IPX LAN Recordings

The Dallas Megasession LAN from the Czech guys, Baky asked this to be uploaded. Was played October 11th, 2005.
DevaLANatioN LAN with IceDagger again, it's beena LONG time since I played, so this was cool! Held on February 7th / 8th.
IceLAN LAN with IceDagger and DevastatioN, held Augest 29th / 30th 2003.
Northern Virginia LAN This LAN had alot of players, BahdKo, DevastatioN, Dominus, Ocelot, NC, Nowotny, OgreSlayR, Toke, Tellz, Morpheus.
AboLAN2 This LAN was held in Finland, on September 20th-22nd 2002, and was just released. Was between Ocelot, NC and Esox!
Method Man's LAN Czech LAN with Radek Pecka, Method Man, Gusta, Raiderr and Titan! Was held on 28th / 29th of June 2003
Czech Tournament This was a tournament held in Czech, A LOT of rounds in this tournament, and over 270 lmp's in this pack. The winners were Titan, Raiderr, Twister and X-Jack
QShark's LAN LAN between DevastatioN, Rigs and QShark, a few nice games here. Held on December 14th
LANA Scotia 2002 Nice LAN held on October 25th-27th 2002 in Nova Scotia, DevastatioN, IceDagger and SunCleric
IceDagger vs DevastatioN LAN This was a small LAN between DevastatioN and IceDagger, held on September 7th-8th 2002
AboLAN This LAN is between Ocelot and NC, a lot of very interesting matches here. Held in Finland on Augest 16th-18th 2002.
NederLAN 2002 Map1 Tournament NederLAN Tournament held on July 19th/20th, Players were: NC, Esox, Slag, df, Gherkin, ethh and Mordeth
Nova Scotian FireStorm LAN LAN was held at DevastatioN's place, in Halifax Nova Scotia on May 19th/20th 2002. Games between DevastatioN and IceDagger
Croatian LAN Party Croatian LAN Party held on February 2nd, between Sedlo, Mihha, fx and Biolio
Dartmouth Nova Scotian LAN 2 This LAN was held on January 4th/5th 2002, between DevastatioN and IceDagger
Dartmouth Nova Scotian LAN LAN held on October 13th 2001, between IceDagger and DevastatioN
Budapest 2001 LAN LAN held in Budapest Hungary on July 26th-28th 2001, players were Adam Hegyi, FX, Istvan and Radek.
NorLAN Ocelot vs Anders Johnsen This is the complete demo pack of Ocelot vs Anders at NorLAN 2000 [December 8th-12th] really good demos!
DMCon1 Tournament This was a Tournament held on September 21st/22nd 1996, alot of people came, including Sslasher and Galiu (NEW STANDINGS TXT!)