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Finally an update :: (20th October, 1999)
Yes, it's been nearly one month since the last update. As you know I had some problems with my hard disk. Fortunately this is now solved, and luckily I didn't lose any data. There have been lots of demos, here they are:
  • First and foremost, there is a new full DOOM2 NightMare Run we have, by no other than the author of the first such run, Thomas "Panter" Pilger. Yes, he made it again, and again he made it look so easy. Time is just a little bit faster than last time, 49:31.
  • Henning Skogsto also did some NightMare running. He sent a 01-21 run, definately worth watching! Time is quite fast, 30:49.
  • Marijo Sedlic continues doing 10-level NM runs. This is the third one he did, for maps 21-30 (the hardest run, by far). Time is 4 minutes faster than Panter, 16:12.
  • Joe Breen is improving his Ep4 100/100 run records all the time. His newest demo lasts 35 minutes exactly, which is very fast for this hard episode. Demo here.
  • Speedrunning stuff for DOOM2: Henning made a fantastic MAP03 record in 0:24 while Sedlo did MAP21 in 0:41. Both optimal?
  • Sedlo also did MAP21 NM style, in just 0:53, plus MAP29 under 3 minutes, in 2:54.
  • ...which was beaten by Vincent Catalaa soon. His time is 2:47. Vincent also did E3M4 Pacifist style in 0:47, E3M3 speedrun style in 0:27 and Pacifist style in 0:30.
  • ...which was beaten by Adam Williamson's 0:28.
  • Ian Sutton did E2M2 Tyson in 3:42, beating Anders by 6 seconds, plus E4M4 Max 1:44, 1 second faster. Also an E1M5 Pacifist in 4:06.
  • Some quality Max stuff from Henning: MAP05 in 2:21 and MAP09 in 5:34.
  • Rini did E4M7 NM100S in 0:52, featuring the exit jump.
  • Lots of -respawn stuff, both Ultimate DOOM and DOOM2.
    Ultimate DOOM: E3M7, by Arno Slagboom in 1:52, and E4M7, by Rini, in 2:07.
    DOOM2: Henning's stuff: MAP03 in 1:33, MAP04 in 1:12, MAP05 in 2:44, MAP06 in 2:27, MAP13 in 4:26, MAP15 in 4:52, MAP26 in 2:44, MAP27 in 3:26, MAP28 in 2:29. More demos by Vincent Catalaa, MAP27 in 3:11 and MAP29 in 3:53, and Zvonimir, MAP29 in 3:50.
    Also interesting the MAP14 battle between Zvonimir and Henning, Zvonimir's best is 1:46, Henning's best is 1:48.
  • New in! Sedlo managed to strike back on MAP29 NM, new time is 2:21.

    Okay, that's it for today, phew!
    All the demos are zipped up, and you can get 'em here.

    One thing I always forgot to tell. There is an IRC channel for DOOM speedrunning, visit IRCNet #nightmare and you can find most of our (and DANG's) players chatting there.

    For the future, well, there's a contest coming up, so better get your running shoes ready! :)

    Interestingly, during these 3 weeks of no updates, still lots of people visited this site daily. I wanna thank all the people who do come here every day, and I also wanna thank all the COMPET-N players who do these wonderful recordings. YOU GUYS RULE!