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Thin out their numbers! :: (28th November, 1999)
Um, yeah. That's what you'll have to do in our new contest... check it out here.

OK, I was quite busy in the last weeks, that's the reason for this late update. I hope I'll be able to do weekly updating from now...

Anyway. Our server is BACK FROM THE DEAD! So cheer everyone! :)
That means, you don't have to re-send your demos, I'll handle them. Older links are broken now, I'll fix them as soon as possible.

Our newest bunch of demos includes two new tricks, and a couple of very high quality runs. Here's the deal:

  • Here's a new MAP29 jump which was discovered by Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek, from Morocco. It saves around 1 second, but makes the FJS jump much harder, so I wonder if anyone will take this in a real speedrun. Anyway, Selim's original demo was recorded with TASDOOM, which you'll need to watch it, so I recorded a -nomonsters demo showing the same jump. Thanks Vincent Catalaa for sending it in.
  • Steffen "Rini" Udluft sent a new trick which makes it possible to leave the blue key on MAP22. Rini's original demo was recorded in NightMare! skill, and although it's not a new record, it's a fine demonstration of the new trick. Rini says the trick was accidentally discovered by John Keniry, and it could save 6-7 seconds of time. How many days do you need to optimize it? :))
  • Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic's last demo? It could be - I suggest you read his text file. An awesome run on MAP24 in 0:37.
  • Adam Williamson shows us some great slaloming skills in his latest bunch of Episode 1 speedruns. He finishes E1M5 in 1:04, E1M6 in 1:08 and E1M7 in 1:24.
  • Vincent Catalaa sent us a few great speedruns. He finishes E1M9 in just 0:29, MAP04 in 0:28 (featuring his own trick jump), MAP08 in 0:23. He also does MAP08 NM style, in 0:22, and Plutonia MAP07 UV style in 0:23.
  • Here's a nice E4M2 -respawn, by Rini, in 1:40.
  • Some hot stuff from the Netherlands: Arno Slagboom improved his E3M7 -respawn by 2 seconds, getting 1:50. Marko van der Want improves the MAP32 Pacifist time by 1 second, getting 0:25.
  • Remember Kai's awesome built demos? Here's his newest recording, E1M4 in just 0:12.
  • Henning has one demo left (about a month old, sorry Henning!): MAP09 NightMare in 1:40.
  • I improved my MAP07 time by 1 sec, down to 0:47.

    All the demos are available here.

    I added Doug "Opulent" Merrill's excellent page to the Links page.

  • A (november) rain of demos :: (8th November, 1999)
    Unfortunately our server is down since a week now. I know the cause of the trouble but it's a bit hard to explain, anyway hopefully it'll be back in operation hopefully soon. Until then, you can always mail your demos to me...
    The reason for this late update, is that I was waiting for our demo server to return to operation last week, so that I can do a proper update of /incoming, but unfortunately that didn't happen. But now here are all the newest demos we have and I hope I'll be able to clean up incoming soon.

    OK, let's begin with some DOOM2 stuff:

  • We have a new player, Claudio Barba (who was around for a while but didn't do any demos, until now). Claudio debuts with two nice -fast demos, MAP18 in 3:38 and MAP21 in 3:13.
  • Zvonimir "FX" Buzanic also made a -fast record, this time MAP12 in 6:13.
  • Henning also made lots of new -fast recordings, here they are: MAP03 in 1:34, MAP05 in 2:42, MAP09 in 6:40, MAP12 in 5:36, MAP13 in 6:22, MAP14 in 2:18, MAP25 in 2:35. He also made a -respawn of MAP14 in 1:44. Can anyone beat these?
  • Some great DOOM2 recordings by Vincent Catalaa: MAP29 NightMare in 2:12(!), MAP12 -respawn in 3:23, MAP29 -respawn in 3:04 and MAP03 NM100S in 0:28.
  • Ian Sutton is here with some of his usual stylish demos: MAP05 Max in 2:19 and MAP29 -respawn in 2:56.
  • More running from Henning! New NightMare records, MAP02 in 0:49, MAP03 in 0:25, MAP06 in 0:56. And finally, new speedrun record of MAP13 in 1:10. (As you know, the old 1:09 record by Daniel was with a strafe50 mousedriver, and finally I decided it should be eliminated.)

    That's about it, let's continue with Ultimate DOOM:

  • Adam Williamson made a handful of runs for Ultimate DOOM: Pacifist/UV Speed for E3M3 in 0:26, NightMare for the same in 0:27, UV Speed for E1M9 in 0:30, Pacifist for E3M4 in 0:46, NightMare for the same in 0:47 and NightMare for E3M6 in 0:30. He also made full speedruns of Episode 3, UV Run in 4:22 and NM Run 4:51.
  • Ian Sutton finally broke the 2 minute barrier for E4M1 Max. His time is 1:56. He also made a 100/100 run of Episode 4, in just 30:40.
  • I did E3M6 NightMare in 0:29, one second faster than Adam Williamson, and E3M4 speedrun in 0:39.

    We also have a healthy number of Plutonia speedruns for you:

  • Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic sent some great new runs: MAP01 in 0:37, MAP02 in 0:55, MAP03 in 1:19, MAP05 in 0:32, MAP11 in 0:53 and MAP32 in 1:03.
  • Vincent Catalaa also has terrific demos for us (some of them already beating Sedlo's runs): MAP02 in 0:54, MAP03 in 1:09, MAP05 in 0:30, MAP06 in 1:10, MAP21 in 0:39, and a NM demo of MAP05 in 0:34 (which has a funny ending). We also have some funky stuff to watch:
  • Steffen "Rini" Udluft made a speedrun for DOOM2 Episode 2 (maps 11-20). What's the deal? He uses ONLY chainsaw and rocket launcher! Definately a demo to watch.
  • Jonathan Rimmer has a couple of interesting recordings. He built a speedrun for E1M1, which finishes the map in 8 seconds! This is a must see, get it here 0:08. For DOOM2, he has two interesting rocket jumps, one for MAP05 and one for MAP21.

    Get all the demos here. Next update will have the new contest. Prepare, marines!