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The mummy returns :: (3rd September, 2001)
Yeah, I'm back, I been on vacation for most of August, haven't been on the Net either, hence the lack of updates. Hope you didn't miss them too much and had a nice summertime yourselves.
Anyway, there are some people who never rest, so we have a big bunch of demos, just as usual. Here are the demos they sent in:

Ultimate DOOM:

  • Only one demo, that's from Joe "DOOMMANN" Abene, who improved his own record of E3M6 -fast by five seconds and got 3:07.


  • Radek Pecka did two nice looking maxkills, MAP15 in 5:36 and MAP14 in 2:06.
  • Anders Johnsen improved Radek's maxkill of MAP14 and is the first to step under 2 minutes, with 1:59. Been a while we last seen Anders in action.
  • Oyvind Stenhaug produced two great looking Pacifists: MAP06 in 1:38 and MAP22 in 1:03.


  • Vincent Catalaa sent in two demos with a brand new trick on MAP17, make sure you see these! Here's UV in 0:09 and NM in 0:10. This is the first time we see a NightMare demo on this map (unlikely we would've seen one without this new trick).
  • Radek Pecka improved the UV Max time on MAP01 to 2:16, and the UV -fast time on MAP31 to 5:35.


  • Lots of action from Xit Vono, first of all he did three previously undone maps on NightMare, MAP03 in 2:22, MAP21 in 11:05 and MAP32 in 7:02. Still talking NightMare skill, he improved MAP13 to 2:10 and MAP17 to 1:18.
  • More stuff from Xit, he did a couple of UV -fast demos: MAP02 in 8:44, MAP06 in 5:42 and MAP09 in 10:37, a couple of UV Tysons: MAP05 in 23:42, MAP07 in 36:05, MAP12 in 16:16, MAP14 in 18:46 and MAP23 in 15:35, and a couple of UV Speeds: MAP06 in 2:52, MAP08 in 3:50, MAP09 in 4:18 and MAP19 in 1:11, and some UV Pacifists: MAP17 in 1:04, MAP18 in 6:35 and MAP19 in 1:44.
  • A couple of TNT demos from Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff: MAP32 NightMare in 5:06, MAP07 UV Max in 7:22 and MAP07 UV -fast in 13:50.
  • Two demos from Vincent Catalaa (nice improvements, too): MAP17 NightMare in 0:59, and MAP32 NightMare in 4:09.
  • Laszlo Vecsei improved the NightMare record of MAP03 to 1:53, which later Xit Vono re-took with his 1:51.


  • Henning Skogsto, Vincent Catalaa and Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek recorded a DOOM2 UV Speed Movie in 3-player cooperative. Recommended stuff, their time is 27:30, which beats the current 2-player record by Vincent and Selim and the current single player record by Henning.
  • More stuff from Vincent and Selim, three NightMare demos on MAP09 (2:02), MAP15 secret exit (0:30) and MAP25 (0:57), last one is NM100S as well. Speaking of NM100S, they did a couple of those as well: MAP08 in 1:04, MAP10 in 2:01, MAP18 in 1:07, MAP20 in 1:08, MAP22 in 1:09, MAP27 in 1:26 and MAP28 in 0:58.
  • Some new players emerge through cooperative play: Arno Slagboom teamed up with Geir "Reep" Hauge for a Tyson of MAP01 in 0:29, and Ralf Schreivogel teamed up with Kim "Zokum" Hauge for a MAP15 secret exit Pacifist run of 0:22.
  • The first demos of TNT Evilution coop hit us, ethh teamed up with his buddy ex and sent in a coop UV Max for MAP01 in 1:06 (which they soon improved to 1:04).

    PWAD stuff:

  • Requiem done -fast by Xit Vono: MAP07 in 7:11, MAP08 in 18:19, MAP11 in 6:12 and MAP20 in 0:53 (improving Doug "Opulent" Merrill's 0:58). He also did a maxkill of MAP04 in 4:25, speedruns on MAP04 (3:18) and MAP05 (6:24) and a -respawn on MAP04 in 12:35.
  • Stuff by Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff over the Classic Episode: a speedrun of E2M7 in 0:44, a maxkill of E2M7 in 3:36 and another one over E2M6 in 6:56, together with UV -fast of E2M5 in 7:20 and E2M7 in 6:22. Doug "Opulent" Merrill got the first Pacifist done, E2M1 in 1:06.
  • Over Memento Mori, there are two UV -fast demos by Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff, on MAP16 (14:44) and MAP17 (7:35).
  • Over Memento Mori 2, there's a nice speedrun by Oyvind Stenhaug on MAP05 in 1:00, a maxkill by Radek Pecka on MAP03 in 5:28 and Chris Ratcliff is here as well with 2 UV -fast demos, one on MAP24 (9:05) and the other one on MAP26 (14:38).
  • Last but not least, Doug "Opulent" Merrill sent a speedrun of Hell Revealed MAP24 in 0:25, and Alexander Sushkov sent in a Tyson of MAP21 in 21:28 (seems like some people never know when to stop).

    Demo zip is here.

    With autumn and schooltime/work kicking in there will be more frequent updating from now on, also I'm planning on much needed touch-ups on the site. But first of all I'll let you know that the next contest is on the way, with luck it's gonna be here by the next update. I can tell you that it'll be a PWAD from scratch by me, of course designed by speedrunning in mind (duh). Since it'll be COMPET-N's 10th contest I hope it's gonna be the best one so far.

    Until then, get practising :-)