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Demos galore :: (17th September, 2000)
That's right, 42 brand new demos in the last 3 weeks, that's pretty damn impressive! Keep them coming, guys!

Here's the newest batch:

  • Jonathan Rimmer got the E2M2 Max (a classic map for Max) record with 3:34.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff got quite a few demos for Ultimate DOOM. He got the E2M6 NM100S record in 2:01, and a few respawns as well: E1M3 in 2:32, E2M6 in 4:11, E3M4 in 4:49, E3M5 in 3:30, E3M6 in 2:14, E4M2 in 1:32, E4M6 in 3:12 and E4M9 in 2:06.
  • Radek "R. Master" Pecka immediately defended his E2M6 -respawn with 3:46.
  • Movies for Ultimate DOOM are somewhat rare, not this time though... we have 6 new movies for your pleasure. Three new Max movies: Episode 1 by Radek "R. Master" Pecka in 21:25, Episode 3 by Ole Hartvigsen in 26:02 and Episode 4 by Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff in 26:31. Two NightMare 100% secret movies: Episode 1 by Vincent Catalaa in 15:06 and Episode 4 by Vincent Catalaa in 11:39. With these runs, Vincent is the first ever player to get all DOOM Episodes in NM100S runs (= D1SS title), and the first ever player to get all DOOM Episodes in NM runs (= D1S title) *and* the DOOM2 NM run (D2S). Congratulations! Anyway, Jonathan Rimmer got his Episode 1 run back :) with a nice 13:24.
  • Jonathan also got the E1M9 Pacifist record, with a 0:40, only to get beaten by Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek's 0:38.
  • Joe "DOOMMANN" Abene improved the E3M6 Tyson time by more than one and a half minute, and got 5:16.
  • Some DOOM2 respawns for you: Zvonimir "FX" Buzanic got MAP03 in 1:29, MAP05 in 2:36, and MAP10 in 3:39. Zvonimir also snatched the MAP06 NM100S record with 1:08, and another respawn we have, from Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff, MAP08 in 2:07.

    A few demos for Final DOOM (TNT Evilution this time):

  • Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek got the MAP12 Speed record with 0:43, which I improved to 0:41.
  • Ilya Britvich is BACK! That's right, and he returns with a NightMare demo of TNT MAP18, time is 3:31 (some 5 minutes faster than the old record).

    Great activity in cooperative these days:

  • A few Ultimate DOOM Max records by Arno Slagboom and Bjorn Hamels, all times naturally faster than the single records. Times: E1M3 in 1:57, E1M5 in 2:09, E1M6 in 3:24, E1M7 in 2:28, E1M8 in 0:59 and E2M1 in 1:13.
  • More records from Arno and Bjorn, this time for DOOM2. MAP01 Max in 0:19, MAP02 Max in 0:49, MAP03 Max in 0:47 and MAP32 Max in 0:32. Besides, Arno got together with Marko van der Want, and they recorded MAP02 Speed in 0:39.
  • Laszlo Vecsei and myself got three coop records, MAP01 Max in 0:17, MAP03 Speed in 0:23 and MAP32 Max in 0:22.

    You can get all demos in this ZIP file.

    See you around next time!