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The newest demos :: (28th June, 1999)
Well it seems that our demos site is down at the moment, and it's been down for most of the time since the 26th... They say that it has to do something with a network problem rather than a problem with the server. I'm sorry about that and I feel terribly bad... but on the other hand I cannot change servers every day... I really hope the problems will disappear soon and I can promise I'll kick some butts for that if necessary.
But, everything for the people! So here are the latest demos, heh:
  • Vincent Catalaa sent us a new E1M3 NM100S demo, time is 3:27. I'd like to send my congratulations to Vincent, who has became the fourth DOOM2 Half-Schwarzenegger yesterday (finally managing NM22 and NM29)!
  • Steffen "Rini" Udluft made a couple of interesting demos. A new NM100S to fill the tables, E4M9 in 1:22 and a very interesting run of DOOM2 MAP01-MAP10 in 38:05. What's special? He used chainsaw and rockets only!
  • Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic loves MAP16, so he just made a new NM100S run for it under the 1 minute mark, 0:59 to be exact.
  • Thomas "Panter" Pilger made a misc. NM17 100% secret demo, meant just for enjoyment only. He writes that it should be kept just as a misc. demo, so we'll stick to that. It's 1 second faster than the old one, here is the demo.
  • Andy Kempling made a new route for MAP20 Pacifist, time is 0:37. See how to get the megasphere with no timeloss.

    Okay, hit No. 10000 is close now... I'd love to give away P3's and V3's and stuff (because that would mean I'm rich hehe), but right now I can't sorry... so I'll have to think of something else. Send your screenshot if you happen to be the one!

    Well the demo site seems to be back up as I type this now - it's really weird. I cleared off incoming and left the latest stuff in it.

    For popular demand, from now on, every update I make will be available in one ZIP file (until the next update comes, and the filename is the same every time, you can even bookmark it if you want to :)
    Here's today's stuff:

  • FTP->HTTP move :: (26th June, 1999)
    We finally moved from FTP->HTTP downloading. All links on this page have been updated and should be working. I'll update the Archived News links tomorrow. HTTP downloads should be MUCH faster than FTP.

    Current state is:
    COMPET-N Home Page:
    COMPET-N Demos:
    Place to *upload* demos:

    Most likely, the COMPET-N Home Page will also move to soon.

    COMPET-N at its best :: (26th June, 1999)
    I don't know what more you could have. We have 4 new tricks, new episode runs and lots of other great demos for you!

  • Andy Kempling is full of ideas. He took up rocket jumping as a full-time job. His latest one is in E4M8. Although only 1 second faster than the previous record, a new trick is always a *MUST SEE* demo, so click here to get it. For his other new jump he didn't need any RL, but it's cool anyway. The victim map was E3M7, and the time is 1:00.
  • I did 2 new jumps, one for E4M5 (this way please) and the other one for E4M4 (click here).

    Needless to say, all new jumps are DdQ-beaters.

  • The rocket jump in E2M7 inspired a couple of people. Adam Williamson needed no time to implement it into Pacifist (0:28) and NightMare (0:25), while I did a new UV speedrun in 0:20.
  • Adam also produced the first Episode 2 Run containing the cool rocket jump. His time of 4:30 has beaten the old record by a mere 28 seconds. I managed to improve it further, down to 4:22, which is actually faster than the run contained in DOOM Done Quick (the first 7 maps counted only).
  • LMP war in E3M2 NM100S. Let's go down with the times. First of all, new player, Mike "prower" Reid beats the old record with 1:10. He manages to go under 1 minute later, recording first a 0:58, then a 0:55. Adam Williamson comes, gets the time down to 0:54 and 0:53 a bit later. I bring the time under 50 seconds with 0:49. Andy Kempling is the first to beat par, with a 0:43.
  • Another frequently visited NM100S map, E3M4. First, Steffen "Rini" Udluft beats the old record by a mere 1 second, coincidentally (time: 3:04). He improves it down to 2:39 some time later. I get the record under 2 minutes (time: 1:57). But Rini, again by 1 second, grabs it back with 1:56, then makes a 1:47 later. I take it again, with the time of 1:36.
  • Adam Williamson improved his own record of E2M2 NM100S down to 3:00.
  • I made the first sub-1-min run with the new E3M7 jump in 0:58. I also made a new MAP13 NM demo, time is 1:13. Plus a new E3M7 NM100S in 1:28.
  • Zvonimir "FX" Buzanic got 2 DOOM2 NM100S maps improved: MAP06 in 1:42 and MAP11 in 1:29.
  • Thomas "Panter" Pilger made a special misc. demo showing a possible new route for MAP03 NM100S. Click here to get it.

    That was 29 demos in 3 days, but I think you're getting used to this madness now :-)

    There was some (you know who you are) reaction to my comment regarding misc. demos in the last update. I'd like to make it clear that new routes, ideas, tricks are always welcome, even if they aren't done in a competition demo. However we are mainly to hold record demos, so I obviously cannot accept any misc. demo I get. The general rule of thumb is that any demo which has something *new* in it (this applies to misc. demos only, don't mix with normal competition stuff) is welcome, so try to stick to that. Remember, you can always try Public DANG with your demos too.

    On the other hand, COMPET-N cannot keep cheated demos of any kind, so please do not send any. For sending tool-assisted stuff, try the Tool-Assisted Speedruns site.
    I'm not sure yet, but it may be that there will be another upload directory for misc. stuff (if there is demand for that), but they could stay in incoming as well. Send your opinion!

    Next update will focus on Nostalgic again, plus there is a contest coming, check back often!

  • The "usual" amazing stuff :: (23rd June, 1999)
    Yeah, demos kept pouring on in the last few days. I'll start with the hottest attraction:
  • Andy Kempling shows a new trick in E2M7, rocket launching himself over the gap to the exit. A really cool one, this one is a *MUST* download. Yeah, click! Andy made an E1M3 secret exit run in 0:48, also a recommended one.
  • Adam Williamson and Andy battled it out in E2M5, secret exit. Adam got a 0:28 but Andy quickly pulled out a 0:25.
  • Adam Williamson improved some more E2M7 times (his favourite map, it seems now). He has done a Pacifist in 0:42 and a NightMare! speedrun in 0:45.
  • Jonathan Rimmer and Adam Williamson took out E2M5, secret exit (Pacifist, this time). Jon came up with a 0:55 but Adam quickly got himself a 0:43. I want to mention here that both demos contain unintentional telefrags, but that's within our rules.
  • Jonathan Rimmer improved the Pacifist run for E3M6, bringing it down 0:55. Thomas "Panter" Pilger took the challenge and did a 0:49.

    On to NightMare! DOOM2 (mostly 100% secret) demos now:

  • Zvonimir "FX" Buzanic, newcomer from Croatia did his first demo, in MAP03 NM100S, a time of 0:34. Adam Williamson stepped up, and beat the time by FX shortly. He made the level in 0:31 now, but I recommend having a look at his other demos too: 0:33 and 0:32.
  • Henning Skogsto and me had a battle over MAP31 NM100S. I did a 1:03 run, but Henning managed to beat it by 2 seconds down to 1:01. I took the challenge and brought the time finally under the minute, setting a 0:58 time.
  • Donatas Tamonis improved MAP16 NM100S down to 1:44. I got a new route idea and managed to pull out a 30 second improvement, so it's now 1:14. Donatas also made a -respawn demo for MAP01 in TNT Evilution, time is 1:02. It's good to have Donatas back after his HD crash!
  • I did two NightMare! speedruns, MAP30 in 0:30 and MAP31 secret exit in 0:35.

    NightMare 100% secret Ultimate DOOM demos:

  • Adam Williamson got a few runs for us: E1M4 in 0:29, E2M1 in 1:25, E2M2 in 4:11 then 3:19 a little bit later, E2M3 in 1:09 and 0:55 later (some interference by Andy Kempling with a 0:56).
  • I did a few runs: E1M2 in 1:04, E1M4 in 0:24, E1M8 in 1:17, E2M1 0:59, E2M4 in 1:59 and 1:48 later (with Adam W. showing his presence with 1:58), E3M2 in 1:12, E3M4 in 3:05, E3M6 in 0:19, E4M4 in 0:51 and E4M7 in 1:12.
  • Steffen "Rini" Udluft did 2 maps: E2M6 (one of the real hard ones) in 4:38 and E4M8 in 1:51.

    Yeah, that's 43 demos again just as last time! Time to prepare your food & drinks...

    I want to emphasize that our incoming directory is ONLY for competition demos (new records in other words). There isn't any -nomonsters, cheated, attempt etc. stuff allowed there, and I'm going to delete those. The way to send any misc. stuff is by emailing them to me, or emailing them to the demo scene people around (or whoever you want to show them to). If you email me with misc. stuff, I'll make it available for everyone on the site (if it's worthy enough).

    Link of interest (thanks Vincent Catalaa): ultimate/
    A collection of NightMare! 100% secrets demos of maps E1M1 to E3M9 (all of them). Most demos were recorded with v1.8 but seem to run okay with Ultimate DOOM. Note: these are not COMPET-N demos, never will be unless they are submitted, but I thought you could take some ideas if you're playing these maps yourself.

  • A change in the page :: (21st June, 1999)
    I talked with the admin of our demo site. He asked me that I should use HTTP downloads instead of FTP. I said okay because this is just a slight change (we just change the protocol with which you download the demos.) Of course, demo uploading will still be done with the FTP. We'll also get a nice domain name on the site (so no stupid IP address).

    The change will probably take effect later this week. I'll announce it as soon as it's done. Also, *this* particular homepage will probably move to the same server where our demos are, so we'll have everything on one site (much more comfortable). Don't worry, you won't even notice the change.

    Demo roundup :: (17th June, 1999)
    Yeah... I was working 3 hours non-stop to get this update done... Now anyway, we have the new category set up completely. If you look at the records tables, you can notice that the record times for the NightMare with 100% secrets category are now included. We have lots of open spaces for Ultimate DOOM stuff so you'll have enough job to do ;)
    Some clarifications on the new category:
  • You have to achieve the highest secrets percent possible on each map. If you don't know the secrets, refer to the DOOM FAQ.
  • Each record gets 1 point.
  • If the record is the same as the NM speedrun record AND both get maximum secrets, points are awarded separately for them (So one demo gets 2 points).
  • If the map has no secrets at all, there is no NM100S entry for the map, just the NM speedrun.
  • There are NO different demos for normal and secret exits in the same map. Only the fastest demo counts.

    OK on to the demos now... To see the demos for the new category, see the place here: for Ultimate DOOM and http:// for DOOM2. New entries still should be sent to incoming, as always.

    On to the really new stuff now:

  • Ian Sutton sent us a few amazing demos. He conquered E4M1 Max in 2:16 and -fast in 2:49. He also made MAP05 Max in 2:32.
  • Andy Kempling has a real new one! Pacifist E1M3 secret exit, world premiere, in 5:53. Good job!
  • Jan Endre Jansen got a MAP21 -respawn in 2:21, an E4M7 -respawn in 2:38, an E2M3 -respawn in 2:37 and an E1M6 -respawn in 3:40.
  • Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic has loads of Pacifist stuff for us. He made new records of the following maps: MAP05, MAP08, MAP09, MAP13, MAP14, MAP16, MAP20 and MAP23. He also got a new MAP21 -fast in 3:31 and a -respawn as well in 2:16. He also got a Tyson MAP31 in 3:45.
  • Henning Skogsto made a new DOOM2 UV Run (maps 01-30, all the way) in 29:24! This beats the previous record by 1:30 and gets closer to the 21:16 DOOM2 Done Quick time. Grab his demo now! He also sent a new speed record of MAP24, which is a D2dQ beater as well. His time is 0:39. He managed to fight back his MAP31 Tyson crown with a great 3:34 demo.
  • Adam Williamson got a handful of demos as well. He made a great E2M7 speed record in the time of 0:38. He got some Pacifists too: for E2M4, E2M6 and E2M7. He fought back his E2M3 -respawn with a nice 2:26.
  • Jonathan Rimmer is back in play after a few months, he made a very fast Pacifist to E4M7 in 0:12.
  • Anders Johnsen's got a new Episode 2 NightMare Run in 7:15. I wonder how much this could go down?
  • Vincent Catalaa implemented Ralf's E4M3 trick in NightMare, the fast way. Time is 0:13.
  • I did some UDOOM NM stuff for you: E1M4 in 0:14, E3M6 in 0:32 and E4M3 in 0:11.

    New demos for the new category:

  • Adam Williamson: for E1M1, E1M2, E1M4 and E2M7.
  • Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic: for MAP31.
  • Myself: for E2M1, E3M1, E3M9, E4M1 and E4M3.

    Whew... the biggest update I ever had... 43 demos altogether...

    The site, Tool-Assisted Speedruns is made by fellow retired COMPET-N players, who use all kinds of tools (slowmotion, connecting and the like) to create optimized speedruns for various maps. See their page for more.

  • Misc. inf :: (16th June, 1999)
    I changed the NightMare 100% secrets naming convention that it contains an "s" instead of "x". So the naming format is nxsy-ttt for Ultimate DOOM (n: NightMare, x: Episode, s: 100% secrets, y: Mission, ttt: time), and nsxy-ttt (same convention) for DOOM2. The "x" was confusing because it's normally found in cheated demo file names.

    The promised update :: (14th June, 1999)
    It's still 13th in some parts of the world... Now anyway, check out the Nostalgic section has something to offer for you...

    I told there will be a surprise... so here it is:

    A NightMare demo collection of DOOM2, with 100% secrets where possible (maximum secrets where it's not 100%). The team features:
    Andreas "Anthe" Kren (yes you read that right!)
    Istvan Pataki (yes your eyes are still okay!)
    Thomas "Panter" Pilger (D2S)
    Steffen "Rini" Udluft (half D1S)
    Adam Hegyi (half D2S)

    The collection can be downloaded from 2 places (please wait for to have it updated): From our FTP site, here.
    Or from, here.

    Along with the collection, I proudly present the opening day of a new category, NightMare with 100% secrets. We did the initial demos, and we leave it for the players to optimize them all. Of course, the Ultimate DOOM tables are still more or less empty, so there's plenty of new demos to do. The demos for this category score 1 point each. They should be named just as NightMare demos, but the "m" should be replaced with an "x". Examples: nx11-202, n1x1-035. The record tables are not yet done, I'm working on them. New demos will be placed in a new nm100s directory (and the demos from the collection will be available from there, in separate zip files).

    FTP is working :: (13th June, 1999)
    Finally we have FTP again. Its address is The server will probably have a proper domain name soon. All links (including the archived ones) have been updated. Check a look into for the newest demos since the last update. The proper update will follow later tonight.

    Nostalgic and the surprise will be posted later tonight...

    New tricks and more :: (9th June, 1999)
    Today's update offers you two brand new tricks, more DdQ beaters, episode runs, and other stuff. What more could you want?

  • The first new trick is by Ralf Schreivogel. He did a nice shortcut to E4M3 which needs no key at all. Note: it is strafe50 *only*. Ralf did it UV (Pacifist also) and NM style. His UV time is 0:12 and his NM time is 0:26.
  • I did a very similar jump to Ralf's on E1M4 which is also a new shortcut without any keys. It needs strafe50 too. My time is 0:14.
  • Adam Williamson did a couple of amazing demos. He broke the 5 minute barrier with his new Episode 2 speedrun. New time is 4:58. He also made a great Pacifist run of E2M1, time is 0:40.
  • Anders Johnsen continues his Max dominance over Episode 2. This time, a new Max run, in just 31:46.
  • Henning Skogsto does a D2dQ-beater: MAP15 secret exit in just 0:32, which is also a Pacifist run. Another Pacifist is his MAP13 one, his time now stands at 3:53. He also got his Wolfenstein Tyson back, now under 4 mins, here is the demo. Great job by Henning.
  • Thomas "Panter" Pilger got his E4M9 times back which are now probably optimal. His UV run stands at 0:10 and his NM run at 0:09.
  • Steffen "Rini" Udluft made yet another -fast recording of E4M6, time's now 5:03. Can anyone get it under 5 mins? Rini also made a sub-2-min Pacifist of E4M8 with a nice spider paralyzation. Time is 1:59.
  • Guess who's back... If I say he did a MAP21 Max in 2:41, that wouldn't help, would it? Yes that's Ian Sutton, MAP08 and MAP21 master. Great to see him still around!
  • We got some Tyson recordings from the well known Peo Sjoblom (thanks Claudio Barba for sending those). 4 demos of DOOM2, to be precise, for MAP05, MAP12, MAP17 and MAP18.
  • Here's my stuff: I tried Ralf's trick and got 0:10 on UV and 0:20 on NM, but I really recommend Ralf's demos first. I did 2 DdQ beaters: E2M1 in 0:37 and E2M4 in 0:40, plus some -respawn stuff for you: E1M1 in 0:33 and E3M9 in 1:58.

    I hope to get our FTP working later this week. I'll update as soon as possible, when it's up. In connection with the FTP, the first section of Nostalgic will be opened, plus a special surprise for all of you reading out there.
    Whew, 24 demos again, I haven't even noticed we've got so many of them. So prepare your popcorn before you sit down to watch! You'll need it if you wanna watch all the 2 hours in one sitting :P

  • Server maintenance :: (4th June, 1999)
    Due to maintenance, our HTTP server ( is down 5th-6th June (over the weekend). This is a university server so I cannot do anything about it. My email at won't work either, if you want to email me, do it at temporarily.

    I'm busy with getting our FTP back up, hopefully sometime next week we'll have FTP again. It will be a different server (not but hopefully just as good.

    I'm finishing the "Tricks" part in Nostalgic this weekend, so next week it should be available. Yeah!

    Thanks for your patience over the past weeks. Special thanks to the players who kept us alive with fantastic demos. Long live DOOM!

    Insanity, Part 2 :: (2nd June, 1999)
    Yeah, 20 new demos for you! Let's see them in detail:
  • Adam Williamson does a handful of demos: a new Episode 2 speedrun (which was left out of the previous update, thanks Adam) in 5:14, a Pacifist for E2M3 in 0:33, a -respawn of E2M7 in 3:48 and a speedrun for E2M3 in 0:30. He also introduced himself in DOOM2 with a Pacifist for MAP16 in 0:36.
  • Anders Johnsen also did some demos for Ultimate DOOM: a speedrun for E4M8 (DDQ-beater!) in 0:50, a Tyson of E1M5 in 4:33 and an Episode 1 Max Run in just 21:53.
  • Joe "DOOMMANN" Abene and Steffen "Rini" Udluft chose the exact same map: -fast for E4M6. Joe does it in 5:50, and Rini a bit faster in 5:38.
  • Henning Skogsto did one demo: a nice Pacifist for MAP16 in 0:35.
  • Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic proves he's not just in for speedrunning, doing a Tyson of MAP31 in 4:01 and a -respawn for MAP21 in 2:30.
  • Here's my stuff: new speedruns (E2M3, E2M5, E2M6, E4M3, E4M9), Pacifist for E2M5 (same as the speedrun) and E4M3, and a NightMare speedrun for E4M9.

    The previous FAQ update on strafe50 and mousedrivers contained some incorrect information which is now corrected (thanks Rini).