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M.A.S.S.I.V.E. update :: (25th March, 2001)
First of all... demos for PWADs are now accepted! Check out the PWADs page for more information!

Second... if you're sharp-eyed you probably noticed some links disappearing and being replaced by a single link. What this all means? The COMPET-N database, which has been under construction for some time now, is now available for you to check out. The hand-made record pages, hall of fame pages are gone, the annoying :) mistakes, miscalculated points are now just a memory from the past. The menu is on the left... you KNOW where to click.

Third, there's some excellent speedrunning demos around this time, make sure you don't miss any of these:

  • Anders Johnsen fills a hole in the Ultimate DOOM Tyson tables, being the first player ever to complete E4M2 in Tyson style. Highly recommended.
  • The neverending story of E1M6 Max continues: Jonathan Rimmer re-claimed the record with his 3:22 demo, but Radek again managed to strike back, and brought the time under 3:20. Is there more to come?
  • Vincent Catalaa added a load of UV -fast 100/100 movies to his collection. He did Ultimate DOOM's Episode 1 in 27:13, Episode 2 in 42:09, Episode 3 in 45:00. He also did two DOOM2 "episodes": MAP11-20 in 76:42 and MAP21-30 in 61:35.
  • Vincent's runs seem to have inspired other players as well: Radek Pecka beat Vincent's Episode 1 run with a 24:45 run of his, while Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff added Episode 4 to the COMPET-N archive (time is 36:00).
  • Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen did a blistering UV speedrun of MAP10 in 0:26, while I optimized MAP16 by another second to get 0:11.
  • Adam Williamson improved the E4M2 UV Speed record by 2 seconds and got 0:16. For the secret exit, I did a 0:21 which was quickly beaten by Adam Williamson's 0:20.
  • Radek Pecka is just as active as always, he did a UV -fast of MAP02 in 1:21, as well as two Tysons for Ultimate DOOM: E3M2 in 2:28 and E4M4 in 2:36.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff improved the MAP22 -respawn time to 1:39.

    Plutonia stuff:

  • Anders Johnsen did a handful of amazing runs for Plutonia MAP32: an UV Max in 3:48, UV Speed in 0:56, NightMare Speed in 1:55 and a UV -fast in 5:25.

    Finally we have some cooperative demos as well:

  • Arno Slagboom and Marko van der Want did E4M2 UV Speed in 0:18, beating the old record by 2 seconds. Arno also teamed up with Bjorn Hamels and ethh and did a 3-player UV Max of DOOM2 MAP01 in 0:16.
  • Laszlo Vecsei and myself did two UV speedruns: Ultimate DOOM E1M8 in 0:35 and DOOM2 MAP32 in 0:12.

    The usual demo zip is here.

  • Results :: (3rd March, 2001)
    First of all, our 9th contest just finished a few days ago. This was our most popular contest, so if you want to check out who won, and all the submissions as well, I suggest you take a look yourself right now!

    Second, the vote on PWADs is now closed and finished. If you want to check out the results, click here. I wouldn't comment the results myself, because I think they speak for themselves. About the future, first of all there is some technical related stuff to be done (setting up the home page and the FTP for PWADs, creating the record tables and getting all the demos organized which already exist etc.). I think it's better if I set up the technical part till the next update; so that after next update the fun can begin right away! :-)

    And of course, there are demos for regular COMPET-N as always:

  • Radek Pecka and Yashar "GeminI" Garibzadeh are still fighting over TNT: Evilution Max. This time, it seems that it's Radek who got the upper hand. Yashar improved MAP02 to 3:52, MAP03 to 2:48 and MAP05 to 3:44. Radek responded to these challenging by improving MAP02 to 3:37, MAP03 to 2:45 and MAP05 to 3:32. Besides these, Yashar improved MAP08 to 6:46, and MAP32 to 4:50. This last one was improved by Henning Skogsto to 4:44.
  • Radek Pecka also did a demo for DOOM2, it's MAP19 -respawn in 5:04.
  • I did a small collection for E2M1: NM Speed in 0:39, UV Max in 1:28, UV -fast in 1:27, and UV -respawn in 1:15.
  • I also did a NM100S of DOOM2 MAP31 in 0:55 and two speedruns for TNT MAP31: UV normal exit in 0:29, and UV secret exit in 0:33.

    All of these demos are now zipped up here.

    Keep on DOOMing!