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Welcome to the PWADs page at COMPET-N. Finally, COMPET-N includes a selection of PWADs for speedrunning. The first batch of selections was decided through a poll on the website. At this moment, 5 PWADs are available for play (there may be more later on, depends on how popular this whole thing will be). These are: Hell Revealed, Requiem, Memento Mori, Memento Mori 2, Classic Episode.

Before we go further, here are some important rules you need to know (if this is obvious to you, you could skip this part, but if you're new to COMPET-N, I suggest you read it before you advance):

  • Upload your PWAD demos here. The regular incoming directory is for the original games only, please use the above subdirectory for PWAD entries.
  • The PWADs demo archive can be found here.
  • As in regular COMPET-N, only records are accepted (that is, beat the existing record by at least 1 second).
  • As in regular COMPET-N, only demos recorded with the original EXE's are accepted. Use DOOM2.EXE with DOOM2 PWADs and DOOM.EXE with DOOM PWADs. Tool-assisted runs should be sent to the Tool-Assisted Speedruns website.
  • Demos for all categories are accepted, movies are also welcome, and cooperative demos as well!
  • I gathered every demo I could find in various demopacks and on the Doomed Speed Demos Archive and re-named them to the new naming convention (and added a text where it was needed).
  • Only demos sent to the incoming directory or mailed to me are accepted. Demos sent to other sites or idly sitting on your drive can't be accepted as records :-)
  • In the UV Max category, maximum reachable kills and secrets are required. In kills, this means that all monsters except lost souls must be dead before the player exits the level.
  • Make sure you have the 'official' release version of the PWADs. Here are some links which should work fine: Hell Revealed, Requiem, Memento Mori, Memento Mori 2, Classic Episode, Alien Vendetta.
  • Special note for Classic Episode: make sure you record on the episode release (one WAD file) and not on the separate levels, otherwise your demos might easily desync!
  • Special note for Requiem: if you record on Requiem MAP21, you need to download a fix for this level (which fixes the desync problem of the original release). Make sure you add this file to your command line when recording on (or through) this level.

  • Special note for Alien Vendetta: you need the new "COMPET-N Edition" and not the original one! Find the link above. Please name your demos according to the naming convention and I also recommend using the usual COMPET-N text file layout as well. Thanks.

    And now, here are the record tables for PWADs (temporary, see the News page for more info):

    [Combined points]

    [Hell Revealed] [Requiem] [Memento Mori] [Memento Mori 2] [Classic Episode]

    [Alien Vendetta]