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Contest ends :: (28th March, 1999)
COMPET-N's 3rd contest has ended. Rudy Jurjako came out as winner, congratulations, he has earned it! For the whole story, read the contest page...

Meanwhile, our Rini has flooded us with new LMPs. He managed E4M2 normal exit on Pacifist, and E1M7 on Pacifist, both first ever recordings!!! Congratulations to the Pacifist king! He also filled the UDOOM -fast tables now, with the following stuff: E2M5, E2M6, E2M7, E3M4, E3M5, E3M6, E4M5 and E4M9.

Vincent Catalaa made some new Pacifist demos. One of them is for MAP10, which is just one second shy of the speedrun record. The other is E4M2 Pacifist, to both exits, and blisteringly fast! Apart from doing the map in just 44 seconds, Vincent also manages the first ever Pacifist on this map without telefragging the cyberdemon. Click here to have this amazing demo! He also does a neat job to the other exit with a similar time. Great job Vincent, definately a player to look out for!

Update, at last! :: (26th March, 1999)
orry about the long silence.... I had a lot of stuff to do with Real Life (tm) and I had problems with my computer too. But, all things are solved now.

Let's see what's "new":

  • Steffen Udluft sent us some Respawn demos to fill in the holes of the Ultimate DOOM table: E2M5, E3M5, E3M6 and E4M7. He also improved E3M6's Tyson record to 10:31.
  • Donatas Tamonis cut one whole minute off Rini's previous E3M6 Respawn, lowering the time to 2:47.
  • Joe "DOOMMANN" Abene continues on his quest for -fast UDOOM demos, here is his new one.

    And now, a special recording. I mailed with Kai-Uwe Humpert, who was kind enough to send me a very interesting old demo, featuring Daniel "Demonlord" Lindgren. The recording itself is a full DOOM2 UV Run with 100% kills and secrets on all 32 maps. The only little flaw is that Daniel forgot the 30-second secret in MAP27, thus, one secret is missed. The demo is long, over 2 hours (and weighing a nice 340k zipped) but anyone enjoying maxkills demos knows this is an absolute must download! Click here to download.

    Although I wasn't gonna take part in the Gotcha! contest, I thought I'd show you this nice little useless trick which saves 2 seconds in this one. The time is 1:05. C'mon guys optimize it, I don't want to win! :)

    Hopefully I'll have time to work on the Home Page this weekend, theoretically this means that the Nostalgic Page should be up and running by Monday...

  • Rudy pushes it on :: (17th March, 1999)
    Rudy Jurjako wasn't satisfied with his old 1:12 so he gave it some more tries... His best now stands at 1:08, and he also recorded a 1:11 meanwhile. Seems to me Rudy's not gonna give up this contest easily... who can stop him?

    Redirect URL :: (16th March, 1999)
    For you guys who had problems typing the home page URL :) I set up a shortcut at TSX. The URL is Unfortunately TSX didn't allow a dash in the hostname, but that's not a big problem hopefully.

    Contest galore! :: (15th March, 1999)
    More demos poured in for "Gotcha!" in the last few days. Let's see them (and I advise you to watch them) in chronological order:
  • Arno Slagboom was the first to break the 1:30 barrier with his 1:28 demo.
  • Just four hours later Opulent reestablished his lead with a nice 1:26 run.
  • A surprise entry, from months of silence came Rudy Jurjako, who destroyed the previous times time with an excellent new route, resulting in a time of 1:12.
    There is still a lot of time left until the deadline, can anyone beat Rudy's time?

    Other new demos to watch out for:
    Vincent Catalaa equalled the speed record of E3M5, but this time without any shots, which is a Pacifist entry indeed. In addition, Vincent recruited some friends to record the first four player co-op in COMPET-N, MAP30 in 0:30.

  • First contest demo in :: (13th March, 1999)
    Doug "Opulent" Merrill has sent the first demo for our contest. He tells this is an early demo, but the time is quite impressive.

    Andy Kempling continues to do Ultimate DOOM Tyson: E3M3, E3M4, E3M6, E4M3.

    I nearly forgot, the excellent Quake speedrunning site, Mineral's is running a DOOM2 contest, check it out!

    New contest!!! :: (10th March, 1999)
    New contest, "Gotcha!" is up and running! Find out the details in the contest page...

    Fortunately the activity is very high these days, resulting in great new demos:

  • Andy Kempling does new Tyson recordings of E4M4 and E4M9.
  • Myself recorded some new DOOM2 speedruns: MAP05 and MAP30.

  • Demos all the time :: (8th March, 1999)
    We have a new (not so new) player, Vincent Catalaa. He makes his debut with an E1M8 pacifist demo. If you don't know how to make two barons fight each other, then this demo is for you.

    Steffen "Rini" Udluft makes a nice Tyson recording of a classic Episode One map, E1M7. Click here. Andy Kempling also makes some new Tyson recordings: E2M2 and MAP02.

    Myself recorded some varied stuff: a new speedrun of E4M2, a new E1M8 Max and a new E3M7 Nightmare run.

    The new contest is coming very very soon, so check back often if you want to take part!

    New DOOM2 UV movie and more :: (6th March, 1999)
    No more words, just grab this and see for yourself.

    Elsewhere, Thomas "Panter" Pilger does a new MAP14 speedrun while Anders Johnsen continues his "Ultimate DOOM Tyson Quest" with the following maps: E1M5, E1M6, E1M7 and E2M3.

    Impossible: unknown word :: (2nd March, 1999)
    Normally I don't update daily, but this time I couldn't stand... What's new?
    Thomas "Panter" Pilger does the impossible twice (!) by recording two previously undone maps in Pacifist style. Both maps are chaingunner madness, still Panter's demos make these look easy! Both are absolute must-see, the run of MAP04 and MAP22, Pacifist style.

    Myself took out his chainsaw again and spent some time in classic MAP01. The result is a new Tyson and a new Max run of the level.

    New month, new demos :: (1st March, 1999)
    There are still Tyson demos all over the place, along with some other new stuff. Let's see what's new:
  • Anders Johnsen got his first Tyson recordings, starting with UDOOM Episode 1. These are his entries: t1m1-055, t1m2-258, t1m3-639 and t1m4-622.
  • Donatas Tamonis demostrates some cool chainsawing techniques in this surprisingly short Tyson demo.
  • Joe "DOOMMANN" Abene continues to fill in the gaps of the UDOOM -fast table with a cool demo of E3M7.
  • Arno Slagboom fights respawning monsters with ease in E1M7.
  • Myself uses Anders Johnsen's brand new trick to get a new MAP14 speedrun record. The time of the demo beats even the DOOM2 Done Quick time!

    I got a new form from Ranjo "Mummi" Kahluff which will be readable soon. I started working on the Nostalgic section by gathering around some information on old LMPs. You can be sure this section is gonna be cool!