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Welcome to the COMPET-N Database. This database is a result of weeks of research and work, and as any project like this, might contain errors, bugs, mistakes. However, I did test it a lot and tried to make it as bug-free as I could. There could be still mistakes though, and if you discover any, please do mail me!

Before we go... a few misc. notes on the database:

  • It contains player information such as email address, country, etc. If you find this information about you is incorrect or outdated, mail me and I'll correct it.
  • Stuff which the database DOESN'T contain as of now: cooperative demos and demos for PWADs. DO NOT report this or ask about this, I didn't forget about them and they will be included soon.
  • What does the Year/Month selector (or as I call it, the time machine) do? It sets the date virtually back to any given date in COMPET-N history, and makes it possible to see the state of COMPET-N in any date you set. It always defaults to the current date. You need to click "OK" to set a new date, and the date you set remains till you change it again or quit the database.
  • Yes, all information you see is scripted, there is no hand-written stuff in there :)
  • I drew some ideas from a similar database at the Speed Demos Archive and also from a Perl script Andy Kempling wrote for me some time ago. But, the script at COMPET-N was written entirely by me.

    Finally... I suggest you bookmark the following URL ;-)

    Enter the database