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Golden Cybers 2002

Summer megapack :: (22nd June, 2003)
Never before did COMPET-N have a three month period without an update. To cut the long story short this was the last three months of my university studies which was pretty busy and stressful. Anyway the update is here and there are more than 200 demos for your viewing pleasures. What's more, there's a new contest for you all to check out.

First off, we have Ultimate DOOM runs:

  • Michael "OgreSlayeR" Lastovica did E1M8 Speed in 0:50 with a rather risky method.
  • The fight goes on for E2M2 Max and Tyson. Xit Vono did 3:26 for Max and 3:26 for Tyson as well. Radek Pecka fought back with a 3:20 Max.
  • Xit Vono did Max demos for E2M4 (4:28), E2M5 (4:38) and E2M6 (4:13). He also did Tysons for: E1M2 (2:26), E1M3 (5:18), E1M4 (4:10), E1M5 (3:40), E1M7 (4:07), E2M1 (4:54), E2M3 (3:08), E2M4 (3:52), E2M5 (5:13), E2M6 (5:02), E2M7 (3:54), E3M1 (2:34), E3M2 (2:10), E3M3 (2:25), E3M4 (6:22), E3M5 (3:52), E3M7 (4:31), E4M4 (2:22) and E4M8 (5:14).
  • Joe "DOOMMANN" Abene made his comeback with E3M9 Max in 2:31.
  • Xit Vono did more demos: E2M2 NM100S in 1:58, E2M2 -fast in 3:47, E2M4 -fast in 5:19 and E2M6 -fast in 5:13.
  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore recorded Pacifists for E1M6 (1:44) and E1M7 (1:46).

    DOOM2 stuff:

  • On MAP11, Henning Skogsto showed a strong comeback with 2:15, but Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore secured the record with 2:05. He also did MAP17 in 4:21 and MAP29 in 4:05.
  • Jakub "method_man" Razak recorded two Pacifists: MAP13 in 1:57 and MAP21 in 0:29. Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore also did two: 1:15 and MAP29 in 2:21. He also recorded MAP25 NM in 0:52.
  • Radek Pecka improved the MAP27 -fast record to 4:15. He also did MAP18 Tyson in 5:56.
  • Finally, Xit Vono improved his own MAP07 Tyson record to 7:12.

    Plutonia recordings:

  • Xit Vono did two speedruns: MAP24 in 0:38 and MAP31 in 2:53, and a NM for MAP24 in 0:48. He also beat Casey Alvis' MAP29 NM of 1:17 to 1:16, but Altima came back with 1:15.
  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore also ran a couple of Plutonia maps: MAP31 NM in 3:50 and MAP32 Pacifist in 1:28. Elsewhere, Xit Vono's Pacifist of MAP31 4:35 was beaten by Adam Williamson's 2:45 and Casey Alvis did a MAP30 Max in 1:07.
  • Finally, Xit Vono did a Tyson of MAP31 in 37:22 and Casey Alvis did a -respawn of MAP29 in 5:13.

    TNT demos:

  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore filled in two gaps in the TNT NM table. He did MAP02 in 2:36 and MAP08 in 3:35. These are obviously MUST HAVE. Now of all IWAD maps, only TNT MAP09 is undone on NightMare.
  • Eugene Kapustin showed a really neato new trick on MAP30. He did a Pacifist of 2:04 here. Enjoy!
  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore improved the 21-30 UV Run to 15:19.
  • Jakub "method_man" Razak improved the MAP29 Speed record to 1:48 and Chris "DevastatioN" Felix did MAP18 Speed in 2:02.
  • Elsewhere, Casey Alvis improved MAP29 NM to 3:47.
  • Pacifist style, Vile did a couple of maps: 1:41 for MAP03, 5:29 for MAP20, 3:04 for MAP21, 4:35 for MAP29 (beating Casey Alvis' 5:32) and 3:42 for MAP32. All of these were previously undone, good job!
  • Casey Alvis did two recordings for MAP30: UV -fast in 4:22 and UV -respawn in 2:53. He also did a Misc. MAP31 with SSG only, time is 13:48.

    Alien Vendetta demos:

  • Jakub "DooMerMan" Machata did two speedruns: 1:31 for MAP03 and 1:49 for MAP04.
  • Kim "Torn" Bach did 2:31 for MAP18, which was improved to 2:21 by Jakub "method_man" Razak. He did more runs, too: 3:01 for MAP08 and 2:08 for MAP29.
  • MAP08 was improved by Casey Alvis to 2:27, and again by method_man to 2:09. Finally Altima took it back with 2:04.
  • Adam Williamson did 1:18 for MAP12.
  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore recorded a couple of speedruns: MAP11 in 0:53 (nice RJ there), MAP20 in 4:36 (here, too), MAP22 in 1:10, MAP27 in 4:00 and MAP29 in 1:29 (great AV jump in this one).
  • Eugene Kapustin did the first speedrun of MAP23 in 0:45 with a nice AV jump. This was later polished by Erik Alm's 0:32.
  • Finally, Oyvind Stenhaug did MAP24 in 1:43.
  • On to Max, Anthony Soto did MAP11 in 11:02, which was improved by Radek Pecka's 10:11. On MAP13, Kim "Torn" Bach's 13:27 was improved by Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore's 9:00.
  • There are a couple of NM demos well: Jakub "method_man" Razak's 1:20 for MAP25 was beaten by Erik Alm's 1:17. Erik also did MAP01 in 0:34 and MAP23 in 1:21.
  • Pacifist runs: Kim "Torn" Bach's 0:37 for MAP23 was beaten by Erik Alm's 0:34, while Jakub "method_man" Razak's 2:35 was beaten by Casey Alvis' 2:31 and later Erik Alm's 1:33. method_man managed to strike back with a 1:26 run later on.
  • Jakub "DooMerMan" Machata's 4:42 for MAP03 was beaten by Casey Alvis' 3:48, who also did 2:28 for MAP02 and 3:54 for MAP05.
  • Jakub "DooMerMan" Machata did a couple of -respawns: MAP03 in 3:28 and MAP04 in 3:44. MAP03 was improved to 2:56 by Casey Alvis, and retaken by DooMerMan with 2:49. Altima responded with 2:46, then it was DooMerMan's turn with 2:44. Finally, Altima did 2:38 to get the record.
  • Altima did more -respawn on other maps: MAP01 in 1:44, MAP05 in 2:54 and MAP09 in 3:59. MAP01 was improved by Natalya "QWERTY" Shilyaeva's 1:15 and MAP05 was beaten by newcomer Jochen Schneidau's 2:38.
  • Finally, Jakub "DooMerMan" Machata did a Tyson for MAP04 in 17:00.

    Hell Revealed demos:

  • Jakub "DooMerMan" Machata did a couple of UV runs: MAP02 in 0:46, MAP04 in 0:36 (and a Misc. trick for this one too), MAP05 in 2:16, MAP06 in 1:15 and MAP07 in 4:10. Erik Alm did MAP32 in 0:44.
  • Jakub "DooMerMan Machata improved the Max for MAP02 to 2:16 and the one for MAP03 to 2:06. He also did a MAP03 Tyson in 5:21 and a MAP04 Tyson in 7:53.
  • DooMerMan also did two NM demos: MAP03 in 1:58 (first ever, and beaten by Adam Williamson's 1:16) and MAP04 in 0:52. Erik Alm did the first ever MAP32 NM in 0:40.
  • UV -fast demos: Jakub "DooMerMan" Machata did MAP02 in 2:44, MAP03 in 2:38 and MAP04 in 1:35. Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff did MAP19 in 3:13, MAP22 in 13:13 and MAP25 in 5:13. Anders Johnsen improved MAP04 to 1:22.
  • UV -respawn demos: Jakub "DooMerMan" Machata did three maps: MAP02 in 2:28, MAP03 in 2:03 and MAP04 in 1:19 while Casey Alvis did MAP28 in 5:16.
  • Last but not least, Jakub "DooMerMan" Machata improved his own 01-10 UV run to 13:26.

    Requiem stuff:

  • Only two actually, Xit Vono improved his own 01-10 UV Run to 26:11 while David "mr. twister" Ficenec did a 2:06 speedrun 2:06.

    Memento Mori demos:

  • Oyvind Stenhaug did a couple of speedruns here: MAP04 in 2:50, MAP07 in 3:55, MAP16 in 1:58, MAP21 in 3:26 (beating Erwin Lin's 4:02) and MAP31 in 3:16. He also did a Max for MAP04 in 5:55 and MAP07 in 6:20 while Casey Alvis improved MAP04 Speed to 2:35.
  • Casey Alvis did a couple runs for MM MAP02: UV -fast in 3:30, NM in 2:32 and UV Pacifist in 8:42. His UV -fast was beaten by Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff's 3:11 and his UV Pacifist was beaten by Adam Williamson's 1:33.

    Memento Mori 2 demos:

  • Eugene Kapustin did a couple of speedruns: MAP21 in 3:33 and MAP26 in 4:00. His MAP21 was beaten by Casey Alvis who did 2:54 and Oyvind Stenhaug who did 2:27, while his MAP26 was improved by Altima's 3:53. Eugene fought back with 3:24, but Jakub "method_man" Razak took the record with 3:05.
  • Xit Vono recorded a speedrun of MAP03 in 3:29 and a Max here in 5:10, plus a Max of MAP04 in 6:27 and one on MAP06 in 9:24.
  • Xit Vono did five more demos: MAP01 NM in 0:54, MAP01 NM100S in 2:13, MAP01 Pacifist in 5:34, MAP02 NM in 0:57 and MAP04 NM in 3:18.

    Cooperative stuff:

  • Ultimate DOOM coop, Kim "Torn" Bach and Vincent Catalaa did E2M2 Max in 2:29, E2M2 Speed in 0:14 and E2M2 NM in 0:14 while Casey Alvis and Michael "OgreSlayR" Lastovica did E3M7 Pacifist in 0:48 and NM100S in 1:12.
  • Jakub "method_man" Razak teamed up with David "mr.twister" Ficenec for MAP05 (0:43 Pacifist), MAP08 (0:37 Pacifist), MAP10 (1:30 NM), MAP13 (1:15 Speed), MAP18 (0:24 Pacifist) and MAP20 (0:46 Pacifist). He also did MAP19 NM (0:48), MAP27 NM (0:17) and MAP19 Pacifist (0:45) with Adolf "Gusta" Vojta, and MAP21 NM (0:31) with Vincent Catalaa.
  • For TNT, Jakub "method_man" Razak and Ondrej "RaideR" Vosatka did MAP01 in 0:27 and MAP02 in 0:34. Erik Alm and Kim "Torn" Bach beat both (0:26 for MAP01 and 0:33). method_man and RaideR came back with 0:25 and 0:30, however, Erik and Torn used Eugene Kapustin's trick to get 0:11 on MAP02.
  • On other maps, method_man did MAP29 in 2:00 and MAP30 in 1:33 with Vincent Catalaa, and MAP17 in 0:44 with Kim "Torn" Bach.
  • Casey Alvis and Michael "OgreSlayR" Lastovica did a pretty straightforward run of MAP25 in 0:08. They also did MAP22 NM in 0:18 and MAP25 NM in 0:09.
  • For Plutonia, Erik Alm and Kim "Torn" Bach recorded MAP31 in 0:30.
  • For AV, Jakub "method_man" Razak teamed up with Matej Razak and they did 0:49 for MAP09 and 0:24. method_man also did 0:37 for MAP02 with Ondrej "RaideR" Vosatka, 0:56 for MAP05 with David "mr.twister" Ficenec and 1:23 for MAP25 with Erik Alm.
  • Erik teamed up with Kim "Torn" Bach and they did MAP02 in 0:29 and 0:25 while Anthony Soto and Laszlo Vecsei did MAP07 Max in 1:40.
  • Erik and Torn did more for Hell Revealed: MAP01 in 0:07, MAP02 in 0:39, MAP10 in 0:37 and MAP32 in 0:17. They also did MAP32 NM in 0:21.
  • Jakub "method_man" Razak did two demos for HR, one with Matej Razak on MAP02 (0:34) and one with Ondrej "Raider" Vosatka on MAP10 (0:35). Finally, he did a Requiem MAP11 coop with David "mr.twister" Ficenec in 0:33.

    Fullzip is here.