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October Rust :: (1st October, 2001)
First of all I guess you're most interested about the upcoming contest. Well, it's coming along, unfortunately I had some problems with VPOs, hopefully they are sorted now. Anyway, I hope it's gonna be out with the next update.

A couple of issues with bugged maps:

  • TNT MAP31: If you're playing this map in either Max, NM100S, UV -fast, UV -respawn or UV Tyson, record with the fix provided by TeamTNT. If you're playing UV Speed, NM Speed or UV Pacifist, you don't need the fix (to keep compatibility with old demos).
  • Requiem MAP21: the old fix which we provided for this level works fine as far as demo replay goes, however it didn't allow players to get 100% kills. Andy Olivera revealed that a build with Zennode makes 100% kills possible, so we are providing a new fix for this map. This also makes previous maxdemos of this level obsolete.

    Now onto the demos (it's gonna be long, so prepare):

    Ultimate DOOM:

  • Xit Vono has done the impossible and finished the dreaded E2M8 in Tyson style (first time ever). Amazing achievement, must download of course.
  • Radek Pecka did a couple of good looking demos: Max of E4M8 in 2:20, and a bunch of UV -fast demos: E1M3 in 3:04, E1M4 in 1:59, E1M6 in 3:56, E2M4 in 5:45, E2M5 in 6:41, E2M6 in 5:48, E3M2 in 2:40, E3M4 in 5:26, E3M6 in 2:59, E3M9 in 2:39 and E4M8 in 2:44.


  • Radek quickly responded to the challenge and defended his MAP14 Max record with a 1:56.
  • Vaclav "Bolton" Kunes returns with a speedrun of MAP09 in 1:01.


  • ethh shows "Impossible Mission" is in fact possible, and recorded a 1:49 UV speedrun.


  • Xit Vono and Vincent Catalaa continue on MAP16: Xit recorded an UV speedrun of 1:56, which was beaten by Vincent's 1:36, beaten by Xit's 1:32, and again beaten by Vincent's 1:20.
  • Same map, same people, but NightMare skill: Vincent started with 2:38, then Xit came up with 2:00, then Vincent with 1:43, Xit again with 1:36, Vincent again with 1:32, then Xit got back with 1:30, and finally Vincent with 1:22.
  • These people never rest, it's them again on MAP32 UV Speed: Xit's initial time was 3:27, then Vincent made a big improvement and got 2:37, Xit got back with 2:31, beaten by Vincent's 2:19, then Xit came back with 2:15, and again, Vincent with 1:57.
  • A couple of UV speedruns by Vincent: MAP08 in 2:57, MAP09 in 3:51, MAP10 in 1:08, MAP17 in 0:41 (pacifist as well), MAP19 in 0:53, MAP20 in 3:37, MAP27 in 2:13 and MAP29 in 2:47.
  • Vincent also did a bunch of NightMare demos: MAP01 in 0:40, MAP03 in 1:29, MAP05 in 2:56, MAP06 in 4:38, MAP12 in 0:47, MAP13 in 1:52. On MAP17, Vincent beat Doug "Opulent" Merrill's 0:58 with a 0:46 run, while on MAP28, Vincent's 2:03 was beaten by Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff's 1:51, but Vincent came back again with a 1:38 run.
  • Vincent recorded three Pacifists as well: MAP18 in 2:57, MAP19 in 1:24 and MAP24 in 0:54.
  • ethh is the first player to send in an UV Max for MAP31, he recorded it in 11:04.
  • Chris Ratcliff recorded MAP10, UV -fast style in 3:50. He also recorded a couple of UV -respawn demos: MAP10 in 2:30, MAP17 in 3:33, MAP25 in 6:00, MAP26 in 5:41 and MAP28 in 4:42.
  • Last but not least, Xit Vono recorded a -respawn of MAP06 in 3:55.

    Hell Revealed:

  • Chris Ratcliff recorded MAP16, UV -fast in 18:59.
  • Doug "Opulent" Merrill recorded MAP10, UV -respawn in 3:33.


  • Xit Vono recorded the first movie for Requiem: an UV speed movie of maps 01-10 in 38:06.
  • He also recorded a huge bunch of UV speedruns: MAP03 in 3:00, MAP06 in 6:15, MAP09 in 3:16, MAP10 in 1:19, MAP11 in 1:10, MAP12 in 3:39, MAP13 in 5:56, MAP15 secret exit in 5:17, MAP24 in 3:13, MAP28 in 1:54, MAP31 normal exit in 1:46 and MAP31 secret exit in 1:45.
  • Oyvind Stenhaug recorded two speedruns: MAP04 in 2:46 (beaten later by Xit's 2:30) and MAP09 in 2:45.
  • I recorded two speedruns for Requiem: MAP07 in 1:19 (featuring a new keygrab), and MAP24 in 1:48.
  • A smaller but still respectable bunch of NightMare demos by Xit Vono: MAP09 in 6:46, MAP12 in 8:33, MAP24 in 5:46, MAP31 normal exit in 2:39 and MAP31 secret exit in 2:47.
  • Radek Pecka recorded a Pacifist for MAP02 in 0:34 and a NightMare for MAP20 in 0:13.
  • A couple more demos by Xit Vono: MAP03 UV Max in 5:41, MAP01 UV -respawn in 0:47, MAP03 UV -respawn in 7:01, MAP11 UV -respawn in 3:48 and MAP03 Tyson in 18:45.

    Memento Mori:

  • Radek Pecka recorded a speedrun for MAP10 in 0:25, which I beat by one second and got 0:24.

    Classic Episode:

  • Radek Pecka recorded a speedrun for E2M7 in 0:35.

    Cooperative demos:

  • ethh and ex improved their own record over TNT MAP01 Max and got under 1 minute: 0:56.
  • Doug "Opulent" Merrill and two of his friends, Defiant and Jax recorded a 3-way coop Max over Memento Mori MAP03 in 0:44.

    This week's zip contains no less than 102 demos and can be downloaded here.