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Attack of the LMPs (doh...) :: (21st May, 2002)
It's been a quiet month with not much action at all, possibly everyone is taking a break from DOOM. Thus I waited a while to pack this update with enough goodies for you to enjoy. We can only hope next time there will be more demos around.

Demos for Ultimate DOOM:

  • Two movies, Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore improved his Episode 1 NS movie to 11:03 while Radek Pecka took the Episode 2 NM movie with 5:48. Recommended stuff.
  • A couple of great Max runs are in, Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen took the E1M7 Max record back with a 2:33 run, while Radek Pecka improved E2M6, E2M7, E3M3 and E3M9.
  • There's some NM100S stuff from Radek as well (something he hasn't done until recently), he improved E1M2 to 0:59, E1M9 to 1:15, E2M4 to 1:42, E3M3 to 1:16 and E3M4 to 1:31.
  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore also did two NM100S runs: E1M3 improved to 1:49 and E1M9 improved to 1:02.
  • We also have Pacifist runs: Radek did E3M9 in 1:44 and E4M8 in 1:44, while Oyvind Stenhaug did E1M8 2:29 and Adam Williamson defended E3M9 with 1:41.
  • Three more runs by Radek: E2M7 -fast in 4:12, E1M1 -respawn in 0:32 and E3M9 -respawn in 1:54.
  • Last but not least, Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen improved E1M7 -fast to 2:45.

    Runs for DOOM2:

  • An amazing run for MAP07, Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic shows how this map can be done in 6 seconds. Download his demo here. You know you want to.
  • Not less amazing, he did a new variant of the MAP14 rocketjump and improved the record to 0:20.
  • Xit Vono did a couple of Tyson runs, MAP06 in 15:43, MAP07 in 9:10 and MAP08 in 10:45.
  • Ian Sabourin improved the NM record for MAP08 by 2 seconds and got 0:20. He also recorded a -fast movie of maps 01-10 with a time of 25:50.
  • Radek Pecka improved the MAP10 -respawn record to 3:25.

    Plutonia demos:

  • Equally impressive as the DOOM2 tricks, Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore shows a shocking new jump combination on MAP12, which made it possible for him to complete the map in NightMare skill. That fills in the last hole in the Plutonia NM table. Drew's demo can be downloaded here.
  • Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic used the same trick to improve his UV speedrun to 0:08.
  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore did a series of NightMare and NM100S runs: MAP13 (NM/NM100S) in 1:25, MAP14 (NM) in 0:54, MAP14 (NM100S) in 1:23, MAP15 (NM100S) in 1:12, MAP17 (NM100S) in 1:01, MAP18 (NM100S) in 0:10, MAP19 (NM) in 0:53, MAP20 (NM) in 1:23, MAP20 (NM100S) in 1:38, MAP22 (NM) in 2:32, MAP22 (NM100S) in 2:45, MAP24 (NM) in 0:53, MAP24 (NM100S) in 1:27, MAP26 (NM) in 0:54, MAP26 (NM100S) in 1:14, MAP27 (NM) in 0:50 and MAP27 (NM100S) in 0:54. With his efforts, only MAP12, MAP23 and MAP25 remain undone in the Plutonia NM100S table.
  • A couple of Tysons by Xit Vono, he did MAP03 in 19:27, MAP11 in 10:34, while Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore did MAP18 in 5:07.
  • Radek Pecka did two runs: a -fast of MAP01 in 2:27 and a -respawn on the same map in 2:26.
  • More -respawn demos by Xit Vono: MAP05 in 3:05, MAP06 in 3:41 and MAP07 in 11:03. MAP07 was later improved by Casey Alvis to 2:37.

    TNT stuff:

  • Only one run, Xit Vono did a -respawn of MAP08 in 5:31.

    Demos for Hell Revealed:

  • A whole set of MAP12 UV speedruns: Xit Vono started off with 1:24, which was beaten by Erik Alm's 1:09. Xit struck back with 1:06, but Erik didn't give up easy and got 1:01. Xit was the first to beat the minute mark with 0:59, but currently the record is owned by Radek Pecka who sent 0:58.
  • Three more speedruns: Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore did MAP13 (pacifist as well) in 1:06 and MAP14 in 1:47 while Adolf "Gusta" Vojta recorded MAP03 in 1:21.
  • Xit Vono did two Tysons: MAP02 in 9:47 and MAP03 in 6:06, while Casey Alvis did MAP31 NM100S style in 2:33.

    Requiem stuff:

  • Xit Vono made a couple of runs here: MAP03 in 2:16, MAP04 in 1:49, MAP09 in 2:04 and MAP31 in 1:28. He also did a -fast for MAP04 in 6:59.
  • Erik Alm also did a few demos: MAP25 Pacifist in 0:33 and NM in 1:06, while Oyvind Stenhaug defended MAP04 with his 1:37.
  • Two more runs: newcomer Esa "Espi" Repo did a -fast of MAP32 in 1:56, and Jason Dyer improved the MAP19 NM record to 1:12.

    Memento Mori goodies:

  • We start off with speedruns as usual, Casey Alvis did a few of them: MAP04 in 4:51, MAP20 in 2:02, MAP23 in 3:05 and MAP26 in 3:05. Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff improved MAP20 to 1:37, which was beaten by Erik Alm's 1:21. Erik also did MAP23 in 2:35 and MAP26 in 2:07.
  • Still speedruns, Erwin Lin improved the MAP17 record to 3:39 which was improved by Adolf "Gusta" Vojta's 3:19. Adolf also did MAP16 in 2:12.
  • Still speedrunning, the improvements to MAP14 continued with Laszlo Vecsei's 1:11, Erik Alm's 1:06, and finally, Laszlo's 1:02. Two more speedruns we have, Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore did MAP23 in 1:46 and Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic did MAP24 in 0:20.
  • On to NightMare demos, Casey Alvis recorded MAP05 in 1:33, MAP25 in 0:57 and MAP29 in 0:29 while Erik Alm sent in quite a few runs: MAP03 in 0:59, MAP05 in 0:56, MAP10 in 0:28, MAP24 in 0:26 and MAP29 in 0:21. They also recorded NM100S stuff: Erik did MAP05 in 1:19, and Casey did MAP25 in 2:59.
  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore's demos wrap up the NM stuff: a run of MAP05 in 0:54 and MAP23 in 1:55.
  • Anthony Soto recorded the only MM Max demo of this update, MAP31 in 9:58.
  • Moving on to Pacifist stuff, familiar names pop up: Casey Alvis did MAP24 in 0:29, MAP25 in 1:09 and MAP29 in 0:49, while Erik Alm did MAP05 in 0:55, MAP14 in 1:18, MAP24 in 0:24 and MAP29 in 0:23. Two other Pacifist runs, Radek Pecka did MAP05 in 0:54, while Oyvind Stenhaug did MAP29 in 0:22.
  • Xit Vono does Tyson demos for this WAD as well, he did MAP03 in 4:59.
  • We finish off the MM pack with Casey Alvis doing -respawn goodies: MAP14 in 5:59, MAP23 in 4:32, MAP25 in 6:03 and MAP26 in 5:22. He also did a -fast of MAP25 in 8:19 and Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff managed to sneak in with a 5:48 -respawn of MAP20.

    Memento Mori 2 pack:

  • Xit Vono did a few speedruns: MAP03 in 4:33, MAP05 in 0:59, MAP13 in 1:07 (beats Oyvind Stenhaug's 1:11) and MAP31 in 0:57. Oyvind retook MAP13 though, with a 1:00 run.
  • Casey Alvis did three speedruns: MAP20 in 1:11, MAP21 in 5:29 and MAP26 in 4:36, while Anthony Soto did MAP14 in 4:31.
  • NightMare stuff, Xit Vono recorded MAP02 in 1:13, MAP05 in 1:47, MAP31 normal exit in 3:38 and MAP31 secret exit in 2:12. Erik Alm did MAP32 in 0:32, which was beaten by Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore's 0:29. Finally, Radek Pecka improved MAP02 to 1:01.
  • Some Tyson fighting here and there. First off, Xit Vono made runs for MAP01 (6:42) and MAP02 (4:28). These were beaten by Anthony Soto's 5:59 and 4:12, respectively. But Xit isn't the man to be scared off that easily, he took MAP01 with 5:04 and MAP02 with 3:06.
  • Two Pacifist runs by Xit Vono: MAP31 normal exit in 2:09 and MAP31 secret exit in 1:11. He also did a -fast of MAP02 in 1:19, which was beaten by Radek Pecka's 1:12. Radek also improved Jason Dyer's 1:39 -respawn of MAP01 to 1:21.

    Classic Episode runs:

  • Finally Classic Episode has a movie run, it took 22 minutes for Xit Vono to complete it in UV skill.
  • More speedruns from him, he did E2M5 normal exit in 2:25, E2M5 secret exit in 1:40, E2M6 in 3:41, E2M8 in 4:30 and E2M9 in 3:17.
  • He also improved Max stuff: E2M4 to 6:32 and E2M8 to 5:59. His E2M4 Max was improved by Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff's 5:52.
  • Xit Vono also recorded a Tyson: E2M5 in 8:50, and a Pacifist: E2M1 in 0:49. This was later beaten by Radek Pecka: he got 0:46.

    Cooperative runs:

  • Chris Laverdure and Ian Vann recorded two demos: Plutonia MAP02 speed in 1:57 and TNT MAP22 speed in 0:18.

    If you want to have all this in one zip, this is the way to go.

    Also, four new forms are up. They are all good reads, so click on the names: Oyvind Stenhaug, Erwin Lin, Anthony Soto and Adam Williamson.

    That's it, enjoy the LMPs!