The COMPET-N trivia contest results

Well this has been quite a contest I think. First of all, I admit that I didn't expect many answers, that's why I had to convince some people to send their answers in (next time show some more activity folks!). Anyway I'm happy with the number of answers we got (a total of 18 people sent their guesses in). In the end, things turned around a bit I think... a couple of people begged me to show them how they performed (and I didn't), some even tried to bribe me :) and finally some got the thought that by sending in a few demos last-minute, they could modify some of the answers for their own benefit... But it's all over now, we have got ourselves a winner!

But before I announce the winner, I think it's more appropriate to check the correct answers first... I tried to collect as much as information as I could, hopefully you'll find them interested. Thanks Panter and Claudio for a few suggestions.

Excited now huh? Hope so... I bet that our winner will have a wider and wider smile on his face as (s)he reads through this :))