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Insanity! :: (29th May, 1999)
...or how do you call it when there are 19 demos in 3 days?! And they are all amazing stuff!

Let's see what we've got:

  • Anders Johnsen is back! He did a faster E4M1 run, time is 0:27 (whole 7 seconds faster than DOOM Done Quick!). He also sent some Episode 1 stuff, a Max for E1M7 (2:59!), and -fast stuff for E1M6 (4:33) and E1M7 (3:14).
  • Henning Skogsto sent a couple of his usual amazing stuff: a DOOM2 speedrun of MAP26 in 0:45 (beats previous record by 6 seconds), an NM speedrun of MAP15 in 0:37, and a Pacifist of MAP16 0:39.
  • Thomas "Panter" Pilger has sent some incredible demos (I say, you gotta see these!): two DOOM2 Done Quick-beaters, MAP03 in 0:25!!! and MAP20 in 0:35, both possibly optimal times. He also got a Pacifist for MAP03 in 0:29 with a very interesting new jump.
  • Marijo Sedlic made 2 demos for MAP10: one speedrun in 0:28 and one Pacifist in 0:29.
  • We got 2 demos by Pacifist king Andy Badorek (thanks Rini!), E4M8 in 2:04 and E1M5 in 5:23. Rini in the meanwhile snatched Andy's Pacifist E1M5 time with a fantastic 4:22 effort. A must see!
  • Adam Williamson sent an Episode 2 Max Run, beating the old record by over 20 minutes! New time is 38:23. He also got some -respawn stuff for us: E2M7 in 4:16.
  • I did a couple of demos too: one D2dQ-beater, MAP05 in 0:25 and another DOOM2 speedrun, MAP11 in 0:37.
    I hope you'll have time until the next update to watch the demos ;)

  • More of that demo bunch :: (26th May, 1999)
    Okay, 4 days, 15 demos... they just don't seem to stop!

    New stuff from:

  • Marijo Sedlic: Pacifist DOOM2 running, MAP03, MAP16, MAP19 and MAP21.
  • Adam Williamson: E2M4 Pacifist, E2M3 -respawn and E2M9 -respawn.
  • Steffen Udluft: E4M6 -fast and E1M5 Tyson.
  • /me: 2 new speedruns for DOOM2 (MAP06 and MAP29), one NM for DOOM2 (MAP06), one Pacifist for DOOM2 (MAP19), one speedrun for UDOOM (E4M8) and one -respawn for UDOOM (E2M9).

    I expanded the FAQ page with the question "What's strafe50?" because lots of people have been asking about it.

  • Lotsa lotsa demos :: (22nd May, 1999)
    So, where to begin? Pretty nice activity guys, got 20 demos in 5 days...
    Let's start with the Ultimate DOOM stuff:
  • Thomas "Panter" Pilger showed us he hasn't lost a single bit of his DOOMing skills and produced a great 0:28 speedrun of problem map E4M1. A whole 6 seconds faster than DOOM Done Quick! Grab hold of it.
  • Adam Williamson is hyper-active: doing all kinds of Episode 1 stuff: doing Max stuff (E1M7), -fast stuff ( E1M6, E1M7) and -respawn stuff (E1M4, E1M6). His E1M4 -respawn proved out to be the shortest living record of modern COMPET-N history, because...
  • ... just 17 minutes after I got it, Jan Endre Jansen has sent a faster one, 1:52. Jan Endre also attached an E1M7 -respawn and a couple of Pacifist demos (E1M2, E2M5 and E2M5 secret exit).

    On to DOOM2 stuff now:

  • We have a new player, and I'm talking about an amazing new player! His name is Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic, who comes from Croatia. He introduces himself with some fantastic speedruns: 0:31 for MAP16 and 0:23 for MAP18 (latter one beats DOOM2 Done Quick by 1 second!) He also sent a late entry for our Weapon Collector contest, a quite amazing 1:03.
  • Henning Skogsto got some interesting stuff for us: Pacifist for MAP20 and the "impossible" MAP22, with a couple of extremely fast Tyson times (some people would struggle to get these times with all weapons): MAP22, MAP23 and MAP28.
  • Myself improved the MAP20 speedrun time down to 0:36 (equalling the DOOM2 Done Quick time).

    All this stuff made some dramatical changes to the standings. Mike Muir (and NZ) has lost all his points, as have the Netherlands guys (well, nearly). C'mon fight back guys!

    Our FTP server is still somewhat unavailable. It accepts FTP and HTTP connects but everything was formatted so no demos available.
    I plan to make all demos available through HTTP (a temporary solution, we had this for a while before) on this server. HTTP will be faster than FTP but still no incoming directory. Of course you still can't watch demos until I update about them (this may not be bad after all, heh-heh :)

    Information got in from my university that the home server of COMPET-N ( will be shut down on June 5th/6th. Sorry.

  • Update!!! :: (17th May, 1999)
    So you thought we're dead, right? No way... but there was nothing really to update about... and updating about nothing doesn't matter a pair of dingo kidneys right?

    So there's a small bunch of demos to see... Joe "DOOMMANN" Abene has sent a new -fast for E3M9. This is what he says:

    I know Anders could have beat 2:52, but I'm still very excited that I beat a time on one of his lmps.

    So I say watch it!
    I did a new NightMare for E3M4, with the keygrab implemented. Go get it!

    The contest results have been posted, see the page for details.

    I tried to contact the admin of our FTP site why isn't it working for 2 weeks now, but I didn't get any replies yet. I'm very upset but I'll try again. I would only move the FTP again if I find a more stable and reliable FTP server. Transferring 2000 files isn't piece of cake.

    I mailed with Vincent Catalaa and he had some ideas expanding the site. He insisted that a co-op page to be added. I'm thinking of adding one if I have more time. Also he suggested that creators of shorter NM runs should be mentioned. I agree, but we have limited space for demos, so there should be a barrier for these (like reaching MAP13 or something like that).
    Talking of NM-running, I announce a new special recording "contest" (not really, but anyway). The task is the probable last big task remaining: Ultimate DOOM Episode 4 on NightMare! skill. To enter the contest, you gotta send runs which survive E4M1 at least. But finishing E4M2 as well would be more like it. Demos (if any) will be posted so people can learn from each other's routes and tactics. I hope some day this will lead to E4M8.

    More demos :: (9th May, 1999)
    It was 2 months ago that a DOOM2 UV speedrun was beaten, so it was high time it happened again. This time, the "victim" was MAP04. First, Panter sent a 4 second improvement over Daniel's old 0:36 demo, cutting the time to 0:32. Later on, I managed to implement the Catalaa-Humpert combination into the run. So the record time now is at 0:29. But does the madness stop here?

    In the meanwhile, Arno Slagboom pulled out a slight improvement in Pacifist E1M2, with 0:29.

    Promised demo bunch :: (7th May, 1999)
    More stuff from Henning & me:
    Henning: MAP26 NightMare!, MAP23 Pacifist, MAP28 Pacifist. All *extremely* fast!
    Me: MAP09 NightMare!, MAP10 NightMare!, MAP15 NightMare!, E1M1 NightMare!, E4M7 NightMare!.

    Vincent Catalaa grabbed the lead in the contest. His time is 1:21, surprisingly good. But don't leave him win easily, grab his demo, sit down and beat it!

    No FTP again :: (6th May, 1999)
    Our FTP server seems to be under maintenance again, I'll try to find out how long this will last. Of course, mailing your demos to me always works. Next update will have the newest demos.

    Hmmmm... have you people noticed there's a contest running?

    DOOM2 NightMare madness :: (3rd May, 1999)
    Henning Skogsto and myself have been improving DOOM2 NightMare stuff in the past days:
  • Henning got: new demos for MAP15 normal exit (more than 30 seconds faster!), MAP15 secret exit, MAP23, MAP24, MAP26 and MAP28.
  • Myself got: new demos for MAP04 (19 seconds faster!), MAP12, MAP14 and MAP26.

    Marko van der Want from the Netherlands has cut 1 second off the Pacifist time of E2M5.