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Summer time :: (31st July, 2002)
It's been quite a while since the last update and I believe no one is really interested in why this update took so long. I hope you all enjoyed the summer so far (it's been really hot around here), and the world cup if you've followed (Brazil rocks).

Demos for Ultimate DOOM:

  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore continued pulling out quality Max runs for DOOM. Here are the runs he sent: 1:38 for E1M2, 1:39 for E1M4, 2:28 for E1M5, 3:13 for E1M6, 2:31 for E1M7 and 2:16 for E1M9.
  • Radek Pecka defended E1M4 with 1:37, but Drew quickly responded with 1:34.
  • Xit Vono recorded a -fast for E2M4 in 5:43, which was beaten by Radek's 5:33.
  • Xit Vono sent a plethora of Tysons for Ultimate DOOM. Here they are: 5:44 for E1M3, 5:17 for E1M4, 4:02 for E1M5, 11:35 for E1M6, 4:28 for E1M7, 4:47 for E1M9, 5:56 for E2M1, 3:39 for E2M2, 3:10 for E2M3, 4:00 for E2M4, 5:26 for E2M5, 5:32 for E2M6, 4:19 for E2M7, 2:42 for E3M1, 2:26 for E3M2, 2:40 for E3M3, 7:09 for E3M4, 4:27 for E3M5, 6:18 for E3M7, 2:32 for E4M4, 4:18 for E4M5, 6:52 for E4M8 and 3:59 for E4M9.
  • Radek Pecka responded to a couple of the above: 4:40 for E1M3, 4:25 for E1M7, 3:34 for E2M2, 3:09 for E2M3, 4:02 for E2M7, 2:23 for E3M2, 2:36 for E3M3, 6:55 for E3M4, 4:21 for E3M5, 4:28 for E4M4, 6:08 for E4M8.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff also joined the fun on E3M7 with 5:49 for E3M7, but his run was soon beaten by Xit Vono's 5:18. Chris took back the record with 4:46.

    Demos for DOOM2:

  • We lift off with a couple of movies here from Jan "Doomgeek" Vida, a NM speedrun of maps 21-30 in 14:36 and a NM100S run for the same maps in 18:27. His NM speedrun was soon beaten by Vincent Catalaa's 13:35.
  • Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic sent in two speedruns for DOOM2: MAP24 in 0:34 and MAP19 in 0:36. Sorry if this is not what you expected pal, but I lost what you wanted. :(
  • Radek Pecka did two maxkills: MAP24 in 5:14 and MAP29 in 4:18.
  • MAP24 goodness continues, as Xit Vono improved the NM record to 0:53 and the NS record to 2:33.
  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore did two NM records himself, MAP09 in 1:35 and MAP29 in 1:57.
  • Xit Vono continued sending Tyson goodness for DOOM2 as well. Here's the pack: 5:15 for MAP04, 9:32 for MAP09, 14:22 for MAP12, 7:33 for MAP16, 10:02 for MAP19, 7:42 for MAP23, 9:23 for MAP24 and 12:13 for MAP25.

    Demos for Plutonia Experiment:

  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore did a couple of maxkills: 2:37 for MAP04, 2:13 for MAP05, 2:43 for MAP06, 3:51 for MAP08, 2:38 for MAP10, 2:33 for MAP13, 2:28 for MAP14, 1:47 for MAP17, 1:39 for MAP19, 1:52 for MAP21, 6:26 for MAP23 and 3:37 for MAP32.
  • Adolf "Gusta" Vojta also did a maxkill: 2:28 for MAP02.
  • Erik Alm did a Pacifist of MAP28 in 1:41.
  • ethh recorded a NM100S run of MAP11 in 1:03, which was beaten by Xit Vono's 0:58.
  • Casey Alvis beat MAP30, -respawn style, in 1:43.

    Demos for TNT Evilution:

  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore completed some undone NM100S this time, MAP04 in 2:40 for MAP04 and 3:05 for MAP07.
  • Casey Alvis also did an NM100S run: MAP22 in 1:55. A couple more runs by him: MAP31 Max in 8:53 and MAP30 -respawn in 4:47.
  • Xit Vono recorded a -respawn for MAP04 in 6:55.

    Demos for Hell Revealed:

  • Adolf "Gusta" Vojta did a maxkill for MAP03 in 2:19.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff also did some maxkills: MAP13 in 13:14, MAP16 in 12:47 and MAP17 in 11:44.
  • Even more maxkills, from Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore: MAP22 in 8:03, MAP23 in 13:53, MAP26 in 19:44 and MAP28 in 5:43.
  • Finally, Casey Alvis did a maxkill of the previously undone MAP30 in 1:56.
  • On to speedruns, Casey Alvis recorded MAP15 normal exit in 3:10, MAP15 secret exit in 1:17, MAP16 in 6:54, MAP17 in 6:22 and MAP18 in 8:51.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff has beaten two of the above speedruns: he did MAP16 in 3:14 and MAP18 in 5:43.
  • Erik Alm did a Pacifist speedrun for MAP24 in 0:23.
  • More demos from Adolf "Gusta" Vojta: MAP01 -fast in 1:36, MAP03 -respawn in 2:18 and MAP04 -respawn in 1:39.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff recorded MAP21 -fast style in 6:40, while Casey Alvis did two -respawns, one for MAP02 in 3:56 and one for MAP30 in 1:14.

    Demos for Requiem:

  • Xit Vono did quite a few UV speedruns for Requiem, here are his demos: MAP04 in 1:36, MAP11 in 0:53, MAP12 in 2:03, MAP13 in 4:34, MAP15 normal exit in 6:27, MAP15 secret exit in 4:40, MAP17 in 2:25, MAP18 in 3:18, MAP23 in 6:18, MAP27 in 4:49, MAP29 in 5:55 and MAP31 secret exit in 1:24.
  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore recorded a maxkill for MAP31 in 1:48, while Casey Alvis did MAP30 in 2:21.
  • He also sent in a bunch of maxkills: MAP03 in 5:20, MAP04 in 4:07, MAP09 in 6:20, MAP12 in 9:13, MAP13 in 6:53, MAP14 in 6:14, MAP15 in 10:58, MAP16 in 7:21, MAP19 in 5:27, MAP21 in 8:38, MAP24 in 6:28, MAP28 in 4:49 and MAP30 in 1:22.
  • Two movies for Requiem, Xit Vono improved his own speedrun for the first 10 maps in 31:16 and also did a run for the second 10 maps in MAP03 in 41:04.
  • He also did a couple of UV -fast demos: MAP06 in 13:38, MAP12 in 11:45, MAP14 in 13:05, MAP16 in 13:47 and MAP30 in 2:09.
  • A few more demos from him, this time -respawn demos: MAP06 in 8:43, MAP08 in 14:39, MAP09 in 7:35, MAP10 in 3:37, MAP12 in 9:13, MAP13 in 8:34, MAP16 in 9:55, MAP20 in 0:49 and MAP30 in 1:19.
  • Casey Alvis improved the above MAP30 -respawn to 1:07.
  • Finally, more demos from Xit Vono: he did MAP12 NM in 6:53, MAP09 NM100S in 6:31, MAP19 Pacifist in 2:22, MAP02 Tyson in 3:12 and MAP11 Tyson in 13:30.

    Memento Mori demos:

  • Xit Vono did a couple of speedruns: 4:15 for MAP04, 0:48 for MAP05, 1:07 for MAP06, 6:35 for MAP09 and 0:33 for MAP11.
  • He did two more demos for MAP06: NM speed in 2:21 and Pacifist in 1:48.
  • Doug "Opulent" Merrill recorded a NM speedrun for MAP29 in 0:20, while Casey Alvis did a NM100S demo for MAP30 in 1:48.

    Memento Mori 2 demos:

  • Two speedruns by Adolf "Gusta" Vojta: MAP12 in 0:38 and MAP20 in 0:51. He also did MAP12 Pacifist style in 0:43.
  • Casey Alvis did a speedrun of MAP11 in 4:40.

    Cooperative demos:

  • Casey Alvis did E3M7 Pacifist with newcomer Michael "OgreSlayR" Lastovica, they got to the exit in 1:08.
  • Radek Pecka and newcomer Jan "x-jack" Dousa recorded a speedrun for DOOM2 MAP31 secret exit in 0:35.
  • Vincent Catalaa and Nicolas Gandou filled in two more holes of the DOOM2 Max table, with 9:08 on MAP17 and 3:53 on MAP23.
  • Vincent and Nicolas did a couple of Plutonia speedruns as well: 0:29 for MAP01, 1:00 for MAP06 and 0:24 for MAP30. They also did two maxkills, 6:48 for MAP31 and 12:59 for MAP32.
  • ethh and Bjorn Hamels optimized the Plutonia MAP01 speedrun record to a mere 0:07.
  • Three more demos by them, they recorded a maxkill of TNT MAP10 in 2:07, also a speedrun of MAP17 in 0:45 and another one of MAP30 in 1:36.

    Here are all the demos in one zipfile.

    I started updating the outdated pages on this site and you may see some of them being renovated in the coming weeks without further notice. There are some new questions in the FAQ section already and expect some updates to the About and the Rules sections as well.
    Regarding the next contest, I decided to postpone it to sometime later as I really don't want to fire up a contest in the summertime when some players might be away on vacation, also I'm not really in the mood of level editing myself either :-)
    My vacation will most likely be Sept 6-20, you can definately expect an update before that.

    There are undoubtably a couple of mistakes in this update, go find them :]