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We've hit #50000 :: (11th May, 2001)
An update, at last :) I've been quite busy with my studies (and will be... till summer) so didn't have much time to work on the page. However, player activity never ends - so there's plenty of great demos as always for you to check out.

About the topic, the website had its #50000 hit back on Wednesday. Doug "Opulent" Merrill was the lucky guy behind the computer, and he was kind enough to send in the screenshot (nice monitor Opulent btw).

A technical change, many people reported that the link started to put out popups of various (ehm) content. I checked out TSX and see if I can do anything, but it seems they just plain suck. So I quickly set up another free redirect URL at CJB,, which hopefully works (and no annoying popups either). Of course, you'd better go off with bookmarking the site with its real URL (

Here's the meat:

  • Adam Williamson is the first ever player to complete the maps E3M1 and E3M9 on Pacifist style (was thought to be impossible for quite a while) Congratulations! If you're curious how this is done, check out his runs over E3M1 and E3M9.

    On a related note, I thought I would post my comments on the undone Pacifist/Tyson maps:


  • Ultimate DOOM E2M8: Unless you get lost souls to freeze the cyberdemon or some other weirdness, I think it's safe to assume this one is not possible.
  • Ultimate DOOM E4M6: Same problem here, cacos are not even close to being able to kill the cyberdemon (unless they freeze it - but I haven't seen that happen yet).
  • DOOM2 MAP02: There's very little space to move and dodge around (especially down near the blue key). Still, recent tool-assisted runs showed some hope - I certainly wouldn't mark this as impossible.
  • DOOM2 MAP07: I can't think of any way to do this really.
  • DOOM2 MAP17: This map is pure hell all the way through, and the hardest part being at the exit. Certainly more unlikely than MAP02, IMHO.
  • DOOM2 MAP26: If someone manages to get past the imps and reach the red key, and do it reliably - the rest isn't that hard at all really. But I guess it takes quite extraordinary luck to make it to the red key and back.
  • DOOM2 MAP29: I think my comments for MAP17 apply here as well. Maybe this one is has a bit more hope.
  • DOOM2 MAP30: I don't know what to say. Get archies to attack Romero? Yeah, right.


  • Ultimare DOOM E2M8: This one is a mind game. Patrick Martin once killed 5 barons on E4M1 without berserk and not much infighting (Remember?). Yes, a cyberdemon is tougher than 4 barons, but there's quite some health around (and there are 50 "free" pistol shots).
  • Ultimate DOOM E4M6: This one is nearly the same problem as Pacifist, with the added difficulty of having to kill everyone else as well. The invul doesn't last long either. I'd say very unlikely.
  • Ultimate DOOM E4M7: I actually have some experience on this as I completed it in a tool-assisted run (see the page when it gets posted). Not even two invuls last long enough to kill a full-health cyberdemon when he's attacking you. The bullets have to be preserved to kill a baron, two cacos and three imps. But maybe there is a way with the cyber fight I haven't thought of, who knows?
  • DOOM2 MAP30: Pistol? Fists?

    Now, back to the demos:

  • I got some time to do some runs in Ultimate DOOM: E2M3 UV Speed in 0:28 (DdQr beater), E2M4 UV Speed in 0:39 (another DdQr beater) and E2M4 NM Speed in 0:40.
  • Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen equalled Sedlo's E2M2 0:14 time, but he makes this is NightMare skill.
  • Other than his Pacifists, Adam Williamson shows he is capable of other styles as well. He did a few Ultimate DOOM NightMare's this time: E1M5 NM in 1:13 (a healthy 37 seconds off the previous record), E1M7 NM in 1:45, E1M5 NM100S in 1:39 and E1M6 NM100S in 1:28.
  • Newcomer (only to COMPET-N, he's a regular contest player) Oyvind Stenhaug introduced himself with a MAP32 Pacifist done in 0:24.
  • Vincent Catalaa posts his old cooperative demos on a monthly basis, this time he posted an Ultimate DOOM Episode 1 Max run he did together with Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek back in April.
  • Two more of my runs, I did E2M4 Pacifist in 0:41 and Plutonia MAP29 NightMare in 1:18.

    Onto PWAD stuff:

    Hell Revealed is still the favourite megawad:

  • Doug "Opulent" Merrill has beaten one of Yonatan Donner's Maxkills: he did MAP05 in 3:53. He also did a few speedruns: MAP04 in 0:44 and MAP05 in 3:07.
  • Cameron Prosser did a few runs: MAP10 NightMare in 0:56 and the same map in Pacifist in 0:47.
  • Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek already improved Cameron's NightMare demo with his 0:49.
  • Adam Williamson has both MAP10 records now though, as he sent a NightMare of 0:44 and a Pacifist of 0:42.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff improved Anders' UV -fast record of MAP01 to 1:41.
  • Chris also did a -respawn of MAP27 in 4:58, which was beaten by Doug "Opulent" Merrill's 3:35.
  • The first demos of Hell Revealed NM100S have arrived: Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek's MAP01 in 0:12, which was beaten by Cameron Prosser's 0:11, which was beaten by Selim's 0:10, which was beaten by my 0:09 (talk about activity).
  • Some Hell Revealed Tysons have arrived as well: Erwin Lin sent a MAP01 demo of 4:08.

    Memento Mori:

  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff saw there aren't any UV -fasts for this fine megawad, and he thought this situation is worse than if the world ended tomorrow, so he quickly sent in these: MAP01 in 1:30, MAP02 in 4:07, MAP03 in 1:58, MAP04 in 13:08, MAP05 in 9:25, MAP06 in 9:40, MAP08 in 4:30, MAP10 in 8:46, MAP14 in 8:58, MAP20 in 10:46, MAP23 in 12:07 and MAP26 in 8:16.
  • Doug "Opulent" Merrill sent in two speedruns: MAP05 in 1:02 and MAP08 in 1:19.
  • Oyvind Stenhaug sent in a speedrun as well, MAP06 in 1:12.


  • Erwin Lin sent in two Tyson demos: MAP02 in 7:17 and MAP20 in 5:47.
  • Adam Williamson improved Erwin's Tyson of MAP02 and got 3:24.

    Classic Episode:

  • Only one demo this time, Adam Williamson improved the speedrun of E2M1 to 0:29.

    That's it for today's update, demo zip is here.