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Boss Scenes :: (22nd June, 2003)
Here is the third part of our Speedrunning Trophy.
Again, the task is simple and something completely different.
Here it is:
  • Get this pack.
  • The maps in the pack are based on DOOM's E3M8. The architecture is unchanged except for a couple of vertices moved slightly (for better texture alignment). So don't look for secret openings because there are none :)
  • Send your UV demos for either map in the pack (there are two). Note that bosse2m8.wad takes place on E2M8 and bosse3m8.wad takes place on E3M8. You'll of course need Ultimate DOOM to play.
  • Winner is who takes the lowest time. First to send in the same time (second) will place higher.
  • You can check your time via LMPC, or more accurately with PrBoom or timer.
  • The contests are awarded separately with points, first eight places get points 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 on both of these maps.
  • Deadline is July 13th 2003, 23:59 CET. (check this when in doubt)

    Get running!

    The results

    The third contest brought in a lot of demos, getting even one point was tough. As expected, the E3M8 run brought close runs, with 4 people getting 0:41 and another 4 with 0:42. Casey Alvis was the fastest submitter with 0:41 so he deserves a well-earned victory. In the E2M8 run the competition was similarly fierce despite the harder challenge. Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore got the victory with his 1:48 run, and with it the best combined total of the two runs (18 points of out the possible 20).

    Demos, E3M8

    Player Time Points
    Casey Alvis 0:41 10
    Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore 0:41 8
    Jochen Schneidau 0:41 6
    Doug "Opulent" Merrill 0:41 5
    Tomas "DeDo" Kollar 0:42 4
    Radek Pecka 0:42 3
    Natalya "QWERTY" Shilyaeva 0:42 2
    Bill Henon 0:42 1
    Jakub "method_man" Razak 0:43
    Arno Slagboom 0:46
    Marko van der Want 0:46

    Demos, E2M8

    Player Time Points
    Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore 1:48 10
    Jochen Schneidau 1:50 8
    Radek Pecka 1:52 6
    Natalya "QWERTY" Shilyaeva 1:52 5
    Doug "Opulent" Merrill 1:55 4
    Bill Henon 1:57 3
    Casey Alvis 2:00 2
    Michael "OgreSlayR" Lastovica 2:02 1
    Jakub "method_man" Razak 2:02
    Tomas "DeDo" Kollar 2:09
    Oyvind Stenhaug 2:20
    Arno Slagboom 2:46
    Marko van der Want 2:54

    Trophy standings

    Player Points
    Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore 41
    Radek Pecka 25
    Doug "Opulent" Merrill 17
    Casey Alvis 15
    Jochen Schneidau 14
    Natalya "QWERTY" Shilyaeva 13
    Eric "Lunacy" Berdebes 12
    Adam Hegyi 10
    Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen 8
    Tomas "DeDo" Kollar 7
    Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic 6
    Adam Williamson 5
    Erik Alm 4
    Bill Henon 4
    Kim "N.C." Lundqvist 4
    Oyvind Stenhaug 4
    David "mr. twister" Ficenec 2
    Arno Slagboom 2
    Chris "DevastatioN" Felix 1
    Michael "OgreSlayR" Lastovica 1

  • Scene 2 :: (18th February, 2003)
    Our Trophy continues with its second leg (to read more about the Trophy scroll down to the first contest results).
    The task is very different this time and surprisingly simple.
    Here it is:
  • Get this map (yay, I see a sign of recognition in the eyes!)
  • Send your NM Speed for MAP01 in which you pick up every weapon and all green armors. For the slower brains, I am emphasizing that "picking up" doesn't mean you run over the object and that's it, you have to run over it and it has to disappear. Here's the list of stuff you need to pick up: 1 chainsaw, 8 super shotguns, 1 chaingun, 2 rocket launchers, 1 plasma gun, 1 BFG and 2 green armors. Ammo boxes, armor helmets, health are not required. Also note "NM Speed", that's skill 5, any other skill recordings including UV are thrown out.
  • Winner is who takes the lowest time - this time around though, milliseconds WILL count! (earlier submission gets better place in case even milliseconds match).
  • First eight places get points 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1, expect a fierce battle if you want any of those.
  • Deadline is March 8th 2003, 23:59 CET. (check this when in doubt)

    Get running!

    The results

    The second contest is over. I got the fastest time with three more people clocking under 25: Ocelot, Sedlo and AdamW. As expected the battle for points was close and one needed a strong effort just to finish in the points. Altima's first route proved out to be the groundwork for the fastest ones. The improved route around the elevator popped into many brains and AdamW was the first to upload it. Also worthy to mention the various ways of the blue room, with Sedlo and N.C. coming up with them.
    I can assure those that didn't like this one that the next one will be much different.


    Player Time Points
    Adam Hegyi 24.60 10
    Juho "ocelot" Ruohonen 24.71 8
    Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic 24.82 6
    Adam Williamson 24.85 5
    Kim "N.C." Lundqvist 25.28 4
    Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore 25.40 3
    David "mr. twister" Ficenec 25.68 2
    Chris "DevastatioN" Felix 25.85 1
    Erik Alm 25.97
    Oyvind Stenhaug 26.51
    Jochen Schneidau 27.65
    Marko van der Want 28.71
    Casey Alvis 28.97
    Doug "Opulent" Merrill 29.54

  • Scene 1 :: (10th December, 2002)
    For Doomsday here's a new contest for all of you. Actually, it's even better than that. After a bit of thinking I figured it might encourage people to do contests if there's something to fight for other than the individual contest win.
    So enter the COMPET-N Speedrunning Trophy!

    Here's what makes it a Trophy:

  • Each individual contest is awarded by points. Winner takes 10 points, second place is 8, and so forth all the way to 1 point for 8th place. (Actually, it's 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 for the first 8 places, see Formula One 2003 rules)
  • Trophy points are combined for each player. The player with the most points wins the Trophy.
  • There can be different categories for each individual contest, all of these are ranked separately for 10 to 1 points (say if there's an UV speed and an UV max, winning both would score 20 points)
  • There will be eight contests.
  • Yes I stole this idea from another speedrunning site. Be happy that I did, because it's a good idea :)
  • Each individual challenge can be on a map already part of COMPET-N (IWAD or PWAD), an existing map out there, or a new scratch map by me. I try to make the challenges as varied as possible.

    Here's the first contest:

  • Get this map (by Russell Pearson, alternate download here)
  • Send your UV Speed and UV Max demo to COMPET-N's contest incoming.
  • Deadline is the end of the year (CET). Get running!

    The results

    The first contest came out to be pretty intense with lots of excellent demos. Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore won both disciplines deservedly with amazing runs. The fight for the points was fierce with only seconds separating all the players. A couple of demos were submitted after the deadline. As much as I see the point of submitting demos in the last minute make sure you got your clocks set properly. Vile's winning UV speedrun was submitted 3 weeks early so you had plenty of time to try and beat it :)

    Here are all the demos (to watch them you'll need Deleted Scene 2 by Russell Pearson):

    Demos, UV Speed

    Player Time Points
    Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore 0:39 10
    Radek Pecka 0:40 8
    Eric "Lunacy" Berdebes 0:42 6
    Natalya "QWERTY" Shilyaeva 0:42 5
    Erik Alm 0:43 4
    Doug "Opulent" Merrill 0:43 3
    Arno Slagboom 0:44 2
    Casey Alvis 0:46 1
    Marko van der Want 0:46  
    David "mr. twister" Ficenec 0:48  
    Came after deadline    
    Vincent Catalaa 0:38  
    Anthony Soto 0:53  

    Demos, UV Max

    Player Time Points
    Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore 1:43 10
    Radek Pecka 1:57 8
    Eric "Lunacy" Berdebes 1:59 6
    Doug "Opulent" Merrill 2:11 5
    Oyvind Stenhaug 2:26 4
    Tomas "DeDo" Kollar 2:27 3
    Casey Alvis 2:27 2
    Natalya "QWERTY" Shilyaeva 2:29 1
    Marko van der Want 2:49  
    Came after deadline    
    Anthony Soto 2:12  

    Contest archive.