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The circle is now complete :: (15th June, 2001)
It was more than 1 year ago (in a March 2000 update) when I introduced NightMare 100% secret runs to COMPET-N. Already in April, Ultimate DOOM episodes 1-3 were completed in such runs (Episode 1 by Jonathan Rimmer, Episode 2 by Steffen "Rini" Udluft, Episode 3 by Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff). It was in August later that year when the 4th DOOM Episode was completed by myself. In DOOM2, it was only in April this year that the episodes were completed (Episode 1 by Chris Ratcliff, Episode 2 and Episode 3 by Vincent Catalaa).

Why am I saying this? You can guess...

  • Henning Skogsto is the first ever player to complete the whole game of DOOM2 in NightMare skill AND 100% secrets on all maps (or maximum secrets where 100% is not possible), in one continuous run (aka 30NS). Congratulations to Henning, who is now a proud DOOM2 Super-Schwarzenegger! :) His run lasts a few minutes over 1 hour, and can be downloaded here.
  • Just a few days later the goodness was doubled: Vincent Catalaa sent in the 2nd 30NS run. Congratulations! Especially that Vincent had completed all 4 Ultimate DOOM episodes in such runs before, also all 3 DOOM2 episodes before, so now he's done everything which you can imagine in NightMare playing. Vincent's run clocks over 70 minutes and can be downloaded here. (Note: if you're searching for 30ns7348, as it turned out he missed a secret in maps 27 and 28 each in the run, Vincent decided to trash his run and record another one.)
  • These guys are just unstoppable, here is a new NM100S run record for maps 11-20 of DOOM2 by Henning, and a new DOOM2 NightMare run (snatches 2nd place) by Vincent.
  • Radek Pecka is also busy with movies, he improved some of his own Max kill runs. The new ones: DOOM Episode 1 in 19:57, DOOM Episode 2 in 29:11, DOOM Episode 3 in 23:49 and DOOM2 Episode 1 in 25:50.
  • There is some fighting going on between newcomer Frank "ping" Lipsky and Laszlo Vecsei on DOOM2 MAP15. Frank improved the normal exit speedrun record for the map with 1:36. This was soon beaten by Laszlo Vecsei's 1:34. The reply came soon enough: 1:32 from Frank "ping" Lipsky. Laszlo Vecsei was the first to beat the 1:30 barrier with his 1:28 run. More to come?
  • Radek Pecka did a couple of other demos: UV Max for DOOM2 MAP13 in 5:09, UV -respawn for DOOM2 MAP04 in 1:09, MAP05 in 2:27, MAP19 in 4:54 and MAP22 in 1:27.
  • Chris Ratcliff beat Radek's MAP19 UV -respawn by 7 seconds and got 4:47, as well as improving the NM100S run for DOOM E3M5 to 1:57.
  • Two more runs from Henning Skogsto: Tysons for DOOM2 MAP09 in 9:52 and MAP20 in 9:03.

    Plutonia demos:

  • Frank "ping" Lipsky did a Pacifist for MAP29 in 1:13, which I improved to 1:07.

    Evilution demos:

  • Radek Pecka did a couple of excellent maxkills: MAP02 in 3:20, MAP04 in 6:16, MAP06 in 3:19, MAP07 in 7:50 and MAP09 in 6:28.
  • Frank "ping" Lipsky did a pretty fast Pacifist run for MAP01 in 0:42.
  • Newcomer Xit Vono did a few Pacifist runs, MAP07 in 5:14, MAP11 in 1:01 and MAP23 in 1:12. He also did a few Tyson runs: MAP01 in 1:27, MAP02 in 20:19, MAP03 in 14:43 and MAP06 in 10:17. (These are all first ever runs, of course.) Xit also did a NightMare for MAP06 in 6:16.
  • Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek improved two of Xit's runs: MAP07 Pacifist in 2:04 and MAP23 in 0:33, as well as doing a Pacifist run of MAP15 in 0:19.
  • Doug "Opulent" Merrill improved the Pacifist record for MAP11 to 0:23.

    Cooperative stuff:

  • Two demos by Arno Slagboom and Bjorn Hamels: DOOM E2M2 Max in 2:31 and DOOM2 MAP05 UV speed in 0:28.

    Demos for Hell Revealed:

  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff is collecting the UV -fast records for this megawad (you never know when to stop). First of all, he fills in a hole with managing MAP24 the first time ever (time is 30:19. Other runs: MAP03 in 2:41, MAP05 in 5:23, MAP11 in 29:45, MAP13 in 33:16, MAP17 in 25:03, MAP18 in 28:07, MAP19 in 5:32, MAP20 in 18:38 and MAP29 in 14:46. He also did a Tyson for MAP03 in 7:11.

    Memento Mori 2:

  • Radek Pecka did 2 Max demos: MAP01 in 1:21, and MAP02 in 1:28.
  • Doug "Opulent" Merrill did a couple of demos for MAP32: UV Speed in 0:35, UV -fast in 3:16 and UV -respawn in 1:16.


  • The only demo this time comes from Erwin Lin, and it's a Tyson for MAP20 in 5:08.

    That's it for this update, I *strongly* recommending the full pack (whopping 1MB, this time) here.