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New contest! and lots more... :: (28th October, 2000)
That's right, we have a new contest running, which I really urge everyone to try! There's a prize, too...

Lots of activity in the past weeks, as always. I'll start with the new TNT: Evilution demos, because we have quite a lot of them. Great to see so many big improvements in these maps, keep up the good work guys!

  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff sent a whole collection for MAP28: UV Speed in 1:28, NM Speed in 2:40, UV Max in 4:49 and UV -fast in 6:59. He also did MAP32 UV Speed in 3:42 and UV Max in 7:29.
  • Anthony Soto continues to grab more TNT Max records. This time, he did MAP03 in 4:31, MAP11 in 5:36, MAP22 in 6:19 (2:19 better than his previous!) and MAP24 in 3:13.
  • John Keniry is an old school COMPET-N player, his first demo dating back to 1996. He's just returned to COMPET-N with some very cool Max demos in Evilution. He did MAP03 in 3:51, MAP08 in 7:33, MAP09 in 8:12, MAP15 in 4:29, MAP16 in 7:36 and MAP30 in 4:47.

    Newest demos for Ultimate DOOM:

  • Ole Hartvigsen got the record in Episode 2 UV 100/100 Run, managing 30:42.
  • We have a new player at COMPET-N (though he's been around in coop since a while), Laszlo Vecsei. He started by taking all the records for E2M8 (except Tyson, hehe). Here is his UV Max, NM Speed and UV -fast demos (all times are 0:31).
  • Although Jonathan Rimmer did strike back in E1M6 Max with 3:35, Radek "R. Master" Pecka quickly got the record back with 3:30. Radek also did this map in UV -fast, 4:29 and E1M4 UV -fast, 2:14.
  • A misc demo for Ultimate DOOM, Mike Toliver made E3M8 Tyson style, in 1:55. Although his run is not a record, it's especially interesting, because the Spider Mastermind doesn't get frozen (all the previous runners used this "bug").
  • I improved a few records of my own: improved my Episode 3 NM Run by 16 seconds (4:18), my E3M1 NM Speed (0:32), my E4M4 UV Speed (0:35) and my E4M7 NM Speed 0:12.

    DOOM2 goodies:

  • Ole Hartvigsen snatched back the MAP10 Max record from Radek "R. Master" Pecka. His new time goes under 5 minutes now, a really cool 4:43. Radek got himself a record though, MAP18 -fast in 3:27.
  • I improved some of my MAP32 records: NM Speed to 0:12, NM100S to 0:25 and UV Max to 0:35.

    Coop stuff:

  • Only 2 coops this time (what's wrong with all the people?), both by Arno Slagboom and Marko van der Want. They did E4M7 UV Speed in 0:13, and NM Speed in 0:14.

    To get all demos, click here.

    I added Doug Merrill's Doomed Speed Demos Archive page to the links page.

    Admin warning: PLEASE don't idle around in the FTP server, you are taking away connect place and bandwidth from those who are trying to download demos. Thanks.

    See you next time, get running for the contest!

  • This is madness! :: (6th October, 2000)
    Last two and a half weeks have been stuffed with action, even more demos than last time. Both the single player and cooperative categories are packed with quality stuff, so better check 'em out right away:

  • The biggest news is that we have 3 (THREE) new DOOM2 NightMare runs! First, Henning Skogsto improved his own run from '99 and got exactly 40:00. This was the first occasion of someone managing the Superlightning (all maps on NightMare, under par). Henning wasn't satisfied with his time though, and he got a faster run just three days later, new time is 38:41. Of course, both of these runs are MUST SEE! The third NightMare run comes from myself (fourth player getting D2S), my time is 46:18 (2nd fastest player and 2nd player to get Superlightning).
  • All that NightMare running wasn't enough for Henning, he quickly improved his MAP01-10 record as well, time is 8:21.
  • A couple of very nice Ultimate DOOM Max demos from Ole Hartvigsen: E2M1 in 1:36 and E2M3 in 2:43.
  • More Ultimate DOOM Max, from Radek "R. Master" Pecka: E1M6 in 3:49 and E3M7 Max in 2:31. Radek also did E3M7 -respawn in 1:45.
  • One more demo from Radek, this time DOOM2 MAP10 Max, in 5:09 (4 seconds improvement).
  • I also did two demos for DOOM2, improved my own MAP01 Max record by 2 seconds, managing 0:41 and MAP23 Speed by 2 seconds, getting 0:45.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff improved the MAP29 -fast time by a minute, getting 5:42.
  • Zvonimir "FX" Buzanic improved the MAP13 -respawn record to just under 4 minutes, time is 3:59.
  • Plutonia stuff from Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic, he took MAP11 this time and improved the Speed record to 0:51 and the NightMare record to 0:52 (incredible runs I gotta say).
  • Ilya Britvich is back to COMPET-N, and he is back in style! That means a new trick of course, and quite a fast time, on Plutonia's MAP18. His demo is here. Ilya also got two NightMare demos for TNT, MAP13 in 2:20 and MAP19 in 1:19.
  • I improved Ilya's trick run by 1 second, getting 0:06. Vincent Catalaa managed the same time in NightMare skill, his demo is here.
  • We have a new player at COMPET-N, but for many of you his name could be familiar :) Anthony Soto starts with a couple of TNT: Evilution Max demos, he did MAP22 in 8:38 and MAP32 in 11:29. Keep up the good work!
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff improved Anthony's MAP32 Max right away, managing a healthy 3 minutes faster, time is 8:12. He also improved the MAP28 Max time to 5:21.

    Brand new cooperative stuff, from 3 countries:

  • Arno Slagboom and Bjorn Hamels got a few Max demos (like they usually do), E1M6 in 2:54, E1M9 in 1:57, MAP04 in 0:53 and MAP05 in 1:52.
  • Anders Johnsen and Henning Skogsto started their coop career (apart from their brilliant 30nm coop of course) with two runs on MAP01, UV Speed in 0:05 and NM Speed in 0:05. Possibly optimal? ;)
  • Lots of demos from Arno Slagboom and Marko van der Want as always. Ultimate DOOM Speed demos first: E1M2 in 0:27, E1M3 in 0:47, E1M3 secret exit in 0:35, E2M1 Speed in 0:32, E2M3 in 0:34, E2M5 secret exit in 0:33, E2M7 in 0:21, E3M1 in 0:33, E3M2 in 0:13, E3M5 in 0:26, E3M6 in 0:25, E4M1 in 0:30, E4M4 in 0:28, E4M7 in 0:14 and E4M9 in 0:11 (whew). They also got E3M1 Max in 0:57, E3M6 NightMare in 0:28 and MAP01 Tyson in 0:31.
  • Laszlo Vecsei and myself got a few coop demos recently, here they are: E2M8 Max in 0:33, E3M8 Max in 0:24, E3M8 Speed in 0:19, E3M8 NightMare in 0:14, E4M4 Speed in 0:25 and MAP02 Max in 0:42.

    The demos are zipped here as always.