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Demoage :: (20th November, 2000)
Er, not the most imaginative title, but it'll do :)
Anyway, lots of demos we have this time, so it's best to begin right away. First of all, the contest we have is still RUNNING, that means you have about one and a half week to submit your entries. I'm saying this because I only received an entry from 2 (two) people so far, and that's not much :( On the contrary, my spies have reported that at least 3 players have beaten the 1:30 barrier, which means we could have a pretty close finish! That should also remind you that if you're optimizing the last gametics on your 3 minute run, maybe it's time to search for new routes :)) Anyway, I urge everyone to try this contest, I think the clue I revealed might get you starting...

Other news, COMPET-N's FTP now has one of these free DNS entries, so from now on you don't have to remember any IP addresses (should've done this earlier, I know). The address for the FTP is, this should be pretty easy to remember (don't forget that you can use for accessing this homepage, in case you didn't know already.)

Now on to the regular COMPET-N demos:

  • Ultimate DOOM stuff from Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff (one of our most active players nowadays): he improved E3M7 Max to 2:23, E1M5 -fast to 2:59, E2M6 -fast to 6:34 and E3M7 -fast to 2:31.
  • Radek "R. Master" Pecka is certainly storming the Ultimate DOOM tables with his new demos. He submitted no less than 16 demos! Let's begin with his Max stuff, he improved E1M6 by 1 second to 3:29, E2M4 to 4:51, E2M7 to 3:59, E3M3 to 2:23 and E3M7 to 2:19. He submitted 3 -fast demos, over E1M3, E2M7 and E3M3, and 4 -respawns, over E1M3, E1M7, E2M7 and E3M3. Last but not least, he sent in a few Tysons as well, for E1M4, E2M4, E2M7 and E3M7.
  • Only one DOOM2 single player demo for DOOM2 this time, in the prestigious MAP32 Tyson category, Laszlo Vecsei stole the record with a 6 second improvement, his time is 1:08.
  • We have a new player, Maximiliano Di Dio. He introduced himself with a few TNT Max demos (which category is rapidly gaining popularity). He improved MAP03 to 3:48, MAP04 to 6:55 and MAP05 to 4:39.
  • More demos from Chris Ratcliff, this time for TNT and Plutonia. Chris did TNT MAP14 Max in 6:39, Plutonia MAP06 NightMare in 2:00, MAP19 in 1:19 and MAP28 in 2:06.
  • Anthony Soto continues sending TNT Max stuff with the usual enthusiasm, this time he improved these maps: MAP18 to 9:54, MAP19 to 5:46, MAP23 to 4:57 and MAP24 to 2:51.
  • John Keniry stepped in and improved one of Maximiliano's and Anthony's entries each, TNT MAP03 Max to 3:27 and MAP24 Max to 2:23. We'll see if the previous holders can strike back :) UPDATE: Anthony Soto just sent in 2:22 for MAP24.
  • I did a Plutonia NightMare demo and a TNT NightMare demo this time around, MAP01 for Plutonia and MAP30 for TNT.
  • Only two coop demos this time, they come from Laszlo Vecsei and myself, we improved DOOM E2M8 NightMare to 0:21 and DOOM2 MAP07 Max to 0:29.

    Demo zip is here.

    The hit counter is nearing #40000, send in a screenshot if you catch it!

    Next update should be right after contest, probably on December 2nd. The next contest will be announced this year, definately. Don't forget the update after the next one will be written by the contest winner :)