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Update, finally :: (24th July, 2000)
Well I guess you don't want to hear about my excuses why there wasn't an update in more than a month of time. The important thing is that COMPET-N is alive, the demo site is up and you can have the newest stuff right here. After our demo site went down a month ago, I tried to contact the administrator when it'll be up again. I received NUMEROUS promises but the server is still not back up. So I decided to move to an other place, and luckily Arno Slagboom from Public Dang offered me server space. Last week I tried to arrange that the domain being set to Arno's server, but it's not done yet. Until then, you can access the server through its IP address (and of course download the demos with the links). The good news is, we are back to FTP access again, so it's easier to download the full archive if you want to. The second good news is, we finally host ALL the demos from, so now the whole COMPET-N archive is located at one single server.
The server is located at, while the incoming directory is at pub/compet-n/incoming/.

There aren't too many demos this time, but I'm sure you won't be disappointed by the quality:

  • Jonathan Rimmer improved his own record of E1M3 by 1 second, getting 0:41.
  • Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic got the incredible 0:30 time on MAP31. Seems optimum to me...
  • Vincent Catalaa got a MAP01-30 -fast movie. That's right, that means killing every monster, finding every secret on all maps of DOOM2, in UV -fast style, and without dying once. This could be one of the longest recordings in COMPET-N history, lasting 2 hours, 30 minutes and 51 seconds. Grab it here.
  • Radek "R. Master" Pecka improved his own MAP32 Tyson time with 17 seconds... now it's 1:14. Incredible run, I don't know how you could get any faster than that...
  • I improved my MAP07 UV run by another second, getting 0:46.
  • Jaromir "Jacih" Cihak improved the Pacifist record of MAP14 to 0:33, using an alternate version of the arch-vile jump (which you could know already... or not.)
  • Arno Slagboom improved the MAP02 -respawn by 2 seconds, getting 1:18.
  • Jonathan Rimmer also improved two Ultimate DOOM maxkills, snatched E1M7 with 2:55 and E2M1 in 1:39.
  • Zvonimir "FX" Buzanic also got a maxkill in UDOOM, grabbed E4M3 with 2:52, and he also got the -respawn record on the same map with 2:08.
  • Arno Slagboom improved DL's TNT MAP10 Max by 5 seconds, getting 2:55.

    Get the whole update here.