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Demos never ending :: (29th September, 1999)
That's right, a new bunch of demos for all of you. No new trick this time, but still a lot of quality stuff. Let's see what we've got:

  • A new DOOM2 MAP01-10 NightMare run by Marijo Sedlic, in just 9:36.
  • Finishing the "whole damn game" is always a hard task. What about killing all monsters and visiting all the secrets? This is what Vincent Catalaa's new demo is about. He's the third ever guy to finish this task. He unfortunately misses one secret, but of course he deserves the 5 points and the link on this page. The run itself plays 2 hours and 25 minutes!
  • Joe Breen also did a similar 100/100 run, for Episode 4 of Ultimate DOOM. Cutting 8 minutes off the old record, his new time is 39:45.
  • Jonathan Rimmer has done a couple of cool NightMare demos for UDOOM: E1M2 in 0:26, E2M1 in 0:42, E1M2, 100% secrets in 1:02 and E1M6, 100% secrets in 1:42.
  • The latter didn't last long, Ian Sutton has beaten it by 10 seconds, featuring some cool (nearly-suicidal) rocket usage. Time is 1:32. He also made E2M3 NM100S in 0:51.
  • Marijo Sedlic made a great NM100S for MAP15 in 3:07 while Zvonimir Buzanic did MAP06 in 1:11.
  • Zvonimir sent us a pack of -respawn demos for DOOM2. The demos are pretty good quality for a relatively easy category. He did the following maps: MAP03, MAP04, MAP06, MAP12, MAP13, MAP14, MAP15, MAP17, MAP25, MAP26, MAP27, MAP28 and MAP29.
  • I did two Plutonia speedruns this time: MAP18 and MAP20.

    Today's update is available at the usual place, here.

  • A new trick! and lots more :: (20th September, 1999)
    Yeah, the 5th birthday of DOOM2 coming up shortly (you DO know the date, don't you?), and what we have is a brand new trick which was just discovered.
    Let's get started with the demos:
  • Okay, so let's see that new trick on MAP16, which was discovered by Jonathan Rimmer (who mostly plays Ultimate DOOM but has a hobby of discovering DOOM2 tricks :). Jonathan's initial UV demo was a 0:23 effort, with SSG in hand. Just 2 days later Sedlo refined the run and managed 0:15, but Jonathan immediately did a 0:14, without SSG and pacifist. Sedlo copied this technique but much faster (and let's not forget he solved the trick much faster!), so now the record stands at 0:12.
  • The NightMare record of MAP16 also dropped dramatically. Marko van der Want did some demos himself (first one: 0:35, last one: 0:25), which Adam Williamson beat and had the record for *two* days with 0:24. Sedlo proved though that it's possible to leave the invulnerability on NM too, and equalled his UV time of 0:12.
  • Some very nice Ultimate DOOM NM100S running by Jonathan Rimmer: E1M2 in 1:02 and E1M6 in 2:02.
  • Some longer runs finally! Vincent Catalaa did an Episode 3 100/100 run in just 27:13 and a DOOM2 MAP01-10 -fast 100/100 run in 41:43. Joe Breen, a newcomer from Australia did an Episode 4 100/100 run under 1 hour, great job for a first demo! Time is 55:58. Marijo Sedlic tried himself out in longer NM running, with a nice MAP11-20 run of 14:47. He also did a short NM LMP, MAP10 in 0:36.
  • On to our most popular category, the DOOM2 NightMare 100% secrets, where we got some really nice LMPs pouring in. Henning managed to strike back at a few places: MAP11 in 1:09, MAP13 in 2:24, MAP18 in 2:04 and MAP27 in 1:33. Istvan did MAP15 under 4 minutes in 3:50, and Sedlo improved it further to 3:38. Sedlo had another LMP: MAP19 in 1:34, while I did MAP12 in 2:09.
  • Plutonia had some nice LMPs: Vincent Catalaa did MAP04 in 0:49, while Istvan did MAP20 in 0:48 which was beaten by my 0:46.

    Some people have said that the NM100S category is too easy and is becoming more running-style than fighting-style, so we should create a new, harder category which could bring back the old NightMare fighting-style LMPs. I haven't yet tried out their suggestions, but I'd like to hear more opinions. If you have any good ideas about new categories, please contact me!

    Today's update, here.

  • More demos than you could imagine :: (10th September, 1999)
    That's right, more than 2 1/2 hours of demos this time.
    Note: the demos update was done on 8th September, the new demos will be in the next update.
    No fancy talking, here's the deal:
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff has done it again, after doing pioneer Pacifists of E3M6 and MAP15, he recorded E1M6, Pacifist style, first ever. A long, but beautiful recording to watch, get it here.
  • Ian Sutton made 3 recordings for Ultimate DOOM: E2M7 Max in 4:00, E2M3 Tyson in 3:33 and E2M7 Tyson in 4:29.
  • Anders Johnsen also did 3 new demos: E2M2 Max in 3:39, Tyson in 3:48 and -fast in 3:57.
  • Robert Reevy and Steffen Udluft did one recording each. Robert did E4M9 NM100S in 0:33 and Rini did E2M5 -respawn in 4:08.
  • Henning Skogsto did a couple of excellent recordings for DOOM2: MAP04 Max in 1:02, MAP08 Max in 2:46, plus two -respawns, MAP06 in 2:41 and MAP26 in 2:53.
  • Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic did equally beautiful stuff recently: a breathtaking MAP24 speedrun in 0:38, a NightMare speedrun of MAP24 in 0:59, and a -fast of MAP29 in 6:51.
  • Mike Toliver, a newcomer to COMPET-N, introduced himself with a full Episode 4 100/100 run, time is 69:28.
  • Istvan Pataki did a Plutonia MAP04 speedrun in 1:21.
  • I did 2 Ultimate DOOM speedruns, E2M1 in 0:36 and E3M5 in 0:24, plus a MAP10 speedrun in 0:27 and an E4M9 NM100s in 0:20.

    On to the huge amount of DOOM2 NM100S demos, sorted by map:

  • MAP06: Henning beat Zvonimir's old record with 1:13.
  • MAP11: Henning did 1:17 but Sedlo beat him soon with 1:10.
  • MAP12: Sedlo did 3:13 but later on I beat his time with 2:09.
  • MAP13: Henning got the record with 2:30, but Sedlo was the first under par with 2:26.
  • MAP15: Istvan got his record back with a 6:29 demo, which was later beaten by Sedlo's 5:17. Henning beat the 5 minute barrier with 4:53. Sedlo got the record again with 4:23.
  • MAP18: Henning had the record with 2:06 for a little while, but Sedlo beat him again with 2:05.
  • MAP19: Henning's 1:45 didn't last long, Sedlo got the record with 1:39 which I managed to beat with 1:35.
  • MAP20: Sedlo took the record with exactly 1:30.
  • MAP23: Henning did a nice 1:12 which Sedlo beat with a 1:08.
  • MAP24: Sedlo grabbed the record with 3:31.
  • MAP26: Henning had the record with 1:25 which Sedlo beat (again) to get 1:19.
  • MAP27: Sedlo's last recording of this update, 1:34.

    A new form, by Sedlo, is posted. Go take a look at the Players page.

    Some links:

  • A bit old, but funny: Compost-Z.
  • The new co-op page put together by Arno and Ralf: Coop-N.

    The demos of today's update are here.

  • Back :: (8th September, 1999)
    I'm back, but it'll take some time to get the next update done. I cleaned up incoming (moved the older stuff away from there) so there are just 41 demos in it now :). Most of those I haven't yet watched. Please be patient, I'll try to do an update of those this weekend. Won't be easy since I'm having Internet problems and some Real Life (TM) stuff (the start of September is always a pain in the ass).

    The counter screwed up for some reason (dunno why, it happens very rarely and I couldn't figure out the reason), but I managed to fix it.

    Our demo server was unreachable for a couple of days because it had to be moved offline (they were exterminating cockroaches in the dormitory where the server is :), but now everything seems to be fine.