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Oh my god! There's a contest! :: (16th May, 2000)
Yeah... right here!

Get your popcorn ready, here is the newest bunch:

  • Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic is back (again :), this time he sent his first ever Ultimate DOOM demos, both are must-see of course: E2M2 in 0:14 and E2M9 in 0:06.
  • Henning Skogsto got a few DOOM2 speedrun records meanwhile: MAP12 in 0:43 (Sidenote, I spent 30 minutes trying to find out if this one is Pacifist or not... Please don't do that again, Henning.) and MAP29 in 1:48. He also got the MAP05 NM100S record with 1:20 and the MAP10 one in 2:56.
  • MAP13 madness: First it was Henning Skogsto and Adam Williamson fighting for 1:09... both got it, Henning earlier, Adam a bit later. Adam also snatched the NM record with 1:12. Luckily (for me :) I managed to implement my keygrab into real speedruns finally, which helped me to run UV in 1:07 and NM in 1:09.
  • Henning got the MAP08 -fast record back with 3:21, but Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff is not faint-hearted, he needed less than a week to fight back with 3:14.
  • UDOOM NM records by Jonathan Rimmer: E2M5 in 0:30, E2M7 in 0:21 and E4M3 in 0:09.
  • Adam Williamson did an amazing Pacifist recording of MAP04 in just 0:50.
  • Joe "DOOMMANN" Abene improved his own E3M6 -fast with 3:39.
  • Tyson goodness from Anders Johnsen: MAP05 in a whopping 4:28.
  • TNT Evilution MAP30 recordings: Jakub "Avenger" Mahdal's 1:38 was beaten by my 1:28.

    Demos are zipped up here.

    I updated the Nostalgic page with 3 new tricks discovered lately, also corrected the "Fastest demo" lines (they were quite obsolete). A small but useful change with the homepage, the "Incoming" tab becoming user-friendly now (thanks Bjorn Hamels for the CGI script).

    We reached 30000 hits a few days ago, congratulations to Arno Slagboom for the screenshot.

    Happy DOOMing and come to Ircnet #nightmare often!

  • The perfect drug :: (1st May, 2000)
    A healthy number of new demos, as always... Here are they:
  • Jonathan Rimmer snatched the E1M5 Pacifist record with his 1:23, but one day later Adam Williamson defended his record with a very nice 1:14.
  • More stuff from Adam Williamson, E4M2 NM to secret exit in 0:23 (only 1 second slower than his UV record), and E2M5 NM to normal exit in 0:31.
  • More NM stuff, Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek got the E4M8 NM record with a 1:21 run and the NM100S record on the same map with 1:32, but he lost his E4M7 NM100S record which was taken by Steffen "Rini" Udluft, time is 0:46.
  • Keene "Mutlee" Ho from Australia improved the MAP23 Max record with his 2:25 recording, soon to be beaten by Adam Williamson's 2:17. Adam also got the -respawn record with his 1:53.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff shows some nice keyboarding moves in his MAP08 -fast, time is 3:47.
  • Henning Skogsto improved his MAP06 speedrun record by one second, getting 0:54.
  • Jakub "Avenger" Mahdal and Jonathan Rimmer took on MAP31 NightMare without the invisibility, Jakub getting the secret exit record in 0:34, Jonathan getting the normal exit record in 0:32.
  • While Radek "R. Master" Pecka improved his own MAP32 Tyson down to 1:42, Joe "DOOMMANN" Abene took E3M8 Tyson back from him with a quick 1:24. These recordings are must see!
  • Jakub "Avenger" Mahdal started doing Evilution runs, he made a MAP01 NM run in 0:43 and a MAP01 -fast run in 1:05. He also got the MAP30 speed record in 1:40 and the MAP30 NM record in 1:46.
  • I improved my own E4M3 NM100S to 0:39, and Selim's aforementioned E4M8 records, NM in 1:05 and NM100S in 1:14.

    I have good news, we finally found all of the missing demos, the lineup is completed with Uwe Girlich's notorious MAP01-10 run of 6:02 and Esko Koskimaa's MAP06 UV run of 0:58 (thanks Matthias Belz).

    Demos are zipped up here.

    We also have some minor rule modifications (thanks to my partners in crime, Adam Williamson and Arno Slagboom for sharing their thoughts, and Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek who got me thinking in the first place). The points award of some so-called double entries (when someone sends in 1 demo which is a record in 2 categories at the same time) is hereby changed:

  • Demos which are UV Pacifist and UV Speed records at the same time earn 2 points (1 in both category), no change.
  • Demos which are NM Speed and NM100S records at the same time, and the route taken is the fastest one known ( = it's not possible to leave secrets and gain time by any means), earn 1 point (in the NM Speed category). This affects: E2M9, E4M2, MAP07.
  • Demos which are NM Speed and NM100S records at the same time, and the route taken is NOT the fastest one known ( = it IS possible to leave secrets and gain time by any means), earn 2 point (in 1 in both categories). This affects: E1M6, MAP02.
  • Maps with 0% secrets still don't have NM100S entries of course, unchanged.

    That's it, prepare for the contest till next time!