Weekly Funnies

DooM Pimp DevastatioN buys a new suit for his DooM pimping, and Fimus got a snapshot of it!!!
Pic 1 / Pic 2 Anders Johnsen has found out what happens to DevastatioN on the night of a full moon...
Chris "DevastatioN" Felix Well, this was a picture taken of me by Fimus! He caught my good side, damn I look GoDly!
Leet Idea This was my perfect idea on how to get Ocelot to VA LAN... its very good actually, I hope you like my awesome genius blueprints!
Snap 1 / Snap 2 Anders Johnsen once again, he took a picture of my new company add, my donut shop! and how whacky I am while making donuts!
Sound My Computer Makes Its a washing machine! Its a blender! NOPE! It's DevastatioN's Computer !!!!!!
Chainsaw Wars ! Watch this E1m3 match of DooM1 between OgreSlayR and Altima! THE ELITE CHAINSAWERS !!!!
Shot1 / Shot2 Anders Johnsen has somehow made a trip to Nova Scotia and took snapshots of the world known DooMer DevastatioN!!! HOW DID HE GET THESE?!?!
Dominus vs DevastatioN One of Dominus's most memorial games hehe, this game was played on zone with a ping between 600ms and 1000ms, needless to say watching it in fast motion is pretty fucking funny!