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The biggest, the best :: (21st March, 2000)
Um, yeah. Those people at #nightmare probably know that I have been working on a demo file log which would include all COMPET-N demos beginning from the earliest 1994 ones, to the most recent demos. It was a helluva job to do this manually, but I think there are much less mistakes this way, than doing it with some sort of a script.
Finally it's finished, which is a great thing, because with it we can finally have the answers to some disturbing questions... Or, maybe you already know the answers??? You think you know everything about COMPET-N, right??? It's time to test your knowledge then, I think!

Okay, then, here's what I offer. All you have to do is send your answers to these following questions, and send them to me, with the subject "COMPET-N quiz". The one who can answer more questions correctly than anyone else, gets the title "COMPET-N genius" and also some kind of prize! Cool eh? Yeah... "deadline" is end of this month, 31st of March.

Here are the questions:
Q1: Which player in COMPET-N had/has the biggest number of demos, ever?
Q2: Which country has the biggest number of demos?
Q3: Which player in COMPET-N had the longest career, ever (Built, Misc demos not counted here)?
Q4: Which player in COMPET-N had the busiest career (determined by the 'demos divided by days' formula, only players with 10 or more demos are counted)?
Q5: Which player in COMPET-N recorded the first ever demo (judging by the timestamp of the LMP file)?
Hint: The Full players list might not give a correct answer.)
Q6: Which year was the busiest year in COMPET-N?
Q7: Which season (winter, spring, summer, autumn/fall) is the busiest?
Q8: Which category (UV Speed, NM speed, UV Max, NM100S, Fast, Respawn, Pacifist, Tyson) has the biggest number of demos?
Q9: Which is the map with the biggest number of recorded demos on it (multilevel runs don't count)?
Making this easier, you can guess three maps here.
Q10: Which is the map with the smallest number of recorded demos on it (multilevel runs don't count):
Making this easier, you can guess three maps here.

Some guidelines/rules: Every demo is only counted once, this applies if the same demo was/is a Speed and Pacifist, or Nmare and NM100S record at the same time. Both demos and demos are counted, but only once. Later disqualified demos are counted.
You don't need to answer everything correctly, just have more correct answers than everyone else! Of course, everything (and much more) will be revealed after the deadline! One more thing: If you're a COMPET-N player, you MUST enter, or else...:P Send your answers damnit!

Now on to the demos which were sent in the last two weeks:

  • Newcomer Radek Master (is that his real name?) improved the MAP32 Tyson time down to 1:44.
  • Jaromir "Jacih" Cihak (another Czech player) improved the DOOM2 21-30 UV run to 11:06, but he was pushed down 1 day later by Henning's 10:49.
  • Henning improved a couple of NM100S runs: MAP04 in 1:20, MAP06 in 1:09, MAP18 in 1:55, MAP20 in 1:28, MAP23 in 1:05 and MAP26 in 1:17.
  • Vincent improved some NightMare records: MAP18 in 1:08 and MAP26 in 0:49.He also improved the MAP26 speed record to 0:43, one second better than Adam Williamson.
  • Henning and Vincent clash on MAP17: Henning beat Vincent's NightMare record with a 1 second improvement, getting 2:29, then Vincent managed to strike back with 2:26, but Henning wasn't lazy to fight back with 2:22. Vincent's reply was a 2:19, and right now the record is Henning's newest, 2:16. More to come?
  • Another Henning/Vincent battle, over MAP05. Vincent's recording of 0:29 was beaten by Henning's 0:28. Here, it's Vincent who currently holds the record with this newly made 0:27 run.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff improved the E1M5 NightMare time to 1:50, plus the NM100S record on the same map to 2:20. Last update I said "best keyboarder of recent time" about Robert Reevy, but it seems Chris tries to get this crown for himself! Great job Chris... Also, Chris improved Anders' old E1M9 -fast time to 3:17, but this time Anders cut him short with a 2:54 run.
  • Arno Slagboom has beaten Jonathan Rimmer's E1M2 NM time by one second, with 0:25, but Adam Williamson quickly optimized this one down to 0:23.
  • Before you start to believe that the MAP14 -respawn war between Henning and Zvonimir was finished last September, here's Zvonimir's newest, a 1:43 run.
  • Usual Final DOOM fighting, I could say, about the Vincent/Selim clashes over Plutonia/TNT. This time, Selim got the TNT MAP03 record with a nice 1:06 run, the MAP24 record with a 0:22 demo, and also the MAP24 NM record with 0:30. Vincent did strike back on MAP24, snatching the UV record with 0:18, and the NM record with 0:19.
  • On to Plutonia now, Selim got the MAP09 speed record with 1:43, the MAP14 speed record with 0:43 and the MAP22 speed record with 2:09 (new to the tables). He also got the MAP16 NM record with 0:42 and the MAP28 NM record with 2:47. In MAP24, there was a bit of fighting going on, Selim got the initial time with 1:40, then he improved it down to 0:57 with a brand new archie jump, and even further, adding a rocket jump to it (copyright Anders Johnsen), time was 0:47. But Vincent was quicker, and he soon got a 0:41 run. Vincent also improved Henning's MAP20 run to 0:44, by one second.

    As usual, demos are zipped.

    Well, this update is getting extra long now, hope you are reading this far! Because, finally COMPET-N hosts some new categories, in the form of NightMare 100% secrets runs. There was quite a bit of talking that the NightMare run categories are not the top of the iceberg anymore, more and more people are successful in managing them (with the help of years of route-making and other people's help, I must add). So, it was time to throw in something new, which could make even the Schwarzenegger people hungry, to see how far they could get. Yes, I admit these are ultra-hard runs, but remember how many maps or runs were thought ultra-hard or even impossible when they were introduced!
    OK, specifics to follow:

  • A NightMare 100% secret run means you have to get 100% (or maximum percent, if 100% is not available) secrets on all maps during the run, of course NightMare skill. Kills don't count, just as in normal NM100S recordings.
  • The same runs are available as in normal NightMare movies: Ultimate DOOM Episode 1-4, DOOM2 MAP01-10, MAP11-20, MAP21-30, and DOOM2 Run all-the-way.
  • If the chosen episode contains secret maps, you absolutely HAVE TO visit them (just as in UV 100/100 runs).
  • Until someone manages one particular episode fully, we accept partial recordings for the episode. In the DOOM2 NM100S run case, we'll always accept partial runs (yeah :), but of course only the top three runs score points.
  • Temporarily these runs score the same amount of points as NM runs, but this IS subject to change, as the situation stabilizes.
  • A player who records all Ultimate DOOM episodes in NM100S runs is called a DOOM Super-Schwarzenegger (D1SS) and if someone ever manages DOOM2 in an NM100S run, he is called a DOOM2 Super-Schwarzenegger (D2SS). That's all I think, we'll see how far we can get (I have no idea whatsoever). Just to make you informed, the longest DOOM2 Run I know of is a MAP01-08 NS run by myself.

  • Evilution madness :: (5th March, 2000)
    That's right, a whopping 29 demos for TNT: Evilution this time! A shame for those without Final DOOM, but don't worry, there are a couple of great demos for you too. But first of all let's start with those Evilution runs:
    UV Speedruns:
  • Vincent Catalaa did a couple of maps: MAP01 in 0:30, MAP05 in 1:46, MAP06 in 2:57, MAP08 in 3:55, MAP09 in 6:31, MAP13 in 1:25, MAP14 in 1:59 (new trick!), MAP16 in 1:57, MAP18 in 2:30, MAP19 in 1:12, MAP23 in 0:32, MAP26 in 2:14, MAP28 in 1:40 and MAP32 in 4:24 (new to the tables).
  • Vincent had a couple of fights with Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek, let's see them in straight order. on MAP07, Selim got the record with 0:53, but was later beaten by Vincent's 0:50. On MAP10, Selim beat Vincent's old record with 1:18, and he also snatched MAP24 with 0:23. But on MAP25, Selim's 3:00 was soon beaten by Vincent's 2:01.
    NM Speedruns:
  • More demos from Vincent & Selim. Vincent ran MAP01 in 0:47, but in MAP07 he is having a hard time with Selim. Vincent's initial run was beaten by Selim's 1:03. Vincent grabbed the record again with 1:02, but was again beaten by Selim who recorded 1:01. On MAP12, Vincent's time of 0:55 was attacked by Selim (0:50), then Vincent again (0:49), but the record is now Selim's, with 0:48, yet again. On MAP24, Vincent got a 0:37 run, but his time was beaten by (guess who?) Selim with 0:33. And finally, Vincent did MAP28 in 3:30.
  • Vincent beat Andrew Bassett's MAP01 -fast with 1:07.

    Ok, now on to the "regular" runs:

  • "New trick", says Jonathan Rimmer's text file with his MAP21 0:30 speedrun. I think you guessed from the time that it's indeed a new trick... Watch it!
  • Robert J. Reevy, the best keyboarder of recent time, has returned with a great NightMare run of E1M5 (the possibly hardest Episode 1 NM map), time is 2:07.
  • I did some Episode 3 movies this time. UV run in 4:05 and NM run in 4:34. I also recorded two shorter NM records, E1M6 in 1:29 and E2M4 in 0:41.

    Get all demos with this ZIP file.