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Birthday :: (21st November, 2002)
I was about to update three days ago as I promised, but as the devil never sleeps, the domain went down exactly then. I could've done without it if really desperate, but as I was told it would be back up soon, I didn't want to change hundreds of URLs and change them back a couple of days later. By the way, the DNS going down was the registrar's mistake, bastards.

With that out of the way we can happily celebrate COMPET-N's 8th birthday (as the first demo dates back 8 years ago). I always wondered if the pioneers back in '94 thought that there would be people playing the same thing 8 years later :)

Let's see what we've got this time:

Demos for Ultimate DOOM:

  • We're starting with speedruns and boy a speedrun this is. Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic has surely got E4M3 in the optimum time of 0:08. Anyone for NightMare? :)
  • Two other great speedruns by Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore, E1M7 in 1:15 and E3M7 in 0:57.
  • Starting off the NM speedruns we have another optimum by Sedlo again, this time it's E2M9 in 0:06.
  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore improved E1M3 normal exit to 0:54 and E4M1 to 0:35 while Xit Vono improved E2M5 secret exit to 0:51.
  • E1M7 also saw a nice battle for NM100S crown: Xit Vono first snatched the record with a 2:08. Then Jan "Doomgeek" Vida improved the time to 2:02. Xit Vono took the record back with first 2:01 and later 1:58, with Radek Pecka taking it afterwards with 1:53.
  • Some other NM100S demos by Xit Vono, he took E2M5 in 2:02 and E2M7 in 2:25, but Radek Pecka improved both, E2M5 to 1:53 and E2M7 to 2:24.
  • Two movie efforts by Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore in Episode 4: UV Run in 4:26 and NM Run in 5:54. He also did a NM100S movie of Ep2 in 12:40 and a Max movie of Ep1 in 18:18. Great stuff.
  • Radek Pecka did two -fast movies: Ep2 in 36:55 and Ep3 in 28:15.
  • We have some maxkills as well, Xit Vono improved three maps, E2M5 to 4:43, E2M6 to 4:33 and E2M7 to 3:48. Radek Pecka promptly improved all three: E2M5 to 4:41, E2M6 to 4:25 and E2M7 to 3:44.
  • Two -fast demos by Xit Vono: E2M5 in 6:10 and E2M6 in 5:46. Radek Pecka improved these as well, E2M5 to 5:37 and E2M6 to 5:29.
  • Joe "DOOMMANN" Abene returned to the scene after a year of absence with a -fast demo of E3M9 in 2:31.
  • Finally a Pacifist demo of E1M3 secret exit by Xit Vono, time is 5:33.

    Demos for DOOM2:

  • Not many demos of DOOM2 this time, but Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic ensures us we aren't let down: he optimized MAP27 UV Speed to 0:11 and MAP31 UV Speed (secret exit) to 0:32.
  • Radek Pecka did two long movies for DOOM2 this time: maps 21-30 Max in 39:16 and maps 11-20 -fast in 57:44.
  • Couple of -fast demos as well, Jan "Doomgeek" Vida did MAP24 in 6:15, which Radek Pecka improved to 5:34. Radek also improved MAP29 to 5:25.

    Demos for Plutonia Experiment:

  • Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic did two excellent runs for Plutonia as well, MAP01 in 0:11 (this improves Xit Vono's earlier 0:16 and his 0:34 Pacifist as well) and MAP12 in 0:06.
  • Newcomer Chris "DevastatioN" Felix improved MAP03 to 1:05 while Xit Vono improved MAP06 to 1:04 and MAP08 to 1:34.
  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore improved MAP08 to 1:17.
  • A rare sight, a Plutonia episode movie, and a Max one at that; Casey Alvis did maps 1-10 in 57:34.
  • Xit Vono improved a couple of NightMare demos: MAP01 to 0:38, MAP02 to 1:22, MAP21 to 0:23 and MAP32 to 1:18.
  • Two other NM improvements: Casey Alvis improved MAP12 to 0:15 and Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore cut down MAP23 to 1:51.
  • Xit Vono did some NM100S records too: MAP01 to 1:12, MAP28 to 2:14 and MAP29 to 1:34.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff beat MAP28 to 1:58 while Casey Alvis beat MAP29 to 1:33. Xit Vono responded to both, clocking 1:55 and 1:31 respectively. Casey Alvis later improved MAP29 to 1:28.
  • A couple of -fast demos by Xit Vono: MAP03 in 5:16, MAP04 in 5:13, MAP05 in 3:07, MAP08 in 6:14 and MAP09 in 7:49.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff improved two of the above: MAP03 to 4:43 and MAP04 in 4:40.
  • Here's some Pacifism for us: While newcomer Natalya "QWERTY" Shilyaeva did MAP03 in 1:38 and Casey Alvis improved MAP21 to 0:28 (featuring the rocket boost trick), Xit Vono improved MAP03 to 1:23 and MAP06 to 1:14.
  • Last but not least we have some -respawns for Plutonia as well: Casey Alvis did two, MAP21 in 1:17 and MAP32 in 3:49, while Xit Vono did five, MAP04 in 4:17, MAP08 in 6:19, MAP09 in 5:19, MAP10 in 4:09 and MAP31 in 8:43.

    Demos for TNT Evilution:

  • Xit Vono did a couple of short speedruns: MAP11 in 0:17, MAP15 normal exit in 0:16 and secret exit in 0:12 (these two feature a new route), as well as some longer runs: MAP07 in 0:48 (beating Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore's 0:49), MAP10 in 1:02, MAP23 in 0:31 and MAP29 in 2:25.
  • MAP18 sees a small battle, Adolf "Gusta" Vojta got it early with 2:16, which was beaten by Xit Vono's 2:13. Chris "DevastatioN" Felix improved the record to 2:10, which was beaten by Xit Vono again ,2:07 and later Radek Pecka beat it to 2:05.
  • Chris "DevastatioN" Felix also improved MAP08 to 2:39, MAP13 to 1:11 and MAP21 to 2:24.
  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore improved the map11-20 UV Run to 13:30.
  • A couple of NM records by Xit Vono: MAP03 in 1:18, MAP07 in 0:56, MAP11 in 0:18, MAP12 in 0:43, MAP13 in 1:49, MAP15 normal exit in 0:16, MAP15 secret exit in 0:12, MAP18 in 2:29, MAP23 in 0:43, MAP31 normal exit in 0:29, MAP31 secret exit in 0:33 and MAP32 in 4:03.
  • Radek Pecka improved the MAP23 NM record to 0:41.
  • Vincent Catalaa makes a long awaited return with his MAP11 NM in 0:17.
  • Three NM100S demos by Xit Vono: MAP03 in 2:05, MAP10 in 2:00 and MAP32 in 5:11.
  • Quite a few Pacifism by Xit Vono: MAP01 in 0:36, MAP07 in 1:34, MAP11 in 0:21, MAP13 in 2:10, MAP15 normal exit in 0:17, MAP15 secret exit in 0:17, MAP16 in 2:30, MAP18 in 2:11 (beating Adolf "Gusta" Vojta's 2:18), MAP24 in 0:51 and MAP27 in 2:22.
  • Radek Pecka improved MAP18 Pacifist to 2:07.
  • Just one maxkill this time, Xit Vono's MAP11 in 4:22.
  • Three long Tysons by Xit Vono: MAP20 in 43:37, MAP21 in 51:37 and MAP22 in 15:23.
  • Finishing off TNT demos we have -fast stuff by Xit Vono, he recorded MAP01 in MAP01 in 0:54, MAP04 in 8:25, MAP07 in 12:44, MAP08 in 7:13, MAP11 in 5:04, MAP13 in 6:05 and MAP14 in 6:56.

    Demos for Hell Revealed:

  • Natalya "QWERTY" Shilyaeva recorded two very nice NM runs for HR: MAP24 in 0:20 and MAP26 in 0:04, as well as an UV demo for MAP24 in 0:21.
  • Casey Alvis recorded a couple of speedruns: MAP16 in 3:02, MAP18 in 5:30 and MAP25 in 3:21. He also recorded a Misc MAP25 SSG-only Max in 13:27, as well as two NM100S demos: MAP27 in 4:22 and MAP28 in 1:10.

    Demos for Requiem:

  • Only three demos for Requiem this time, Xit Vono recorded MAP02 NM100S in 0:42 and Pacifist in 0:32, as well as MAP10 Pacifist in 1:50.

    Memento Mori demos:

  • Casey Alvis did a couple of demos: MAP05 -respawn in 5:54, MAP12 UV Speed in 4:37, MAP12 UV Max in 7:33, MAP14 NM Speed in 3:23, MAP31 UV Speed normal exit in 6:14 and MAP31 UV Speed secret exit in 5:52.

    Memento Mori 2 demos:

  • Oyvind Stenhaug improved MAP05 UV by one second to 0:58, while Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore improved MAP28 Max to 14:13 and Radek Pecka improved MAP32 Max to 1:53.

    Classic Episode:

  • Ranjo "Mummi" Kahluff improved E2M1 Tyson to 2:38.

    Get the full zip here.

    I updated the Links page as lot of the links were dead, and put some newer ones in. If you're a COMPET-N player and would like your homepage listed, give me a link and I'll put it up.
    Also some new questions appear on the FAQ page.

    Next stop, Doomsday.