Location: Tennesse USA
ZDaemon Name:
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I have played Altima quite a bit on zone, even when he was still a keyboarder, but he was a keyboarder for a very long time when he DM'd, he wouldn't switch to mouse. Even though he was on Keyboard, he was able to accomplish some very good Compet-N runs, and got some very nice times on some Nomonsters runs.

He very recently switched over to mouse, after the Summer 2002 Netparty at BahdKo's place, but, he put up a good fight, he only changed to mouse after he was assaulted by Dashiva with toothpicks for endless hours.

Altima became used to the mouse, and continued doing Compet-N and Nomonster runs, he also does various Single Player PWads, he gets alot better times and aims much more precise with his new mousing skills.

When I got to DM him, and watch recordings, he was still only learning the map, he was very new to DM on Map1, he knew the basics of DM, and most of the Map1 basics of playing a nice conservative game. He's also played people like Sslasher and Waldon.

He also likes to play maps like D5M1, and this Plutonia map that is layed out like DooM 2 Map11, now, Altima definately knew what he does doing here, and scored very nicely on me despite he was using his keyboard, if I played him now, I know he'd score higher cause his aim most likely got alot better.

I hope to someday be able to LAN Altima, or play him at zone, currently he cannot get his zone working due to errors with his javascript in IE5 or something, dunno, but the matches would be alot better nowadays.