos, 10000, and more :: (3rd July, 1999)
    Heh, I didn't mean we have more than 10000 demos :)
    Now anyway we have a couple of those of course. Let's see:
  • Ian Sutton has recorded two amazing UV Max's for DOOM2. He did MAP04 in 1:05 and MAP08 in 3:12. Very spectacular BFG handing in MAP08 by Ian.
  • Adam Williamson has recorded an Episode 1 UV Run in 6:13. This beats Anders' old time by 16 seconds, and features the usual smooth movement by Adam W., who says under 6 minutes is reachable.
  • Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic recorded yet more demos for MAP16 (he prepares to own this level, it seems), a Tyson in 12:07, which features some really great strategic play by Sedlo; and a -respawn in 2:13.
  • I recorded two demos for E3M2, UV in 0:13 and NM also in 0:13; an NM100S run for E1M9 in 2:10 and another one for E4M5 in 0:59. This leaves E4M6 as the only out-of-base NM100S map.

    I got some positive feedback that the update is available in one zip. Because I don't want to overwrite the previous zip, all update zip's will be stamped with the date. They will be deleted eventually (no need to keep everything twice), monthly, perhaps. Grab the whole update here.

    Jonathan Rimmer has sent two very interesting demos to us. Both show two separate rocket-jumps on MAP09. Unfortunately, MAP09 has the rocket launcher way off the speed route, and because the jumps are really hard it's unlikely anyone will do them in an episode run. I really recommend them though, you can have them from here.

    It was Mr. Aaron Dorman who got #10000, here is the shot he sent:

  • Counter bug? :: (1st July, 1999)
    It seems like our counter went mad, and instead of displaying 9863 it turned to 1977. Really don't know why (PERL masters, anyone?). Anyway it has been restored, and as I write this, it's still under the 10,000 mark.