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DOOM2 tricks
MAP03: window jump
MAP03: jump to blue key
MAP03: rocket jump
MAP04: exit jump
MAP04: pacifist combination
MAP04: jump to switch
MAP05: rocket jump
MAP06: window jump
MAP06: revenant workaround
MAP06: exit jump
MAP07: co-op trick
MAP09: switch trick
MAP09: rocket jump #1
MAP09: rocket jump #2
MAP10: bars glide
MAP11: switch from slime
MAP11: jump to platform
MAP12: yellow key grab
MAP13: blue key grab
MAP14: leaving the red key
MAP14: arch-vile jump
MAP14: rocket jump
MAP15: switch from slime
MAP16: SSG grab
MAP16: red bars glide
MAP17: walkway tricks
MAP17: yellow key jump-in
MAP19: pole trick #1
MAP19: pole trick #2
MAP19: blue key jump
MAP20: slime route
MAP21: rocket jump
MAP21: bars glide
MAP22: bars glide
MAP22: platform jumps
MAP22: rocket jump
MAP23: barrel row jump
MAP24: rocket jump #1
MAP24: rocket jump #2
MAP24: jump to exit
MAP26: yellow key jump
MAP27: arch-vile trick
MAP28: switch from below
MAP28: arch-vile jumps
MAP29: endroom jump
MAP29: jumps at arch-vile
MAP29: endroom jump #2
MAP29: rocket jump #1
MAP29: rocket jump #2
MAP30: jump to elevator