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7 hours till take off :: (5th September, 2002)
That's right, I've got 7 hours to go for my plane to take off to sunny Italy, but before I unplug my cyberjack it's time for the COMPET-N update I promised. Quite a healthy number of demos this time, so let's see what we've got:

Demos for Ultimate DOOM: none (what's up folks?)

Demos for DOOM2:

  • Radek Pecka is the 7th COMPET-N player to complete the DOOM2 NightMare run, he did it in 46:54. Congratulations!
  • He also continued with his maxkill runs: MAP12 in 4:12and MAP16 in 2:46.
  • Xit Vono improved the MAP11 Tyson record to 27:22.

    Demos for Plutonia Experiment:

  • A couple of speedruns by Xit Vono: MAP03 in 1:07, MAP09 in 1:15 and MAP28 in 1:38.
  • Some NightMare runs by him, MAP03 in 1:15, MAP28 in 1:41. MAP28 was later improved by Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff to 1:37.
  • Two Pacifist runs by Xit Vono: MAP05 in 0:41 and MAP09 in 1:37.
  • UV -fast runs by Xit Vono: MAP02 in 2:55 and MAP03 in 6:02 (this was later improved by Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff to 5:26.
  • Lastly, Xit Vono recorded some -respawn demos as well: MAP02 in 2:15, MAP03 in 3:58 and MAP13 in 3:03. Casey Alvis improved MAP03 to 3:49.

    Demos for TNT Evilution:

  • A couple of movies to start with, Xit Vono recorded the first NightMare "episode" run for TNT, maps 11-20 in 24:41. He also recorded UV movies: maps 1-10 in 18:04 and maps 11-20 in 14:34.
  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore improved the maps 1-10 UV movie right away to 15:58.
  • A couple of TNT speedruns by Xit Vono: MAP13 in 1:14, MAP14 in 1:33, MAP18 in 2:21, MAP21 in 2:27, MAP25 in 1:53, MAP26 in 2:03, MAP27 in 2:11 and MAP29 in 2:38.
  • Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff improved MAP29 to 2:27.
  • Two maxkills, Xit Vono recorded MAP14 in 6:07 and Casey Alvis recorded MAP31 in 8:19.
  • NightMare runs by Xit Vono: MAP05 in 2:33, MAP19 in 1:14, MAP20 in 7:18, MAP21 in 7:33, MAP25 in 3:56, MAP26 in 4:45, MAP27 in 5:11, MAP28 in 1:29 and MAP29 in 4:13.
  • Xit Vono also improved a couple of NM100S runs: MAP01 in 0:43, MAP13 in 2:44, MAP15 in 1:16, MAP16 in 1:42, MAP17 in 1:36, MAP19 in 1:25, MAP21 in 9:28 and MAP23 in 0:56.
  • UV -respawn demos by Xit Vono: MAP02 in 6:17, MAP07 in 4:50, MAP10 in 2:00, MAP11 in 3:40, MAP12 in 4:35, MAP13 in 3:22, MAP17 in 2:44, MAP18 in 7:44, MAP19 in 5:03 and MAP29 in 8:04.
  • Some more various stuff by Xit Vono: MAP10 -fast in 3:34, MAP18 Pacifist in 2:34 and MAP17 Tyson in 22:05.
  • Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore recorded MAP01 Tyson in 0:55.
  • Two more TNT demos: Radek Pecka improved MAP01 Tyson to 0:53, and Xit Vono introduced an interesting rocketjump on MAP20.

    Demos for Hell Revealed:

  • Radek Pecka improved the Max record for MAP03 to 2:07 and the MAP01 -fast record to 1:32.
  • Oyvind Stenhaug improved the MAP09 speedrun record to 1:53 using a new keygrab.
  • Erik Alm did MAP04 Pacifist in 1:51.

    Demos for Requiem:

  • Xit Vono improved the NM record for MAP19 to 1:06.

    Memento Mori 2 demos:

  • Adolf "Gusta" Vojta sent a nice pack of demos for MAP12: speedrun in 0:35, NightMare in 0:44, Pacifist in 0:41 and NM100S in 0:52.
  • Doug "Opulent" Merrill improved the MAP30 Max record to 2:45 and the MAP30 -fast record to 3:10.

    Cooperative demos:

  • Vaclav "Bolton" Kunes teamed up with various Czech folks to produce cooperative goodness, he recorded with Radek Pecka: E2M3 Speed in 0:29, E3M1 speed in 0:31, MAP06 speed in 0:55, MAP10 speed in 0:31, MAP18 speed in 0:25 and MAP23 speed in 0:54, with Jaromir "Jacih" Cihak: MAP14 speed in 0:39 and MAP29 speed in 1:38 and with Jan "x-jack" Dousa: E2M4 speed in 0:41 and MAP16 speed in 0:12.
  • Casey Alvis and Chris Laverdure did a speedrun of Plutonia MAP31 in a mere 0:56. Nice trick folks!
  • Casey teamed up with Laura "BahdKo" Herrmann to produce a speedrun of MAP31 in 0:30.

    The full zip is here.

    I added a new form for Czech player Adolf "Gusta" Vojta. This is the 48th profile we have.

    I'll be back on 25th September :-)